Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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PDS Transitions
 Cossa, Nedra.

Pathways beyond privilege: A multi-stakeholder partnership for access to equity and opportunity across education communities.
 Burbank, Mary., Goldsmith, Melissa., Eldredge, Kona., Spikner, Jennifer. and O\'Brien, Nicole.

Pedagogical Practices for Preparing Socially Just Teachers: A Teacher Educator’s Narrative
 Mysore, Anita Rao.

Pillars or Pliers? The Dialectic of Critical Pedagogy in Student Interactions
 Mozenter, Suki.

Planting the Seeds of Civic Literacy: Cultivating Teacher Candidates’ Ability to Create Learning Experiences that Foster Civic Global Mindedness
 Baker, Sheila., Shulsky, Debra., Chvala, Terry., Willis, Jana. and Black, Linda.

Positive Psychology of Mindfulness in the Classroom
 O\'Grady, Patty.

Power of Professional Partnerships: Taking The Show On the Road!
 Benson, Tammy., Voegele, Crystal., Thompson, Amy., Whittingham, Jeff., Styles-Foster, Sunny., Wake, Donna. and Alea, Jamie.

PowerPoints No Longer! How to use Adobe Spark
 White, Kimberly.

Practicing What I Preach: A Self-Study on Modeling Asset-Based Teaching in Undergraduate and Graduate Teacher Education Courses
 Ruggles, Krista.

Pre-Service Teachers Exploration of Self through Experiential Learning
 Hogan-Chapman, Ava., Cooper, Rebecca., Warren, LaTeshia., Howse, Tashana. and Lewis, Brandon.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Field Experiences Making Data-Based Educational Decisions
 Hovey, Katrina.

Pre-service & In-service Teacher Perceived Knowledge of Bullying in School-aged Students
 Peterson-Ahmad, Maria., Wise, Nicolette. and Walsh, Colleen.

Preparing Candidates to Work With Impoverished Student Populations
 Huvaere, Dorene., Palmi, Chris. and Reinhardt, Kimberly.

Preparing Future Educators for Mental Health Issues in the Classroom: A Problem-Based Learning Approach
 Goodin, Terry., Peyton, Marvin. and Huffman, Jim.

Preparing Globally Minded Educators through Partnerships between University-Based Teacher Education Programs and K12 Schools
 Liu, Katrina. and Yang, Yichen.

Preparing Middle School Teachers to Teach about Global Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry
 Zong, Guichun.

Preparing Professionals in Nevada to Teach Individuals with Severe Disabilities
 Demchak, MaryAnn., Baker, Joshua., Sutter, Chevonne., Prudente, Jodee. and Ruedenauer-Plummer, Heike.

Preparing Students to be Active Citizens Through New State Standards
 Abbott, Katelynn.

Preparing Teacher Candidates for Difficult Conversations
 Reinking, Anni.

Preparing Teacher Candidates to Partner with Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students and Their Families
 Traynor, Kevin. and Furuta, Stephanie.

Preparing Teachers as Public Intellectuals: The Role of Social Foundations
 Bair, David. and Bair, Mary.

Preparing Teachers to Inculcate Emotional Intelligence in Every Child
 Singh, Delar.

Preparing Teachers to be Action Researchers Builds Capacity for Adaptation
 Welsh, Hilarie., Insana, Lindsayanne. and Hebert, Lara.

Preservice Teacher Perception of Personal Agency through an Initial Teaching Philosophy
 Hayden, Steve.

Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of the Role and Function of Lesson Plans
 Wenzel, Taylar., Olan, Elsie., Andreasen, Janet., Zygouris-Coe, Vicky. and Berry, Landon.

Preservice Teachers’ Reported Use and Value of Technology and Implications for Promoting a Democratic Society?
 Navarrete, Lori. and SHI, Qingmin.

Professional Growth Plan for PreProfessional Teacher Candidates
 White, Kimberly.

Program Improvement through Collaboration: The Summer Institute Approach
 LaFave, Matthew. and Ellis-Robinson, Tammy.

Promoting Democratic Thinking through Nutrition and Physical Activity in Early Childhood
 Schumacher, Brandi.

Promoting High Standards for Candidates Preparation and Practice through Quality Dispositions and Stringent Evaluations
 Dobbins, C. Neelie., Louden, Jenny., Testa, Alec. and Boyd, Jamie.

Promoting Instructional Improvement: Experimental Evidence of Coaching That Benefits Teacher Practice
 McQueen, Kiel. and Rogers, Douglas.

Propelling Regional Teacher Preparation Programs Forward: The Power of Partnerships
 Peterson-Ahmad, Maria. and Hovey, Katrina.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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