AWP Annual Conference 2009-Mar-12 to 2009-Mar-15

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"More and More, Less and Less" Narcissism and the Paradoxical Discovery of Buddhism and Joy.
 Rovere, Elizabeth.
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"how r u!!!": Young Lesbian/Bi Women Online.
 Crowley, M. Sue.
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(Mis)Translating the Sexual Liberation Movement into the 21st Century: The Moderating Impact of Gender Conservatism on Young Women’s Sexual Wellbeing.
 Schick, Vanessa.

“Aren’t They All Backwards Down There?” Appalachian Women on Developing a Positive Identity in the Face of Adversity.
 Dye, April.
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“If It Were to Happen, I Would Initiate It”: Feminist Identity and Young Women’s Sexual Agency.
 Thompson, Elisabeth.

“It’s Just About Being There”: Reflections of Community Women on Mentoring Women in Prison.
 Salgado, Dawn., Padgett, Morgan. and Douglas, Sara.

“Play it Again, Sarah!” Cartoon Images of Sarah Palin.
 Sheppard, Alice.
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A Cross-Cultural Study of American, Lebanese, and Malaysian Students' Perceptions of Domestic Violence.
 Wnuk-Novitskie, Dorota., Sigal, Ph.D., Janet., Gibbs, Ph.D., Margaret., Elmoufti, Bahia. and Kumaraswamy, Narasappa.
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A Qualitative Investigation of Therapists’ Experience of Burnout and Vicarious Traumatization at a Small Mental Health Agency
 Byczek, Sara.
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A Woman's Body in Motion: Arriving Through Archetype at Authenticity
 Sher, Valerie.

Addiction Recovery Capital: What Do Women Want to Sustain Recovery?
 Puevini Del Sesto, Sandra. and Bianco, Dorothy.
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Addressing Sizism Issues for Women on College Campuses: A dialogue
 Cavanaugh, Amy. and Davis, Julie.

Adolescent Girls’ Experiences with Sexism, Racism, and Classism
 Ayres, Melanie.

Aesexuality: The New Kid on the Block Challenges the Hetero-Normative Model of Sexuality.
 Haefner, Carol.
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African American and White Women with Daily Stress and Arthritis: Examining Different Contexts for Coping.
 McIlvane, Jessica., Lunsman, Melissa., Mingo, Chivon., Birditt, Kira. and Brown, Edna.

Afterschool Enrichment Expressive Dance Course for Elementary School Girls Designed and Taught as a Service-Learning Project
 Vinal, Kim.

Against the Tide: The Economics and Politics of Psychotherapy
 Marecek, Jeanne.

An Exploration of the Meaning and Contexts of Virginity and the First Sexual Experience for Adolescent Females
 Ross, Katherine. and Burnes, Theodore.
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Blogging the Balancing Act: The Role of Blogs in the Lives of Academic Mothers.
 Fox, Annie., Keats, Joannah. and Crawford, Mary.

Bridging the Gap: Substance Use Treatment and Lesbian Identified Persons
 Medeiros, Cort.
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CWP Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology (LIWP): Preparing the Next Generation of Psychology's Leaders
 Coons, Helen.

Changes in College Women's Leadership Aspirations During their College Experience
 Boatwright, Karyn., Brainerd, Rachel., McAlpine, Kristie. and Nestor, Sara.

Characteristics of Reports Concerning Gender Bias in the Courts, 1984-Present.
 McCloskey, Kathy. and Laitem, Magali.

Classroom War Zones: Simulating Conflict and Fostering Dialogue
 McEvoy, Sandra.

College Men Struggling Academically: What's Patriarchy and Dominance Got To Do With It?
 Kahn, Jack.

College Students' Attitudes toward Singlehood
 Peterson, Lisa. and Terrance, Cheryl.
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College Students' Son Preference and Allocation of Time and Resources for Daughters vs. Sons
 Snavely, Kelsey. and Hamilton, Mykol.

Comparing Sexual-Minority and Heterosexual Young Women’s Friends and Parents as Sources of Support for Sexual Issues
 Friedman, Carly. and Morgan, Elizabeth.

Comparing and Contrasting Feminist Therapy with Behavioral Approaches when Treating PTSD Relating to Interpersonal Abuse
 Bertsch, Kristin. and Klinger, Rebecca.
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Conceptions of the Family: Gay Women’s Hopes, Dreams, and Expectations.
 DiGregorio, Nikki. and McConatha, Jasmin.
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Crossing Boundaries for Change: An Example of Cross Disciplinary Course-Based Events
 Jester, JuliaGrace. and Rosenstein, Judith.

Cultural Constructions of Stigma: Hindu Women and Menstruation
 Huntington, Amy. and Crawford, Mary.

Cultural Factors Contributing to Gender-based Violence against South Asian women
 Wasim, Fatima.


Daily Experiences with Stigma: Effects of Identity Salience on the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Group.
 Huntington, Amy.

Decision-Making about Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction among Lesbian and Bisexual Women
 Rubin, Lisa.

Desiring Subjects: Situating Sexuality and Youth Research within Feminist Critical Psychology
 Gurevich, Maria.

Differences in the Sexual Victimization Responses of Men and Women at Work: What Are They and Why Does it Matter?
 Bauerle, Tim., Gallus, Jessica. and Magley, Vicki.
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Does Being a Mom Help or Hurt? Workplace Incivility as a Function of Motherhood Status
 Miner-Rubino, Kathi.


Embodiment and Resilience in the Face of Narrow Social Constructs for Being a Girl
 Legge, Robyn.

Embodiment and Resilience: The Struggle to Remain Physically Active
 Nagasawa, Sachiko.

Empowered Ignorance: The Paradox of the Synthesis Stage of the Feminist Identity Development Model.
 Erchull, Mindy. and Liss, Miriam.
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Empowering and Being Empowered: Twelve Shelter Workers' Experiences.
 Wu, H. Norene. and Boyer, Michele.
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Empowerment Through Health Screening Participation Among Urban Women
 Amin, Anjuli.
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Empowerment Within the Heterosexual Relationship: The Role of Husbands’ Flexibility in Women’s Struggle to ‘Have it all.’
 Ben Zvi Sommer, Michal.
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Examining Dating Violence Among Sexual Minority Youth
 Gillum, Tameka. and Lake, Melissa.
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Examining Social Invisibility through an Intersectionality Framework
 Tan, Judy. and Pratto, Felicia.

Exploring Immigrant Student Experience Utilizing a Feminist Research Process
 Mirkin, Marsha., Raubeson, Merryl., Gonzalez, Iván., Near, Catherine., Harris, Kaitlin., Roux, Danielle. and Lewis, Hafsa.


Faculty Gender Composition in STEM Disciplines: A Case Study.
 Santiago-Rivas, Marimer., Harlow, Lisa., Silver, Barbara., Stamm, Karen. and Mederer, Helen.

Fat Yet Invisible: Sizism in Psychology of Women Texts
 McHugh, Maureen. and Osachy, Lisa.

Female Archetypes in a Post-Structural World: Enheduanna, High Priestess of Ur
 Jenett, Dianne.

Feminist Analysis, Narrative Theory, and Relational Perspectives on Dorothy Canfield's Story, Sex Education.
 Motulsky, Sue.

Feminist Supervision: An Experience of Mutuality.
 Blasko, Kelly. and Hart, Mary.
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Feminist-based Principles in the Mentoring of Women in Prison
 Salgado, Dawn., Fox, Judith. and Quinlan, Kristen.

Finding Success Against All Odds: Information for the Helping Professional.
 Marsh, Crystale.
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From Competition to Unity: Battling the Patriarchy and Going Beyond the Beauty Myth.
 Matacin, Mala.

From Theory to Practice: Application of Social Constructionism in a Partial Hospitalization Program for Children and Adolescents
 Boyer, Krista.


Gender Differences in Risky Sex Behaviors: Condoms, Assertiveness, Self-acceptance
 Matsuura, Asako.

Gender Differences in Students' Response to Feminist Pedagogical Strategies
 Boatwright, Karyn., Cavanaugh, Amy., Davis, Julie., Nolan, Bridget. and Yeagley, Emily.
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Gender Dynamics in Psychotherapy: Senior Male Therapists Treating Young Female Borderlines
 Magovcevic, Mariola.

Gender, Social Class, and Perceived Promiscuity as Factors Related to Rape Blame.
 Spencer, Bettina.

Gendered Social Comparisons in Dyadic Judgments of Persuasiveness
 Garcia, Randi. and Kenny, David.
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Helping Helpers of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Avoid Traps Related to Power and Control
 Neelarambam, Kiranmayi., Gormley, Barbara. and Noble, Christina.
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Her Terrible Dark Laughter: From Spiritual Emergency to Spiritual Emergence
 Schavrien, Judy.

Hooking-up: Wanted and Unwanted Sexual Experiences.
 Hill, Melanie.
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How Do Implicit Theories About the Body Relate to Health Behavior? Predicting Exercise Frequency.
 Rima, Brandi., Kaufman, Annette. and Mercurio, Andrea.
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How is Gender Identity and Fusion in Lesbian Relationships Influenced by Age?
 Merritt, Kaitlin.
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Hypnotherapy with Women Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault: A Time-Limited Strategy for Self-Empowerment and Healing.
 Paige, Melinda.
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Implications of Sexually Objectifying Images on Self-Objectification Outcomes for Black Women
 Overstreet, Nicole., Agocha, Bede. and Quinn, Diane.

Individual, Interpersonal, and Community Correlates of Self-Objectification
 Shepler, Desiré., Chaudoir, Stephenie. and Lupfer-Johnson, Gwen.

Influence of Feminist Identity on Body Dissatisfaction and Thin-Ideal Internalization in Women
 Portnoy, Galina. and Bessenoff, Gayle.
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Interactions of Racism and Sexism: Further Defining the Good Girl/Bad Girl Paradigm.
 Currie, Erin.

Interpersonal and Attitudinal Factors and Sexual Assertiveness among Latina and White women
 Rodriguez, Myriel.

Intersectionality: Mothers, Mental Illness and Meaning.
 Carroll, Lynne.


K-5 Afterschool Enrichment Program Created and Conducted as a Community Service Leadership Project by Community College Students
 Boulay, Jennifer. and Lingley, Daureen.


Less is More: Social Comparison, Thin-Ideal Internalization, and Self-Esteem.
 Kerwin, Greg., Di Berto, Giorgio. and Bessenoff, Gayle.
 [001] [002]

Loss and Resilience: Women’s Well-Being and Use of Coping Strategies Following a Romantic Break-up.
 Johnson, Erica., Stark-Wroblewski, Kim. and Lackey, Elina.
 [001] [002]


Making it Real: Service Learning in Abuse Education and Prevention
 Dawson, Lori.

Many Faces of Womanhood: Empowerment through Diversity.
 McConatha, Jasmin., Mahlstedt, Deborah., DiGregorio, Nikki. and Rosle, Melina.

Marriage: On the Road to Dissolution or Evolution?
 Lugris, Veronica.
 [001] [002]

Mothers’ Beliefs about Emotions, Mother-Child Emotion Discourse, and Children’s Emotion Understanding in Latino Families.
 Perez-Rivera, Marie.
 [001] [002]

Multicultural Feminist Interventions for Intimate Partner Violence: Considering Safety and Self-Determination among African American Women
 Manuel, Monica.


Narrative Therapy as an Intervention for Self-Mutilation in Young Women
 Martino, Sara. and Jablonski, Jessica.
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Notes from an Old Dyke
 Strickland, Bonnie.


Overcoming Mental Health Stigma for Women: Research and Strategies.
 Lenz, Melissa.


Pornography, Masculinization and Sexual Violence: A Correlational Study.
 Ernst, Amy.
 [001] [002]

Positive Self-Objectification? An Investigation of Women's Experience in Pole Dance Fitness Classes.
 Melamed, Shula.
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Postpartum Depression Consumer Brochure: Translation and Dissemination Project
 Miles-Cohen, Shari.

Predictors of Psychological and Physical Well-Being among Women in a Career Training Program
 Jome, LaRae. and Donahue, Mary.
 [001] [002]

Preventing Secondary Victimization of Sexual Assault Survivors: An Application of the Ecological Model.
 Orchowski, Lindsay.

Project to Create and Help Implement a Public Awareness Plan to Rid Convenience Stores of Drug Paraphernalia Sold as Novelty Items
 Rodrigues, Kim.

Promoting Justice for LGBT Individuals: Clinical Applications
 Salmon-Davis, Shirley.


Race Gender and Sexual Stereotypes: Implications for Black Sexuality
 Sillice, Marie.

Rape Myth Acceptance among College Students
 Carroll, Marjorie., Clark, M. Diane. and Oswald, Debra.
 [001] [002]

Rapid Cultural Change, Globalization, and Gender: Considering Disordered Eating among Women in East Asia.
 Smart, Rebekah.
 [001] [002]

Recreating a Genital Aesthetic: Public Representations of Female Genitalia Thirty-Five Years after Betty Dodson’s Slideshow.
 Schick, Vanessa., Rima, Brandi. and Calabrese, Sarah.
 [001] [002]

Reliability Generalization of the Personal Attributes Questionnaire
 O\'Toole, Siobhan., Demanarig, Donna. and Langeliers, Ashley.


SES and CSA as Predictors of Sexual Assertiveness in High Risk Black and White Women
 Gayle, Trudy-Ann.

Secret Yearnings, Secret Learnings: Young Women’s Thoughts on Gender Segregation in School-Based Sex Education.
 Brown-Bowers, Amy., Gurevich, Maria., Dang, Lisa., Wright, Alex. and Wagner, Jenna.
 [001] [002]

Self Care and Burnout of Female Clincians: Societies Impact.
 Byczek, Sara. and Leggett, Debra.
 [001] [002] [003]

Self-Management of Arthritis Pain: Different Perspectives.
 Trudeau, Kimberlee., Ainscough, Jessica. and Menefee-Pujol, Lynette.
 [001] [002]

Self-Objectification and Perspectives Taken
 Earnshaw, Valerie. and Quinn, Diane.

Sex Trafficking: Cross-Cultural Research and Activism
 Crawford, Mary.

Sexual Attitudes and Perceptions of Gendered Sexual Roles, from the Perspective of Urban South African Women.
 Mashinini, Duduzile.
 [001] [002]

Sexual Coercion and the Role of Gendered Identity
 Hendrick, Crystal., Nettles, Sabrina. and Reddy, Diane.

Sexual Minority Women’s Sexual Life Stories: High Points, Low Points, and Turning Points.
 Morgan, Elizabeth.
 [001] [002]

Sexual-Minority Women's Experiences with Gendered Heterosexism During Emerging Adulthood
 Friedman, Carly.

Sexualization of Girls Curriculum Development Project
 Miles-Cohen, Shari.

Sexualization of Girls and Early Menstrual Life: Hello Kitty Thongs Meet Sanitary Pads?
 Johnston-Robledo, Ingrid., Stubbs, Margaret., Calleri, Shea. and Hepworth, Atira.
 [001] [002]

Silencing Sexuality: Baring Homophobia and Heteronormativity
 Dottolo, Andrea.

Sluts and Studs: Strategies for Teaching about the Sexual Double Standard
 Sullivan, Harmony. and McHugh, Maureen.

Social Justice Implications for Drug Court Interventions
 Fowkes, Amy.

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Teaching Psychiatric Taxonomy from a Feminist Perspective
 Cosgrove, Lisa.

Teaching about Health Behavior in a Fat-affirmative Way
 Chrisler, Joan.

Teaching the Class about Class: Infusing Class into Graduate Level Clinical Training
 Burke, Mary.

Telling Maya’s Story: Representing Trafficked Women
 Crawford, Mary.

The Dialectics of Empowerment and Disempowerment: Learning about Clinical Practice
 Soysa, Champika.

The Differential Roles of Feminist Identity and Feminist Attitudes to Self-Efficacy and Weight Concern
 Eisele, Heather.

The Effects of Sexual Victimization, Butch-Femme Ideals, and Interdependency on Women's Sexual Agency and Sexual Satisfaction: Implications for Relationship Functioning in Female Couples
 Golding, A. Cassandra.

The Glass Ceiling in Mental Health Care: Ambition vs. Opportunity
 Parker, Lisa.

The HPV Vaccine Debate: What Do College Women and Feminist Researchers Think?
 Barnack, Jessica., Voith, Laura. and Reddy, Diane.

The Let’s Talk! Program for Women: Sexual Health Education for Kathmandu Women
 Kaufman, Michelle.

The Obfuscation of Women’s Capacity For and Use Of Reason
 Meiburg, Catherine.

The Personal is Political: Neoliberal Embodiment and SSRI Use
 Liebert, Rachel.

The Psychology Classroom: A Place for Developing Authentic, Analytic Ways of Knowing
 Hill, Melanie. and Holmes, Tabitha.

The RAISE Project: Gender Disparities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) Awards.
 Schick, Vanessa., Lincoln, Anne. and Pincus, Stephanie.
 [001] [002]

The Relationship between Feminist Identity Development and Psychological Well-Being in Women.
 Saunders, Kendra.

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Understanding The Relationship Between Lesbian Mothers and Heterosexual Daughters through Postmodern Feminism
 Lerner, Sasha. and Sinacore, Ada.
 [001] [002]

Unwanted Lessons: The Influence of College and Workplace Harassment on Women’s Well-Being and Career Adjustment.
 Ormerod, Alayne.

Using the Past to Understand the Future: The Relationship Between First and Second Wave Feminist Psychology
 Unger, Rhoda.


Walking, Stumbling, and Walking Some More on the Middle Path
 Murphy, Elizabeth.

Weight Identity in Morbidly Obese Women
 Pause, Cat.
 [001] [002] [003]

What is the Pro-Anorexia Movement?: An Exploratory Content Analysis of Pro-Anorexia Websites.
 Groves, Meghan., Rose, Jennifer., Chrisler, Joan. and Ryall, Ashley.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

What’s Data Got to Do with It? How to Measure Change in Academic Work Environments.
 Stamm, Karen., Harlow, Lisa., Silver, Barbara., Santiago-Rivas, Marimer. and Mederer, Helen.
 [001] [002]

White Racial Identity Development and Eating Disordered Behaviors
 Rodriguez, Karly.
 [001] [002] [003]

Why and How are Women Sexually Objectified?
 Gervais, Sarah.

Women’s Social Networking: A Developmental Perspective.
 Macalister, Heather.

Working Through Motherhood: Obstacles to Empowerment.
 Lips, Hilary. and Lawson, Katie.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005]


Yoga: The Mind Body Treatment for Eating Disorders.
 Renye, Denise.
AWP Annual Conference 2009-Mar-12 to 2009-Mar-15
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