AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11

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Wanna hook up? Sexaul assertiveness and hooking up in heterosexual women
 Stauffer, Ashley. and Hill, Melanie.

Warm Classrooms, Chilly Campus: The College Gender Climate
 Kates, Emily. and Porter, Natalie.

Wellbeing and relationship satisfaction among bisexual women in couple relationships: The impact of minority stress
 Lambe, Jaclyn.

What do people know about the Intra-national Sexual Trafficking of Minors in the United States?
 Cavazos, Judith. and Porter, Natalie.

What’s in a Counselor’s Photo?: Experience, Age, Religion, and So Much More
 Bates, Dawn. and Davis, Amileah.

When sexual offense is not offensive: Cultural constructions and rape proclivity
 Watson, Beth.

Will Good Friends or Many Friends Protect Me from Bullying?
 Ayala, Joannie., Drinkard, Shawndeeia., Giang, Michael. and Perez, Erica.

Women's First Same-Sex Experiences: Why Right Now?
 Gintel, Natasha. and Porter, Natalie.

Women's Orgasms. How Important Are They to Hooking-Up Experiences?
 Rodriguez, Rebecca. and Hill, Melanie.

Women's Sexual Rights and Global Awareness: The Role of Social Activism in Promoting Equality
 Dutt, Anjali. and Grabe, Shelly.

Women’s Beliefs About Effective Leadership, Leadership Skills, and Aspirations: The Influence of a Liberal Arts Education
 boatwright, karyn., pothoff, andrea., mcalpine, kristie., ulrey, leigh ann., finan, caitlin., McGookey, Grace., curley, katherine., diekman, claire., allswede, dana., davis, julie. and rosenthal, lauren.

Women’s Human Rights: Why Psychology Should Get Involved
 Trott, Carlie. and Canetto, Silvia.

Women’s Rights in Nicaragua: Exploring the Role of Power and Control in Domestic Violence.
 Grose, Rose. and Grabe, Shelly.
AWP Annual Conference 2012-Mar-08 to 2012-Mar-11
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