AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07

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Gender Expression, Experiences of Heterosexism, and Mental Health in Sexual Minority Individuals
 Puckett, Julia., Levitt, Heidi., Horne, Sharon., Rostosky, Sherry. and Riggle, Ellen.

Gender Harassment and Sexual Minorities: Work-groups matter
 Wullaert, Karen., Leskinen, Emily. and Cortina, Lilia.

Gender Typing, Sexualization, and Violence in Halloween Costumes and the Gender Role Limitations it Constructs
 Sullivan, Jacqueline., Lizardi, Allison., Conrad, Patricia., Hyers, Lauri., Felicetti, Paul. and Crooms, Alannah.

Gender and Mentoring in STEM: The Graduate and Post-Doctoral Years
 Nolan, Susan., Buckner, Janine. and Marzabadi, Cecilia.

Gender-related societal pressures in elite female athletes
 Thomas, Helen. and Fuehrer, Ann.

Generating Feminisms through Community Partnerships: La Piñon Peer Mentorship Program
 Cote, Laura. and González, Dianna.

Generating Feminisms through Community Partnerships: Women’s Intercultural Center and New Mexico State University
 González, Dianna. and Cote, Laura.

Generating Intergenerational Community for Women
 Matacin, Mala., Winter, Miriam Therese. and Wojcik, Andrea.

Generating Massive Movements from Small Ideas
 Smith, Amanda.

Generating Mindful Feminisms:The Use of Mindfulness to Empower and Unify Women
 Greening, Kacey.

Generating Spaces for Learning “How to Be”: Political Action and Lesbian Identity Development
 Guerrero, Angelica. and Rios, Desdamona.

Generating interdisciplinary connections to provide integrative health care to women: Psychology and OB/GYN
 Heath, Nicole., Stevens, Natalie. and Goldsmith, Rachel.

Generational Comparison of Female Employees of the Federal Government and Self-Reported Satisfaction in the Workplace
 Randall, Shannon., Marshall, Lauren. and Budd, Stephanie.

Generational Differences in Women’s Generativity
 Macalister, Heather.

Generational Differences in Women’s Sexual Fluidity
 Macalister, Heather. and Moran, Rosa.

Generational Differences in Women’s Sexual Identity Formation
 Crowley, Mary.

Get a Job! Any Job? Students' Perceptions of Occupational Gender
 Sacks, Susan. and Thomas, Emily.

Giving, receiving, and building community: Women of color in higher education
 Mena, Jasmine. and White, Bryana.

Good Cooks, Homemakers, and Breadwinners: The Effects of Feminist Ideology and Gender on Mate Preferences
 Beatus, Claire., Stone, Lillie Mae., Lyons, Morgan. and Salgado, Dawn.
AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07
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