AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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Self-objectification and sexual well-being: Do feminist beliefs and sexual identity matter?
 Shulman, Julie.

Sex: Women with Bipolar I Disorder and their Therapists
 Gorrin, Karen. and Strome, Tammy.

Sexuality Education and Feminist Ethics
 Lamb, Sharon. and Plocha, Aleksandra.

Sexualization of Girls in the Media: Effectiveness of a Brief Intervention
 Grant, Robin., Vokey, Megan. and Tefft, Bruce.

Slutwalks: Why we March
 Goldfrad, Gili.

Social Connectedness and Personal Development in Trauma Therapists
 Comeau, Thea. and Genovese, Maddalena.

Somali Women’s Perspectives of the Strengths and Barriers to Physical Activity in their Communities
 Mohamed, Amina., Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica., Murray, Kate. and Syme, Maggie.

Sports as a Protective Factor for African American Female Adolescents: Implications for Program Development
 COLEMAN, ASHLEY. and Harrell, Shelly.

Strength and resilience: Adolescent girls exiting trafficking
 Counts, Pamela., Anderson, Gera., Yessi, Jennifer. and Bryant-Davis, Thema.

Superwomen on the Boob Tube: How Media Portrayals Affect Female Viewers
 Everett, Joseph.

Survivor Resistance in Attempted versus Completed Rapes
 McKenzie, Michelle. and Rozee, Patricia`.
AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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