AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07

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"Labels are dumb and they limit you": Young women's discussions of sexual fluidity on social networking sites
 Crowley, Mary.

"Putting on" sexiness: A content analysis of the presence of sexualizing characteristics in girls' clothing
 Goodin, Samantha., Murnen, Sarah. and Van Denburg, Alyssa.

“Asking for It” in public spaces: Street harassment of sexy women
 Fairchild, Kimberly.

“Doing what is Legal in an Illegal Context:” Gendered Strategies for Helping Undocumented Mexican Women
 Belliveau, Michele.

“Don’t call me baby”: Activists work to end street harassment
 Kearl, Holly.

“Hey Lady, You’re Hot!” Measuring the frequency of street harassment and its effects on women
 Sullivan, Harmony.

“I Buy the Rotten Tomatoes” -- Generating Feminisms through Ghanaian Women’s Narratives about Mental Illness
 James, Leah., Ramsey, Laura. and Hassinger, Jane.

“I realized that everything is love”: The influence of psychedelic experiences on sexual and gender orientation.
 Korb, Sophia. and Hopen, Courtny.

“I’m bad mother?” Fighting stereotypes embedded in our language that are disempowering to children and women
 Surbeck, Betty.

“Students as Colleagues” Leadership Program Promotes Networking across Generations of Feminists
 Zahm, Mary.


A Call to Action: The Implications of Culture and Governmental Policy for Work/Life Balance
 Beninger, Anna.

A Clinical Psychology Perspective: Feminist Consciousness-raising of Future Clinicians
 Athan, Aurelie.

A Journey From the Conflicts of Biculturalism to the Congruence of Pluralism
 Wang, Shihwe.

A Liberal Arts Perspective: Making the Most Out of Your Early Career
 Theran, Sally.

A Longitudinal Examination of the Relation between Authenticity in Relationships and Depression: A Gender Analysis
 Theran, Sally.

A Mirror of Her Own: Articulating Models of Abortion in Women's Spirituality
 Ford, Kendra.

A Nursing Perspective on Cord Blood Retrieval and Banking
 Boyer, Vivian.

A Palestinian-Israeli Sisterhood: Feminist Psychology in Action
 Nahmia-Messinas, Yvette.

A Psychological Perspective on Cord Blood Retrieval and Banking
 Boyer, Krista.

A Review of Objectification Theory, Gender, and Sexuality
 Gorraiz, Maggie. and Morokoff, Patricia.

A Self-Help Program for Family Members of People with Mental Illnesses: Family to Family Outcomes
 Lucksted, Alicia.

A Time to Claim Power or to Retire Gracefully? Contradictory Messages about Women, Aging, and Work
 Lips, Hilary.

Acculturation, Gender, Depression and Cigarette Smoking among Latina/o Youth: The Mediating Role of Perceived Discrimination
 Lorenzo-Blanco, Elma. and Unger, Jennifer.

Achieving Self-Efficacy, An Applied Method (ASEAM)
 Kardani, Mozhdeh.

Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace within a Latino Population
 Escobar, Oscar.

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Balancing Mulitple Identities in Women’s Studies and Psychology
 Richmond, Kate.

Because Women Don't Wear (Male) Condoms: Reflections on Intersectionality, Structural Context, and Research with Men as Feminist Practice
 Bowleg, Lisa.

Benefits and utilization of social support among women with fertility problems
 Nelson, Alexandra. and Geller, Pamela.

Beyond Silence and Survival
 Brodbar, Dorith.

Blaming Mothers for Fathers’ Low Levels of Involvement
 Phares, Vicky. and Coates, Erica.

Body Image, Weight Concern, and Sexual Orientation: Lesbian and Heterosexual Women Are More Similar Than Different
 Ellis, Caitlin., Malinowski, Katie., Wasko, Julie. and Markey, Charlotte.


CDC’s Efforts to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls: An Overview
 Mahendra, Reshma.

Can Real Feminist Psychologists Do Qualitative Research?
 Yost, Megan.

Can Real Feminists Do Quantitative Research?
 Smith, Christine.

Career Satisfaction for Women Faculty in STEM Disciplines Using Focus
 Matacin, Mala., Coleman, Susan. and Vergara, Marelin.

Challenging “isms” through feminist parenting
 Hall, Diane.

Cognitive and Motivational Factors Underlying the Self-labeling of Sexual Harassment: A Qualitative Study
 Shupe, Ellen.

College Students' Attitudes Toward Sexuality; An Analysis of Homophobia as a Function of Masculinity
 Mangiagli, Jesse.

Connecting Feminism to Sexual Harassment Experiences, Labeling, and Outcomes
 Holland, Kathryn. and Cortina, Lilia.

Count Me Out: Women's Experiences in the Hardcore Music Scene
 Boisen, Leah.

Critical explorations of feminist and liberation psychologies for a globalizing world
 Moane, Geraldine. and Lykes, M Brinton.

Cultural contributions to coping following pregnancy loss
 Eichenbaum, Efrat., Geller, Pamela., Fantzis, Irene. and Gentile, Shawn.

Culture as A Lens and A Veil
 Heffer, Carol.


Dating scripts among young heterosexuals today: Is dating becoming more egalitarian?
 Eaton, Asia.

Definitional, Conceptual, and Measurement Problems in Measures of Psychological Abuse
 Follingstad, Diane.

Demographic Representation Disparities in Professional Development Interactions of University Faculty: Subtle Privilege Revealed
 Syphan, Janet. and Hyers, Lauri.

Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Attitudes toward Gender Non-Conformity
 Krum, Tiana. and Galupo, Paz.

Development and validation of an empowerment-based scale: Resistance to sociocultural appearance standards.
 Bettendorf, Sonya. and Fischer, Ann.

Discourses of Responsibility: A Thematic Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence in the Realm of Celebrity
 Stephens, Laura.

Discourses of Violence Prevention: Women's Constructed Sense of Safety
 Frazier, Kathryn.

Disordered eating and body dissatisfaction: The role of ethnic identity
 Shuttlesworth, Mary. and Zotter, Deanne.

Disproportionate Advertising of Birth Control to White Women: What do the Disparities Mean?
 Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica., Morlett, Alejandra., Garcini, Luz., Shamp, Lindsey., Jensen, Jennifer. and Klonoff, Elizabeth.

Disrupting Self-silencing Through a Feminist Voice: A thematic analysis of feminist women’s experiences of ‘depression’
 MacKay, Jenna. and Rutherford, Alexandra.

Disruptions in Women’s Self-Promotion: The Backlash Avoidance Model
 Moss-Racusin, Corinne. and Rudman, Laurie.

Doing Gender for Different Reasons: Why Gender Conformity Positively and Negatively Predicts Self-Esteem
 Good, Jessica. and Sanchez, Diana.


Effects of Eating and Gender on Body Image of College Students
 Jordan, Claire.

Eliciting motivations and barriers to exercise among women of color through photography
 Almond, Amanda.

Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology: Are Certain Strategies Associated with Increased Distress?
 Rowland, Sarah., Johnson, Kristine., Lynch, Shannon. and Heath, Nicole.

Empirically based poetry: Possibilities for feminist research
 Koelsch, Lori.

Empowering daughters toward their voices
 Lovett, Marilyn.

Encouraging women to pursue STEM careers: Correlates of perception of abilities in math and science
 Brown, Elizabeth., Clark, Emily. and Diekman, Amanda.

Enter a different world: Men and women's study abroad experience
 Martin, Daniela. and DeMartino, Sarah.

Examining Feminist and Sexist Attitudes in Women’s Studies Courses
 Martino, Sara. and Mutari, Ellen.

Executive Coaching as a Means of Developing Women Leaders
 Thornton, Susan.

Expanding the Possible Selves of High School Women Through New Connections with Mathematics
 Morrow, Charlene.

Exploring the Issue of Dating Violence among Sexual Minority Youth
 Gillum, Tameka.

Exploring the Variables in the Sociocultural Model for Eating Disorder Development in Athletes
 Howes, Sarah.


Femininity Ideology and Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
 Roof, Katherine.

Feminism and Attachment Parenting: Stereotypes and Realities
 Liss, Miriam. and Erchull, Mindy.

Feminism and embodiment: A forward-facing feminist contextualization of the mind-body dichotomy
 Noll, Nicole.

Feminism in the bedroom: An inclusive approach to measuring feminist self-identification and sexuality among sexually active women.
 Hussman, Julia.

Feminist + Research = Feminist Research?
 Bolton Holz, Kenna.

Feminist Identity or Beliefs? How Feminism Relates to Women’s Body Image
 Rima, Brandi., Mercurio, Andrea. and Zucker, Alyssa.

Feminist Identity, Empowerment, and Social Action in Relation to Eating Pathology and Body Image
 Holdren, Jessica. and Zotter, Deanne.

Feminist Leadership Into the 21st Century
 McCloskey, Kathy.

Feminist Origins: Mother-daughter mentoring and professional development
 Mizock, Lauren.

Feminist praxis with teen moms: Creating the space for change in a Liberation Psychology workshop
 Macquarrie, Colleen.

Filling In The Gap: Feminist and Gay Affirmative Strategies when Working with Sexual Minority Clients
 Genovese, Flavia. and Genovese, Maddalena.

Finding Critical Consciousness: An Analysis of Sociocultural Appearance Standards and Drinking Behaviors in College Women
 Harrell, Zaje., Hollowell, Alescia., Oney, Christine. and Olien, Jessie.

Forced ultrasound laws
 Fernandez, Silvia.

Fostering feminism in developing sons
 Pelton Cooper, Mary.

From Patient to Advocate: Expanding our Base of Advocates Through Systems Change
 Humphries, Keri.


Gender Expression, Experiences of Heterosexism, and Mental Health in Sexual Minority Individuals
 Puckett, Julia., Levitt, Heidi., Horne, Sharon., Rostosky, Sherry. and Riggle, Ellen.

Gender Harassment and Sexual Minorities: Work-groups matter
 Wullaert, Karen., Leskinen, Emily. and Cortina, Lilia.

Gender Typing, Sexualization, and Violence in Halloween Costumes and the Gender Role Limitations it Constructs
 Sullivan, Jacqueline., Lizardi, Allison., Conrad, Patricia., Hyers, Lauri., Felicetti, Paul. and Crooms, Alannah.

Gender and Mentoring in STEM: The Graduate and Post-Doctoral Years
 Nolan, Susan., Buckner, Janine. and Marzabadi, Cecilia.

Gender-related societal pressures in elite female athletes
 Thomas, Helen. and Fuehrer, Ann.

Generating Feminisms through Community Partnerships: La Piñon Peer Mentorship Program
 Cote, Laura. and González, Dianna.

Generating Feminisms through Community Partnerships: Women’s Intercultural Center and New Mexico State University
 González, Dianna. and Cote, Laura.

Generating Intergenerational Community for Women
 Matacin, Mala., Winter, Miriam Therese. and Wojcik, Andrea.

Generating Massive Movements from Small Ideas
 Smith, Amanda.

Generating Mindful Feminisms:The Use of Mindfulness to Empower and Unify Women
 Greening, Kacey.

Generating Spaces for Learning “How to Be”: Political Action and Lesbian Identity Development
 Guerrero, Angelica. and Rios, Desdamona.

Generating interdisciplinary connections to provide integrative health care to women: Psychology and OB/GYN
 Heath, Nicole., Stevens, Natalie. and Goldsmith, Rachel.

Generational Comparison of Female Employees of the Federal Government and Self-Reported Satisfaction in the Workplace
 Randall, Shannon., Marshall, Lauren. and Budd, Stephanie.

Generational Differences in Women’s Generativity
 Macalister, Heather.

Generational Differences in Women’s Sexual Fluidity
 Macalister, Heather. and Moran, Rosa.

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Has feminism changed psychological science?
 Eagly, Alice.

Has feminism changed the dissemination of psychological science? An analysis of introductory psychology textbooks
 Eaton, Asia.

Has feminism changed the dissemination of psychological science? An analysis of research methods textbooks
 McHugh, Maureen.

How Power Shapes Our Research Questions, Methods, and Interpretations
 Fischer, Ann. and Bettendorf, Sonya.


I've Always Know I am Jewish, But How Am I Jewish?
 Holzman, Clare.

Identity Transformation and Reintegration Among Ethiopian Women War Veterans: A Feminist Analysis
 White, Aaronette. and Negewo-Oda, Beza.

Implementation Collective Meeting
 Nabors, Nina.

Improving informed consent practices in an industry-dominated cliate: A feminist bioethical approach
 Cosgrove, Lisa.

In Their Own Words: Gender & Ethnicity among Women of Color and White Women
 Juan, Mary Joyce. and Syed, Moin.

Influence of Physician Gender on Women’s Perceptions of Physician Communication and Health Outcomes in Gynecology
 Ports, Katie., Reddy, Diane. and Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica.

Informed consent laws
 Steinberg, Julia.

Inspiring and Recruiting Women Scientists: The Distinguished Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Seminar Series
 DeJonghe, Erika., Gov, Tina., Baker, Katie., Hacker, Barbara. and Lucero Ferrel, Mary.

Intergenerational Activism: A Source of Older Feminists' Power
 Tiefer, Leonore.

Intrasexual Competition for Mates in the Women's Bathroom
 Blennerhassett, Caitlin. and Fisher, Maryanne.

Is Feminism only for Single, Non-Mothers?
 Erchull, Mindy. and Liss, Miriam.

Is It Really About Gender?: Eating Disorders and Societal Pressures
 Shepherd, Caitlin.


Keeping All the Balls in the Air: What Helps and Hinders Single Mother College Students
 Arndt, Cheryl.


LGBQ Faculty Disclosing their Sexual Orientation to Students in the United States Higher Education Classroom
 Orlov, Janice.

Lay Perceptions of Alcoholism and the Portrayal of Alcoholism on Reality and Documentary Television
 Streckfuss, Laura., Chrisler, Joan. and McLean, Meghan.

Leadership, Power, and Racism: Lifeguards’ Influences on Aboriginal People’s Experiences at a Northern Canadian Aquatic Facility
 Rousell, Davina. and Giles, Audrey.

Learning about Identifying Sexual Harassment
 Zeng, Qing. and Dai, Yong.

Lesbian and bisexual women's experiences of body image: Exploring intersections of identity
 Chmielewski, Jennifer. and Yost, Megan.

Love and Conflict in Lesbian and Heterosexual Relationship
 Bailey, Lindzee., Blum, Jennifer. and Markey, Charlotte.


Male and female college students’ perceptions of street harassment
 Walker, Sarah.

Maximizing the Potential of Mentoring as a Means of Decreasing Attrition Amongst Female STEM Majors
 Schowengerdt, Inga.

Meeting of minds: Creating the conditions for success in participatory action research data analysis and interpretation
 Macquarrie, Colleen.

Men Only Want Sex and Women Only Want Relationships? An Analysis of the Heterosexual Script in the Lyrics of Popular Songs
 Seabrook, Rita., Melford, Caely. and Murnen, Sarah.

Mental Health Treatment Utilization Among Substance Dependent Incarcerated Women
 Peltan, Jessica. and Cellucci, Tony.

Mentoring Webs: A professional journey and lessons learned
 Page, Konjit.

Methodological Approaches to Examining Feminist Therapy Principles
 Bettendorf, Sonya.

Mindfulness Yoga during Pregnancy: An Alternative to Conventional Treatment of Depression & Anxiety
 Muzik, Maria., Hamilton, Susie., Waxler, Ellen., Hadi, Zahra., Brooken-Harvey, Barbara. and McGrath, Marlene.

Minority Stress among Sexual Minority Women: Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Consequences
 Lehavot, Keren.

Motherhood and Career Transitions
 Hirko, Carol.

Mothering Fundamentalism
 Korb, Sophia.

Moving Beyond the “Ally”: Anti-Oppression Stances in Race, Sexuality, and Psychiatric Disability
 Mizock, Lauren. and Page, Konjit.


Navigating Recovery: Female Victims of Sexual Trauma in AA and Other Mutual Aid Groups
 Ullman, Sarah.

Navigating and Networking within Women’s Studies and Psychology
 Rubin, Lisa.

Not all non-labelers are created equal: Distinguishing between quasi-feminists and neoliberals
 Fitz, Caroline., Zucker, Alyssa. and Bay-Cheng, Laina.


Objectification, Femininity Ideology, and Sexual Assertiveness: A Model of Women's Sexual Functioning
 Williams, Patricia. and Morokoff, Patricia.

Old Women as Agents: The Role of Community
 McHugh, Maureen.

Out of Site/Out of Mind: The Marginalization of Older Immigrant Care-givers
 McConatha, Jasmin.


Parental notification/consent laws
 Chavez, Jessica.

Parentless mothering: Finding positive aspects in parenting after loss
 McSpadden, Kate., Geller, Pamela., Costigan, Tracy. and Stanco, Renee.

Partnering For the Future: A comprehensive intervention to provide specialized care to pregnant women with mental health and substance use disorders
 Gibbons, Patrick., Muzik, Maria., Marcus, Sheila., Hamilton, Susie., McDonough, Susan., Rosenblum, Katherine. and Treadwell, Marjorie.

Personal and Sociocultural Factors in Heterosexual Women's Friendships with Lesbian Women
 King, Melissa. and Fischer, Ann.

Pole Dancing, Sexual Empowerment, and Adolescent Sexual Subjectivity
 Lamb, Sharon.

Police Response and Self Reporting among Victimized Latino Women
 Cave, Melissa., Sabina, Chiara. and Cuevas, Carlos.

Power and Privilege in the Consulting Room: Lesbian Clients and Heterosexual Professionals
 Keller, Kari. and Fischer, Ann.

Predictors of Attitudes toward Feminism: An Examination of Ethnicity-Specific Pathways
 Robnett, Rachael., Anderson, Kristin. and Hunter, L.E..

Predictors of Psychosocial Adjustment in Survivors of Intoxicated/Incapacitated Sexual Assault
 Matthews, Kathleen., Lynch, Shannon. and Johnson, Kristine.

Privileged Allies in Lesbian and Gay Rights Activism: The Role of Resistance to Heteronormativity
 Montgomery, Samantha. and Stewart, Abigail.

Professional Ratings Of The Scientific Grounding And Usefulness Of Self-Help Books For Coping With Infertility
 Wright, Victoria. and Spiers, Mary.

Promoting feminism across generations of women in psychology through mentoring relationships
 Davidson, Anju., Adams, Aimee. and Coulter, Lisa.

Psychological Aggression: Personal Idiom or Emotional Abuse?
 Ryan, Kathryn.

Psychological Effects of Abortion and Attitudes toward Reproductive Rights
 Farrar, Chelsea., McFarland, Darci. and Zeng, Qing.

Psychological Effects of Cyberbullying among College Students
 Ernstoff, Elizabeth., Chrisler, Joan. and Gorman, Jennifer.

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Qualitatively assessing human rights violations against children in post-conflict Nepal
 Gleckel, Jessie.


Rape, war, and the socialization of masculinity: Why our refusal to give up war ensures that rape cannot be eradicated
 Zurbriggen, Eileen.

Reducing Stigma as a Learning Outcome in Psychology
 Martino, Sara.

Responsible Opposition, Disruptive Voices: Science, Social Change, and the History of Feminist Psychology
 Rutherford, Alexandra., Vaughn, Kelli. and Ball, Laura.


Sanctified Sexism: Discrimination in Religious Organizations
 Maltby, Lauren., Hall, Elizabeth. and Anderson, Tamara.

Self-Immolation as a Last Resort: A New Deadly Phenomenon Amongst Afghan Women
 Jaghori, Beheshta.

Service Providers’ Reactions to Intimate Partner Violence as a Function of Victim Sexual Orientation
 Basow, Susan. and Thompson, Janell.

Sexist Attitudes and Experiences in a Recent Sample of College Students
 Montgomery, Frances.

Sexual Double Standards: Responses to Male and Female Targets as a Function of Sexual Partners and Responsibility
 Beere, Jessica.

Sexual Fluidity of Women and Men
 Moran, Rosa. and Macalister, Heather.

Slut! Exploring the Sexual Double Standard on IUP’s Campus and Its Effects on Contraceptive Use
 Watson, Beth.

Social Comparisons in Romantic Relationships: The Effects of Sexual Orientation on Comparison Target
 Gonzalez, Kirsten., Galupo, Paz., Schurtz, David. and Buckingham, Justin.

Sociopolitical development and political activism: Synergies between feminist and liberation psychology.
 Moane, Geraldine.

Strong Voices: How the wisdom of feminist women helped me embrace my intersecting identities
 Blanco, Susana.

Study Habits and Attitudes Study
 Cyr, Amanda. and Stark, Emily.

Supervision with therapists working with trauma: An ecological model from a supervisee’s perspective
 Neelarambam, Kiranmayi.

Surviving Assault and Psychological Distress: The Roles of Self-Blame and Emotion Regulation
 Johnson, Kristine., Rowland, Sarah., Lynch, Shannon. and Matthews, Kathleen.

Surviving Graduate School as a Woman: The Experts Say…
 Bates, Dawn.

Symptom severity and barriers to treatment in perinatal mood disturbance
 Allbaugh, Lucy., Flynn, Heather., Tolman, Richard., Zhao, Joan. and Fedock, Gina.


Taming the Natural Body: Gender and Stigma by Association
 Chrisler, Joan., Gorman, Jennifer., Abacherli, Natalie., McLean, Meghan., Baily, Elizabeth., Almond, Amanda. and Versace, Jaimee.

Teaching equality to future generations: Implementing a social justice program for children
 Brinkman, Britney. and Rabenstein, Kelly.

Telling Stories out of Class: Escavating LGBTQ Youth Knowledge from Liminal Spaces
 Bertram, Corrine.

The Association between Sexual Orientation and Psychopathology, Substance Use, and Experiencing Violence
 Bluestein, Brooke.

The Education of An Activist: Seeing is Believing
 Foley, Katherine. and Rios, Desdamona.

The Effect of Women’s Collective Experiences of Workplace Rudeness on Physical Health
 Hammond, Elyse., Albert, Lucy., Lara Bregatta, Carleena., Rietmulder, Steven., Spera, Victoria., Wellnitz, Marilyn. and Bunk, Jennifer.

The Effects of Direct vs. Indirect Exposure to Body Objectification Stimuli
 Versace, Jaimee. and Chrisler, Joan.

The Effects of Perfectionism and Eating Attitudes on Career Decision Making Self-Effiacy
 Fuller, Lauren.

The Effects of Workload Flexibility and Segmentation Preferences on Women’s Work Outcomes
 Ruane, Jessica., Delia, Therese., Speilvogel, Max., Wilcox, Ashley. and Bunk, Jennifer.

The Impact of Counselor’s Nonverbal Religious Disclosures
 Bates, Dawn. and Gonzalez, Dianna.

The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Intentions to Obtain the HPV Vaccine and Gynecological Care
 Roof, Katherine. and Gil-Rivas, Virginia.

The Internalization of Thin Ideals in a Female Athlete Sample
 Howes, Sarah.

The Intersections of Health, Wellness and Creating Art
 Titus, Jennifer. and Sinacore, Ada.

The Other Mommy War: The Discourse of Stress Meets the Narrative of Work/Family Balance
 Becker, Dana.

The Proposed Development of the Counseling Bisexual Clients Competency Scale (CBCCS)
 Klinger, Rebecca.

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Undergraduate Students' Liberal Feminist Beliefs and Gender Stereotypes
 Leszczynski, Jennifer. and Cinami, Alyssia.

Understanding Violence Contextually: Implications of School Culture on Taiwanese Males’ Victimized Experiences
 Chiang, Chao-Mei. and Sinacore, Ada.

Update: APA Committee for Women in Psychology Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology
 Miles-Cohen, Shari. and Coons, Helen.

Using Psychology's Feminist Voices in the Classroom
 Rutherford, Alexandra., Vaughn, Kelli., Ball, Laura., MacKay, Jenna., Sheese, Kate. and Beaulieu, Tera.

Using Web Analysis to Explore Contemporary Discourses & Images of Sex Work
 Mosby, Danielle., Hyers, Lauri., Paisley, Michelle. and Mosby, Linda.


View from the Pulpit: Clergywomen’s Perspectives of Feminism
 Suckle-Nelson, Jessica., Bessenoff, Gayle., Tine, Ashley. and Luca, Angela.


Walk of Shame: College women and the hook-up script
 Pearlson, Becky.

What Eight Former Catholic Nuns Can Tell 21st-Century Audiences About Women, Power, and Authority
 Barry, PhD., MFT, Kathleen.

When Empowerment Fails: Re-Envisioning Feminist Ideals in a Domestic Violence Shelter
 Ali, Alisha.

When does No really mean No? Examining an alternative approach to Sexual Assault Prevention Education
 Jozkowski, Kristen.

Where My Girls at? Feminisim Online
 Hill, Christine. and McIntyre, Misty.

Why don't you cut his hair?": Managing (internalized) sexism of self and others while attempting to raise a feminist son
 McCarroll, Marya.

Women, Loss, and Crying
 Brown, Ellie. and Devinney, Kelly.

Women’s Psychological Abuse of Intimate Male Partners: (re) Conceptualization
 Swiderski, Catherine. and McHugh, Maureen.

Workplace Mistreatment and Women: A Qualitative Exploration and Re-Structuring of Existing Definitions
 Harris, Rishona., Mondics, Colleen., Mautone, Cierra. and Bunk, Jennifer.

Workshop Activity for Gender Equity Simulation (WAGES)
 Shields, Stephanie. and Zawadzki, Matthew.


Youth Voices: Improving Health Care Services for Young Women Attracted to Women
 Forbes, Catherine., LaVaccare, M.A., Susan. and Desai, Mona.
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