AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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Teaching Children Gender By Stereotyping Animals
 Hyers, Lauri., dowling, michelle. and Sullivan, Jacqueline.

Teaching Violence Prevention: Coverage of Violence- Related Topics in General Psychology
 Berman, Pearl. and Yu, Ding.

Technologies of Gender and Perceptions of Sexual Violence: A Qualitative Study of Campus Women
 McIntyre-Goodsell, Misty. and Sarver, Christian.

The Accreditation that Feminism Built: An Alternative for Accrediting Programs in Master’s Level Counseling Programs
 Burnes, Theo. and Stanley, Jeanne.

The Challenges of Researching Coping: A Feminist Critique of an Accepted Method
 Niegocki, Kathleen.

The Effects of American Identity and Ethnic Identity on Collective Self-Esteem Among Women.
 Perez, Cristina., Garcia, Yuliana. and Giang, Michael.

The Existence of Sexual Double Standards in the Perceptions of Exotic Dancers
 Dagmi, Maya., Al-Mangour, Tala. and Salgado, Dawn.

The Herstory of the Red Tent at CSU, Chico: ABC's
 Bommersbach, Mimi. and Nelson, Laura.

The Holy War on Obesity: Religious Symbols as Weapons Against Fat Women
 Brimager, Ashley. and Kahn, Jack.

The Impact of Sexual Communication and its Relationship to Women's Sexual Health
 Oliker, Chelsea. and Porter, Natalie.

The Intersection of Trauma and Culture in Redefining Trauma
 Jaghori, Beheshta. and Chiang, Chao-Mei.

The Intersectional Nature of Body-Based Privilege and Harassment in the Life of Girls
 Piran, Niva.

The Migration of Feminism from Local to Global
 Green, Nyssa.

The Political Was Personal: Politics, Sexual Exploration and the Sexual Revolution
 Hunter, L.E.. and Stewart, Abigail.

The Political as Embodied in the Life and Work of Emma Goldman
 Dunn, Jessica.

The Protective Role of Gender Identification in the Relationship Between a Negative Educational Climate and Academic Performance for Women in STEM
 O\'Connor, Rachel. and Settles, Isis.

The Provider/Patient Relationship Experience of Sexual Minority Women with Cancer
 Paul, Laurie., Rubin, Lisa., Tworecke, Adrian. and Pitagora, Dulcinea.

The Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in the United States
 Sidun, Nancy.

The Survivor, the Stereotype and Agency: The necessity of creating a space for the individual’s experience
 Hamilton, Sarah.

The Unspoken Truth: Substance Use Amongst Iranian Women
 Madjlessi, Fereshteh.

The bodyguard and the mother hen: College women's discourse around unwanted sexual attention at parties
 Boisen, Leah. and Koelsch, Lori.

The chains of the Jezebel and the influence of racial esteem
 Brown, Danice.

The impact of feminist education on gender identity and perception of sexism
 Phillips, Nia.

The impact of single-sex colleges on women's development across the lifespan
 Hamilton, Deanna., Simpson, Christine., Brinkman, Britney., McNaugher, Heather. and Loughran, Mary Jo.

The never-ending hangover: Private embarrassment for public consumption
 Koelsch, Lori. and Kelly, Shannon.

The personal is definitely political: A look at how grandmother and feminist identities drive activism in the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
 Castillo, Gisell.

The power of Anzaldúa in teaching across lines of difference
 Sinha, Mrinal.

The psychological context od Fibromyalgia
 McCoy, Meghan.

The unspoken experiences of military women
 Aubuchon, Shawna.

The walk of shame: Sexual double standards and the hook up script.
 Pearlson, Becky., Posner, Rachel. and McHugh, Maureen.

Too Sexualized to be Taken Seriously? Perceptions of a Girl in Childlike vs. Sexualizing Clothing
 Murnen, Sarah.

Training, Mentoring, and Practice Differences in Feminist Orientation Across Doctoral Psychology Training Programs in US
 Grover, Brianna. and Murray, Ashley.
AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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