Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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Re-Imagining Education Preparation in a Democracy: Teacher Educator and Public Intellectual: Requiring Valid Scientific Research
 Funk, Fanchon., Bolin, Sheila. and Jenlink, Patrick.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation In A Democracy: Administrators Tell About the Strengths and Weaknesses in Current Student Teachers
 Melser, Nancy.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation In a Democracy: The Teacher Educator as Public Intellectual--Changes in a College of Education
 Price, Elsa.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation in a Democracy: Reclaiming Educator Preparation -Incorporating Stress Management Skills for Different Personality Types
 Price, Elsa.

Re-Imagining Educator Preparation through Democratic Partnerships: An Integrated Collaborative between a School District, University Educator Preparation Program, Community College, and an Alternative Certification Program
 Anderson, Gina., Fredrickson, Rebecca., Dunlap, Karen., McMahan, Sarah., Bush, Brandon., Huber, Diann., Valenta, Richard. and Del Rio, Roxanne.

Re-Imagining Pre-Service Teacher Preparation: Empowering Teachers to use an Integrated Approach to Literacy and Science
 Lewinski, Kimberly. and Byrne, Laurel.

Re-Imagining Spaces for Democratic and Critical Dialogue in A Diversity Course
 Marshall, Patricia.

Re-engaging urban students in Democracy and Civil Responsibility post ‘Ferguson Riots’
 Ming, Miranda. and Key, Rhonda.

Re-imagining General Secondary Methods Course to Incorporate Teacher Inquiry
 Welsh, Hilarie.

Re-imagining Tracking Practices to Allow All Students the Opportunity to Participate in a Democratic Society
 McCardle, Todd.

Re-imagining professional development for middle school science teachers: Lessons learned in an online learning environment
 Pringle, Rose., Mistry, Erin. and LaFramenta, Joanne.

Re-thinking about teacher education programs from global perspectives
 Kambara, Hitomi. and Persinger, Ebru.

Reaching for Interculturality and Transformation After an International Teaching Practicum
 Black, Glenda., Bernardes, Roger. and Wilcox, Kevin.

Reclaiming Our Responsibility: Preparing Teachers with a Social Justice Lens
 Bryde, Beverly.

Reclaiming the Central Role of Art in STEM Teacher Education
 Bu, Lingguo., Henson, Harvey., Renzaglia, Karen. and Sipes, Sedonia.

Recognizing and Utilizing Students' Assets to Support Student Success
 Ruggles, Krista.

Reduce Teacher Turnover and Retain Quality Teachers
 Paretti, Lois., Quinn, Linda., Grove, Karen., McCarthy, Jane. and Putney, LeAnn.

Reimagining Research: An Online Writing Research Team of Teacher Educators and the Communities They Support
 Sigler, Haley., Lewinski, Kimberly. and Marsh, Jamie.

Relationship of School Cultures and Contexts with Mentor Teachers’ Teaching and Mentoring Dispositions
 Wang, Jian., Flores, Raymond. and Coward, Fanni.

Research emphasis in Colleges of Education
 Sullivan, Sam., Maninger, Robert., Labby, Sandra. and Creghan, Casey.

Resistance, Reflection, Recognition: Teacher Candidates’ Response to their Role as Action Researchers
 Black, Glenda.

Responsive Teacher Ed Pedagogies to Develop Critical Consciousness and Engage in Educational Advocacy
 Donovan, RoseAnn., HOFKAMP, Kim., Pennell, Colleen. and White, Kimberly.

Ripples on water: An examination of long-term partnerships between college supervisors and cooperating teachers
 Kraus, Rudolf. and Shapiro, Lesley.

Rising Professors of Teacher Education: Qualifications, Questions, Quirks, and Quests
 Gallavan, Nancy., Barocas, Sadie., Currin, Elizabeth., Schroeder, Stephanie., Shaw, Erin. and Thompson, Amy.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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