Association of Teacher Educators 2019-Feb-16 to 2019-Feb-21

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" Too Young to Talk About 'These" Things?": Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers' Conceptions of Equity-Based Pedagogies
 Cruz, Suzanne.

"But I'm Not Ready to Student Teach...I Still Have Questions"
 Nelson, Sharonica.

"I Google It.”: Information Literacy and Teacher Candidates
 Prather-Jones, Bianca.

"Those Who Do Not Learn from History…”: Lessons from the History of Practitioner Research
 Rigney, James., Pate, Amanda. and Ferland, Tara.

 Hamblin, Nathan.

3D Design and Printing: A Qualitative Analysis of a Teacher Educator’s 3D Designs
 Nyirenda, Euginia., Harned, Desiree., Bu, Lingguo. and Henson, Harvey.

“Breaking Down the Silos” Through University/P-12 Partnerships: Teacher Education Institute (TEI)
 Hathcock, Misty., Bayer, Ashley. and Moody, Erica.

“Giving us the Sense of Real Life Collaboration:” Developing Inter-Professional Competency through Simulation
 Clarke, Lane. and Bartholomew, Audrey.

“I Can Do That”: Teacher-Candidates’ Journey Working with English Learners Based on Actional Feedback
 Strebel, Carine.

“What is Credibility, Anyway?”: Supporting Classroom Teachers in Teaching Online Research in the Age of “Fake News”
 Mertens, Gillian.


A Canadian Initiative to Promote Innovation in K-12: Education for Innovation (E4I)
 Black, Glenda., Jarvis, Daniel. and Cantalini-Williams, Maria.

A Case Study of Teacher Candidate Needs in an Online/Hybrid Program
 Robinson, Scott., McKown, Jim., Tan, Paulo. and Richards, Timothy.

A Clinical Approach to Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy: Defining the Role of the Teacher Educator
 Faison, Morgan.

A Collaborative Pyramid to Support Professional Development, Teacher Leadership and Teacher Retention
 Paretti, Lois., Quinn, Linda., McCarthy, Jane. and Grove, Karen.

A Counter-story of an Asian Literacy Education Professor at a Hispanic Serving Institution
 Kambara, Hitomi.

A Glimpse into ATE's Past with a Vision for the Future
 McIntyre, Christie., Humaidan, Abdulsamad., Kaya, Jean., Diack, Ndeye Helene., Foster, Susan., McIntyre, John., Thompson, Stacy. and Gonzalez, Salvador.

A Mixed Methods Study Exploring the Relationship Between Clinical Evaluations and edTPA
 Teske, April. and Rogers, Douglas.

A Place-based STEAM Practicum Semester: Clinical Practice through the Integration of Environmental Field Studies and Indigenous Ways of Knowing
 O\'Connor, Kevin. and Sterenberg, Gladys.

A Qualitative Investigation on Pre-Service Elementary Teachers’ Attitudes and Beliefs about the Nature of Science
 Henson, Harvey., Lickteig, Duane. and Box, Angela.

A Revised Supervison Course Bridged our School/University Context and Improved our University/Field Teacher Educators
 Willhite, Gary.

A Self-Study of the Challenges Associated With the Professional Role of Student Teacher Supervision
 Zimmerman, Aaron. and Cowart, Angie.

A Self-study on Field Experience of Two Contrasting Teacher Education Programs
 Zhou, molly. and Zong, Guichun.

A classroom culture of CARE: Community, Awareness, Respect, and Engagement
 Kaufmann, Laura., Beck, Judy., Fernandez, Susan. and Burr, Stacy.

ATE Science Educators: A Convergences of the Sciences in STEM, STEAM, and STREAM
 Davis, Edith. and Kaden, Ute.

Action Research in Full Day Kindergarten: The Undercurrents of Self-Regulation
 Sharma, Manu.

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Balancing the Tensions of State-Mandated Policies for Licensure Exams in Reading Education
 Faulconer, Johna.

Beckoning New Educators: A Private University’s School of Education Constructs Methods to STOP the DROP and Aid the Teacher Shortage
 Magoulias, Christie.

Being and Preparing Advocates
 Smith, Thomas.

Beyond P-12: Preparing Educators for Non-traditional Educational settings
 Soltero, Crystal., Chavarria, Sara., Ostermeyer, Matt. and Jenks, Mark.

Beyond Study Abroad: A Programmatic Approach to Developing a Global Perspective in Teacher Candidates
 Devine, Donna., Cayson, Andrea. and Thomas, Deborah.

Beyond a “Single Bullet” Theory of Learning That Has Yet to be Discovered
 McGrail, Ewa., McGrail, J. Patrick. and Rieger, Alicja.

Beyond the Classroom: Using Mixed-Reality Simulation to Prepare Teacher Candidates for Parent-Teacher Conferences
 Ingle, Jeanne., Cayson, Andrea., Dema, Alexandra., Spitzman, Emily. and Renaud, Gia.

Beyond the “Eye-Opening Phase”: Developing Preservice Teachers’ Critical Consciousness and Understanding of Community Contexts
 Ranschaert, Rachel. and Murphy, Amy.

Bilingualism as a Process
 Keel, Melanie. and Mansfield, Leanne.

Bottom-up Negotiation of English Learner Educational Policy and Teacher Identity During ESOL Professional Development
 Harklau, Linda., Yang, Anna. and Fender, Virginia.

Boundary-Spanning within the Third Space: Building Relationships and Trust within a Grow-Your-Own (GYO) Teacher Pathway Program
 Anderson, Gina., Fredrickson, Rebecca., McMahan, Sarah., Dunlap, Karen., Bush, Brandon., Huber, Diann., Valenta, Richard. and Del Rio, Roxanne.

Bridging Clinical Experience and Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge in Teacher Preparation: A Metasynthesis of International Research
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Paretti, Lois.

Bridging Pre-Service to In-Service Practice: Digital Induction for New Teachers
 Hurlbut, Amanda., McMahan, Sarah., Fredrickson, Rebecca. and Dunlap, Karen.

Bridging Theory and Practice to Develop Assessment Literacy
 Mitten, Carolyn.

Bridging the Gap Between Higher Education and the P-12 Classroom: Lesson Learned from the Front Lines of Education
 LaCour, Misty.

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CAEP Standard 5: Working with a Quality Assurance System for Continued Improvement
 Horn, Brian., Byford, Jeffrey. and Lennon, Sean.

Can Educators Confront and Reduce School Violence by Shifting our Ontologies of Violence?
 Seay, Travis. and Putney, LeAnn.

Candidate Developed Assessments of Philosophies in Action: Modeling by Applying ATE Standards
 Holbert, Romena.

Capacity and Network Building: Expanding the Job Experience Professional Development (JEPD) Model for STEM Teacher Professional Development-Partnering for Student Success
 Cummings, Lawanda., Guannel, Michele., Romano, Sandra., Plyley, Christopher., Monrose-Mills, Nadia., Ekici, Celil. and Davis, Edith.

Case Analysis of Preparation & Field Based Experiences from the Perspective of a HBCU Verus TWIs
 Young, James.

Changing Needs in Field Experiences for Today’s Teacher Candidates
 Huss, Robyn.

Changing the System’s Norms for the Success of New Teachers
 Angle, Jessica. and McDaniel-Hall, Gloria.

Characteristics of Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching: A Video Analysis
 Wang, Jian., Flores, Raymond. and Bu, Lingguo.

Child, Family, and Community Engagement: Learning to Learn From and With Families and Communities
 Foster, Susan.

Choice and Consequences: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
 Elmore-Moore, Ian.

Citizen Science: Teacher Education at the Boundaries of Scientific Literacy and Civic Engagement
 Beck, Brittney.

Classroom Dynamics: The Classroom as Workplace
 Johnson, Leona. and Zimmerman, Aaron.

Clinical Conduits: Secondary University Supervisors at the Nexus of Professional Development Through Targeted Content Planning
 Sabella, Laura.

Clinical Fellows in Action! The Power of Reflection and Collaboration
 Styles-Foster, Sunny., Pierczynski, Melissa., Meade, Joni. and Ridgewell, Natalie.

Clinical Practice for Teacher Preparation: What Does Research Say?
 Singh, Delar.

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Daring to Forefront Self-Talk About Our Own Cross-Cultural Competence
 Marshall, Patricia. and Lastrapes, Wanda.

Defining High-Quality Mentoring: Perspectives from Noyce STEM Teacher Candidates and their Mentors
 Kwiatkowski-Egizio, Erica. and Curcio, Rachelle.

Defining and Evaluating the Professional Achievement Agendas of Teacher Educators
 Zook, Kevin., Price, Gwen., Curci, Juliet. and Rogers, Amy.

Design and Validation of a Mentoring Program Questionnaire
 REDONDO TEMPORAL, ALEJANDRO., Martinez Valencia, Maria Asuncion., PASTOR VICEDO, Juan Carlos. and CONTRERAS JORDAN, Onofre.

Design to Teach: Exploring the Pedagogical Forefront of 3D Design and Printing
 Bu, Lingguo. and Henson, Harvey.

Designing Culturally Efficacious Residency 2.0 Programs: Building New Dimensions in Contextually-Driven Partnerships
 DelliCarpini, Margo., Langman, Juliet., Flores, Belinda., Claeys, Lorena., Juarez, Lucinda., Swoyer, Jennifer. and Santillan, Lisa.

Designing a Mission to Mars
 Garcia, Samuel. and Buckner, Barbie.

Develop Cultural Competence with In-Service Teachers through Modeling with Online Graduate Courses
 Zheng, Binyao.

Developing Educational Leaders: A Theoretical Approach to Organizational Learning and Leader Development
 Tapplar, Monte.

Developing Partnerships—Bridging the Gap Between a College of Education and PreKP_12 Schools
 Price, Elsa. and Luster, Sandra.

Developing Teacher Identity through Instructional Design and Program Alignment
 Bernhardt, Philip. and Spitler, Ellen.

Developing and Implementing a Mentoring Program for First-Year Teacher Education Faculty
 Bessette, Harriet. and Bennett, Kathleen.

Developing and Incorporating an Educational Technology Minor into your Education Program.
 McCarthy, David.

Developing as Teacher Educators Within the Research Institution
 Kessler, Meghan., Jones, Alexis., Insana, Annie. and Hebert, Lara.

Differentiation of Instruction Research Conducted in Several States by ATE Members
 Polka, Walt., Eller, Amanda., Peace, Terrell., Bowles, Freddie., Young, Jennifer., Gallavan, Nancy., Pearman, Cathy., VanHusen, Monica. and Young, William.

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Educating Teachers as Teacher Leaders: Results of a State-Wide Survey on Teacher Leadership Needs
 Butler, Brandon., Beck, Jori. and Hinton, KaaVonia.

Education Outside the Academy: Experiential Activities to Enrich Preservice Teacher Knowledge
 Fredrickson, Rebecca., McMahan, Sarah. and Dunlap, Karen.

Educator-in-Residence: Addressing Supply and Demand Issues
 Jadallah, Edward., Darden, Amanda., Costner, Betsy. and Sutton, Tim.

Educators Rising: A Bridge to Teacher Preparation
 Bailey, Dustin. and Bevis, Karen.

Educators at the Forefront of Bridging Family-School Partnerships
 Moore, Daneell., Sartin, Loleta. and Amerson, Rhonda.

Educators at the Forefront: Soft Skills in Teacher Education
 Melser, Nancy.

Educators at the Forefront: How Bogus Research Affects Taxpayers and Educators
 Funk, Fanchon. and Bolin, Sheila.

Educators at the Forefront: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers’ Academic Success through New Dimension for Developing Educators
 Li, Nan.

Educreation and Think-aloud
 Jafari, Samaneh.

Effective Professional Development: Beyond “For Teachers” and “With Teachers”
 Wakefield, Wendy.

Effective Professional Learning a Change Agent A Case Study
 Branch, Sabine. and Evans, Kathy.

Effectiveness of Interactive Television: What Does Research Say?
 Singh, Delar.

Effects of Professional Development on Early Childhood Teachers Conceptual Understanding of Mathematics-Implications for Teacher Education
 Nugent, Patricia. and Antola Crowe, Heljä.

Elementary Preservice Teachers' Experiences Learning to Teach Writing
 Bravo, Lindsey.

Elucidation of the Golden Thread: Exploring Relatedness among Pre-service Teachers and Students
 Robinson, Raven.

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Faculty Perspective of Kind of Activities and Experiences Regarding Family Engagement do Preservice Teachers Receive
 Tajani, Neelofer.

Featured Forum on STEM Education in the Future, Commission Members from ATE and NASA EPDC Joint Commission on STEM Education in the Future
 Ortiz, Araceli., Holbert, Romena. and Koolbeck, Deb.

Finding Your Way to the 4Cs Through Science Education
 Gilles, Brent.

Finding Your Way to the 4Cs Through Technology
 Ponder, Terrie.

Finding Your Way to the 4Cs Through Technology
 Butler, Judy. and Ponder, Terrie.

Finding Your Way to the 4Cs Through Technology
 Arrington, Logan.

First-Year Teachers' Perceptions of Induction and Mentoring
 Kern, Joan.

For the Children's Sake: The Case for Disciplinary Literacy in Early Teacher Preparation Programs
 Hewitt-Bradshaw, Iris.

From Apprentice to Proficient Practitioner: A Collaborative Model for Field and Clinical Evaluation
 Huvaere, Dorene. and Palmi, Christopher.

From Digital Pedagogy towards Digital Andragogy, with Ultimate focus upon Digital Heutagogy: Self-Determined Learning and Lifelong Learning in Practice
 Crawford, Caroline. and Hardy, Sandra.

From Placements to Partnerships: The State of Clinical Practice and Preparation
 Birch, Megan. and Wasielewski, Laura.

From Trinidad with Love: Two Educators Journey for Cultural Competence
 McBride, Amy. and Lombardo-Graves, Mary.


Globalizing the Pre-Service Teacher Program: The International Curriculum Certificate (ICC) Model
 Saathoff, Stacy.

Goodbye to All That: The edTPA Challenge to Collaborative Clinical Partnerships
 Carroll, Stuart. and Ammentorp, Louise.

 Barber, Zach.

Gradual Release of Responsibility Boot Camp
 Schwengel-Gosz, Wendy.

Graduate Students’ Application of Diversity Concepts: Recommendations for Undergraduate Teacher Education
 Sims, Cynthia. and Stephens, Casheena.

Growing Together: Adapting and Sustaining a Successful Clinical Partnership
 Moore, Cathy., Walker, Chandra., Coleman, Tiffany., Page, Katharine. and Farah, Amy.

Gun Reform and Teacher Education
 Beck, Brittney.


HBCU Pre-Service Teachers and Social Activism Through Picture Book Read-Alouds
 Davis, Cheron.

Helping ESL Students through Teacher Reflective Practice
 Gates, Althia. and Feng, Jay.

Helping English Langugae Learners through Teacher Collaboration
 Bernard, Kristal. and Feng, Jay.

Helping Your Student Teachers to be Successful.
 Greenberg, Steven. and Marvelle, John.

High-stakes Assessment in Elementary Education Teacher Preparation: Educators' Perceptions and Actions Resulting in Curriculum Change
 Tanguay, Carla.

How Education Preparation Programs are Responding to the Changing Demands: Examination of Three Elementary EPP’s Literacy Preparation Practices
 Daoud, Nisreen. and Bruyning Leggett, Alicia.

How Preservice Teachers' Use of Pinterest for Planning Informs Their Practice
 Brannon, Diana.

How Teacher Educators can offer a Disciplinary Literacy Instructional Approach to Elementary Teachers
 Buelow, Stephanie. and Frambaugh Kritzer, Charlotte.

How We Really Learn: The Micro Spiral Methodology
 Davis, Edith.

How Weekly Intern Reflections Reveal the Development of Beliefs about Learning and Teaching
 Kershen, Julianna., Henry, Aiyana., Dobson, Becky. and Snodgrass, Sara.

How to Shine a Light on a Hidden Dimension of Cultural Competence: An Agenda to Promote Trauma-informed Pedagogy
 Adkins, Amee., Rahimi, Regina. and Liston, Delores.

Human Rights Awareness through the Pre Service Teacher Education Curriculum: Myth or Reality
 Yadava, Shalini.

Human Rights, Equity, Citizenship, and Schooling: The Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers Today
 Zenkert, A. J..

Hybrid Teacher Leaders as Boundary Spanners in Clinical Supervision
 Snow, Jennifer. and Dismuke, Sherry.


I Was Never Exposed to It!”— Teacher Educators Expanding the Range of Familiar Literary Texts
 Lillo, Sarah. and Bacon, Heidi.

Identifying High-Leverage Practices for Initial Certification Programs
 Williams, Amy. and Heckaman, Kelly.

Imagine the Possibilities: Incorporating Mexican Parents’ Culturally Learned Mathematics with Classroom Instruction
 Duenas, Gilbert.

Immigrant Students' Challenges in the U.S. Educational System
 Fayazpour, Shahla. and Namatovu, Winnifred.

Impact on Student Learning: Challenges and Opportunities in a Performance Based Assessment for Pre-Service ELA teachers
 Hansen, Angela.

Impacting Early Elementary Achievement: The Need for Leadership Pedagogical Knowledge
 Hallissey, Megan. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

Improving Blended Learning through Improved Teaching and Social Presence
 Baba, Mohamad Ali.

Improving Organizational Decisions in Educator Preparation through Visual Scaling: Effectively Comparing Apples and Oranges
 Francis, Raymond.

Improving School and Community Engagement through Service Learning
 McCollum, Dixie.

Improving Teacher Preparation: Growth Mindset versus “Fix It” (Them) Mentality
 Savage-Davis, Emma. and Mark, Dianne.

Improving Teaching Practice: Teacher Educators Collaborating with Nurse Educators Through Volunteer Peer Evaluations
 Murley, Lisa., Jukes, Pamela. and Briggs, Crista.

Including University and Community STEM Partners in the Job Experience Professional Development Model for Teacher PD
 Jones, Nastassia. and Cummings, Lawanda.

Incorporating High-Leverage Practices into Teacher Education Courses: Model, Observe and Practice
 White, Kimberly.

Incorporating Social Media Tools into Ones' Education Courses
 McCarthy, David.

Information and Communication Technologies: Where are the EFL Teachers and Students So Far?
 Humaidan, Abdulsamad.

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Jackson State University: A Self-Study of Data Use Practices
 Ngwudike, Benjamine., Otieno, Tabitha. and Lewis, Chandar.

Job-Embedded Licensure Candidates: Can Quality Induction, Mentoring and Teacher-Directed Action Research Bridge the Gap Between Accountability and Attrition?
 Butler, Kyle.

Joining the Education Librarian to Examine CAEP Standards: developing resources for student and faculty research
 Hughes, Melanie. and Star, Rachel.


Ka Lei Lanakila: A Study of Grow Your Own Teacher Recruitment
 Tiffany-Kinder, Ronnie. and Yamada, Joyce.

Ka Leo o na Kupa
 Faria, Kahea. and Lenchanko, Mischa.

Kenyan International Practicum: Community Perspective on Impact
 Black, Glenda., Bernardes, Rogerio., Kevin, Wilcox., Otieno Jowi, James. and Kirigo Mwai, Beth.


Language and Literacy Practices of Latinx Preservice Teachers at a Border HSI
 Estrada, Veronica., Schall, Janine., Deleon, Leticia. and Venegas, Elena.

Layered Mentoring in Online and Face to Face Teacher Professional Development Spaces
 Merchant, Hafeez., Jackson, Annmarie., Wang, Huan., Zackery, Kathleen. and Tinker Sachs, Gertrude.

Leadership, Teaching & Mentoring Practices: Learning from Black Mother Teacher Educators
 Jackson, Tambra. and Flowers, Natasha.

Lean on Me: Analyzing Necessary Supports for New Faculty Success
 Barrios, Amy., Jones-Adams, Latasha. and Engle, Jennifer.

Learning to Become Culturally Responsive Critical Inquirers: A Never Ending Journey
 Alvarado, Priscila.

Learning to Empower Teachers: Growing Professional Learning Communities
 Young, Victor.

Learning to Observe, Reflect, and Apply: Video as a Tool for Teacher Education
 Wanner, Sister Cecilia Anne. and Hover, Ashlee.

Learning to Plan---An Important Component of Clinical Preparation
 Torrez, Cheryl.

Less Theory, More Practice: Redesigning Courses with Student Input
 Romes Beziat, Tara., Burton, Faith., Hathcock, Alanna., Owings, Rachel. and Robbins, Christopher.

Lessons Learned While Implementing a Field-based and a Problem-Based Learning Residency Approach to Teacher Training
 Goodin, Terry., Dillard, Heather., Hover, Ashlee., Tipton, Josh. and Carter, Lando.

Lessons Learned: Designing a Faculty Evaluation Process in a College of Education
 Anderson, Patricia. and Ellis, Maureen.

Lighting the Fire Within: Project Ignite for Teacher Retention
 Donovan, RoseAnn., Kretchmar, Kerry., Hofkamp, Kim. and White, Kimberly.


MAT Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions of Balanced Literacy and Student Learning: Influences of Transformative Learning Experiences
 Thompson, Amy.

Making Connections Between Theory and Practice: A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Preservice Teachers
 Wilson, Jahnette., Edgar, Teresa. and Kharabi-Yamato, Lana.

Making Connections: Clinical Training to Prepare Preservice Teacher to Engage with Diverse Families
 Mathien, Tara., Sanders-Smith, Stephanie., Smith-Bonahue, Tina., Olguin, Ana. and Cohn, Monique.

Making Field Experience Work for Public, Private, and Charter Schools
 Hogan, Chris. and Styles-Foster, Sunny.

Making Sense of Mindset: How teaching Mindset, Interdependence and Resilience Promotes Positive Student Outcomes.
 Rhoden, Stuart., Shaw, Laura. and Schmitt, Rosary.

Making a Case for Preparing Global-Ready Educators
 Ramsay-Jordan, Natasha.

Making it Real: Using Child Study Projects to Prepare Teacher Candidates for Inclusive Classrooms
 Willard, Carol.

Meaningful Partnerships with Local Communities in International Service-Learning/Study Abroad
 Ates, Burcu. and Berg, Helen.

Menageries of Mathematics: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom
 Tolbert, Malynda., Sorensen, Linda., Burbank, Mary. and Goldsmith, Melissa.

Mental Health Literacy in Pre-service Teachers: Emotional Disturbance
 Walsh, Colleen.

Mentor Teachers' Perceptions of Their Roles/Responsibilities
 Smith, Thomas., Leavitt, Teresa. and Tanase, Madalina.

Mentoring New Faculty to Assume Coordination within a Practice-Based Clinical Teacher Preparation Program
 Bennett, Kathleen. and Bessette, Harriet.

Merging Performance-Based Assessments and Problem-Based Learning to Equip Pre-Service Teacher Candidates and Current Educators for Success
 Hover, Ashlee., Carter, Lando., Tipton, Josh., Goodin, Terry. and Dillard, Heather.

Micro-Spiral Method used in a NASA/MIT Zero Robotic Curriculum for Eagle Seven, Atlanta Georgia Area Summer 2018
 Davis, Edith.

Mixed-Reality Simulation and Teacher Preparation: Promising Evidence and Practical Recommendations
 Driver, Melissa. and Zimmer, Kate.

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Navigating the Wobble: Understanding First-Year Teachers' Growth through the Pose/Wobble/Flow Framework
 MYERS, Joy., Adams-Budde, Melissa., Lambert, Claire. and Howard, Christy.

Nevertheless, They Persisted: What Teacher Educators can Learn from Long-Term Teacher Researchers
 Currin, Elizabeth.

New Dimensions for Clinical Preparation: Transition to Teaching Programs
 Melser, Nancy.

New Dimensions for Social Justice: Critical Action Research
 Martin, Renee.

Next Generation Mentoring: Supporting Teachers Beyon Induction
 Bressman, Sherri., Winter, Jeffrey. and Efron, Sara.

No Learner Left Behind: Using the 4MAT Lesson Outline to Reach Every Learner
 Grant, John. and Byford, Jeffrey.

No One is Unbiased: How to Train Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers on Implicit and Explicit Bias.
 Rhoden, Stuart.

Novice Teacher Project: Assessing Strength of Preparation into the First Three Years
 Ellis, Christina. and Nerren, Jannah.


Observations of First Year Teachers- What They Reveal About Our EPP
 Harmon, Shannon.

Off (campus) We Go! University Teaching in the Field
 Yeigh, Maika.

Offering Online Teaching Experiences to Teacher Candidates
 Miller, Shane.

One Small Step at a Time: Implementing Effective Clinical Practice
 Mills, Lynne., Warren, Lateshia. and Cooper, Rebecca.

One Thread at a Time: Weaving together a Community of Learners
 Yoshioka, Jon., Fulton, Lori., Matsumoto, Vail. and Levine, Aaron.

Online Support for Clinical Teachers to Apply Effective Classroom Management Practices
 Baker, Credence., Gentry, James. and Larmer, William.

Operating in the “Third Space”: Spanning Boundaries One Novel At A Time
 Odhiambo, Eucabeth.

Our Next Generation of Co-Teachers in Secondary Clinical Experiences: Challenging Teachers to Move Beyond Their Favorite Co-Teaching Models
 McCall, Madelon. and Rogers, Rachelle.

Our Story and Our Data: Voices Fresh from Student Teaching
 Lewis, Jessica.

Our Teacher Residency: A View from All Sides
 Krebs, Marjori., Florez, Viola. and Walker, TRenia.


P-20 Collaboratives Beyond Dialogue: Bridging the Gaps in Recruitment, Development & Retention of Quality Educators
 Hartzog, Susan., Thomas, Deborah., Farrington, Enjolia. and Bolton-Gary, Cynthia.

PD for Justice and Healing: Possibilities for PD as equity work to build and sustain
 Fisher-Ari, Teresa., Heath, Amber. and Goecke Nicol, Jeannie.

Passport to Perspectives: Cultivating Conversation to Build Cross-Cultural Global Connections
 Shulsky, Debra. and Baker, Sheila.

Pathways to Partnerships: An Interdisciplinary University Service Project
 Baker, Sheila. and Shulsky, Debra.

Peer Observation: Applying the ATE Standards
 Lee, Chin-Wen., Bauder, Debra. and Hardy, Jessica.

Peers, protocols, and possibilities: Discourses of teacher change and development
 Liu, Pam., Sery, Amy. and Young, Christine.

Perceived Preservice Teacher Agency through an Initial Teaching Philosophy Statement
 Hayden, Steve.

Performance Assessment of Dispositions to Create Safety Informed Schools
 Thornton, Holly. and Neroda, Paige.

Performance Assessment: Leveraging the Clinical Practice Experience
 Escalante, Karen., Soodjinda, Daniel. and Mandell, Helene.

Phenomenological Case Study of Teachers Integrating the Content of Coaching Conversations into Their Pedagogy
 Philmon, James.

Photo Journaling as Reflection on Global Consciousness in an International Service Learning Program
 Ohanian, Michelle.

Place-Based Education: Bridging Culture and Teaching Practices to Encourage Self-reflection, Embracement of Diversity and Empowerment
 George, Stacy. and Lenchanko, Mischa.

Polishing and Pouring: Fostering a Culturally Responsive Classroom
 Ferguson, Fatima.

Portraits of Becoming: How Prospective Teachers’ Inquiries Explored Possibilities for Practice, Identity, and Educational Contexts
 Hayes, Sharon.

Post-Course Study: Preservice Teacher Candidates & Culturally Responsive Readiness: Through Co-teaching and Experiential Simulations
 Hogan-Chapman, Ava., Warren, Lateshia., Howse, Tashana., Cooper, Rebecca. and Lewis, Brandon.

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Queering Teacher Preparation: Teacher Educators’ Self-Efficacy in Working with LGBTQ Students and Content
 Willox, Lara. and Brant, Cathy.


Re-Imagining the Underpinnings: Clinical Coaching of Social-Emotional, Ethical, and Democratic Education
 Beck, Brittney.

Re-Visioning Mentor Teacher Training: Building a Sustainable Model Through Partnerships
 Parker, Audra., Zenkov, Kristien., Groth, Lois. and Glasser, Holly.

Re-imagining Teacher Education using Practicum-Embedded Coursework, a Coaching Model and Reflective Practice Theory
 Brinkmann, Jodie., Maynard, Katrina. and Dalton, Grace.

Re-orienting Our Pedagogy: Teacher Educators and edTPA
 VanGunten, Dawn. and Chadd, Julie.

Rebel with a Cause: Resistant Teaching from Theory to Practice in an Age of Accountability
 Krell, Desi.

Recognizing and Nurturing Grit in Today’s Novice Educators
 Adler, Michelle.

Reconceptualizing the Introduction to Education Course: Moving Online and into Controversy
 Rigney, James. and Dana, Nancy.

Recruiting and Training Teacher Educators as Facilitators in the Problem-Based Learning Approach
 Goodin, Terry., Huffman, James. and Peyton, Marvin.

Responding to New Expectations: A Systematic Approach to Increasing Practice and Feedback in Teacher Preparation
 Cayson, Andrea. and Pacheco-Guffrey, Heather.

Restructuring of Teacher Education Program- Through the Building Block Model
 Cwick, Simin., Bratberg, William., Powell, David., Clapsaddle, Shannon., Smith, Robin., Lillo, Sarah. and Giasi, Trudy.

Results, Respect, and Resiliency: The Effects of Extensive and Collaborative Research Experiences within Teacher Preparation
 LaDuke, Aja., Pfister, Christina., Paljevic, Sophia. and Petker, Zackary.

Rethinking Program Design, Shifting from Andragogy towards Heutagogy: Programmatic Design that Leads into Learner-Focused and Learner-Determined Curricular Design
 Crawford, Caroline. and Moffett, Noran.

Rethinking and Shifting Recognition of Learning Technology’s Impact upon Pedagogical Understandings: Digital Pedagogy towards Digital Andragogy
 Crawford, Caroline.

Rethinking the Pre-Service Teaching Experience: A Multi-pronged Team Approach
 Morse, Robert., Owen, Kelly., Butler, William. and Debiase, Jessica.

Rethinking “The Learner:” Learner-Centered Pedagogy from a Chinese Perspective
 Zhong, Zhiyong., Liu, Yan., Miller, Richard. and Lei, Ping.

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SOS: Building a System of Support for Teacher Candidates
 Rickey, Deborah. and Brett, Julianne.

STEM Micro-Teaching: Examples and Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers.
 Henson, Harvey., Box, Angela. and Lickteig, Duane.

Sam Houston State University: A Self-Study of Data Use Practices
 Young, Chase.

Same Yet Different: Bridging the Context Between One University and Five School Districts
 Leavitt, Teresa., Losser, Janet., Chowen, Brent. and Pincock, Cecilia.

Saviors or Saved? Clinical Field Experiences on the Navajo Nation: Increasing Student Cultural Competence through Experiential/Service Learning
 Shonia, Olga. and Stachowski, Laura.

School Leadership Against Backdrop of Political Spectacle: Lived Experiences of American Muslim Principals After 9/11
 Almontaser, Debbie.

School Psychologists and Teacher Educators: An Essential Partnership
 Parker, Kara., Williams, Nicole. and Gillham, John.

School University Partnerships to Strengthen Community Involvement for Pre-service Teachers
 Schlaack, Nicole.

School-Based Experiences and Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs About Urban Teaching and Learning
 Truscott, Diane. and Obiwo, Sarah.

Science Teacher Professional Development through a Curriculum Team
 Jeranyama, Letina.

Securing Our Candidates’ Futures by Deconstructing Our Literacy Pasts
 Faulconer, Johna., Howard, Christy. and Hu, Ran.

Selecting Special Education as a Career: A Qualitative Study of Motivating Factors for Special Education Teachers
 Duffy, Jennifer. and Fleming, Liz.

Self-Determined Learning within a Critically Relevant Digital Learning Age: A Focus upon Digital Heutagogy
 Crawford, Caroline. and Hardy, Sandra.

Service Learning in Teacher Education: Guidelines for Developing Effective Community Partnerships
 Howrey, Shannon.

Service at the Forefront: Outcomes of a Service-Leadership Internship in Teacher Preparation
 Sigler, Haley. and Moffa, Eric.

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TRAUMA in the Classroom
 Bohannon, Larry., Gunn, Sharon. and Clapsaddle, Shannon.

Tales of Inequity: Using Case Studies to Develop Pre-service Teachers as Agents of Change
 Malloy, Jacquelynn.

Targeted Supervision: Using Video to Demonstrate Practices in an Alternative Certification Program
 Adams, Alyson., Washington, Elizabeth., Kohnen, Angela., Mertens, Gillian. and Seay, Travis.

Teacher Candidates’ Application of the UDL Framework: An Analysis of Field Lesson Plans
 Prather-Jones, Bianca.

Teacher Candidates’ Pre/Post Student Teaching Reflections of Their Experiences
 Kaya, Jean. and McIntyre, John.

Teacher Educator as Boundary Spanner: Roles Associated with Piloting Course Redesign
 Holbert, Romena.

Teacher Educators Re-Orienting Their Classroom Practice Through Faculty Exchange and Student Study Abroad Programs
 Namatovu, Winnifred. and Johnson, Lauren.

Teacher Educators at the forefront: Operationally Defining Teacher Educators’ Work
 Holbert, Romena., Fisher, Robert. and Watts, Aileen.

Teacher Engagement Level in Different Roles during Professional Development
 Hagan, Claudia., Akcil, Ozlem., Skrob, Samantha., Krishnan, Harini., Schellinger, Jennifer., Enderle, Patrick. and Southerland, Sherry.

Teacher Identity, Motivation, and Experience: An EFL Teacher in ESL Context
 Humaidan, Abdulsamad.

Teacher Identity: Transformation in Teacher Candidates

Teacher Inquiry as Professional Development for New Teachers
 Welsh, Hilarie.

Teacher Preparation Partnership: A Pueblo Community & an Urban University
 Krebs, Marjori. and Torrez, Cheryl.

Teacher Preparation Program Coherence in an Emerging PDS: Lessons for All Stakeholders
 Bates, Alisa., Vossenkuhl, Angela. and Murphy, Stephanie.

Teacher Preparation Program Reconceptualization MATters
 Scott-Simmons, Wynnetta., Gilmore, Allison., Lacefield, William., rosenstein, debra., Carr, Sherah., Bush, Lucy. and Hall, Jeffrey.

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Uncovering Innovation: Teacher Preparation Using Service-Driven Values in a Competency Based System
 Adcock, Justin.

Understanding Teachers’ Practices for Personalizing Learning: Implications for Teacher Education
 Fogleman, Jay., Coiro, Julie., Deeney, Theresa., Cotta, Wendy., Correia Gabel, Annice. and Sagna, Sofietou.

Understanding the Difference Between Female and Male Concussion: Implications for Teacher Educators
 Fewster, Darlene.

Universal Design for Learning in Clinical Preparation:Teaching all Students through Practice and Demonstration of UDL
 Maynard, Amy.

Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Representation Expression, and Engagement in the College Classroom
 Pilgrim, Jodi. and Ward, Kris.

University of Houston: A Self-Study of Data Use Practices
 Wilson, Jahnette.

University-based Teacher Educators’ Unique Knowledge in School-University Partnerships: A Review of the Literature
 Rutten, Logan.

Unpacking the Preparation of Equity-Focused Teacher Educators in a Doctoral Seminar
 Murphy, Amy., Ranschaert, Rachel., Alvey, Elaine. and Minkiewicz, Susan.

Using Child Development Courses to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers to be Culturally Responsive Practitioners
 Joshi, Arti., Eberly, Jody. and Kim-Bossard, MinSoo.

Using Culturally Responsive Instruction to Support Inclusion
 Hernandez, Arthur.

Using Learner Logs to Enhance Metacognition, Self-assessment, Self-regulated Learning, and Reflective Practices in Two Flipped Teacher Education Courses
 Ayuninjam, Gwendoline. and Howse, Tashana.

Using Narratives to Develop Empathy and Cultural Competence in Pre-service Teachers: Literature for Learning
 Rogers, Kaycee.

Using Service to Facilitate Relationships that Enhance Teaching
 Basch, Katy.

Using Trends in edTPA Scores to Inform Instructional Practices
 Amerson, Rhonda., Moore, Daneell. and Sartin, Loleta.

Using Twitter and Google to Maximize Collaboration Between Rural Schools and University Partners
 Lambert, Cheryl., Zimmerle, Joanna. and Buttery, Thomas.

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Visual Counternarratives for Future Teachers of Color: Teacher Education in an Era of #Black LivesMatter
 Dunn, Alyssa.


We Teach Who We Are: Considering How Our Life Experiences Shape Our Teaching
 Darolia, Laura. and Meade, Joni.

What Do Upper Elementary Teachers Know about Teaching Struggling Readers?
 Vanden Boogart, Amy. and Ruan, Jiening.

What Hats Do Instructional Coaches Wear?
 Potter, Jalene.

What Teachers Think about Cultures of Thinking in Their Classrooms: Implications for Our Practice as Teacher Educators
 Anderson, Gary.

What does Athens have to do with America? An Issues-Centered Approach to Ancient History
 Grant, John. and Byford, Jeffrey.

What really matters to teachers in schools?: STEM teachers speak up and speak together
 Duggirala, Phani., Lee, Desmond. and Lee, Jillian.

What’s PreK Got to Do With It?: Developing a University Partnership to Support Early Learning
 Barker, Kim., Pendergraft, Elizabeth., Kim, Do Hong. and Cruz, Sarah.

When Professional Development Fails: Trends and Gaps in Support for Teachers in Special Education
 brandt, Camille.

Which Direction to Choose? Adversity/Trauma-Focused Approaches or Resiliency and Positive Outcomes
 Williams, Diana. and Fillipino, Tonja.

Who Will Teach the Children? Recruiting, Retaining and Retraining Highly Qualified & Highly Effective Educators
 Schargal, Franklin.

Why We Stay: A Study of Teacher Retention
 Beasterfield, Suzanne.

Will Digital Texts Become the ‘New Normal’?
 Beck, Judy., Fernandez, Susan., Kaufmann, Laura. and Burr, Stacy.


Zoom for Literacy: A Cross-Country Collaboration
 Dean, Heather. and Wagnon, Amber.
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