AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07

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Parental notification/consent laws
 Chavez, Jessica.

Parentless mothering: Finding positive aspects in parenting after loss
 McSpadden, Kate., Geller, Pamela., Costigan, Tracy. and Stanco, Renee.

Partnering For the Future: A comprehensive intervention to provide specialized care to pregnant women with mental health and substance use disorders
 Gibbons, Patrick., Muzik, Maria., Marcus, Sheila., Hamilton, Susie., McDonough, Susan., Rosenblum, Katherine. and Treadwell, Marjorie.

Personal and Sociocultural Factors in Heterosexual Women's Friendships with Lesbian Women
 King, Melissa. and Fischer, Ann.

Pole Dancing, Sexual Empowerment, and Adolescent Sexual Subjectivity
 Lamb, Sharon.

Police Response and Self Reporting among Victimized Latino Women
 Cave, Melissa., Sabina, Chiara. and Cuevas, Carlos.

Power and Privilege in the Consulting Room: Lesbian Clients and Heterosexual Professionals
 Keller, Kari. and Fischer, Ann.

Predictors of Attitudes toward Feminism: An Examination of Ethnicity-Specific Pathways
 Robnett, Rachael., Anderson, Kristin. and Hunter, L.E..

Predictors of Psychosocial Adjustment in Survivors of Intoxicated/Incapacitated Sexual Assault
 Matthews, Kathleen., Lynch, Shannon. and Johnson, Kristine.

Privileged Allies in Lesbian and Gay Rights Activism: The Role of Resistance to Heteronormativity
 Montgomery, Samantha. and Stewart, Abigail.

Professional Ratings Of The Scientific Grounding And Usefulness Of Self-Help Books For Coping With Infertility
 Wright, Victoria. and Spiers, Mary.

Promoting feminism across generations of women in psychology through mentoring relationships
 Davidson, Anju., Adams, Aimee. and Coulter, Lisa.

Psychological Aggression: Personal Idiom or Emotional Abuse?
 Ryan, Kathryn.

Psychological Effects of Abortion and Attitudes toward Reproductive Rights
 Farrar, Chelsea., McFarland, Darci. and Zeng, Qing.

Psychological Effects of Cyberbullying among College Students
 Ernstoff, Elizabeth., Chrisler, Joan. and Gorman, Jennifer.

Pursuing Desires, Not Duties: The Perceived Motivations of Gender Roles
 Johnston, Amanda. and Diekman, Amanda.
AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07
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