AWP Annual Conference 2010-Feb-11 to 2010-Feb-15

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“A Kotex and a Smile”: Mothers and Daughters at Menarche
 Lee, Janet.

“Do I Wanna Be With Her or Be Her?” Young Women’s Objectification of Other Women
 Thompson, Elisabeth Morgan.

“Don't Ever Forget Now, You're a Black Man in America”: Intersections of Race, Class and Gender In Encounters with the Police
 Dottolo, Andrea. and Stewart, Abigail.

“I Didn’t Have a Choice Because…”
 Hoogen, Siri.

“This Is Why I Have Sex. This Is Why I Don’t Have Sex”
 Brown-Bowers, Amy., Malkin, Jessica., Gurevich, Maria., Wright, Alex. and Dang, Lisa.


A Biosocial Treatment for the Sequelae of Complex/Relational Trauma: Program Description and Preliminary Findings.
 Adams, Wendi., Kim, Soonie., Borges, Lauren. and White, Andrew.

A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale (LIHS) with Russian Lesbians
 Geiss, Meghan., Horne, Sharon. and Dunnavant, Bridget.

A Feminist Analysis of Economic Empowerment and Well-Being among Low-Income Women
 Ali, Alisha.

A View from Within and WIthout: The Development of Latina Feminist Psychology
 Hurtado, Aida. and Cervantez, Karina.

Afghan Women's Experiences During the Taliban Regime: Narratives of Resistance & Resilience
 Jaghori, Beheshta.

Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis Update
 Bridges, Ana., Wosnitzer, Robert., Scharrer, Erica., Sun, Chyng. and Liberman, Rachael.

All Oral Sex is Not the Same: Distinguishing Between Young Women’s Experiences of Giving and Receiving
 Bay-Cheng, Laina.

All in the Family: Clinical Implications for Family Members Encountering Anti-LGBT Politics
 Horne, Sharon. and Levitt, Heidi.

Ally Engagement in Middle-aged Women
 Curtin, Nicola. and Montgomery, Samantha.

An Early Career Perspective on the Application and Interview Process for Women
 Eaton, Asia.

An Experimental Test of the Social and Psychological Consequences of Fat Talk Versus Body Self-acceptance Talk
 Taub, Julie.

An Insider-Outsider Dilemma in Feminist Work on Immigration and Trafficking
 Yakushko, Oksana.

An Introduction to the Fatosphere for Counselors New to Fat Bias, Fat Acceptance, and Health At Every Size
 Kerl-McClain, Stella.

And Then There is Hope: Nurturing the Clinical Interviewer
 Platt, Melissa.

Antidepressants and Breast Cancer Risk: Conflict of Interest Issues and the Informed Consent Process
 Cosgrove, Lisa.

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Barbie Never Bleeds: The Effect of Menstruation on Objectification and Self-Objectification
 Shepherd, Melissa., Erchull, Mindy., McKee, Jenna., Taubenberger, Leslie. and Rosner, Aryn.

Beauty on the Margin: Female Physical Attractiveness from a Lesbian Standpoint
 Sebasco, Lisa.

Becoming Aware of our Strengths: Conscious Lesbian Culture
 Mitchell, Valory.

Breaking the silence: Predictors of sexual asasult disclosure among college women
 Orchowski, Lindsay. and Gidycz, Christine.

Bridging the Communion Gap: Exploring a Solution to Women’s Underrepresentation in STEM Careers
 Clark, Emily., Johnston, Amanda. and Diekman, Amanda.

Buying and Selling Love: “Mail Order Brides"
 Yakushko, Oksana.


Care-giving in Committed Lesbian Relationships Across the Lifespan
 DiGregorio, Nikki.

Caring For Our Community: A Self-Care Support Network in Pyramid Structure
 Comeau, Thea.

Caring for Our Students and Ourselves During Challenging Courses
 Barlow, M.Rose. and Becker-Blease, Kathryn.

Caring for the Community: Women’s Resource Centers as Academic Empowerment Centers
 Haynes, Holly. and Scott, Andrea.

Changing the Boundaries of the Skin: A Feminist-Phenomenological Look at Strap-On Dildos
 Taylor, Amy.

Cigarette Advertising in Popular Magazines: Gender and Ethnic Differences
 Barnack, Jessica. and Klonoff, Elizabeth.

Clinic Defense: Front-line Pro-Choice
 Lucksted, Alicia.

College Women’s Utilization of Social Support After Experiences of Gender Prejudice
 Brinkman, Britney. and Rickard, Kathryn.

Compassion and Caring: Dangerous Territories of Emotion and Action
 Crowley, Mary.

Components of Prejudice Against Violations of Gender Heteronormativity
 Nagoshi, Julie., Adams, Katherine., Terrell, Heather. and Nagoshi, Craig.

Conceptualizing Eating Disorders Within a Cultural Context: Therapists’ Experiences With Asian American Women
 Smart, Rebekah.

Conducting Interviews with Sexual Assault Survivors
 Ullman, Sarah.

Courting Confusion: Examining the Confusing and Contradictory Messages Available to Women Regarding Sexuality
 Streckfuss, Laura., Chrisler, Joan. and Falk, Amy.

Creating Safe and Caring Schools for 2-Spirit Youth
 Genovese, Maddalena. and Rousell, Davina.

Cultivating Humanity: A Developmental Approach to Understanding the Role of Care in Preserving Feminist Frameworks
 Martin, Linda.


Dancing in the Dark: Making Meaning, Engendering Trust and Empowering Women Through Earth-Based Ritual.
 Marmaduke, Jaybird.

Developing Peer Leaders Against Intimate Violence: SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere)
 Klaw, Elena., Alarid, Britany. and Cooper, Mallory.

Dieting Confessions and the Thin Imaginary
 Tillery, Sarah.

Do Deaf Individuals' Dating Scripts Follow the Traditional Sexual Script?
 Gilbert, Gizelle. and Clark, M. Diane.

Does It Help to Not Be Alone? – Perspectives on Mammograms With a Friend
 Forgays, Deborah.

Doing Class in Class: Reflexivity, Pedagogy and Cultural Capital
 Dottolo, Andrea.

Doing Submission and Dominance: How Gender Role Adherence Impairs Sexual Relationships
 Sanchez, Diana.

Doing the Thing You Think You Cannot Do
 Rose, Suzanna.


Eating Disordered Symptomatology and Body Esteem as a Function of Sports Participation
 Chaffin, Heather., Stark-Wroblewski, Kim., Kreiner, David. and Whisler, Brie.

Effects of Body Weight on Perceived Self-Acceptance
 Graf, Elizabeth., Nelson, Hanna., Harper, Caitlin., Storch, Aleta. and Salgado, Dawn.

Embodied for the Earth: Women’s Self-Objectification and the Feminine Beauty Ideal as Ecological Hazards
 Scott, Britain., Kendall, Beck., Graff, Dorothea. and McClellan, Amanda.

Emerging Voices: Third Wave Feminist Spirituality as Explored Through the Lived Experience of Contemporary Activists
 Brooks, Christine. and Korb, Shayna.

Empowered Choice and Voice for Childbearing Women
 Lurix, Carol.

Empowering Our Clients and Ourselves: Integrating Psychology With Political Activism
 Prince, Stacey.

Ethical Dilemmas in Treating Clients with Eating Disorders: Applying a Transcultural Integrative Decision-Making Model
 Matusek, Jill. and Wright, Margaret.

Evaluation of Sexual Assault Risk Reduction and Self-Defense Program: A Prospective Analysis of a Revised Protocol
 Orchowski, Lindsay. and Gidycz, Christine.

Everyday Sexism on the Street: Conceptualizing Street Harassment and Its Effects
 Sullivan, Harmony.

Exploring the Issue of Dating Violence among Sexual Minority Youth
 Gillum, Tameka.

Exploring the Positive Role of Ethnic Student Organizations for Latino College Students
 Cerezo, Alison. and Pena, Diana.

Exploring the Relationship Between Self-Construal and Social Anxiety In East Asian Females
 Titus, Jennifer. and Hsu, Lorena.


Facial Memory in Female Children Following Sexual Abuse
 Farrer, Thomas., Gilliland, Randy., Porter, Corinne. and Bigler, Erin.

Female Interpreters: Experiences of Occupational Risks and Burnout
 Schwenke, Tomina.

Feminism Meets Medicine: Implementing an Empowerment Model for Treating Underserved Overweight Children in Primary Care
 Edwards-Leeper, Laura.

Florence Denmark Award
 Dean, Karol. and Hallak, Maram.

Following a Non-normative Life Path: African American and White Women Without Children
 Newton, Nicky. and Versey, Shellae.


Gazing at Objectification Theory through a Social Constructionist Lens
 Hill, Melanie.

Gender Differences in Problem Cell Phone Use Among College Students
 Rollins, Joan. and Urban, Nicholas.

Gender Harassment: Defining and Measuring Gender Derogation
 Leskinen, Emily. and Cortina, Lilia.

Gender and Leadership in the Academy: A Postmodern Perspective
 McHugh, Maureen.

Gender and Race: Exploring Four Theoretical Dimensions of Blacks' Sexuality
 Sillice, Marie., Morokoff, Patricia., Cunnigen, Donald., Laforge, Robert. and Quina, Kathryn.

Gender, Identity, and Minority Stress Among Diverse Sexual Minority Women
 Balsam, Kimberly., Lehavot, Keren., Fieland, Karen., Circo, Elizabeth. and Beadnell, Blair.

Gender, Race, and Being “Emotional”: The Role of Emotion Stereotypes in Delegitimization Processes
 Warner, Leah.

Gender-based Public Harassment: Results of an Exploratory Study
 Lord, Tracy.

Growing a Feminist Training Vision, or, Why Not Start Our Own Clinic?
 Brown, Laura.


Hanging With the Heavyweights: Reflections of a Feminist Administrator
 Dawson, Lori.

Health At Every Size: Psychosocial Outcomes of a Tailored Exercise Program for Larger Women
 Watkins, Patti Lou., Ebbeck, Vicki., Levy, Susan. and Concepcion, Rebecca.

Helping Others to Care for Women Following Pregnancy Loss.
 Geller, Pamela.

How Can Faculty Foster the Development of an Ethic Of Caring for Others among Students?
 Zahm, Mary.

How Will Marriage Impact Our Lives? The Expected Experiences of California Same-sex Couples
 Shulman, Julie., Gotta, Gabrielle. and Green, Robert-Jay.

How Women with Young Children Perceive their Own Sexuality - Implications for Counselors
 Trice-Black, Shannon.


I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night, Could You? Experiencing Research with People Who are Homeless
 Roberts, Cynthia. and Nolan, Anne.

Implications for Feminist Educators
 Davis, Julie.

Influence of Women's Expressiveness on Their Interactions with Physicians and Perceived Social Support
 Ports, Katie. and Reddy, Diane.

Intersectionality of Social Identities: Lived Experience, Theory, and Social Change
 Shields, Stephanie.

Interviewees' Experiences of Participating in a Research Study on a Sensitive Topic
 Hoover, Stephanie. and Morrow, Sue.

Introduction to the City

Investigating the Role of Self-objectification and Sociocultural Appearance Messages in College Women’s Sexual Risk-taking
 Brooks, Kelly.


Lesbian Expectations of Dating Relationships
 Dyck, Jennifer., Eisenberg, Anne., Caldwell, Amanda., Ciesielski, Amanda. and Lugo, Alexandra.

Lesbian Humor: A Tool for Coping With Homophobia and Heterosexism
 Willard, Margalo.

Life on Easy Street: An Autoethnography of Mental Illness and Meaning
 Carroll, Lynne.

Living For the City: Voices of Black Lesbian Youth in Detroit
 Robinson, Amorie.

Looking beyond Visible Leaders to Understand the Role and Influence of Egalitarian Leaders
 Rousell, Davina.


Maintaining a Feminist-focused Training Site in a Non-feminist Society
 Slaughter, Samantha.

Making Home, Making Self: Women’s Stories of Home in Late Middle Age
 Thompson, Monique.

Making It as a Mentor: Guiding Newcomers to the Ivory Tower
 Klaw, Elena., Alarid, Britany. and Cooper, Mallory.

Meeting Students Where They Are: Analysis of Current Events in a Psychology of Women Course
 Fuehrer, Ann.

Mental Health and Mining Induced Displacement: A Call for Action
 Goessling, Kristen.

Mixing Methods and Sex: Constructing a Lesbian Sexual Culture
 Wilson, Bianca.

Models and Perspectives on Female Sexual Response
 Israel, Esther.

Modern Day Slavery: Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls
 Sidun, Nancy.

More than Men
 Hurtado, Aida. and Sinha, Mrinal.

Moving From Theory to Action: The Discrimination Stress Women’s Program
 Donnelly, Stephanie.

My Mom is Awesome!: Daughters’ Understanding of Mothers’ Anger Expression Choices
 Forgays, Deborah.

My Princess in Shining Armor: The Power of the Romantic Myth
 Ballantyne, Jean.


No More Fat Talk: Teaching Adolescent Girls to Embrace Healthy Body Images for Themselves and Their Peers
 Brinkman, Britney. and Brinkman, Kandie.

None of the Above: An Exploration of Mental Health and Personality Traits Among Those Who Reject “Traditional” Labels of Sexual Identity/Orientation
 Smith, Christine. and Konik, Julie.

Nuestra Comida, Nuestra Cultura, Nuestras Conocimientos: Our Food, Our Culture, Our Knowledge
 Storch, Ariel.

Nurturing One Another Through the Worst: What Psychologists Can Learn From Incarcerated Women
 Yard, Samantha., Lehavot, Keren. and Simoni, Jane.


Opening Ceremony
 Hammond, Val.

Overview of Principles, Values and Strategies Utilized By Feminist Educators
 Boatwright, Karyn.


Perceptions of the Dimensions of Gender in Heteronormative College Students
 Nagoshi, Julie., Adams, Katherine., Terrell, Heather. and Nagoshi, Craig.

Predictors of Level of Voice in Adolescent Girls: Ethnicity, Attachment, and Gender Role Socialization
 Theran, Sally.

Presentation of the Christine Ladd Franklin Award
 Hawxhurst, Donna.

Private Journal Writing to Unveil the People-Pleasing Persona of Women with Anorexia in Feminist-Based Psychotherapy
 Santos, Charisza Ann.

Procedures Utilized in a Feminist Pedagogical Study at a Liberal Arts College
 Cavanaugh, Amy.

Project “Mom to Mom”, Beer Sheva – Nurturing New Mothers- Nurturing Ourselves
 Cwikel, Julie.

Psychological Consequences of Anti-LGBT Politics: Caring for One Another
 Russell, Glenda.

Purpose in Life and Recovery from Sex and Love Addiction in Women
 Zaremba, Stacey.


Race and Gender in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Primaries: A Content Analysis of Editorial Cartoons
 Sherman, Aurora. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.

Raising the Bar: How Feminist Theory Strengthens Multicultural and Community Perspectives
 Whitt, Courtney.

Resiliency & Health of Elderly Women: The Role of Companion-Animals
 Figurski, Jennifer.

Resiliency: Examining the Role of One's Relationship With the Natural World
 Ingulli, Keith. and Lindbloom, Gordon.

Role Models, Mentors, and the Actualization of Young Women’s Possible Selves
 Lips, Hilary.

Rural Transgender Wellbeing
 Walinsky, Daniel. and Whitcomb, David.


Seething in Silence: The Relationship Between Introversion and Aggression in Women
 Phillips, Julie. and Smith, Christine.

Self-Care Behaviors in Women: Common Barriers & Practical Solutions
 Boyer, Krista.

Self-care: Lessons Learned and Shared
 Petker, Carla.

Sex While Menstruating: Understanding Women’s Qualitative Accounts of Pleasure and Disgust
 Fahs, Breanne.

Sexism Among Undergraduates in STEM Majors
 Montgomery, Frances.

Sexual Derogation as Sexism
 McHugh, Maureen.

So Far Away: Message Framing, Psychological Distance, and the Promotion of Environmental Behaviors
 Sweeney, Allison. and Hamilton, Amanda.

Stigma and Social Distance Across Five Diagnostic Categories of Mental Illness
 Willits, Kelly., Tompkins, Tanya. and Watson, Emily.

Street Protests and Art Expos
 Tiefer, Leonore.

Stuck in the Past or Ahead of Their Time: Dynamic Stereotypes of Appalachian Women
 Dye, April.

Supervising New Trauma Therapists
 Brown, Laura.

Surviving Domestic Violence
 Jenei, Szilvia. and Virzi, Jessica.


The (S)exploitation of Black Adolescent Girls in Rap(e) Music
 West, Carolyn.

The Collective, Feminist Holding Environment of a Feminist Training Clinic
 Goldov, Nancy.

The Develpmental Theory of Embodiment for Women: Implications for Enhancing Well Being in Self and Others
 Piran, Niva.

The Discrete Charm of the “Butch-oisie”: The Complexity of Butch and Femme in the 21st Century
 Rothblum, Esther.

The Effect of Role Models on Women’s Perceptions of Career-related Barriers
 Stark-Wroblewski, Kim., Gross, Amy., DeVaul, Amanda., Dixon, Tamarah. and Johnson, Erica.

The Effects of Women's Investment in Marriage on Marital Satisfaction and Well-Being in Late Middle Age
 Gorchoff, Sara.

The Face of Global Migration: Giving Voice to the Immigrant Experience
 Sinacore, Ada.

The From Survivor to Thriver (S to T) Program: A Pilot Evaluation
 Littleton, Heather. and Buck, Katherine.

The Grass is Greener on Our Side: Gardening, Sustainability, and Greening Efforts, A College House Experience at the University of Pennsylvania
 Rivas-Olmeda, Marta., Shannin, Seth., Bokreta, M\'hamed. and Santiago-Avilés, Jorge.

The Limits to Self-Determination: A Qualitative Study of Minority Stress among LGBT Individuals
 Levitt, Heidi., Horne, Sharon., Ippolito, Maria., Reeves, Teresa., Baggett, Linda., Dunnavant, Bridget., Geiss, Meghan., Aycock, Rebecca., Brown, Katie., Hickman, Alison., Hatchett, Suzanne., Ueng, Huan-Hsiang., Pickens, Bryon., Maxwell, David. and Huang, Qirui.

The Man-hating Feminist: Debunking a Cherished Myth
 Anderson, Kristin. and Kanner, Melinda.

The Next Generation of Rape Prevention and Research
 McKenzie, Michelle.

The Psychological Impact of the Emergence of Queer Female Characters on Mainstream Television
 Houseman, Jennifer.

The Relation of Sexual Abuse to Promiscuity in a National Adolescent Sample
 Watson, Beth.

The Spiral Staircase: Self-Care of a Diversity Trainer
 McCloskey, Kathy.

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Unpacking the Weight of Achievement Anxiety in Women
 Soysa, Champika.

Unwanted Sexual Experiences and Gendered Identity
 Hendrick, Crystal. and Reddy, Diane.


Vicarious Trauma in the Classroom
 Zurbriggen, Eileen. and Kim, Audrey.

Victim Resistance in Attempted Versus Completed Rapes
 Rozee, Patricia.


Welcome to AWP 2010 Portland, Oregon
 Shulmire, Sandy. and Brown, Kate.

What Happens When We Unpack the Invisible Knapsack? Intersectional Political Consciousness and Inter-group Appraisals
 Greenwood, Ronni. and Christian, Aidan.

When Feminism Doesn’t Fit: Contextualizing Asian American Women’s Understanding of Feminism in Mother-Daughter Relationships
 Nam, Victoria.

Where We Live: Gender and Faculty Offices
 DeJonghe, Erika., Berkowitz, Teal., Hacker, Barbara. and Lucero Ferrel, Mary.

Who I Am and What I See: How Sexual Minority Women's Gender Identity and Expression Relate to their Mental Health, Heterosexist Events, and Identity Supports
 Puckett, Julia., Ippolito, Maria. and Levitt, Heidi.

Women & Drug Use: De-Naturalizing Addiction to Aid Recovery
 Taylor, Amy.

Women Faculty at Risk: U.S. Professors Speak About their Experience with Student Incivility and Bullying
 Lampman, Claudia.

Women as Campus Leaders
 Chrisler, Joan.

Women's Career Choices in Chemistry: Understanding the Roles of Motivation and Perception
 Grunert, Megan. and Bodner, George.

Women's Underrepresentation in STEM: How Major, Sex, and the Perception of Communal Goal Affordance Influence Anticipated Success
 Steinberg, Mia., Brown, Elizabeth., Diekman, Amanda., Johnston, Amanda. and Clark, Emily.

Women’s Psychological Adjustment to Herpes
 Barnack, Jessica., Reddy, Diane. and Ports, Katie.
AWP Annual Conference 2010-Feb-11 to 2010-Feb-15
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