The Association For Women in Psychology 2007-Mar-08 to 2007-Mar-11

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"LOL--ttyl!!": Gender Differences in Instant Messaging
 Fox, Annie. and Crawford, Mary.

"Now, at 46, I am becoming a woman": gender issues in a long-term treatment of a psychotic client
 Rapoport, Esther.

52 Resolutions: CWP Revisits the Status of Women in Psychology
 Dworkin, Sari.

“God Put Me Here”: Clergywomen’s Experiences in Ordained Ministry.
 Suckle-Nelson, Jessica.

“I’m worth less now”: Young women, virginity pledges, and sexual “choices”
 Young, Danielle. and Tolman, Deborah.

“They are simply bodies to me”: Objectification of Women in the Context of Same-sex Sexuality
 Thompson, Elisabeth Morgan., Zurbriggen, Eileen. and Morgan, Elizabeth.


A Model of Integrated Treatment for Women with Co-Occurring Disorders who are at High Risk for HIV
 Caldwell, Donna.

A Portrait of a Sexual Assault Prevention Program: Stereotypes, Masculinity & Primary Prevention in an Applied Setting
 Jones, Hilary.

A Qualitative Evaluation of the Rhode Island Women's Prison Mentoring Program
 Salgado, Dawn., Quinlan, Kristen. and Fox, Judith.

A Quilt of Incest
 Wilson, Barbara.

A feminist approach to group therapy for women with infertility
 Pawloski, Brithany.

A mixed-method exploration of body image and sexual health among adolescent boys
 Schooler, Deborah., Hirschman, Celeste., Impett, Emily. and Bonem, Lathem.

A relational perspective on self-sufficiency
 Fuehrer, Ann., Bernstein, Michael., Dye, April. and Ramey, Victoria.

Abused Women’s Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System’s Response to Domestic Violence
 Barata, Paula.

Acculturation Strategies of Canadian and American-Born Christian-Egyptians: A Qualitative Study
 Mikhail, Anne Marie., Sinacore, Ada. and Sanchez, William.

Alone, Together: The Clinical Issues in Working with Serious Illness and Couples
 Carlin, Jennifer. and Henry, Sandrah.

An Ethic of Possibility: Relationship, Risk and Presence
 Birrell, Pam.

Assessing Student Knowledge of Workplace Sexist Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Coping: How Well-Prepared are Psychology Majors for the Real World?
 Hyers, Lauri., Kliss, Andrea., Owlsey, Lisa., Black, Mary., Verrastro, Tina., Fleming, Rebecca. and Watson, Tameka.

Associations Among Features of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Deliberate Self-harm Behavior in Incarcerated Women
 Cepeda, Galatia., Smith, Shilo. and Lynch, Shannon.

Attending to Adolescent Clients' Multiple Identities in Counseling
 Kassan, Anusha.

Attitudes Toward Women Among Male Officers in the Swedish Armed Forces
 Brown, Kimbree. and Estrada, Armando.

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Bestselling Children’s Picture Books in 2001 and 2006: Subtle and Not-so-Subtle Gender Stereotypes
 Ferguson, Emily. and Hamilton, Mykol.

Beyond Duality: Multiple Identity Conceptualization of African descent Women
 Williams, Ph.D., Wendi.

Beyond Labels: Sexual and Gender Identity Formation
 Thompson, Kathryn.

Beyond dualities: Stem cells help us understand the new genetics without setting feminism back 30 years
 Rabin, Joan.

BiPolar: A Personal Journey from the Inside Out
 Malcolm, A. Pat.

Blurring Presumed Boundaries in our Lives: The Case for Women Community Leaders
 Bond, Lynne. and Holmes, Tabitha.


Calling it Rape: How Rape Survivors Come to Define Their Experiences as Rape.
 Draper, Taylor., Chamberlain, Jessica., Hamilton, Sarah., Glenn, Katie., McCleary, Melory. and Ahrens, Courtney.

Career Services and Mentoring: Creating Access for Immigrant Students Seeking Graduate Education in the Host Country.
 Sinacore, Ada., Park, Jeeseon., Wada, Kaori., Mikhail, Anne Marie., Lerner, Sasha. and Irving, Julie.

Change and Stability in Gendered Images Portrayed in Popular Music Through the Past 50 Years
 Dye, April., Evans, Clifford. and Diekman, Amanda.

Community Involvement In Reproductive Health: An Intervention Program To Improve Women’s Reproductive Health
 AGARWAL, KAVITA. and Khara, Archana.

Conceptions of Social Class: Teaching Students to Develop an Awareness of Classism
 Kenyon, Alexandra., Hyers, Lauri., Black, Mary., Owlsey, Lisa. and Kliss, Andrea.

Continuing to Depolarize the Debate on Sexual Orientation and Religion: Identity, Process, and Social Responsibility.
 Bartoli, Eleonora. and Gillem, Angela.

Correlates of family-work conflict among lesbian women.
 August, Rachel. and Tuten, Tracy.

Cultural Perspectives on Work-Related Stressors in Service-Industry Jobs on the Psychological Health and Well-being of Mainland Puerto Rican Women.
 Rodriguez, Ingrid.


Disordered Eating: an Integration of Feminist Therapy and Psychotherapy Process Research
 Gamberg, Susan. and Wada, Kaori.

Diversity within Women of African Descent towards BRCA1/2 testing
 Kapil-Pair, Nidhi. and Valdimarsdottir, Heiddis.


Eating for Two: Body Image Among First-Time Pregnant Women
 Rubin, Lisa.

Effects of Counselor Education on Motivation to Control Prejudiced Reactions Towards Victims of Sexual Violence
 Currie, Erin.

Engagement in Pop Culture and Women’s Relationships to Body Image, Exercise, Eating, and Weight.
 Finkel, Nina.

Engendering War for Peace: Fanon, the African Feminist, and the African Woman Combat Soldier
 White, Aaronette.

Executive women’s psychosocial and career-related mentoring experiences: Qualitative interviews with protégés
 Syphan, Janet., Owlsey, Lisa. and Kliss, Andrea.

Experiences of Feminist Females in Family Therapy Academic programs - Is the Academic Climate still Chilly?
 Arora, Neetu., Ivey, David. and Kimball, Thomas.

Experiencing Dualities: The Titillating Consequences of Breaking a Gender Norm
 Gosselink, Carol. and Cox, Deborah.

Explorations in Gender Diversity and Sexuality: Both Critiquing and Using the Male/Female Dichotomy
 Factor, Rhonda.

Exploring Affective Responses to Atypical Gender Expression
 Drill, Karen.

Exploring Social Class in Vocational Counselling
 Dimopoulos, Dimitra. and MacEachern, Lorna.

Exploring Spirituality Through Art and Metaphor
 Hollingsworth, Lisa. and Didelot, Mary.


Facilitating Change: A Case Example of Feminist Therapy
 Richmond, Kate.

Feminist Identification in Lesbians: A More Complex Story
 Haines, Megan., Erchull, Mindy. and Liss, Miriam.

Feminist Identity Development of Iranian Immigrant Women and Its Relationship with their Psychological Well-Being
 Kaighobadi, Farnaz. and Ahrens, Courtney.

Feminist Therapy in the College Counseling Center
 O\'Toole, Cheryl.

From Choosing Between Race and Gender to Embracing South Asian American Womanhood: Implications for Counseling
 Patel, Neesha.


Gender Differences in the Emotional Reaction to the “Coming Out” of a Gay or Lesbian Child
 Massey, Catherine., Boulier, Natalie., Rizzardi, Morgan., Dixon, James., Barner, Lindsay., Piscopo, Katherine., Stocker, Ryan. and Bowers, Stephanie.

Gender Identity Disorder: A critical evaluation
 Richmond, Kate.

Gender Identity, Self-Concept, and Contextual Variables in Predicting Academic Achievement among African-American Adolescents
 Eisele, Heather., Zand, Debbie. and Thomson, Nicole.

Gender Matters (Sometimes): Differences in Preferences and Sexual Experiences of Bisexual and Bi-curious Women
 Thompson, Elisabeth Morgan., Thai, Jennie. and Morgan, Elizabeth.

Gender Role Attitudes, Gender Self-Esteem, and Relationship Power in Married Women
 Davis, Kim. and Beckman, Linda.

Gender Role Expectations and Violations. An Examination of Perceptions
 Rees, Amy M.., Doyle, Carol., Schoen, Leah. and Lawdermilk, Andrew.

Gender, the DSM and the pharmaceutical industry: The problematic alliances between BigPharma and psychiatric research
 Cosgrove, Lisa.

Girls Constructing Identity and Transforming “Femininity”: Intersections between Empirical and Theoretical Understandings of 21st Century Girlhood
 Willis, Jessica.


Helping Poor Women Bridge The Gap Between College And Professional Careers Through Service-Learning
 Zahm, Mary.

Herizon: The creation of queer women's social space in Upstate New York
 Bertram, Corrine., Massey, Sean. and Warter, Jessica.

Homebirth and Midwifery
 Burgess, Victoria.

How do people evaluate feminists? A social-cognitive approach
 Breen, Amanda.


Identifying Primary Victims and Primary Perpetrators in Therapy: Intimate Partner Violence Assessment Approaches
 McCloskey, Kathy.

Inside/Out: Infusing multiculturalism in college orientations through documentary theater
 Greenberg, Samantha., Sedehi, Desiree. and Richmond, Kate.

Internalized Homophobia and Dating Violence in Women’s Same Sex Relationships
 Pepper, Bonnie. and Sand, Shara.


Judgments about the Disclosure of HPV and Herpes to Sexual Partners
 Barnack, Jessica. and Reddy, Diane.


LOL: Rapport-Building Interventions for Counseling Middle School Girls
 Specter, Amy. and Guglielmino, Dawn.

Late adolescent sexual values and their sources: Tracking changes over the first year of college
 Morgan, Elizabeth., Conover, Kristin. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.

Lend Me Your Ears: Feminist Orientation and Perceptions of Speakers
 Gourley, Mary. and Anderson, Veanne.

Lesbian Parents’ Symbolic and Material Negotiations of the Division of Labor
 Downing, Jordan. and Goldberg, Abbie.

Like a Virgin: Sexual Status and the Role of Sexual Self-Esteem, Sexual Communication and Media Consumption
 Hendrick, Crystal., Reddy, Diane. and Hall, Jennifer.


Markers in Women’s and Men’s Conceptions of the Transition to Adulthood: Does Adulthood = Manhood?
 Black, Mary., Hyers, Lauri. and Kuritz, Dena.

Maternal Identity In Primiparous Breastfeeding Mothers: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
 Malonai, Grace.

Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Experiential Avoidance: Outcomes among Women Engaged in a Narrative Disclosure Task
 Moore, Susan., Brody, Leslie. and Dierberger, Amy.

Mind, body, and spirit: Use of traditional healing among two-spirit Native women
 Lehavot, Keren., Fieland, Karen., Simoni, Jane. and Walters, Karina.

Misunderstood, Misled, and Misfit: The Marginalization Experiences of African American Lesbian Youth
 Robinson, Amorie.

Mobilizing the Sisterhood: Using Familiar Black Female Relationships as Components of HIV/AIDS Interventions in Communities of Color.
 Edwards, Arlene.

Multi-dimensional Relating: Exploring Healthy Intimacy in Female Couples
 Golding, A. Cassandra., Morokoff, Patricia. and Quina, Kathryn.


Objectification or Liberation? Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Experiences with Physical Appearance
 Black, Amy.

On the road to equality – San Francisco same-sex marriages
 Phillips, Jan. and O\'Toole, Siobhan.


Parent-Child Conversations About Discrimination: Exploring Euro-American and Ethnic Minority Young Women’s Retrospective Accounts
 Ayres, Melanie., Nam, Vickie. and Leaper, Campbell.

Parents’ and Health Care Practitioners’ Attitudes toward the HPV Vaccine
 Barnack, Jessica., Reddy, Diane. and Swain, Carolyne.

Patterns of Personal-Group Discrimination Discrepancies: It’s Not So Bad for Me
 Bolton Holz, Kenna. and Fischer, Ann.

Perception and Acceptance of Intimate Violence
 Efe, Basak., Bay, Aysenur. and Bolak-Boratav, Hale.

Pioneering New Territory: Gender, Age, and Body In Women's Later Life - A Qualitative Study
 Papanestor, Christina.

Portraits of Women’s Lives: A Methodology for Locating the Bigger Picture
 McFarlane, Tracy.

Postmodern and critical approaches to research in counseling psychology: The case of performativity
 Datchi-Phillips, Corinne.

Power, Intimacy, Equality and Casual Relations: Generational and Gender Differences in the Sexual Socialization of Young Adults
 Jaworski, Beth. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.

Predictors of Undergraduate Women’s Career Commitment
 Hagen, Whitney.

Psychology in our Globalized World: An Evaluation of Global-Community Psychology Theory
 Mikhail, Anne Marie.


Questioning Identity: The Experience of Transition for Lesbian Partners of FTMs
 Mason, Michelle.


Rape Victim Advocates' Feminist Empowerment Approach to Working with Sexual Assault Survivors
 Ullman, Sarah. and Townsend, Stephanie.

Rape, recognition and refusal
 Gavey, Nicola.

Recruitment Strategies: Characteristics of Those Who Choose to Participate in Research on Sexual Assault
 Abeling, Samantha. and Ahrens, Courtney.

Relationship Satisfaction as a Function of Gender Roles, Intimacy, Power and Aggression
 Yetsko, Kelly., McHugh, Maureen. and Mercadante, Jenna.

Relationship between Sexual Self-Schema, Relationship Satisfaction, Body Objectification, Overall Health and Female Sexual Function
 Merrell, Julie.

Religious Coping and Well-being in African American Women
 Blount, Crystal. and Lundy, Rae.

Revealing Disparities in Mentoring Experiences of Women and Ethnic Minority Faculty: Methodological and Practical Considerations
 Syphan, Janet., Hyers, Lauri., Brown, Tim., Black, Mary., Chando, Erica., Cohen, Corey. and Wagner, Brian.


Seeing Subtle Sexism: The Effect of an Internet Prime
 Milillo, Diana.

Self-Objectification and Exercise Behavior: The Mediating Role of Social Physique Anxiety
 Melbye, Lise., Tenenbaum, Gershon. and Eklund, Robert.

Sex-Related Differences in Exhibitionism
 Miller, Destiny.

Sexual Assault and Harassment in the U.S. Military: The Impact on Female Soldiers
 Rodgers, Carie., Thorp, Steven., Gardner Schocket, Kimberly. and Endow-Eyer, Rene.

Sexual Identity Development: Using Narratives to Consider Personal-Historical and Person-in-Context Processes
 Morgan, Elizabeth.

Sexual Orientation and Depression among Asian American Women
 Koo, Kelly. and Lehavot, Keren.

Sexual Violence: Generating Sites of Resistance at Intersections of Race+Gender+Class
 Crowley, M. and Seery, Brenda.

Stepping Up to Motherhood among Inner City Teens: A Mixed Methods Study
 Shanok, Arielle.

Stuffing your ANGER? It may physically hurt you.
 Forgays, Deborah.


Teaching in a time of war: What's the "best" college teachers can do?
 Golden, Carla.

Television Families and Functional Family Therapy
 Harris, Amber.

The Bad Enough Mother; A Transference/Countertransference Bind in Psychotherapy Between Women.
 Cahn, Rita Karuna.

The Co-Creation of Psychopathology-challenging the duality of mental health and mental illness
 Carlin, Jennifer.

The Experience of Paid Oocyte Donors: Motivations, Attitudes, and Characteristics
 Ne\'eman, Tamar., Schiffman, Mindy. and Goldklank, Shelly.

The Experience of Transition for Lesbian Partners of FTMs
 Mason, Michelle.

The Impact of Unemployment on Women in a Dual-Career Family
 Tate de Lara, Ashley.

The Impact of Women's Studies Classes on Feminism, Self-Efficacy, and Weight Concern
 Eisele, Heather. and Stake, Jayne.

The Ivory Tower: Must we be “Frank?”
 Boroda, Allison., Arora, Neetu. and Barnard, Lucy.

The Negative Impact of Dual Arrest and Intimate Partner Violence
 Rajan, Mekha. and McCloskey, Kathy.

The Promise of Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Organizations Working for Social Justice: Law and Counseling
 Gilmore, Dorcas. and Romero, LeLaina.

The Psychiatric Sexualization of Male-to-Female Transgenderism
 Serano, Julia.

The Rise of Obesity in Adolescent Girls: Can the Media be to Blame?
 Martino, Sara., Jordan, Brennan. and Dillon, Kristin.

The Role of Spirituality in the Healing of Intimate Partner Violence Survivors
 Gillum, Tameka.

The Space Between: Exploring the Utility of Continuums in Explaining Gender and Sexual Identity
 Brooks, Lindsey., O\'Shaughnessy, Tiffany. and Klinger, Rebecca.

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Uncertain Links: Discourse on Breast Cancer and the Environment on Cancer Organization Websites
 Engel, Connie.

Using Relational Cultural Theory to Solve Impostor Phenomenon Feelings
 Darcy, Mary.

Using oral history to facilitate social change and health with female survivors of violence.
 Tobe, Lisa.


Weave and Mend - The Doula Movement and the Revitalization of Social Childbirth
 Hamilton, Olivia.

What do mothers think they teach their daughters about anger?
 Forgays, Deborah.

Who writes for whom? Gender and the imaginary audience in the narrative writing paradigm
 Darghouth, Sarah.

Women, Depression, Alcoholism, and Spirituality: a feminist attachment perspective.
 Jewell, Wanda.

Women's Beliefs about Knowledge and the Experience of Conflict with thier Adolescents
 Holmes, Tabitha. and Bond, Lynne.

Women's Reactions to a Rape Portrayal: Do Feminist Identity and Rape Myth Acceptance Matter?
 Reinders, Gretchen.

Workplace Disclosure of Intimate Partner Abuse: An Examination of Supervisory and Coworker Support
 Kloeppel, Eric. and Mechanic, Mindy.
The Association For Women in Psychology 2007-Mar-08 to 2007-Mar-11
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