AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07

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Sanctified Sexism: Discrimination in Religious Organizations
 Maltby, Lauren., Hall, Elizabeth. and Anderson, Tamara.

Self-Immolation as a Last Resort: A New Deadly Phenomenon Amongst Afghan Women
 Jaghori, Beheshta.

Service Providers’ Reactions to Intimate Partner Violence as a Function of Victim Sexual Orientation
 Basow, Susan. and Thompson, Janell.

Sexist Attitudes and Experiences in a Recent Sample of College Students
 Montgomery, Frances.

Sexual Double Standards: Responses to Male and Female Targets as a Function of Sexual Partners and Responsibility
 Beere, Jessica.

Sexual Fluidity of Women and Men
 Moran, Rosa. and Macalister, Heather.

Slut! Exploring the Sexual Double Standard on IUP’s Campus and Its Effects on Contraceptive Use
 Watson, Beth.

Social Comparisons in Romantic Relationships: The Effects of Sexual Orientation on Comparison Target
 Gonzalez, Kirsten., Galupo, Paz., Schurtz, David. and Buckingham, Justin.

Sociopolitical development and political activism: Synergies between feminist and liberation psychology.
 Moane, Geraldine.

Strong Voices: How the wisdom of feminist women helped me embrace my intersecting identities
 Blanco, Susana.

Study Habits and Attitudes Study
 Cyr, Amanda. and Stark, Emily.

Supervision with therapists working with trauma: An ecological model from a supervisee’s perspective
 Neelarambam, Kiranmayi.

Surviving Assault and Psychological Distress: The Roles of Self-Blame and Emotion Regulation
 Johnson, Kristine., Rowland, Sarah., Lynch, Shannon. and Matthews, Kathleen.

Surviving Graduate School as a Woman: The Experts Say…
 Bates, Dawn.

Symptom severity and barriers to treatment in perinatal mood disturbance
 Allbaugh, Lucy., Flynn, Heather., Tolman, Richard., Zhao, Joan. and Fedock, Gina.

AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07
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