AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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FTM Identity Development and Sexuality
 Helene, Dylon.

Fe(men)ism: Cultivating men’s feminist identities through qualitative research
 Murdoch, Matthew.

Female Orgasmic Disorder; Why More Research is Needed
 Gillaspy, Bonnie.

Feminist Blind Spots
 Strama, Inez. and Chiumiento, Michael.

Feminist Perspectives on Trafficking: A Documentary Film
 Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Feminist Responses to Sexualization and Sexual Empowerment of Adolescent Girls
 Lamb, Sharon.

Femme Gender and Lesbian Identity Development
 Pearce, Elizabeth.

For Her Pleasure and Protection: Feminism Moderates the Relation between Sexism and Women’s Sexual Health
 Fitz, Caroline., Zucker, Alyssa. and Bay-Cheng, Laina.

Formal and Informal Sources of Support for Female-to-Male (FTM) Transgender Persons
 Magallanes, Jessica. and Harrell, Shelly.

From Self-Defense to ‘Self-Offense’: Considering the Efficacy of Krav Maga for Women’s Resistance
 Ahrens, Courtney. and Rich, Marc.

AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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