Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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STEAM in Hawaii: An Innovated Field Trip Experience for Pre-Service Teachers
 Cheng, Qiang., Cunningham, Renee. and Hom, Erik.

STEMS^2: Empowering Educators and the Youth They Teach to Re-envision STEM Education Through the Lens of Place and Sense of Place
 O\'Neill, Tara.

Saudi Arabia’s Female Mathematics Teachers’ Readiness and Attitudes toward Implementing Integrated STEM Education
 Mousa, Rabab.

Scholarship Re - reconsidered: Redefining Scholarship Criteria for Professors of Education
 Zook, Kevin., Price, Gwen., Rogers, Amy. and Curci, Juliet.

School-University Partnerships Through Clinical Practice: Our Journey in Supporting Pedagogies of the Practical
 O\'Connor, Kevin.

Self-study of Team-based Clinical Supervision for a Fully-online Special Education Masters in Teaching Program
 Beymer, Lisa.

Sense of Place in STEMS^2: A Catalyst For Global Citizenship
 Yu, Waynele.

Sinking, Swimming, or Floating Along: Student Teaching as Field of Study
 Davis, Summer. and Diacopoulos, Mark.

Socializing New Teachers to Use Emotional Intelligence Practices to Reduce Stress and Promote Democratic Ideals
 DeBiase, Jessica., Lloyd, Carrie., Linder, Angie. and Harris, Pamela.

Special Education: Evidence Based Strategies that Support the Successful Inclusion of Students with Special Needs
 Walker, Angela.

Specific reading learning disabilities: Are pre-service teachers prepared to teach?
 Peterson-Ahmad, Maria. and Peterson, Emily.

Springfield College: Preparing Educational Leaders Through Collaboration and Service Learning at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels.
 Bonanno-Sotiropoulos, Kristen. and Reed, Katherine.

Stakeholder Influence on Alternative Licensure Teacher Candidates
 Treadway, Ellen. and Smith, V..

Stamping Out Fake News through Critical Literacy
 Fernandez, Susan., Kaufmann, Laura., Burr, Stacy. and Anderson-Murray, Ashley.

Student Reflections from Working in Special Education Classrooms During a Short-Term Study Abroad
 Hovey, Katrina. and Peak, Pamela.

Supervision Beyond Evaluation Of Teacher Candidates? Exploring University Supervisors’ Practices
 Kolman, Joni.

Supervision as Coaching: Moving the Learning Back to the Learners
 Adams, Alyson., Castanheira, Brittney. and Taylor, Amanda.

Supervision as a Field of Study - Endangered or Emerging? Scholars Share their Stories and Perspectives
 Butler, Brandon.

Supporting Pre-Service Teachers’ Reflective Practice Through the Use of Technology
 Johnston, Elisabeth. and Haas, Brandon.

Supporting Preservice Teachers' Capacity to Personalize Student Learning
 Fogleman, Jay. and Korpacz, Danika.

Supporting Preservice Teachers' Use of Technology for Student Learning within a 1:1 iPad Program
 Fogleman, Jay., DeGroot, Kees. and Byrd, David.

Supporting teacher candidates through their self-assessment of competence
 Hughes, Michelle.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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