The Association For Women in Psychology 2006-Mar-30 to 2006-Apr-02

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“I was Crushed”: Infidelity Experience(s) Among Women With Same-sex Sexual Experience
 Thompson, Elisabeth., Morgan, Elizabeth. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.

“The Third Sex?”: Beliefs about Sexual Orientation among Anglo-American Parents and Asian Indian Immigrants
 Stiles, Charis Joy., Roberts, Olivia., Sherman, Jessica., Hujsa, Christine. and Raghavan, Chemba.


A Feminist Approach to Psychotherapy with Female International College Students
 Holmes, Ph.D., Marcelle.

A Feminist Look at Changes in Social Capital: Generation, Gender, and Socio-historical Context
 McDermott, Christa.

A Multicultural Feminist Perspective on Gestational and Nongestational Mothers After Infertility: Therapeutic Considerations
 Frances-Fischer, Jana. and Bridges, Sara.

Acquaintance Rape Scripts of Women and Men: Similarities and Differences
 Carroll, Marjorie., Clark, M. Diane. and Gallagher, Jenifer.

African American and Caucasian Women’s Hooking Up Experiences: The Impact of Religion and Race on Hooking Up, Pluralistic Ignorance, Condom Use and Affective Outcomes
 Ovrebo, Elin., Bridges, Sara. and Hiestand, Katie.

African-American Women’s Psychological Well-Being Following Cross-Racial Sexual Harassment
 Woods, Krystle. and Buchanan, NiCole.

African-American and White Women’s Perceptions of Race and Gender
 Pratt-Hyatt, Jennifer., Settles, Isis. and Torres, Jennifer.

American and Australian Women in Young Adulthood Recollect their Onset of Menstruation
 McArdle, Jillian. and Hyers, Lauri.

An Exploration of Gender Role Expectations and Conflict among Female Rugby Players
 Fallon, Melissa. and Jome, LaRae.

An Exploration of the Relationship Between White Women’s White Racial Identity, Womanist Identity and Social Dominance Orientation
 Henze, Kevin. and Kahn, Jack.

Anger, the Last Social Taboo: What do Daughters Learn From Their Mothers?
 Forgays, Deborah. and Mastronarde, Carrie.

Angry Feminazis and Manhaters: How Women Develop Positive Feminist Identities in the Face of Stigma
 Dye, April.

Are We Eating Each Other Up?:Bolby’s Theory in Supervision
 Laitinen, Irmeli.


Becoming a Professional in Psychology: Strategies for Successful Career Decision Making and Job Searching
 Jome, LaRae., Swagler, Michelle. and Fallon, Melissa.

Blending Unheard Voices: Building Community from the Bottom Up
 Blanco, Susana., Mayorga, Carla., Saltzburg, Nicole. and GORMLEY, Barbara.

Body of Evidence: The Social and Economic Consequences of Being Fat and Female
 Fikkan, Janna.

Brands and the Expression of Feminist Identity
 Tuten, Tracy. and August, Rachel.

Breath and Voice: The Effects of Breathing Awareness and Giving of Testimony on Black and White Battered Women’s Feelings of Depression and Self-Efficacy*
 Franzblau, Susan.

Butch, Androgynous, and Femme Lesbians: Differences in Self-Esteem, Internalized Homophobia, and Passing Behaviors
 Manning, Jessica.


Calling and Conflict: A Qualitative Exploration of Interrole Conflict and the Sanctification of Work
 Oates, Kerris., Hall, M. Elizabeth. and Anderson, Tamara.

Challenges Facing the Developing Psychotherapist with Feminist Beliefs
 Kannan, Divya. and Levitt, Heidi.

Conceptualizing a Model Form of Feminist Therapy for the Treatment of Rape Survivors
 Coyne, Shawn.

Constructions of Gender by Lesbians and Queers: The Ir/relevance of Womanhood
 Golden, Carla.

Creating a Feminist Training Environment
 Lucero-Miller, Denise., Bruns, Cindy. and Simonson, Kelly.

Cross Cultural Beliefs about Health: How Parental Beliefs Compare to Daughters’ Activities
 Roberts, Olivia Marie., Stiles, Charis., Sherman, Jessica., Hujsa, Christine. and Raghavan, Chemba.

Cultural Transition: Challenges Faced by Adolescent Immigrants
 Sinacore, Ada. and Perlin, Jewel.

Culture Transitioning: Negotiating Immigrant, Ethnic and Religious Identities
 Sinacore, Ada., Kassan, Anusha., Lerner, Sasha., Cairns, Kate. and MacKinnon, Chris.


Dating and Marriage: Schemas and practices of Asian Indian Immigrant and Anglo-American parents
 Raghavan, Chemba., Stiles, Charis., Roberts, Olivia., Hujsa, Christine. and Sherman, Jessica.

Depression Among Chinese American Women
 McGowan, Joseph.

Development of Resilience in Adolescent and Young Adult Lesbians and Female Bisexuals
 Adams, Linda. and Jordan, Valerie.

Disability and Multiple Identity Politics at the Movies
 Coffman, Stacey.

Discrimination Against Low-income Women in Reproductive Healthcare: Do Providers Try to Limit Poor Women’s Childbearing?
 Downing, Roberta.

Disrupted Bodies, Disrupted Selves: Exploring the Impact of Weight-Cycling on Women’s Well-being
 Ross, Erin.

Diverse Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Sense of Community
 Lehavot, Keren. and Balsam, Kimberly.

Diverse Perspectives on Rape Myth Acceptance
 Drout, Cheryl.

Diversifying Feminist Identity: Proposed Modifications for the Feminist Perspective Scale
 Koelsch, Lori., Dye, April. and Jester, JuliaGrace.

Diversity in Psychology: Transforming the Curriculum
 Muñoz, Vic. and Hill, Jill.

Does Size Matter?
 Pause, Cat.


Effects of Emergency Contraceptive Availability on Men’s Willingness to Use Condoms
 Barnack, Jessica. and Reddy, Diane.

Emotional, External, and Restricted Eating Behavior in a Latino Population and its Relationship to Acculturation
 Wells, Stephanie. and Wiese, Deborah.

Empowering Depressed Women: Changes in 'Individual' and 'Social' Feelings in Guided Self-help Groups in Finland
 Laitinen, Irmeli., Ettorre, Elizabeth. and Sutton, Carole.

Ethnicity and Body Dissatisfaction among Women in the United States: A Meta-Analysis
 Grabe, Shelly. and Hyde, Janet.

European Integration and Sexism- Diversity in Genderrolls: A Cross-cultural Study in Germany and Bulgaria
 Petkova, Petia.

Evaluating Participant Satisfaction of a Preventive Depression Intervention in High-risk Latina Pregnant Women.
 Hochhausen, Laila., Le, Huynh-Nhu. and Perry, Deborah.

Evidence of the Culture of Dissemblance in the Narratives of African American Women
 Harrell, Zaje.

Examining the Role of Race in Clinical Assessments of Lesbian and Heterosexual Clients
 Weiner, Jennifer.

Experiencing Difference, Seeking Community: Caribbean Women Revising/Reinforcing their Racial, Panethnic and National Identities
 McFarlane, Tracy.


Face-ism in American Psychologist
 Konrath, Sara., Blake, Lyneah. and Schwarz, Norbert.

Female Caregivers of Older Women with HIV/AIDS: Multiple Identities, Complex Relationships
 Gosselink, Carol. and Myllykangas, Susan.

Female Sexual Wellness, Relationship Mutuality, and Femininity Ideology
 Tunnell, Ellen.

Feminist Attitudes and Perceived Work-Family Conflict
 Sherman, Jessica Elizabeth.

Feminist Multicultural Interventions to Encourage Girls and Students of Color to Pursue Careers in Math and Science
 Forrest, Laura.

Feminist Multicultural Treatment of Substance Abuse
 Najjar, Linda.

Feminist Perspectives on Counseling Aging Women.
 Hunter, Winnifred. and Irving, Julie.

Feminist Sexuality: The Case of Consensual Sadomasochism
 Yost, Megan.

Finding Voice: Art Therapy with Sexual Abuse Survivors
 Brooke, Stephanie.

Food for Life’. Food and Eating as a Part of Female Identity
 Laitinen, Irmeli.

From Outgroup to Out: Lesbian Clergy’s Self-Perceptions of Leadership
 Giesler, Mark.

From Truth to Solidarity: An Option for Integrating Feminist Dialogues
 Roekle, Meghan.


Gender Differences in the Utilization of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the Treatment of Mental Health Problems
 Donnelly, Patrice.

Gender Socialization: Observations and Experiences of Third-Generation Mexican-American Women
 Cantu, Sonja.

Gender and Eating Problems: What Have we Learned Through Meta-Analysis?
 Murnen, Sarah., Smolak, Linda. and Levine, Michael.

Growth Through Connection: The Tripod Way: An RCT Perspective on Surviving and Thriving on Internship
 Hamilton, Shana., Louden, Linda. and Wood, Jennifer.


Healing the Healers: Recommendations for Feminist Clinicians of Color
 Reynaga-Abiko, Geneva.

Hooking Up Versus Dating: A Script Study of Cross-sex Interactions
 Chrisler, Joan. and Nintzel, Abigail.

How Does a Structured Self-Help Intervention for Family Members of People with Serious Mental Illnesses Help?
 Lucksted, Alicia., Stewart, Bette. and Dixon, Lisa.

How Women Abolitionists and Feminists Before the Civil War Made Democracy Better
 Darcy, Mary.


Images of Women’s Identities: Lessons from Nigerian Proverbs
 Udegbe, Idayat Bola.

Important, Outdated, or Necessary Evil? Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Use of and Attitudes Toward Sexual Identity Labels
 Brooks, Kelly. and Quina, Kathryn.

Infertility and Grief: A Feminist/Constructivist Approach
 Bridges, Sara. and Frances-Fischer, Jana.

Integrating Feminist Values into Family Therapy
 Perlin, Jewel.

Internet Resource Guide for Women's Issues
 Cox, Amy. and Bischoff, Andrea.

Intimate Partner Violence as Gendered Behavior: Differences between Women’s Violence and Victimization as Indicated by Theoretical and Statistical Analyses
 Gambone, Laura., Swan, Suzanne. and Snow, David.

Invisible Women: The Morbid Obesity Literature
 Pause, Cat.

Is the Political Personal? Exploring the Intersections of Political and Gender Identification Regarding Views of Feminism
 Weltman, Reese., Konik, Julie. and Davis, Erin.


Leisure for Older Women with HIV/AIDS: At the Intersection Lies Spirituality.
 Myllykangas, Susan.

Lesbians as Bicultural? Implications for Mental Health
 Silverschanz, Perry.


Martha Stewart: Dual Gender Roles
 Eron, Amanda.

Measuring Prejudice against Lesbian Women and Gay Men: An Examination of Two Popular Measures
 Starks, Tyrel. and Bolton Holz, Kenna.

Measuring Sexist Discrimination: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses of the Schedule of Sexist Events
 Fischer, Ann. and Bolton Holz, Kenna.

Multicultural-Feminist Therapy: Addressing Multiple Oppressions to Empower Adolescent Girls
 Caron, Ariane. and Sinacore, Ada.

Muslim College Student Perspectives and Future Research on Religion, Helath, Gender, and Other Social Issues
 Menagi, Feyza. and Jaleel, Farah.


Negotiating Beauty: The Intersection of Disability and Gender in the Development of Identity
 Kerner, Emily.

New Feminist and Multicultural Frameworks for Understanding Evolution, Genetics, Sexual Orientation Diversity, and Gender Identity.
 Rabin, Joan.


Objectified Body Consciousness and Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Women in the U.S. and Argentina
 Chrisler, Joan. and Xanthopoulos, Alexa.


Packaging Girlhood: Media and Marketing Stereotypes of Girlhood
 Lamb, Sharon. and Brown, Lyn.

Patterns and Correlates of Alcohol Use in a Racially Diverse Sample of College Women
 Harrell, Zaje.

Perceptions of Aging among Rural, Midwestern Senior Citizens: How Rural Women Cope with Aging
 Stark-Wroblewski, Kim., Edelbaum, Jessica. and Bello, Theresa.

Perceptions of Changes in Body Experience in Older European American Women
 McKinley, Nita.

Praise But No Raise: The Complexity of Gender, Race, and Exceptionalism within Exploitative Mentoring Relationships
 Walker, Angela. and Pratto, Felicia.

Predictors of Women's Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery
 Henderson-King, Donna.

Protecting Our Bodies by Sharing Our Wisdom: An HIV Prevention Program for Underprivileged Rural Women
 Gibson, Lyn.

Putting the Pieces Together: Reflections of First Generation Canadian Women
 Mikhail, Anne Marie. and Daniel, Kim.


Racial/Ethnic Differences in Military Sexual Harassment Gender Disparities: 1995 to 2002 Comparisons
 Bruce, Tamara., Tanner, Stephanie. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Rape Victim Advocates’ Perspectives on Race and Class Barriers in Service Systems
 Ullman, Sarah. and Townsend, Stephanie.

Rethinking Sexual Performance: Media, Technology, and the Disciplined Body
 Fahs, Breanne.

Review of Recent Research on Indian Subcontinent Immigrant Women's Employment in the United States
 De Silva, Nilmini.


Seeking Equilibrium: Multicultural Women's Balancing Act to Fulfill Multiple Roles
 Gosselink, Carol.

Self Silencing and Health Consequences: Implications to Therapy with Women
 McCance, Nicole., Piran, Niva. and Mackenzie, Corey.

Sex Preferences of Primiparous Women
 Naquib, Rafayna. and Hamilton, Mykol.

Sex Work and Career Decisions: Implications for Career Counselors
 Pickens, Elizabeth.

Sexism and Sexual Prejudice: The Impact of Gender Role Expression and Sexual Orientation on Attitudes
 Rees, Amy M..

Sexual Assault on Campus: Addressing African-American Women and Their Experiences
 Thiagarajan, Monica. and Ball, Mary.

Sexual Preoccupation: Scale Development
 Taylor, Melissa., Clark, M. Diane. and Gallagher, Jenifer.

Sexual Self-Esteem and Sexual Risk Behavior: Impact of Abuse, Family Communication, and Media
 Hendrick, Crystal. and Reddy, Diane.

Skin Invasive Behavior: Relationships with Childhood Trauma, Alexithymia and Dissociation
 Schmukler, Kristina. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.

Slim Chances: The Influence of Body Satisfaction on Adolescent Girls’ Condom Use
 Schooler, Deborah.

Social Location and Postpartum Depression: Implications for Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice
 Johnston-Robledo, Ingrid., Caslin, Caitlyn. and Whitwood, Nicole.

Speak for Yourself: Sexual and Gender Self-Identification Among Lesbians
 Small, Tanya.

Spirituality, Self-Objectification, Body Image, and Disordered Eating
 Cottingham, Maria., Davis-Quirarte, Lesley. and Abernethy, Alexis.

Strategies for Integrating Multiple Social Identities: An Exploration of Feminism, Multiculturalism, and Spirituality
 Funderburk, Jamie. and Fukuyama, Mary.


Telling HerStory: Deepa Mehta’s Portrayal of the Indian Woman
 Jaidka, Manju.

The Big Five Personality Factors and Conformity to Gender Norm Factors in Men and Women
 Huber, Jamie. and Rodriguez, Benjamin.

The Cultural Context of Feminist Psychology: Searching for a More Hospitable Paradigm
 Newton, Nancy.

The Effects of Exposure to Pornography and Music Videos on Attitudes toward and Beliefs about Sex
 Krempely, Tiffany. and Chrisler, Joan.

The End Point: Maximizing Participants’ Verification of Emergent Understanding in a Feminist-Informed Qualitative Study
 Piran, Niva.

The Gender Wage Gap and Political Empowerment: An International Perspective
 Lips, Hilary.

The Identity Conundrum: Intersecting Identities in Graduate Training
 Arm, Jennifer., Ovrebo, Elin., Hiestand, Katie., Smith, Brandy., Jeong, Jae., Morgan, Stacy. and Hamilton, Shana.

The Impact of Gender on the Repatriation Experiences of International Students: Multiple and Changing Identities
 Wada, Kaori. and Dimopoulos, Dimitra.

The Impact of Social Support on Sexual Assault Recovery Process in Cultural Context
 Cheperka, Ryan. and Wang, Yu-Wei.

The Master Narrative and Transsexual Women: Intersectionalities of Gender, Class, Race, Sexuality, and Diagnostic Hegemony
 Muñoz, Vic.

The Merging of Cultures: Negotiating Spirituality and Religion in Psychotherapy
 Blake, Emily., Oala, Monica. and Sinacore, Ada.

The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Substance Abuse: Evidence for Differential Influence by Gender
 Paul, Amanda. and Stark-Wroblewski, Kim.

The Sexually Liberated Woman and the Slut: A Fine Line
 Harden, LeAnne. and McHugh, Maureen.

The Stigmatizing Effects of Serious Mental Illness on the Lives of Women in the Field of Psychology.
 Cimperman, Lauren. and Stielper, Gail.

The Threshold of Fatness: Body Figures and Weight-Related Words
 Pitcher, Eric. and Smith, Christine.

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Variations in Openness to Experience Among Sexual Minorities
 Jirjis, Alena., Hook, Davidson. and Konik, Julie.

Violence in Adult Friendships
 Dudenhoeffer, Destiny. and Frieze, Irene.

Voices of Depression: Using Women’s Stories to Explode the Medicalized Narrative
 Hoogen, Siri.


What Do I Do with These Feelings?! Dealing with Attraction within Supervisory and Advisory Relationships
 Smith, Brandy., Hamilton, Shana. and Cruz, Carmen.

What is the Lived Experience of US-born Black Women Diminished by Others Because of Their Race?
 Edwards, Ruth D.

Woman Career and Family Life – the Differences in Opinions of Czech Men and Women of Two Age Groups
 Rasticova, Ph.D., Martina.

Woman and Athlete: An Exploration of Athletic Identity for Girls and Women
 Daniels, Elizabeth.

Women and Aging: A Problem-based Online Learning Module
 Myllykangas, Susan. and Gosselink, Carol.

Women's Resilience: Recreating Self and Home
 Llera, Dalia. and Roffman, Eleanor.

Women’s Ways of Coping with Gender-Related Stress: Conversations with U.S. Feminist Activists
 Kentoff, Maureen.


Yellow-Fever or Racialized Sexual Harassment?: The Intersection Between Racial and Sexual Harassment among Asian-American Women
 Patel, Neesha.

Young Women’s Recollections of and Responses to Parental Messages about Sexuality and Dating
 Morgan, Elizabeth., Thompson, Elisabeth. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.
The Association For Women in Psychology 2006-Mar-30 to 2006-Apr-02
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