AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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..."An Illness We Catch From American Women"? The Multiple Identities of Latina Lesbians
 Espin, Oliva.

“But we’re all poor!” The barriers to consciousness-raising in homogeneous, economically depressed environments
 Phillips, Nia.

“Does Oppression Happen Here?” Teaching Liberation Psychology in rural Canada
 MacQuarrie, Colleen.

“Hey This is the Ladies’ Restroom, Sir”: A Look at Black Lesbians Who Are Masculine-Identified
 Robinson, Amorie. and Logan, Lauren.

“Sexy Young Things”: What Dressing “Sexy” Means for Young Girls
 Kirsch, Alexandra.

“So, do you have a penis?”: Recognizing cisgender privilege and combatting gender policing in training experiences
 Jensen, Lauren., Tebbe, Esther., Keller, Kari. and Fischer, Ann.

“You play like a girl”: Internalized sexism in online gaming communities
 Dye, April. and Williams, Kelli.


A Hairy Situation: The rejection of body hair in contemporary culture
 Posner, Rachel.

A Qualitative Study of Women’s Definitions of Masturbation
 Benedict-Montgomery, Maggie., Diakonova-Curtis, Daria. and Porter, Natalie.

A Sensitive Time: Domestic Violence during Pregnancy
 Monghate, Azin.

A Traditional Shift? Differences in Beliefs and Behaviors Among Feminist Mothers and Non-Mothers
 Erchull, Mindy. and Liss, Miriam.

A complex interplay: An examination of social identity, discrimination, and mental health among Black women
 White-Johnson, Rhonda.

A meta-analysis of self-defense programs for women
 Barco, Jacqueline. and Imel, Zac.

ADVANCE OSU: Reciprocal Mentoring Predicts Faculty and Student Success
 Madewell, Amy., Van Delinder, Jean., Anderson, Amy., Page, Melanie. and Bailey, Lucy.

Absolutism and Ethnocentricity – Engagement of Effective Multicultural Psychotherapy of ‘The Female Asian Indian Muslim immigrant’
 Soomar, Shabana.

Academic Activism: Influencing Access to Reproductive Choices through Abortion research.
 MacQuarrie, Colleen.

Addressing Students’ Sexist, Racist or Heterosexist Microaggressions in the Classroom: Strategies, Struggles & Support
 Ervin, Audrey.

Altars, spiritual activism, and ways of knowing
 Pacheco, Sandra.

Ambivalent sexism and sexual harassment recognition
 Zeng, Qing., Dai, Yong., Anderson, Lauren. and Zheng, Xin.

American Indian and White Girls Co-Constructing ‘Real’ Relationships at an Alternative High School
 Maher, Michelle.

An exploration of the effects of Isolation and Perceived Discrimination on Psychological Wellbeing of Black Women
 Byer, Kahaema. and Fatil, Marie.

Anti-Muslim Prejudice: Examining the Role of Gender, Religiosity, and LGB Attitudes
 Brooks, Kelly.

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Behavior problems among children exposed to intimate partner violence: The effects of gender role orientation
 Smagur, Kathryn., Bogat, Anne., Levendosky, Alytia. and von Eye, Alexander.

Bi/Trans self-identification in the qualitative research process
 MacKay, Jenna. and Potter, Dawn.

Body Image in Female Collegiate Athletics: Is athletic participation detrimental or beneficial?
 Hoag, Megan.

Body Image, Beauty, and Bonding: Bolstering Feminism in Academia
 Matacin, Mala.

Body satisfaction and televised advertisements: the effects of model size and sexualized portrayals on women’s body satisfaction
 Leija, Silvia. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Breaking Down the Gender Impact in Borderline Personality Disorder
 Goudey, Rachel.

Breast Cancer Screening: What do young women know?
 Forgays, Deborah., Coil, Jessica., McGrath, Jessie. and Kittelson, Emily.

Building Positive Body Image and Self Esteem in Adolescent Girls: Evaluation of a Body Image Prevention Program
 Shibata, Cameron. and Ahrens, Courtney.


Canadian University Students working in the Sex Trade: A National Survey
 Sinacore, Ada. and Rezazadeh, Shohreh.

Care-taking Conundrum: Challenges South-Asian American Women Face
 Syed, Kiran.

Categories of Depression and Anxiety Related to Components of Sexual Dysfunction: A Literature Review
 Arabian, Ani., Greenough, Cassie., Gonzalez, Karen., Avila, Justina., Abril, Tammy. and Luciana, Lagana`.

Challenges to Claims of Biologically-based Gendered Behaviors
 Caplan, Paula.

Characteristics of Women Meeting Criteria for Eating Disorders in a Non-Clinical Undergraduate Population
 Myers, Taryn.

Childbearing and medical priorities in young women with a BRCA1/2 mutation
 Cassedy, Hannah., Phillips, Aliza., Rubin, Lisa. and Werner-Lin, Allison.

Contemporary sexual scripts: Hooking up and hanging out
 Sciarrillo, Samantha., Poet, Andrea. and McHugh, Maureen.

Controlling My Weight: Thin-Ideal Internalization, Weight Locus of Control, and Body Dissatisfaction
 Rima, Brandi., Mercurio, Andrea. and Pula, Sara.

Coping with Harassment among Female Asian American College Students
 Wu, Ivan., Buchanan, NiCole. and Harrell, Zaje.

Correlates of Fathers’ and Mothers’ Help-Seeking Decisions for Children
 Coates, Erica., Hankinson, Jessica. and Phares, Vicky.

Cultural Consideration in the Study of Interpersonal Trauma
 Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Cultural constructions and the coercion of college men.
 Stephens, Dionne.


Demographics and Computer-Related Factors Predicting Computer Self-Efficacy among Ethnically Diverse Older Adults.
 Martinez Alpizar, David., Yu, Chen-Hui., Amezquita, Christina., Nehman, Nathalie., Cortina Swanson, Xochitl. and Luciana, Lagana`.

Denial of Racism: Black Women’s Experience of Racial Microaggressions in Domestic Violence Shelters
 Nnawulezi, Nkiru., Sullivan, Cris. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Disordered Eating Symptomology in Racial Minority Sexual Minority Women
 Bluestein, Brooke., Nappa, Alexa. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Dispelling the Myths of Women Living with Sexual “Dysfunction”
 Poll, Sari.

Do It Yourself:‬ The Relationship Between Masturbation, Sexual Assertiveness, and Positive Sexual Self-Concept for Women
 Benedict-Montgomery, Maggie. and Porter, Natalie.

Documenting Gender Justice: An Empirical Model of Structural Inequities and Human Rights among Maasai Women
 Grabe, Shelly.


Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Asian-Canadian Women: The Impact of Recency of Immigration, Cultural Conflict and Body Shame
 Boisvert, Jennifer A.. and Harrell, W. Andrew.

Effects of Professor Gender and Race on Student Ratings and Achievement
 Basow, Susan. and Codos, Stephanie.

Empowerment in the face of unremitting risk
 Talwar, Gitika., Scheibler, Jill., Cattaneo, Lauren. and Jansson, Alex.

Engaging in emotional and physical self care as a way of resisting the thin ideal
 Mizevich, Jane. and Piran, Niva.

Even the rat was male and white: Developing critical consciousness in an introductory psychology course
 Mukherjee, Sahana.

Evolution versus socialization: How do Introductory Psychology textbooks characterize gender differences and similarities?
 Eaton, Asia. and Rose, Suzanna.

Exploring Resiliency in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Who Do Advocacy Work
 Crann, Sara.

Exploring the Hook-up Experiences of Transgender and Gender Variant Individuals
 Mann, Eli. and Hill, Melanie.

Extramarital Sex Revisited: Still Good for The Goose? Still Good for The Gander?
 Taylor, Christina.


FTM Identity Development and Sexuality
 Helene, Dylon.

Fe(men)ism: Cultivating men’s feminist identities through qualitative research
 Murdoch, Matthew.

Female Orgasmic Disorder; Why More Research is Needed
 Gillaspy, Bonnie.

Feminist Blind Spots
 Strama, Inez. and Chiumiento, Michael.

Feminist Perspectives on Trafficking: A Documentary Film
 Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Feminist Responses to Sexualization and Sexual Empowerment of Adolescent Girls
 Lamb, Sharon.

Femme Gender and Lesbian Identity Development
 Pearce, Elizabeth.

For Her Pleasure and Protection: Feminism Moderates the Relation between Sexism and Women’s Sexual Health
 Fitz, Caroline., Zucker, Alyssa. and Bay-Cheng, Laina.

Formal and Informal Sources of Support for Female-to-Male (FTM) Transgender Persons
 Magallanes, Jessica. and Harrell, Shelly.

From Self-Defense to ‘Self-Offense’: Considering the Efficacy of Krav Maga for Women’s Resistance
 Ahrens, Courtney. and Rich, Marc.


Gender Roles and Ideology in Women from Former Soviet Republics
 Diakonova-Curtis, Daria. and Porter, Natalie.

Gender and the Integration of HIV/AIDS Information in the African American Church: Implications for Intervention
 Ford, Lauren., Bellete, Nardos., Edwards, Nathan. and Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Genital panics: Examining women’s narratives about pubic hair, menstrual sex, and vaginal self-image
 Fahs, Breanne.

Girls’ Dolls, Halloween Costumes, and Magazine Portrayals: Further Evidence of the Cultural Sexualization of Girls
 Boyd, Hope., Murnen, Sarah. and Graff, Kaitlin.

Giving Rape Resistance Away 2.0
 Dean, Karol.

Globalization vs Indigeneity: Challenges of Applying Feminism at the Policy Level in Cross-Cultural Context
 Chiang, Chao-Mei. and Sinacore, Ada.


Health and Illness Beliefs amonf African American Women
 Almond, Amanda. and Chrisler, Joan.

Hearing Our Voices: Using the Empowerment Process Model to Advance Social Justice Initiatives on Campus and Beyond
 Boyer, Catherine., Ervin, Audrey., Krier, Barbara., Rosenthal, Michael., Shunkwiler, Jackie. and Wakefield, Wendy.

Homophobia and masculinity: a quantitative examination using Herek’s ATLG scale
 Mangiagli, Jesse.

Hooking up Among Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women
 Giordano, Nicole., Julian, Jacob. and Hill, Melanie.

How financial conflicts of interest in the DSM reinforce gender bias in psychiatric taxonomy
 Wheeler, Emily. and Cosgrove, Lisa.

Human Trafficking: The Vulnerability of Women and Girls
 Bloom, Jill.


Identity Issues and Body Image: Feminism and Lesbian Identity as Insulating Factors
 Petursson, Joanne.

Impact of Trauma on Women's Sexuality
 Bellete, Nardos.

In Their Own Words: Understanding Young Women's Decisions Regarding Abusive Relationships
 Byrne, Christina. and Forgays, Deborah.

Informing interventions to reduce HIV/AIDS among female sex workers in Nepal
 Menger, Lauren., Kaufman, Michelle., Harman, Jennifer., Shrestha, Deepti. and Thapa, Menuka.

Initial Insights into a New Dimension of Gender Stereotypes
 Lopez, Magdalena., Lopez, Gisela., Alatorre, Cristin., Vale, Vanessa. and Gist, Pamela.

Integrating Gender Specific and Evidence Based Coping and Stress Management Techniques for Female Inmates
 McEvoy, Kathleen.

Interviewing Therapists About Sexual Assault
 Ullman, Sarah.

Intimacy in Aged Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women: The Paradox of "Independent Living"
 Carroll, Lynne.

Is social entrepreneurship a compelling career choice in Chile, based on quality of life attributes?
 Vitale, Giusep.

Is succeeding enough? How career achievement impacts psychological health for professional Black women
 Griffin-Fennell, Felicia.


Jewish Women: The Silent Minority
 Mansour, Ashley.

Jewish women's identity: A qualitative study
 Ginsberg, Freda. and Sinacore, Ada.

Judaism’s Gifts to the Lesbian Coming Out Process
 Harrell, Erin.


Leadership Course Designed to Promote Global Awareness and Civic Engagement
 Zahm, Mary.

Leading Forward: Evaluation of a Program for Female Graduate Students
 Grantham, Susan. and Pidano, Anne.

Lights On or Off? Body Image Dissatisfaction and Hooking-Up Experiences
 Ruckel, Lindsay. and Hill, Melanie.

Look @ Me 2.0: Sharing Profile Pictures Online, Self-Objectification, and Body Image
 Ruckel, Lindsay. and Hill, Melanie.


Masculinity by Generation: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Role Stress
 Brosamle, Rachel. and Porter, Natalie.

Mexican Immigrant Women with Chronic Pain: Narratives and Psychotherapeutic Implications
 Zelman, Diane., Flores, Consuelo. and Flores, Yvette.

My Body Through a Feminist Lens: Toward the Development of a Feminist Beliefs about the Body Measure
 Rima, Brandi., Mercurio, Andrea. and Kaufman, Annette.


On the Unsuspected Sacrifices in Diversity Class
 Maher, Michelle.


Partnering for the Future: A specialized intervention supporting pregnant women with substance abuse disorders and their babies
 Hamilton, Susie., Marcus, Sheila., Muzik, Maria., Rosenblum, Katherine., McDonough, Susan., Gibbons, Patrick. and Treadwell, Marjorie.

Passing the Baton
 Diskin, Leah.

Perceptions of Psychological Abuse as a Function of Gender and Intent of Perpetrator
 Rakowski, Samantha. and McHugh, Maureen.

Personal narratives of Surgery: Preparation and Recovery
 Hall, Ruth. and Tiefer, Leonore.

Physical Illness and Friend Relations: The Perspectives of Individuals on Friendship Qualities when Physical Illness is Present
 Versace, Jaimee. and Chrisler, Joan.

Project BeYOUtiful Chainge
 Wojcik, Andrea.

Putting body image on the agenda at centres for student counselling in South Africa
 Wahl, Sindi.


Redefining Women in Calendars
 Garcia, Natalie.

Refusing to be Put Aside: Women and the Meaning of Betrayal
 Dilenschneider, Ph.D., Anne.

Rejecting Rape Culture: Sexual Aggression Myth Acceptance and Conceptualizations of Sexual Victimization
 DelTosta, Jill. and Ring, Erin.

Relating Emerging Adults’ Condom-Use Attitudes to Resisting Pressure for Unsafe Sex
 Cabral, Patricia., Cox, Katelyn., Briones, Brianna., Williamson, Jessica. and Anderson, Theresia.

Relationship between the Superwoman Ideal and Feminist Identity Development
 Martino, Sara.

Reproduction of masculine hegemony within institutional culture: Sex differences in work climate perceptions
 Page, Melanie., Bailey, Lucy., Van Delinder, Jean., Madewell, Amy. and Anderson, Amy.

Resilience and Empowerment Processes
 Makhzoumi, Saniha., Brodsky, Anne. and Cattaneo, Lauren.

Resilience in the face of unremitting risk
 Portnoy, Galina., Buckingham, Sara. and Brodsky, Anne.

Resisting and accommodating fat talk: A discourse analysis
 Joseph, Jessica. and Taub, Julie.

Responding to Sexual Assault Disclosure: Psychometric Evaluation of the Social Reactions Questionnaire - Provider
 Bolton Holz, Kenna. and Outcalt, Samantha.

Restless bed rest during pregnancy: A feminist psychological perspective on lying down
 Citrin, Laura.


Self-objectification and sexual well-being: Do feminist beliefs and sexual identity matter?
 Shulman, Julie.

Sex: Women with Bipolar I Disorder and their Therapists
 Gorrin, Karen. and Strome, Tammy.

Sexuality Education and Feminist Ethics
 Lamb, Sharon. and Plocha, Aleksandra.

Sexualization of Girls in the Media: Effectiveness of a Brief Intervention
 Grant, Robin., Vokey, Megan. and Tefft, Bruce.

Slutwalks: Why we March
 Goldfrad, Gili.

Social Connectedness and Personal Development in Trauma Therapists
 Comeau, Thea. and Genovese, Maddalena.

Somali Women’s Perspectives of the Strengths and Barriers to Physical Activity in their Communities
 Mohamed, Amina., Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica., Murray, Kate. and Syme, Maggie.

Sports as a Protective Factor for African American Female Adolescents: Implications for Program Development
 COLEMAN, ASHLEY. and Harrell, Shelly.

Strength and resilience: Adolescent girls exiting trafficking
 Counts, Pamela., Anderson, Gera., Yessi, Jennifer. and Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Superwomen on the Boob Tube: How Media Portrayals Affect Female Viewers
 Everett, Joseph.

Survivor Resistance in Attempted versus Completed Rapes
 McKenzie, Michelle. and Rozee, Patricia`.


Teaching Children Gender By Stereotyping Animals
 Hyers, Lauri., dowling, michelle. and Sullivan, Jacqueline.

Teaching Violence Prevention: Coverage of Violence- Related Topics in General Psychology
 Berman, Pearl. and Yu, Ding.

Technologies of Gender and Perceptions of Sexual Violence: A Qualitative Study of Campus Women
 McIntyre-Goodsell, Misty. and Sarver, Christian.

The Accreditation that Feminism Built: An Alternative for Accrediting Programs in Master’s Level Counseling Programs
 Burnes, Theo. and Stanley, Jeanne.

The Challenges of Researching Coping: A Feminist Critique of an Accepted Method
 Niegocki, Kathleen.

The Effects of American Identity and Ethnic Identity on Collective Self-Esteem Among Women.
 Perez, Cristina., Garcia, Yuliana. and Giang, Michael.

The Existence of Sexual Double Standards in the Perceptions of Exotic Dancers
 Dagmi, Maya., Al-Mangour, Tala. and Salgado, Dawn.

The Herstory of the Red Tent at CSU, Chico: ABC's
 Bommersbach, Mimi. and Nelson, Laura.

The Holy War on Obesity: Religious Symbols as Weapons Against Fat Women
 Brimager, Ashley. and Kahn, Jack.

The Impact of Sexual Communication and its Relationship to Women's Sexual Health
 Oliker, Chelsea. and Porter, Natalie.

The Intersection of Trauma and Culture in Redefining Trauma
 Jaghori, Beheshta. and Chiang, Chao-Mei.

The Intersectional Nature of Body-Based Privilege and Harassment in the Life of Girls
 Piran, Niva.

The Migration of Feminism from Local to Global
 Green, Nyssa.

The Political Was Personal: Politics, Sexual Exploration and the Sexual Revolution
 Hunter, L.E.. and Stewart, Abigail.

The Political as Embodied in the Life and Work of Emma Goldman
 Dunn, Jessica.

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Understanding the Role of Gender and Ethnic Oppression when Treating Mexican American Women for Eating Disorders
 Kuba, Sue., Harris-Wilson, Diane. and O\'Toole, Siobhan.

Unequal “Rights” and Constrained “Choice”: Narrating Women’s Experiences with Identity, Reproductive Health Services, and Abortion
 Huber, Jamie.

Using Feminist Leadership to Build a Peer Education Program
 Christensen, Mary.


Wanna hook up? Sexaul assertiveness and hooking up in heterosexual women
 Stauffer, Ashley. and Hill, Melanie.

Warm Classrooms, Chilly Campus: The College Gender Climate
 Kates, Emily. and Porter, Natalie.

Wellbeing and relationship satisfaction among bisexual women in couple relationships: The impact of minority stress
 Lambe, Jaclyn.

What do people know about the Intra-national Sexual Trafficking of Minors in the United States?
 Cavazos, Judith. and Porter, Natalie.

What’s in a Counselor’s Photo?: Experience, Age, Religion, and So Much More
 Bates, Dawn. and Davis, Amileah.

When sexual offense is not offensive: Cultural constructions and rape proclivity
 Watson, Beth.

Will Good Friends or Many Friends Protect Me from Bullying?
 Ayala, Joannie., Drinkard, Shawndeeia., Giang, Michael. and Perez, Erica.

Women's First Same-Sex Experiences: Why Right Now?
 Gintel, Natasha. and Porter, Natalie.

Women's Orgasms. How Important Are They to Hooking-Up Experiences?
 Rodriguez, Rebecca. and Hill, Melanie.

Women's Sexual Rights and Global Awareness: The Role of Social Activism in Promoting Equality
 Dutt, Anjali. and Grabe, Shelly.

Women’s Beliefs About Effective Leadership, Leadership Skills, and Aspirations: The Influence of a Liberal Arts Education
 boatwright, karyn., pothoff, andrea., mcalpine, kristie., ulrey, leigh ann., finan, caitlin., McGookey, Grace., curley, katherine., diekman, claire., allswede, dana., davis, julie. and rosenthal, lauren.

Women’s Human Rights: Why Psychology Should Get Involved
 Trott, Carlie. and Canetto, Silvia.

Women’s Rights in Nicaragua: Exploring the Role of Power and Control in Domestic Violence.
 Grose, Rose. and Grabe, Shelly.
AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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