Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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Taking a Critical Look at Ourselves: Uncovering Practices, Structures, and Policies that Minoritize Teacher Candidates
 Jacobs, Jennifer. and Latzke, Randi.

Taking an interest in Pinterest: How pre-service teachers use Pinterest
 Schroeder, Stephanie., Curcio, Rachelle. and Lundgren, Lisa.

Taking the Long View: Cultivating Historical Thinking for Democracy in Teacher Education
 Currin, Elizabeth. and Schroeder, Stephanie.

Targeting high leverage practices across courses & experiences: Building preservice teachers instructional capacity
 Francis, Anthony. and Olson, Mark.

Teacher Book Study Groups as a Tool for Professional Development: Discussion Themes and Threads
 Dolan, Holly., Cohn, Annie. and Conlon, Jennifer.

Teacher Candidate Preparation: Teaching Diverse Students and Encouraging Resilience
 Furuta, Stephanie. and Traynor, Kevin.

Teacher Candidates Beliefs During Residency
 Caukin, Nancy.

Teacher Candidates FACE Literacy: A Civic Engagement Model to Support Family Literacy
 Grugel, Annie.

Teacher Candidates’ Field Experiences with Progress Monitoring
 Hovey, Katrina. and Sutton, Tim.

Teacher Educator Collectives to Reimagine the Teachers as Public Intellectuals
 Aronson, Brittany., Aydarova, Elena., Boveda, Mildred., Cordova, Rebekah. and Reyes, Ganiva.

Teacher Educators and Public Advocacy (ATE Standard 7): An Opportunity to Prepare Future Change Agents in Educational Psychology Courses
 Williams, Nicole.

Teacher Educators and Teacher Leaders in Graduate Coursework: The Impact of Differentiated Communities Integration
 Crawford, Caroline.

Teacher Educators as Public Intellectuals: Preparing Teachers to Challenge the Status Quo in Education
 Snow, Jennifer., Dismuke, Sherry. and Wenner, Julianne.

Teacher Interns’ Impact on Student Learning: A Qualitative Analysis of Physical Education Candidates’ Reflections
 Kanyiba, Lewis.

Teacher Leader Identities as Cultivated in Clinical Practice
 Snow, Jennifer. and Dismuke, Sherry.

Teacher Preparation 2.0 - The Evolution of Teacher Education at California State University, Stanislaus
 Soodjinda, Daniel., Olivant, Katie., Liu, Kimy. and Weisenberg, Anne.

Teacher Rounds as a Tool for Professional Development: Mentors and Teacher Interns
 Dolan, Holly., Cohn, Annie. and Conlon, Jennifer.

Teacher Training and Instructional Practices: The Case of Niger’s English as a Foreign Language Teachers
 Wiens, Peter., Andrei, Elena., Chou, Annie. and Hutchison, Laveria.

Teacher preparation programs and Social Justice
 Greenberg, Steven. and Marvelle, John.

Teacher-Led School Reform Initiatives: Using Instructional Coaching and Professional Learning Communities to Support Change
 Richardson, Greer., Yost, Deborah., Conway, Thomas., Mellor, Alana. and Byrne, Laurel.

Teaching Fellows: Preparing Future Teachers through Intensive Internships, a Mentoring Continuum, and Community Service
 Lombardo-Graves, Mary. and McBride, Amy.

Teaching Future Pre-Service Educators: A mock 5-minute teaching demonstration with distractions
 Radford, Karon.

Teaching Practices in STEM, STEAM, and STREAM
 Davis, Edith. and Kaden, Ute.

Teaching Soft Skills in a Hard World: Ideas for Future Educators
 Melser, Nancy.

Teaching the Whole Teacher
 Philmon, James.

Teaching with Presence in Elementary Classrooms as Equity in Education
 Gardner, Jennifer.

Teaching with a Community Vision: Teacher Candidates, Community-based Partnerships, and Methods Courses
 King, Natalie.

Technology as a means for increasing collaboration, democratic thought and individual metacognition and creativity with pre-service educators
 Peck, Andrea.

Ten Years Later: Reflecting on How a Teacher Education Graduate Program Best Prepares Teacher Educators
 Smith, Thomas., Leavitt, Teresa., Tanase, Madalina. and Moffit, Char.

The Affordances and Constraints of the Danielson Framework for Use in Student Teaching Supervision
 Kessler, Meghan.

The Beauty of Mauna Kea
 Kukahiko, Eomailani.

The Coaching Voice: Promoting the Development of Teacher Candidate’s Voice Through Understanding My Own
 Reinhardt, Kimberly. and Zhang, Shaoan.

The Comparison of Instructional Practices Between Virtually and Traditionally Supervised Teacher Candidates in their Culminating Internship
 Dailey, Deborah., Wake, Donna., Cotabish, Alicia., Benson, Tammy. and Buchanan, Michelle.

The Democratic Teacher in the Multicultural Classroom
 Hutchinson, Amy.

The Education of the Educator: Investigating the Work and Preparation of Field Supervisors
 Alexander, Monique.

The Effect of Teacher Morale on the Profession
 Maninger, Robert., Sullivan, Sam. and Creghan, Casey.

The Elementary Mathematics Specialist as Teacher and Leader
 Meisel, Edna. and Vecellio, Lee Ann.

The Evolution of Novice Teachers' Learning: A Report From the Field
 Lee, Christopher., McQueen, Kiel. and Dean, Bryan.

The Function of Educator Preparation in Democratic Society: Teacher Educators as Advocates and Public Intellectuals
 Jenlink, Patrick. and White, Cameron.

The Globalization Gap in EPPs: Discrepancies within our Democratic Education Systems
 Fernandez, Susan., Beck, Judy., Kaufmann, Laura. and Burr, Stacy.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Preparation and Public Policy in Teacher Education
 Gordon, Tedi., Sims, Patricia., Wilson, Debbie. and Hyde, Lisa.

The Grounding of EdTech: Critiquing the Fads, Trends, and Crazes
 Cherner, Todd. and Yeigh, Maika.

The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys
 Penick-Parks, Marguerite. and Moore, Jr., Eddie.

The Impact of Co-Teaching During Student Teaching on P-12 Student Learning
 Laney, James., Sutton, Tim., Baccus, Weston. and Denney, Ashley.

The Implementation of Lesson Study in Project-Based Learning
 Bottomley, Diane., Martin, Nicole., Popplewell, Scott., Stuve, Matthew. and Schelling, Natalie.

The Melding of the Minds: How a Teacher Education Programs and a District partnered to create High Quality Teachers.
 Piechura-Couture, Kathy., Heins, Elizabeth. and Colwell, Christopher.

The Perceptions of Heads of Teacher Induction Programs of Their Programs in Relation to Lifelong-Learning
 Gavish, Bella. and Kalay, Poria.

The Perceptions of Mentor Teachers in Professional Development Schools: Learning from Classroom Based Teacher Educators
 Hooser, Angela.

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry
 Wightman, Jim.

The Right To Teach: Creating Spaces For Teacher Agency
 Ostorga, Alcione. and Ledezma, Lileana.

The Role and Influence of Teacher Leaders When Mentoring Beginning Teachers in Professional Development Schools
 Wilkins, Elizabeth. and Huling, Leslie.

The Role of Teacher Preparation Programs During the Induction Years
 Yeigh, Maika.

The Rural Practicum: A Model to Positively Affect Teacher Recruitment in Small Rural Schools
 Versland, Tena., Lux, Nicholas. and Hicks, Joe.

The Societal Consequences of Eliminating Social Studies from the Curriculum
 Byrd, Marie.

The Three C’s of Teaching in Contentious Times
 Shulsky, Debra.

The development of teacher identity during initial preparation: findings from a longitudinal study
 Flores, Maria.

The edTPA and the Deprofessionalization of Teacher Education
 Carroll, Stuart. and Ammentorp, Louise.

The possibility of EdTPA as critical pedagogy: Working within/against the high stakes teacher licensure agenda
 Thornton, Holly.

Then and Now: Exploration of How Cultural Assets are Drawn from a Pre-Reading Literacy Strategies
 Petker, Zackary. and LaDuke, Aja.

They are my brothers: Critical theory and critical pedagogy as an act of love
 Dowie-Chin, Tianna.

Thinking Critically as a Means to Equip Teacher Candidates to Instruct Their Students to Participate in Decision-making within a Democratic Context
 Rieger, Daniel., Rieger, Alicja., McGrail, Ewa. and McGrail, J. Patrick.

This Is My Petri Dish to Make the World Better: Social Justice Teacher-Activists on Reconstructing Democracy…in their Own Words
 Jackson, Taharee.

Through the Looking Glass: Children’s Literature to Promote Disability Inclusivity in Preservice Teacher Preparation Programs
 LeJeune, Marie. and Peterson-Ahmad, Maria.

 Young, William.

To make a move: Examining how high-leverage, classroom-based formative assessment practices make a difference
 Duckor, Brent. and Holmberg, Carrie.

Towards a Theory of Indigenous Teacher Education in a Diverse Multicultural Society
 Noel, Lynette., Celestin, Cynthia. and Walker, Jermaine.

Traditions Learned: How has Teacher Instruction been Shaped?
 Evans, Lesley.

Transforming Teacher Preparation: Utilizing Action Research to Foster Reflective Habits of Mind
 Kelly-Jackson, Charlease., Vasquez, Anete., Myers, Marrielle., An, Sohyun. and Jean-Sigur, Raynice.

Translating Theoretical Principles to Classroom Practice
 Robbins, Sheri.

Trauma Informed Schools: Students Needs, Teacher Training, and Current Practices
 Richards, Tim. and Barnes, Pam.

Troubling Our Teaching: Supporting Novice Teachers' Development of Critical, Anti-Oppressive Practice
 Gadd, Rebecca.

Táte--Winds of Change across the Pine Ridge Reservation: College Academy of Readiness Summer Program
 Young, William.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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