Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21

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WEPOP: Teacher fellows working with pre-service teachers to access policy and foster change
 Barocas, Sadie.

What Does It Mean to Be Gifted? Voices from the Classroom
 Rudolph, Amanda.

What Have We Done to Meet CAEP Standards and What is Next?
 Feldmann, Marilyn. and Fisher, Robert.

What I Can Bring to My White Preservice Teachers: An Asian Graduate Student Instructor’s Self-study
 Ma, Vera.

What is the Right “FIT”? Exploring the Motivations to Elect a Teaching Career in Dynamic Democratic Times using The FIT-Choice Scale
 Ridgewell, Natalie.

What’s in Your Toolbox? A Digital Resource for Educators in the 21st Century.
 Stiffler, Daniel. and Frazier, Mary.

What’s yours is mine and what mine is my own: Teaching democratic principles via simulation
 Byford, Jeffrey., Hopper, Sherrie. and Grant, John.

Where Making meets ELL: Discussing a Collaborative, Makerspace Approach to ELL Methods
 Judkins, Brandy.

White Privilege 101: Getting in on the Conversation
 Moore, Jr., Eddie.

Who Are the Teacher Educators in Your Neighborhood?: Classroom Teachers’ Views on Being a Teacher Educator
 Paljevic, Sophia.

Who Decides What Learning Is? A Critical Inquiry Into Community-Based Out-of-School Learning Opportunities
 Coomer, M. Nickie., Jackson, Robin., Oglesby, Nicole., Hannon, Kelly. and Nadaraj, Aghilah.

Who are You? Using Storytelling to Construct Understanding of Disability in Inclusive Secondary Classrooms
 Russell, Victoria.

Why should Interactive Read Alouds be implemented?
 Fillippino, Tonja., McMurtry, Zelda., Jones, Jo. and Hiatt, Sylvia.
Association of Teacher Educators 2018-Feb-16 to 2018-Feb-21
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