AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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Redefining Women in Calendars
 Garcia, Natalie.

Refusing to be Put Aside: Women and the Meaning of Betrayal
 Dilenschneider, Ph.D., Anne.

Rejecting Rape Culture: Sexual Aggression Myth Acceptance and Conceptualizations of Sexual Victimization
 DelTosta, Jill. and Ring, Erin.

Relating Emerging Adults’ Condom-Use Attitudes to Resisting Pressure for Unsafe Sex
 Cabral, Patricia., Cox, Katelyn., Briones, Brianna., Williamson, Jessica. and Anderson, Theresia.

Relationship between the Superwoman Ideal and Feminist Identity Development
 Martino, Sara.

Reproduction of masculine hegemony within institutional culture: Sex differences in work climate perceptions
 Page, Melanie., Bailey, Lucy., Van Delinder, Jean., Madewell, Amy. and Anderson, Amy.

Resilience and Empowerment Processes
 Makhzoumi, Saniha., Brodsky, Anne. and Cattaneo, Lauren.

Resilience in the face of unremitting risk
 Portnoy, Galina., Buckingham, Sara. and Brodsky, Anne.

Resisting and accommodating fat talk: A discourse analysis
 Joseph, Jessica. and Taub, Julie.

Responding to Sexual Assault Disclosure: Psychometric Evaluation of the Social Reactions Questionnaire - Provider
 Bolton Holz, Kenna. and Outcalt, Samantha.

Restless bed rest during pregnancy: A feminist psychological perspective on lying down
 Citrin, Laura.
AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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