AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07

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Taming the Natural Body: Gender and Stigma by Association
 Chrisler, Joan., Gorman, Jennifer., Abacherli, Natalie., McLean, Meghan., Baily, Elizabeth., Almond, Amanda. and Versace, Jaimee.

Teaching equality to future generations: Implementing a social justice program for children
 Brinkman, Britney. and Rabenstein, Kelly.

Telling Stories out of Class: Escavating LGBTQ Youth Knowledge from Liminal Spaces
 Bertram, Corrine.

The Association between Sexual Orientation and Psychopathology, Substance Use, and Experiencing Violence
 Bluestein, Brooke.

The Education of An Activist: Seeing is Believing
 Foley, Katherine. and Rios, Desdamona.

The Effect of Women’s Collective Experiences of Workplace Rudeness on Physical Health
 Hammond, Elyse., Albert, Lucy., Lara Bregatta, Carleena., Rietmulder, Steven., Spera, Victoria., Wellnitz, Marilyn. and Bunk, Jennifer.

The Effects of Direct vs. Indirect Exposure to Body Objectification Stimuli
 Versace, Jaimee. and Chrisler, Joan.

The Effects of Perfectionism and Eating Attitudes on Career Decision Making Self-Effiacy
 Fuller, Lauren.

The Effects of Workload Flexibility and Segmentation Preferences on Women’s Work Outcomes
 Ruane, Jessica., Delia, Therese., Speilvogel, Max., Wilcox, Ashley. and Bunk, Jennifer.

The Impact of Counselor’s Nonverbal Religious Disclosures
 Bates, Dawn. and Gonzalez, Dianna.

The Impact of Sexual Trauma on Intentions to Obtain the HPV Vaccine and Gynecological Care
 Roof, Katherine. and Gil-Rivas, Virginia.

The Internalization of Thin Ideals in a Female Athlete Sample
 Howes, Sarah.

The Intersections of Health, Wellness and Creating Art
 Titus, Jennifer. and Sinacore, Ada.

The Other Mommy War: The Discourse of Stress Meets the Narrative of Work/Family Balance
 Becker, Dana.

The Proposed Development of the Counseling Bisexual Clients Competency Scale (CBCCS)
 Klinger, Rebecca.

The Relation of Indirect Aggression and Risky Behavior Participation in College Women
 McIntosh, Rebecca. and Chrisler, Joan.

The Relationship Between Sexualized Media, Shape-weight Concern, and Self-Esteem in Undergraduate Females
 Nappa, Alexa., Bluestein, Brooke. and Buchanan, NiCole.

The Role of Conformity to the Superwoman Ideal in the Relationship between Personality and Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Adolescents
 Metzger, Lauren. and Murnen, Sarah.

The Role of Relationship in the Cultural Transitioning of Immigrant Women to Canada
 Sinacore, Ada. and Titus, Jennifer.

The Role of Social Support and GLBT Support Factors for Same-Sex Parents’ Stress and Worry
 Horne, Sharon., Hickman, Alison., Green, Michael., Levitt, Heidi., Reeves, Teresa. and Gerbara, Ranya.

The Role of Vocabulary in Maintaining Sexism: Trou at West Point
 Panosian, Alexander.

The complexities of opposite sex group facilitation in a male batterer intervention program
 Allison, Jordan. and Grover, Brianna.

The experience of intimate partner violence: Impact of power and gender role attitudes on HIV risk reduction
 Bonacquisti, Alexa. and Geller, Pamela.

The impact of childhood sexual abuse on mothers parenting
 Cavanaugh, Courtenay.

The relation between social support and self-sufficiency among low-income families
 Fuehrer, Ann.

The relation of liberal and radical feminist attitudes to student activism
 Settles, Isis., Yap, Stevie. and O\'Connor, Rachel.

Therapists’ training experiences as predictors of transgender-affirming attitudes
 Jensen, Lauren. and Fischer, Ann.

Thinking and Pink-ing: Reflections on Breast Cancer Story-telling
 Milden, Randy.

Together for Girls: Gathering data to end sexual violence
 Harrier, Sara.

Transforming Maternal Identity after Trauma: Redefining Motherhood at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Class and Religion
 Eastin, Julie., Maloney Bailey, Erin. and Morgan, Nicole.

Two decades of intersex activism: where are we now?
 Golden, Carla.
AWP Annual Conference 2011-Mar-03 to 2011-Mar-07
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