AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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Behavior problems among children exposed to intimate partner violence: The effects of gender role orientation
 Smagur, Kathryn., Bogat, Anne., Levendosky, Alytia. and von Eye, Alexander.

Bi/Trans self-identification in the qualitative research process
 MacKay, Jenna. and Potter, Dawn.

Body Image in Female Collegiate Athletics: Is athletic participation detrimental or beneficial?
 Hoag, Megan.

Body Image, Beauty, and Bonding: Bolstering Feminism in Academia
 Matacin, Mala.

Body satisfaction and televised advertisements: the effects of model size and sexualized portrayals on women’s body satisfaction
 Leija, Silvia. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Breaking Down the Gender Impact in Borderline Personality Disorder
 Goudey, Rachel.

Breast Cancer Screening: What do young women know?
 Forgays, Deborah., Coil, Jessica., McGrath, Jessie. and Kittelson, Emily.

Building Positive Body Image and Self Esteem in Adolescent Girls: Evaluation of a Body Image Prevention Program
 Shibata, Cameron. and Ahrens, Courtney.
AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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