AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07

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Femininity Ideology and Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
 Roof, Katherine.

Feminism and Attachment Parenting: Stereotypes and Realities
 Liss, Miriam. and Erchull, Mindy.

Feminism and embodiment: A forward-facing feminist contextualization of the mind-body dichotomy
 Noll, Nicole.

Feminism in the bedroom: An inclusive approach to measuring feminist self-identification and sexuality among sexually active women.
 Hussman, Julia.

Feminist + Research = Feminist Research?
 Bolton Holz, Kenna.

Feminist Identity or Beliefs? How Feminism Relates to Women’s Body Image
 Rima, Brandi., Mercurio, Andrea. and Zucker, Alyssa.

Feminist Identity, Empowerment, and Social Action in Relation to Eating Pathology and Body Image
 Holdren, Jessica. and Zotter, Deanne.

Feminist Leadership Into the 21st Century
 McCloskey, Kathy.

Feminist Origins: Mother-daughter mentoring and professional development
 Mizock, Lauren.

Feminist praxis with teen moms: Creating the space for change in a Liberation Psychology workshop
 Macquarrie, Colleen.

Filling In The Gap: Feminist and Gay Affirmative Strategies when Working with Sexual Minority Clients
 Genovese, Flavia. and Genovese, Maddalena.

Finding Critical Consciousness: An Analysis of Sociocultural Appearance Standards and Drinking Behaviors in College Women
 Harrell, Zaje., Hollowell, Alescia., Oney, Christine. and Olien, Jessie.

Forced ultrasound laws
 Fernandez, Silvia.

Fostering feminism in developing sons
 Pelton Cooper, Mary.

From Patient to Advocate: Expanding our Base of Advocates Through Systems Change
 Humphries, Keri.

AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07
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