AWP Annual Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-11

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"Experiences of Language Brokering Among Iranian Women"
 Khoshnoud, Pargol., nili, parissa. and Castaneda-Sound, Carrie.

"Training Experiences of Bilingual Therapists: Re-envisioning Social Advocacy”
 Soleiman, Robin., Castaneda-Sound, Carrie., Adams, Tyonna., Mazcka, Karyn., Orue, Gaby., Chiu, Katie. and Preciado, Susy.

“Roberta’s Rules of Order: Examining Current Conceptions of Feminist Process
 Mahlstedt, Deborah. and Parker, Judith.

“The Timing Has Been All Wrong”: Women’s Narratives about Being Single
 Holmes, Tabitha., Branham, Sarah., Deya, Christine., Granzo, Daniela., Grove, Samantha. and Handy, Lauren.

“You come full circle and you love the rat:” Exploring Academic Narratives in Psychology
 Castillo, Gisell., Menard, Alexandra. and Martin, Rachelle.


A Chicana Feminist Approach to Psychotherapy with Latinas: Una Mezcla de Realidades
 Castaneda-Sound, Carrie.

A Cross Sectional Study of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Depression
 Wheeler, Emily., Kosterina, Elena. and Cosgrove, Lisa.

A Gender-Equitable Approach to a Premarital Coaching Curriculum in a Context of a Muslim Country.
 Lamb, Sharon. and Kosterina, Elena.

A Look at the Relevancy and Meaning of Queer Contexts for Lesbian and Bisexual Women
 Belmonte, Kimberly. and Holmes, Tabitha.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Visual Texts in Narrative Research
 Murdoch, Matthew., Mackin, Jennifer. and Bezo, Brent.

A Process and Outcome Research Agenda for Feminist Therapy
 Barco, Jacqueline.

A Review of Gender Differences and Stereotype Threat in Cognitive Performance
 Topping, Kimberly., Becker, Brian. and Goodman, David.

A cluster analysis approach to examining White college students’ identity profiles A
 Graham-Bailey, Marona., Chavous, Tabbye. and Gutiérrez, Lorraine.

A qualitative exploration of incarcerated women’s perceptions of their sexual assaults and contributing factors
 Kuruvilla, Beena.

Abandoned by society; an international look at the abuses of women in psychiatric hospitals
 Gaulte, Margherita., Colgan, Dana. and Grover, Peter.

Adolescent Girls' Experiences of Sexism: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Brinkman, Britney., Jedinak, Allison., Khan, Aliya., Hirsch, Keely. and Brinkman, Kandie.

Adolescent girls who engage in self-cutting
 Parker, Danielle.

Advocacy in the Curriculum: A Paradigm for Violence Prevention
 Berman, Pearl., Posner, Rachel., Interligi, Camille. and Clarke, Adam.

Affirming Gender & Cultural Identity in Adolescent Females with Art in a Residential Setting
 Stanley, Mary.

African Feminism: Origins and future directions
 Kadeba, Myriam. and Johnson, Nicole.

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Barriers and Facilitators to HPV Vaccination; Perspectives from Malawian Women
 Ports, Katie., Reddy, Diane. and Rmeshbabu, Anjali.

Becoming an Informed and Effective Mental Health Professional: Working with Immigrant Women in Abusive Relationships
 Kumar, Snehal.

Being Productive and Maintaining Your Sanity as an Early Career Academic at a Land Grant University
 Pause, Cat.

Being Productive and Maintaining Your Sanity as an Early Career Academic at a Small Liberal Arts College
 Mehta, Clare.

Beyond stigma: Critical approaches to violations of the motherhood narrative
 Mangione, Heather., Frazier, Kathryn. and Jackson, Theresa.

Body Image Across Lesbian and Feminist Identities and Gender Expression
 Petursson, Joanne.

Bullying as Power: The Lived Experiences of Today's Female Student
 Roberts-Pittman, Bridget., MacDonald, Chris. and Ginter, Kathy.


CT Girlcott: Are You Ready to Bare it All?
 Matacin, Mala. and Berman, Donna.

Closeness in Women’s Friendships: Connections to Satisfaction with Life
 Nitcy, Jordan. and Parker, Leanne.

College Students' Attitudes of Homosexuality through the Usage of Homosexual Insults: Inside Look of "Fag"
 Van Meter, Tanner. and Sinha, Mrinal.

College students and girls in Juvenile Justice Services learn from one another through service learning.
 Farrell, Chelsea. and Power, Cathleen.

Conducting a Leadership Institute for Women Faculty in the State System of Higher Education
 McHugh, Maureen.

Controversy Behind Gender Dysphoria: A Literature Review
 Sweeney, Kristin., Surace, Francisco., Levitt, Heidi. and Horne, Sharon.

Cultural Differences in the Ideal Appearance for Women, Body Appreciation, & Eating Behaviors
 Metz, A.J.., Pappas, Ali., Yant, Katie., Fritzges, Maggie. and Mortimer, Julia.

Current Review of the Relationship between Trauma and Substance Use in Women
 Anderson, Gail. and Goheen, Cameron.


Dating Violence and Personality Traits Influence Young Adult Women's Expression of DSM-5 PTSD Symptom Clusters
 Lannert, Brittany., Yalch, Matthew. and Levendosky, Alytia.

Deaf Adolescent Females & Eating Disorders: The Phenomenological Relationship between Sign Expression & Body Image

Do cultural connections affect collective action? Responses to gender discrimination among visible minority women
 Hennessey, Eden. and Foster, Mindi.

Drinking on an Empty Stomach: Weight Loss Concerns Motivate "Drunkorexia" among Heavy Drinking Women
 Eisenberg, Miriam. and Fitz, Caroline.


Educate the Girl, Change the World: What About the Girl? Education’s Impact on Nepali Girls
 Johnston, Maggie. and Robertson-Pfeffer, Katherine.

Educating Colleagues about Inequality
 Rose, Suzanna.

Effects of shunning on mood and development in Muslim-American women
 Alsoraimi, Nesreen.

Empowering Silenced Voices: Addressing Homelessness
 Wetegrove, Amanda.

Empowering Silenced Voices: Examining Gender Roles
 Mejia, Claudia.

Empowering Silenced Voices: Exploring Identity
 Martinez, Susana.

Ending Self Stigma re Mental Illnesses: a new intervention
 Lucksted, Alicia.

Examining Black Feminist Analysis and Attributional Complexity for Black Women’s Experiences with Interpersonal Sexual Objectification
 Amuzu, Elom. and Fischer, Ann.

Experiences of Female Undergraduates from Saudi Arabia Attending a Technically Oriented U.S. University
 Montgomery, Frances. and Alshurafa, Lugeine.

Exploring Cultural Messages of Empowerment through Media Literacy and Activism
 Brinkman, Britney., Jedinak, Allison. and Khan, Aliya.

Exploring Themes in Constructions of Black and White Masculinity
 Dodson, Catherine.

Exploring health histories of women trafficked into sex work in Mumbai, India
 Karandikar, Sharvari. and Gezinski, Lindsay.


Fat Talk and Feminism
 Lafleur, Rebecca.

Female Adolescents’ Sexual Initiation Across the World
 Masai, Kaitlyn.

Female Experiences of Online Dating
 Crowell, Brittany.

Feminism in Rural America
 Milford, Jessica.

Feminist Liberation Psychology: Approaches for Anti-poverty Activism

Feminist Survival Strategies for Success at a Research-Intensive University: Reflections from My First Year in the Academy
 Edwards, Katie.

Fifty Shades of Coercion: Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Sexual Pressure
 Hendrick, Crystal., Bailey, Kayler., Kamka, Candice., McBride, Susan., Woodbury, Cassidy. and Reddy, Diane.

Finding the bridge between modern life and traditional society: Druze women in Israel
 Pataki, Sherri., Abass, Randa. and Ryan, Carey.

Food, femininity, and la famiglia: Italian American women and identity
 Dottolo, Andrea.

Fostering Feminist Activism through the Construction of a Theatre-based Sexual Assault Prevention Program.
 Arczynski, Alexis.

Framing Messages for Hypertension Research in African American Women
 Russaw, Alana.


Gendercide: Violence Against Women
 Bloom, Jill.

Genderqueer: A qualitative study of gender fluidity and gender expression
 Doyle, Carol., Eichler, Margaret. and Rees-Turyn, Amy.

Girls today, women tomorrow: Understanding the youth perspective and influence of peers
 Angevin, Summer.


HPV Vaccination: Increasing Intentions to Vaccinate and Closing the Gender Gap
 Jirovec, Danielle., Ports, Katie., Rameshbabu, Anjali., Deininger, Jessica. and Reddy, Diane.

Health at Every Size: Prescribing Health, Not Weight Loss
 Kasardo, Ashley.

Hooking up: Positive and negative experiences of undergraduate women
 Pearlson, Rebecca. and McHugh, Maureen.

How Big is Too Big?: Decision-Making Among Young Adult Women Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery
 Gordon, Mallorie. and Rubin, Lisa.

Hungry? Mindfulness as an alternative to dieting
 Chasler, Julia.


I love being a woman, but I hate the bloating: Collective self-esteem and menstrual symptoms
 Smith, Christine., Konik, Julie. and Gonnering, Robecca.

Images of Homelessness: A Photovoice Project with Young Homeless Women
 Power, Cathleen.

Immigrant mothers and their bi-racial daughters: A Qualitative study
 Thompson, Cynthia.

Incarcerated Women: Predictors of Depression and Treatment Access
 Van Ness, Emily., Hendrickson, Kelsie., Lynch, Shannon., DeHart, Dana., Belknap, Joanne. and Green, Bonnie.

Intergenerational Trauma Transmission among Second Generation Survivors of Genocide
 manoogian, julie.

International Domestic Violence – International Students’ Perspectives on Help-Seeking Behaviors and Coping in Their Country of Origin
 Rustagi, Manisha. and Berry, Meredith.

International Students' Coping and Help Seeking
 Ægisdóttir, Stefanía. and Niegocki, Kathleen.

Interpretations of Mental Health Care for Female Schizophrenics at Butabika Psychiatric Hospital, Kampala, Uganda: A grounded theory study

Intimate partner violence in immigrant communities
 Counts, Pamela.


Knowing Women’s Lives Through Fiction: Qualitative Research Meets Art
 Biaggio, Maryka.


LDS Attitudes Towards Female Gender Roles
 Steffen, Laura., Edmunds, Chrisse. and Goldstein, Julia.

LGBT Youth Online
 crowley, mary.

Language in Psychotherapy with Immigrant Women
 Espin, Oliva.

Legal Parenting Rights as Predictors of Minority Stress, Parenting Stress, and Relationship Satisfaction among Sexual Minority Women
 Puckett, Julia., Reeves, Teresa., Wheeler, Emily., Horne, Sharon. and Sweeney, Kristin.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transvestite, Transsexual, and Intersex (LGBTTTI) voices in Mexico City
 O\'Shaughnessy, Tiffany.

Levels of sexual coercion reported for first time encounters
 Interligi, Camille. and McHugh, Maureen.

Locating Women's Global Narratives and Local Needs in Our Own Backyard: Global Critical Race Feminism for Direct Social Work Practice
 Goldberg, Carly.

Look @ Me 2.0: Self-Sexualization in Facebook Photos, Self-Objectification, and Body Image in Women
 Ruckel, Lindsay. and Hill, Melanie.


Maternal perceptions of the antecedents and consequences of CPS involvement for child abuse
 Campbell, Kristine., Olson, Lenora., Keenan, Heather. and Morrow, Sue.

Menstrual Status Matters: Menstruation, the PMS stereotype, and stereotype threat
 Smith, Christine. and Gonnering, Robecca.

Minding the Body: Exploring and Measuring Embodiment from a Feminist Perspective
 Sliva, Victoria.

Motherhood, mind, and mood across cultures: Testing a predictive model of postpartum depressive symptoms
 Hassert, Silva., Robinson Kurpius, Sharon., Kodysova, Eliska. and Conklin, Jessica.

My Mom’s Helping Hand: Latina/o Students in Higher Education
 Davila, Jr., Omar.


Native Voices: Exploring the Relationship between Gender and Grief in Indian Country
 Fretts, Jennie., Enoch, Robert., Swaney, Gyda. and Holkup, Patti.


Objectification in the Gym:Body-Surveillance and Exercise Behaviors in ‘All-women’s’ and ‘Co-ed’ Gyms
 Korn, Ashley., Obleada, Katrina., Mercurio, Andrea. and Rima, Brandi.


Parent-Daughter Communication: A Global Perspective
 vong, shannen.

Parents can’t do it alone: Girls’ attitudes toward completing the present school year and school responsiveness
 Joseph, Emilie., Trotman, April., Rodriguez, Isabel., Bailey, Emma. and Mena, Jasmine.

Patriarchy, Parent-Daughter Relationships and Women's Future Orientation in the U.S and Israel
 Vogler, Lyndsey., Khaldy, Haya., Abass, Randa. and Pataki, Sherri.

Perception of Derogatory Remarks at School Among LGBTQ, Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth
 Odell, Camille. and Peterson, Rachel.

Perceptions of Feminists: Still Crazy After All These Years?
 Taylor, Christina. and Glass, Catherine.

Possible Powerful Selves of U.S. University Students: Still Gendered?
 Lips, Hilary., Simpson, Savannah. and Gomes, Natisha.

Post Modern Families: An Exploration of Discursive Patterns in Lesbian Parent Families
 Katz, Madeleine.

Posttraumatic stress disorder, interpersonal violence, and physical health among women offenders with current major depressive disorder
 Vo, Duyen., Lynch, Shannon., DeHart, Dana., Belknap, Joanne. and Green, Bonnie.

Power, Pinning, and Social Media: Combating Images on Pinterest
 Siliman, Shadia.

Powerful Pens: An Existential Group Therapy Curriculum for Incarcerated Women
 Streckfuss, Laura. and Henry, Melissa.

Privilege, oppression, or ethnicity?: What is White identity?
 Nnawulezi, Nkiru., O\'Conner, Rachel., Dodson, Catherine. and Settles, Isis.

Promoting leadership through consideration of STEM women’s international identity and culture
 Amon, Mary Jean., Burbage, Michelle., Clements-Brod, Naomi. and Kallen, Rachel.


Queer women and religion: Reviewing religion’s impact on non-heterosexual and non-gender conforming women of faith
 Smith, Rebecca., Potter, Dawn., Gaulte, Margherita. and Davis, Shawn.

Queering domestic violence from a feminist perspective
 mehrotra, gita.


Rape laws, rape myths, and police officers’ perceptions of rape in South Korea
 Lee, Joohee. and Lee, Wanhee.

Rates of Anxiety Symptomatology and Diagnosis among Rural Pregnant Women
 Robertson, Gail., Hendrickson, Kelsie. and Nylen, Kimberly.

Rates of Major Depression and Treatment Seeking among Rural Pregnant Women
 Cole, Trevor., Peterson, Jennifer. and Nylen, Kimberly.

Resisting sexual coercion: Campus workshops for women
 Sciarrillo, Samantha.


Safety and Trust are So Sacred: Client Perspectives of Feminist Multicultural Therapy
 Abousleman, Tamara.

Scholarly and Subversive Methods of Empowering Female Faculty
 Chrisler, Joan.

Selling Sex to Pay for Tuition: Canadian Women University Students working in the Sex Trade
 Sinacore, Ada. and Rezazadeh, Maryam.

Sex Ed as Feminist Ed: Qualitative Analysis of Classroom Discussion
 Plocha, Aleksandra. and Randazzo, Renee.

Sex Trafficking: Clinical Interventions from a Cultural and Social Justice Perspective
 McCadden, Elizabeth.

Sex Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery
 Sidun, Nancy.

Sexism, Strippers, and Slut-Shaming
 Parreira, Christina.

Sexual coercion of young Hispanic women on dates and hangouts
 Eaton, Asia., Fernandez, Katherine. and Rose, Suzanna.

Should Female Genital Cutting (FGC) be classified as a psychological trauma? A literature review.
 Nwankwo, Nnenna., Crockford, Amy. and Kelsy, Newton.

Silence as Quiet Strength: Asian American Daughters Re-Cognizing Mothers’ Resistance
 Nam, Vickie. and White, Aaronette.

Similarities in Gender-Typed Traits and Trait Competitiveness in Same-sex and Other-sex Friend Dyads
 Harrison, Kathleen., Aftab, Sarah., Blank, Joel., Mehta, Clare., Hojjat, Mahzad. and Ayotte, Brian.

Sluts! Interviews with women who experienced sexual harassment in high school
 Crawford, Nicole. and McHugh, Maureen.

Smash Your Scale! Project Weightless Raises Awareness of Weight Stigmatization
 Simone, Melissa.

Social Reactions, Coping, Perceived Control and PTSD in Sexual Assault Victims
 Ullman, Sarah. and Peter-Hagene, Liana.

Sociocultural Factors and Decreased Desire: Does Feeling Bad About Your Body Make You Want Less Sex?
 Ziegler, Ali., Rubin, Jennifer., Avery, Lanice. and Conley, Terri.

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Taking it to the Hill: Psychologists Informing Public Policy
 Corry, Nida.

Teaching Psychology of Gender in Appalachia
 Dye, April.

Testing a model of risk and protective factors for female offending: Examining the associations among trauma, self-control, and offending
 Rowland, Sarah.

The APA Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology: The First Five Years
 Fassinger, Ruth.

The Academic Job Search
 Mehta, Clare. and Pause, Cat.

The Centrality of Women in the Lives of Feminist Latinos
 Sinha, Mrinal. and Hurtado, Aida.

The Development and Intergenerational Transmission of Body Image in 5- to 7-Year-Olds
 Knafo, Hannah.

The Far Side of the STEM Pipeline
 Kelly, Alexandra.

The Grey Area of Heterosexual Sex
 Trotman, April., Viscione, Elizabeth-Ann., Gorraiz, Maggie. and Morokoff, Patricia.

The Impact of Growing Up Poor on Adult Life: A Qualitative Study
 Wilfong, Jessica.

The Impact of Lesbian Gender Expression on Body Image and Eating Disorders
 Randazzo, Renee., Horne, Sharon., Jacaruso, Alyssa. and Brown, Emily.

The Power of the transgender: The case of the Indian Hijras
 Sahai, Nupur.

The Relationship between Interpersonal Sexual Objectification Experience and Intention of Plastic Surgery among Female High-School Students
 Lee, Jee-yon., Jang, Ji-won., Jang, Jin-yi. and Lee, Maree.

The Role of Bipolar Disorder and Psychopathy Traits in the Commitment of Violent Crimes
 Bonci, Alina., Lynch, Shannon., DeHart, Dana., Belknap, Joanne. and Green, Bonnie.

The Role of Childhood Victimization and Self-Regulation in Predicting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Female Offenders
 Bowman, Brittany., Dyson, Rachel., Kuruvilla, Beena. and Rowland, Sarah.

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Understanding the effects of acculturation in Filipino American parent-child relationships.
 Conanan, Adeleine.

Undocu-Love: Exploring Romantic Relationships of Undocumented Women
 Valdovinos, Miriam.

Undocumented Latina Immigrants in the U.S.: A Case Study of a Worksite Raid
 Baillie, Jeanine.

Using Feminist Leadership to Build a Performance-based, Peer Education Program.
 Christensen, Candace.

Using Reflexivity Within and Beyond Ourselves: Reflections on Collaborative Navel-Gazing
 Pease, Lilly., Kristiansen, Connie. and Fletcher, Sarah.


Validation of a Patient-Provider Microaggression Scale
 Almond, Amanda., Harlow, Lisa. and Richmond, Brittany.

Voices from the Diaspora: A feminist analysis of intergenerational Jewish women’s trauma
 Ginsberg, Freda. and Sinacore, Ada.

Voices in the Mind: A Comparison of Sexual Subjectivity in Adolescent Females and Males
 Farmer, Kaelin., Lustig, Kara. and Morris, Anthony.

Voices of Courage in the Prevention of Gender Based Violence
 Cattani, Kara., Valentine, LaNae., Graham, Rebecca., Goates-Jones, Melissa., Golightly, Thomas. and VanDyke, James.


What do mothers think they tell their daughters about anger?
 Forgays, Deborah. and Byrne, Christina.

What did you mean when you said you were a lesbian?
 Belmonte, Kimberly., Chmielewski, Jennifer. and Holmes, Tabitha.

What does spirituality have to do with it?
 Glivings, Marisa., Nnadozie, Nneka. and Abrahamson, Twylla.

What's sexy? What's sexualization? Girls of color discuss.
 Lamb, Sharon., Randazzo, Renee., Plocha, Aleksandra., Farmer, Kaelin. and Kostezina, M.A., Elena.

When and Where I Enter: Dr. Aaronette White’s Global Concern for International Women’s Issues
 Lovett, Marilyn. and Smith, Chrystal.

Women Casino Workers: Courage in Unexpected Places
 Jones, Jill B.

Women of War: Resilience, Recovery, and Resources among Women Refugees
 Bennett-Murphy, Laura., Requadt, Megan. and Ameen, Alaa.

Women who Choose Engineering: Asian Foreign National Women in U.S. Doctoral Programs Explain their Choice
 Stevens, Sarah., Trott, Carlie. and Canetto, Silvia.

Women’s Experience and Evolving Role in the Military
 Konecky, Brian., Meyer, Eric., Tichy, Kathryn., Evans, Lianna., Morissette, Sandra. and Gulliver, Suzy.

Women’s Pap Smear Knowledge and Perceived Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer and HPV
 Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica., Ports, Katie., Syme, Maggie. and Klonoff, Elizabeth.

Women’s Sexual Well-Being in Emerging Adulthood as a Function of Patterns of Body-Esteem
 Fish, Jennaleigh. and Holmes, Tabitha.

Work and Life: Understanding Women’s Diverse Challenges
 Silver, Barb.

Working With Rural Women Subsistence Farmers In Rural Uganda
 Shavers, John.


Young Chinese Women: Self-presentation and Identity on Social Networking Sites
 Mazur, Elizabeth.

Young Latina Parents: Hopes and Challenges for a Positive Future
 Rojas, Eileen. and Tolley, Alissa.
AWP Annual Conference 2013-Mar-07 to 2013-Mar-11
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