The Association for Women in Psychology 2008-Mar-13 to 2008-Mar-16

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"Student-Initiated Diversity Training: Ongoing Discussion to Promote Social Justice"; Rosemarie R. Downey-McCarthy, Eliza K. Harley, Jeneka A. Joyce & Diana C. Peña
 Downey-McCarthy, Rosemarie., Harley, Eliza., Joyce, Jeneka. and Pena, Diana.

"Your Community Isn’t Mine and Who Needs One Anyway?": Young Lesbian, Queer, Trans, and Bisexual Voices
 Golden, Carla.

(Internalized) Bi-negativity: The problem of the “male gaze” and (il)legitimacy of young women’s bisexual identity
 Thompson, Elisabeth Morgan.

“Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person:” Reading Breast Cancer Memoirs
 Milden, Randy.

“False” Empowerment? Experiencing sexual agency through sexual objectification
 Thompson, Elisabeth Morgan.

“She’s Bubbly, He’s Brilliant”: Gender and Letters of Recommendation
 Snook, Amanda., Fox, Annie. and Crawford, Mary.


A Critical Analysis of Traditional Treatment of Anorexia: Why a Feminist Approach Offers a Greater Chance for Success
 Weil, Emily.

A Feminist Approach to the Treatment of Disordered Eating in Women
 Gamberg, Susan.

A New Psychosocial Model of Women's Pain
 Greenberg, Melanie.

A comparison of outcomes for women with different types of partner victimization
 White, Jacquelyn., Gollehon, Ashlyn. and Swartout, Kevin.

A feminist perspective of the experience of women caring for a terminally ill family member at home.
 MacKinnon, Christopher., Sinacore, Ada. and Cohen, S. Robin.

Addressing clients' racist comments in psychotherapy: Social justice as a clinical issue
 Bartoli, Eleonora.

Advocacy Needs of Women Transitioning from Prison to Mainstream Society
 Lundahl, Shell.

Advocates and Allies: Predictors of race-related activism among White women
 Pratt-Hyatt, Jennifer. and Settles, Isis.

African American Women's Protective and Coping Strategies Against Intimate Partner Violence
 Shervey, Sheila.

African and Diasporic Women: Using art, spirit, sisterhood, and voice to resist violence and oppression
 Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Afro-Brazilian Jewish Women “Caught in the Crossfire”
 Gondek, Abby.

An analysis of teaching social justice in an intenrship in professional psychology: Answering the call.
 Burnes, Theodore. and Kim, Suah.

Applying Research on Gender to Inform Practice in Clinical and Health Psychology
 Greenberg, Melanie.

Arts-Based Inquiry: Analyzing Novels by and About Caribbean Women to Extend Psychological Theories
 McFarlane, Tracy.

Asian American Women and Domestic Violence: An Elucidation of Cultural Obstruction and Under-reporting of Abuse
 Chung, Heewoon.

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Barriers to Disclosure Among African-American Sexual Assault Survivors
 Tillman, Shaquita.

Body Image Measures for Midlife and Older Women: A Critical Content Analysis
 Chrisler, Joan., Rose, Jennifer., Kuhn, Lauryl. and Muzzy, Adriane.


Can Feminist Therapists Accept Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?
 Merrill, Jo.

Changing Attitudes Toward Dating Violence: The Effectiveness of a Dating Violence Prevention Program
 Mallik, Ava.

Confessions of an Angry Woman: From Hopelessness to Activism in the 21st Century
 McCloskey, Kathy.

Container/Contained: the relationship between gender, culture and religion in honor killings
 Kyle, Jennifer.

Contextualizing women’s lives: The rewards and challenges of fostering social justice through service learning.
 Williams, Wendy.

Continuing Education
 McCloskey, Kathy.

Correlates of Gender System Justification Among College Students
 Noll, Nicole. and Karpinski, Andrew.

Counseling Asian female gamblers utilizing multicultural feminist theoretical concepts
 How, Christina.

Coyote Ugly: Young women subjecting themselves to objectification
 Real, Denise.

Cultural Gender Role Expectations and Social Influences on Eating.
 Calloway, Stephanie., Guan, Mei. and Reddy, Diane.

Cultural Influences on Disordered Eating: Japanese Women in Two Countries
 Calloway, Stephanie., Nakajima, Motohiro. and Reddy, Diane.

Culturally Specific Services for African American Intimate Partner Violence Survivors
 Gillum, Tameka.


Dear Tenure and Promotion Committee
 Fine, Michelle.

Defying Authority: The Liberation and Poignancy of Questioning the Status Quo
 Caplan, Paula.

Depression or Thyroid Dysfunction? The Women’s Epidemic That Physicians Miss and Psychologists Ignore
 Shimabukuro, Joann.

 Tiefer, Leonore.

Distinguished Career Award: Interconnections between Social Oppressions: Marginalization within the Marginalized
 Greene, Beverly.

Dr. Eleanore Schwindt Frankl: A Quintessential Model for Disrespecting Oppression
 Didelot, Mary. and Hollingsworth, Lisa.


Eating Pathology and Internalization of Appearance Norms in Relation to Exposure to Appearance-Related Comments
 Durington, Blaire., Hager, Patricia (Tricia). and Stark-Wroblewski, Kim.

Effects of Acculturation on Seeking Mental Health Services and Marginality Among Mexican American Teenage Mothers
 Lozano, Elizabeth., Gamst, Glenn., Der-Karabetian, Aghop. and King, Kimberly.

Effects of Images of Magazine Models on Female Self-Esteem
 Gendron, Juliana.

Empowering women toward recovery: The use of language and metaphor with women who have experienced sexual assault.
 Paige, Melinda.

Essential understandings for movement beyond heteronormativity: Issues in providing psychotherapy to the LGB population
 Golding, A. Cassandra.

Exploring Fat Stigmatization: A Qualitative Study from the Target's Perspective
 Jester, JuliaGrace.

Exploring the psychological consequences of sexual harassment among sexual minorities
 Hrinko, Kris., Baker, Dustin., Brewer, Lucas. and Konik, Julie.

Exposing the "Pretty Woman" Myth
 Dalla, Rochelle.


Factors Supporting Women’s Recovery from War in Developing Nations
 Deacon, Zermarie. and Sullivan, Cris.

Fat Talk about Others and Body Image in Latina and Latina-American College Women
 Cordero, Elizabeth.

Fearless Speaking: Empowering Our Voices
 Trybus, Sandra.

Feel My Pain: Promoting Perpetrator Empathy in Couples That Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence
 Tekinceer, Amanda.

Feminist Psychologists’ Role in the “War on Obesity”: A Call for APA Guidelines on Weight-Based Prejudice
 Wilson, Bianca. and Rothblum, Esther.

Feminist Qualitative Research Methods: An Introductory Training
 Morrow, Sue.

Feminist, Postmodern and Phenomenological Approaches: Research as Social Action
 Cosgrove, Lisa.

From Rage to Courage: Becoming a Roman Catholic WomanPriest
 Via, Jane.

From the Textbooks to the Streets: Utilizing the Classroom-Research-Activism Model in Undergraduate Curriculum Development
 Strano, Andria.


Gender Differences in Academic Self-Regulation as a Predictor of College Student GPA and Graduation
 Rollins, Joan.

Gender and Power in Nepali Families: Women’s Experience in the Context of Childbirth Practices
 Smart, Rebekah. and Regmi, Kiran.

Gender-based public harassment: Avoidance, objectification, and self esteem
 Lord, Tracy.

Giving Change a Chance: Promoting Effective Interventions in a Women’s Prison
 Quina, Kathryn., Salgado, Dawn. and Garnis, Ann.

Global vs. Specific Feminism: Feminist Beliefs and Body Dissatisfaction
 Rima, Brandi.

Group Counseling with Asian American Women: Reflections and Effective Practices
 Liu, Yuli., Tsong, Yuying. and Hayashino, Diane.

Growing Up and Growing Older: Feminism as a Context for Women’s Lives
 Zucker, Alyssa. and Stewart, Abigail.


Hostile Campuses: Effects of sexual harassment and incivility on the psychological well-being of undergraduate women
 Brandt, Amy., Woods, Krystle. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Housework, childcare, and inequality
 Najjar, Linda.


Impact of feminist movement on political commitment towards gender emancipation: A cross-national study.

Introducing the HERS for female couples: Measuring and re-conceptualizing emotional dependency in a hidden population
 Golding, A. Cassandra., Morokoff, Patricia., Rossi, Joseph. and Quina, Kathryn.

Is Queer Community a Contradiction in Terms?
 Diamond, Lisa.

interACTing to Prevent Sexual Assault: Understanding the Role of Masculinity in Violence Against Women
 Rich, Marc.


Law, Psychology and the Reasonable Woman
 Forell, Caroline.

Learning from Mexican-American Women: An exploration of familial and cultural messages received in relation to sex, management of sexual risk, and relationships
 Morales, Mercedes.

Lifetime Experiences with Racism and Perceptions of Barriers to Participation in Clinical Trials in African American Women
 Blue, Rubie., Malcarne, Vanessa. and Sadler, Georgia.


MOST UCSD GUYS: A Social Norms Approach to Campus Violence Prevention for Men
 Lindsay, Suzanne. and wahlig, nancy.

Mentoring the “Post-Feminist” Psychology Trainee: Have We Lost the Battle?
 McCloskey, Kathy.

Migration of Mexican Indigenous Women from Oaxaca
 Merino Chavez, Nadia.

Mock title as suggested by Oliva
 Dottolo, Andrea., Soysa, Champika. and Dawson, Lori.

More than the Sum of Its Parts: A New Approach to Multiple Identities
 Breen, Amanda.

Motivation for Sports Participation in Relation to Internalization of an Athletic Body Build
 Durington, Blaire., Hager, Patricia (Tricia)., Stark-Wroblewski, Kim., Miller, Katherine. and Bergner, CariAnn.


New Mothers’ Postpartum Experiences: Embracing or Resisting the Label of “Postpartum Depression”?
 Johnston-Robledo, Ingrid. and Lisi, Jessica.


Opening doors: A multicultural feminist approach to training international counseling students
 Neelarambam, Kiranmayi.

Our inner Black Madonna: Reclaiming sexuality, embodying sacredness
 Comas-Diaz, Lillian.


Parent-Child Communication about Sex: Topics Parents Think are Important to Discuss with Their Adolescents
 Barnack, Jessica., Reddy, Diane., Dutcher, Patricia. and Swain, Carolyne.

Parenting from prison: incarcerated mothers' perceptions of unmet needs
 Marcus-Mendoza, Susan., Sharp, Susan. and Hartsfield, Jennifer.

Pathways to Campus Inclusion: Perspectives of African American Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students and Their Heterosexual Peers
 Massey, Catherine., Fleming, DaNine. and Cooke, Colleen.

Peace be still: Substance abuse, partner abuse, and African American motherhood
 Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Personality and cognitive predictors of self-actualization among African-American college students
 Gunn, Tina., Diehl, Shalay., Hunter, kashmere., Meadows, Nicole. and Konik, Julie.

Personality and gossip: What does race have to do with it?
 Phillips, Julie. and Smith, Christine.

Political Autonomy or Marriage?: Young Oaxaqueñas’ Perceptions of Education, Employment and Motherhood
 Merino Chavez, Nidia.

Predictors of Sexual Assertiveness in Heterosexual Women: Feminine Gender Role and Sexual Victimization
 Williams, Patricia. and Morokoff, Patricia.

Prevalence of Fat Talk Among College Women
 Ousley, Louise. and White, Sabina.

Producing Practitioners: A Postmodern Perspective on Training as Social Activism
 McHugh, Maureen.

Protective Factors for Early Menarche
 Martino, Sara.

Psychological and Socio-Economic Influences on Latinas' Pursuit of Higher Education
 Vasquez, Veronica.

Psychosocial Factors Related to Cigarette Smoking: A Comparison Among Lesbian Smokers/Nonsmokers and Their Heterosexual Peers
 Massey, Catherine., Bowers, Stephanie., Varner, Jessica., Cushey, Ashley., McShane, Melanie. and Clark, Jillian.


Quilters, Caretakers, or Ellie Mae Clampett: Changing the unchanging stereotypes of Appalachian women
 Dye, April.

Quilting sexual stories
 Koelsch, Lori.


Relationship between Fat Talk and Body Dissatisfaction among Dancers and Non-Dancers
 Boyer, Jenae.

Rockin' on the Porch of the Old Dykes' Home: Lesbian Community in Later Life
 Morrow, Sue.


Service learning: Promoting an understanding of justice, diversity, and social responsibility
 Pacheco, Sandra. and March, Annette.

Sexual Abuse, Sexual Risk Behavior and the Role of Specific Abuse Characteristics
 Hendrick, Crystal. and Reddy, Diane.

Sexual Harassment & Addictive Behaviors: Assessing the roles of harassment-related depression and trauma
 Buchanan, NiCole. and Harrell, Zaje.

Sexual Risk Behavior: What is it and How Should we Measure it?
 Hendrick, Crystal. and Reddy, Diane.

Sexual harassment, disrupted body image, and distorted eating behaviors in undergraduate women and men
 DePatie, Melissa., Woods, Krystle. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Shame and Powerlessness: Feminist Art Therapy with Black Female Prostitutes
 Manuel, Monica.

Sidekicks and Sexism: Gender in Disney Animated Feature Films
 Leahy, Shannon. and Hamilton, Mykol.

Social Reactions to Sexual Assault Survivors: Addressing the Effects of Social Context on Disclosure and Outcomes
 Ullman, Sarah.

Speak Up, Act Out: Students' Take on Service Learning
 Melchiori, Kala.

Stereotypes of Older Lesbians and Gay Men
 Wright, Sara. and Canetto, Silvia.

Swimming Against the Waves: Feminist Generations Among Women of Color
 Cole, Elizabeth.


Taking on the issue of Sexualized Violence during Armed Conflict: The Case of a War Rape Initiative
 Yohani, Sophie.

Talking about rape and partner violence: Stigma and resistance among Latinas
 Ahrens, Courtney., Lopez, Maria. and Viveros, Monica.

Teaching women to negotiate for equity: Consulting as social action
 Rose, Suzanna.

Teen Sexuality and the Object/Subject Discourse
 Lamb, Sharon.

The Current Condition of Afghan Women's Human Rights in Afghanistan
 Aziz, Nahid.

The Double Binds of Our Bodies: Multiculturally-Informed Feminist Therapy Considerations for Body Image and Eating Disorders Among Asian American Women
 Yokoyama, Kayoko.

The Experiences of European American Female Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students in Multicultural Training.
 Jensen, Sarah., Malloy, Kathy., Logan-Winfrey, LaPearl., Collier, Crystal. and Smith, Chalyce.

The HPV Vaccine: Knowledge, Beliefs, and its Relationship with Other Reproductive Health Behaviors
 Barnack, Jessica., Reddy, Diane., Perifanos, John. and Nichol, Brooke.

The Impact of Gender and Feminism on the Perception of Sexual Harassment.
 Taylor, Sarah., Woods, Krystle. and Buchanan, NiCole.

The Influence of Race on Gender Differences in Depressive Symptoms
 Woods, Krystle. and Buchanan, NiCole.

The Lost Voices: Understanding the Psychological impact of Rape on Younger Women in West Africa
 Aryee, Edna. and Akotia, Charity.

The Role of Barriers and Protective Factors in Educational Resilience among Mexican Migrant Farmworker Students
 LaHousse, Sheila., Kasthuri, Eureka. and Soto, Mercedes.

The Story Behind the Stories of Profeminist African American Men
 White, Aaronette. and Dotson, William.

The War Zone: Young women’s reactions to street harassment
 Sullivan, Harmony.

The confluence of power, racial stereotypes, and sexual harassment for Black and White military women
 Settles, Isis., Buchanan, NiCole. and Woods, Krystle.

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Unidentified Allies: Intersections of Feminist and Transpersonal Thought and Potential Contributions to Social Change
 Brooks, Christine.


Variability in Self-Esteem, OBCS, and Body Image Based on Exposure to Underweight and Overweight Individuals
 Muzzy, Adriane., Chrisler, Joan. and Nier, Jason.


Was My Mother Schizophrenic? A Search for Truth, a Transformation. Illustrated book published February 2008.
 Cote, Renee.

What do young women know about breast cancer screening
 Forgays, Deborah.

What is Feminism? Perceptions of Self-Identified Feminists and Non-Labelers who Share Feminist Beliefs
 Erchull, Mindy. and Liss, Miriam.

What is the Lesbian “Community?” Did it ever exist, and how can we find one that fits our needs?
 Rothblum, Esther.

Who is calling who a Slut?
 Andaloro, Rachel.

Who is calling who a sissy?
 Goshe, Brett.

Who is the face in the mirror? Countertransferential and transferential issues for African American, female psychologists and female inmates
 Brice-Baker, Janet.

Who’s at Fault? Responding to Rape as a Function of Labeling and Emotion.
 Earnshaw, Valerie. and Pitpitan, Eileen.

Women Cannot Live on Prayers Alone: The Use of Humor among Clergywomen
 Suckle-Nelson, Jessica., Iannaccone, Cristina., Gorski, Patricia. and Kordas, Kathryn.

Women Transforming Violent Conflicts - In Spirit, In Community  (This is the keynote address on Friday AM by invitation)
 Aker, Dee (Dianne).

Women's union leadership: Closing the gender gap
 Kaminski, Michelle. and Yakura, Elaine.

Women’s Relationship to Feminism: Generation and Commitment
 Duncan, Lauren.

Women’s Work and the Societal Discourse of Stress
 Becker, Dana.


Young Women's Choices: How Did Choosing Lipstick Become A Feminist Act?
 Tolman, Deborah.

Young women’s identity development in the wake of difficult sexual experiences: Personal and relational outcomes
 Morgan, Elizabeth.
The Association for Women in Psychology 2008-Mar-13 to 2008-Mar-16
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