National Association for Women in Psychology Conference 2014-Mar-06 to 2014-Mar-10

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"Real Beauty" Images and Body Image Dissatisfaction: Is there a Difference?
 McElfish, Briana.

"You Can't Sit With Us": Food Allergy Bullying: Psychosocial Adjustment and the Role of Resilience
 Berendsen, Dre.

‘Where is my seat in the cafeteria?”: A psychological exploration of inclusion vs. exclusion for children and families with severe food allergies
 Coble-Temple, PsyD, Alette. and Rapela, MS, Melissa.

“Coming out” as a leader: Leadership experiences of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender woman
 Konik, Julie. and Case, Kim.

“Is that your baby?”: Reproductive microaggressions toward women with disabilities
 Yokoyama, Kayoko.


A Gender-Based Pair Study of STEM Faculty Career Development Informing Institutional Change
 Jantzer, Amanda., Redlin, Meredith., Tolman, Elizabeth., Woldt, Bradley. and Fergen, Joshua.

Abuse of the Invisible: Disabled Women
 Rustagi, Manisha., Sofletea, Georgiana., Barsan - Cayro, Anca. and Bennett, Keiuma.

Adherence to Traditional Asian Values and Disordered Eating Behaviors and Attitudes in Asian American women
 Tsong, Yuying. and Smart, Rebekah.

Aging and the Quality of Life: Experience of Disabling Conditions
 Hall, Ruth.

All else being equal: Teaching gender similarities in the classroom
 Konik, Julie.

Ambivalent Sexism and Gender Role Traditionality as Potential Moderators of the Motherhood Penalty
 Gordon, Alynn. and Lips, Hilary.

An Intervention for Teaching Research Methods While Also Reducing Sexist Prejudice
 Yoder, Janice., Mills, Aeriel. and Raffa, Emily.

An ecological and psychooncological model to work with Asian American women with breast cancer
 Wong, Joanne. and Rattu, Manmeet.

Analyzing Deaf-hearing alliances: Lessons from feminist methodology
 Ostrove, Joan. and Oliva, Gina.

Are Feminist Beliefs Related to Open-Minded Thinking, Critical Thinking, or Media Literacy?
 Myers, Taryn.

Associations between Gender-related Variables and Substance Use in College Students
 Aftab, Sarah. and Mehta, Clare.


Beauty, Body Image, and Disability
 Niblick, Alison. and Stoyell, Jennifer.

Believing that Jealousy is Good: Correlates and Sex Differences
 Erchull, Mindy., Humphries, T. Michele., Liss, Miriam. and Hartwell, Lauren.

Best Practices in Assessing Parenting Capabilities in Mothers with Physical Disabilities
 Coble-Temple, PsyD, Alette. and Tuleja, Christi.

Best Practices in System-Level Interventions: Reducing Military Sexual Harassment
 O\'Connor, Rachel., Buchanan, NiCole., Settles, Isis. and Hall, Angela.

Beyond Physical Barriers: when discrimination escalates from silent coercion to violence
 Cronin, M..

Big sisters, little sisters; Navigating across cultures in higher education
 Peters, Wendy. and Green, Julii.

Body Objectification, Eating Attitudes and Social Pressure in Sorority and Non-sorority Women: A mixed-methods investigation.
 DaCosta, Kneia. and Finafrock, Jessica.

Body mass index among Special Olympics athletes from Muslim majority countries: Differences in gender and adult status
 Patka, Mazna. and Murry (Chiricahua Apache), Adam.

Bridging Academic and Community-Based Research
 Brinkman, Britney., Jedinak, Allison. and Khan, Aliya.

Bringing Feminism to Yoga: Sharing Strategies for Being Feminist Yogis
 Rima, Brandi. and Pula, Sara.


Career and Family Choices: A Longitudinal Perspective by Women in Science Graduate Studies
 Stevens, Sarah., Canetto, Silvia., Ward, Emily. and Gallegos, Madeline.

Challenges to Self-Care in the Workplace: Chronic Physical Illness in Mental Health Providers
 Barthlow-Potkanowicz, Deanna.

Changing Sexual Harassment Reporting Policies in higher Education: Does Mandated Reporting Silence victims?
 Eder, Maggie., hyers, lauri. and Soltis, Daniel.

Class, Classism and the Negative Impact of Microaggressions
 Poet, Andrea.

College Retention: Tools for Empowerment of At-Risk Women
 Ghosh, Arpita., Rieder Bennett, Sara., Lee, Jiyoon., McDonald, Donna. and Martin, Juanita.

College Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Post HPV Vaccination
 Ports, Katie., Barnack-Tavlaris, Jessica., Mosavel, Maghboeba. and Murithi, Lydia.

Combating neighborhood risk: The potential impact of Multiracial ethnic identity
 Joseph, Emilie.

Comparisons of Online Discourse of the Stress of Parenting Daughters with ADHD and Mood Disorders
 Mazur, Elizabeth., Mickle, Camille. and Scipione, Mary.

Conducting Ethical Relationship-intensive Research: Boundaries, Multiple Relationships, and Termination in Qualitative Research
 Corrales, Carolina., Morrow, Sue., Baranowski, Kim. and Abrams, Liz.

Connecting the Dots: Trauma-Informed and Disability-Affirming Feminist Therapy
 Niblick, Alison. and Trotta, Sarah.

Considering Co-occurrence: Understanding Violence in the Lives of Women.
 McHugh, Maureen.

Considering Co-occurrence: Understanding Violence in the Lives of Women.
 McHugh, Maureen.

Constructing a Feminist Identity Scale: Uncomplicating the Measurement of Feminism
 Petursson, Joanne.

Contemporary Slavery: Who, what, when, where and why?
 Sidun, Nancy.

Contextual Influences on Interpersonal Relationship and Minority Stress in Sexual Minority Women
 Puckett, Julia., Herbitter, Cara., Maroney, Meredith., Horne, Sharon. and Levitt, Heidi.

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Defined Lines
 Riutort, Arielle., DeFonesca, Alexis., Rojas, Elsa. and Holmes, Samantha.

Desexualization of Women and other Persons with Disabilities
 Glaittli, Stephanie.

Dis-empowerment or disability: Women's experiences with depression and biomedical treatments
 Mackin, Jennifer.

Disability and Identity: Lost Pieces In A Post-Concussion Syndrome Diagnosis
 Green, MFA, MS, Cheryl.

Disability, Sexuality, and Body Image: Young Women’s Experience of Relational Intimacy After Mastectomy
 Forrester, Jennifer. and Coble-Temple, PsyD, Alette.

Disability: The largest US Minority Ignored in Counseling Psychology
 Sofletea, Georgiana., Rustagi, Manisha., Barsan - Cayro, Anca. and Bennett, Keiuma.

Diversity Training: Comparing Themes Garnered from Professional Psychology Doctoral Students by Gender and Race
 Grover, Brianna., Linen, Nicole. and Malloy, Kathleen.

Diversity and Inclusion in Post-Secondary Education: The Necessary Inclusion of Women with Disabilities in STEMM Disciplines
 Strand, Lauren.

Do I belong here? African-American female students experiences at a California public university.
 Glivings, Marisa., Cerezo, Alison. and Kim-Ju, Greg.

Do Women Compete to Win?
 Fede, Jacquelyn. and Suckle-Nelson, Jessica.

Do You See What I See? Self and Others’ Perceptions of Gender Counterstereotypicality
 Wheeler, Mikayla., Verwey, Diana., Page, Andrew. and Leskinen, Emily.

Do you see what I see?: Gender differences in perceptions of sexual harassment videos
 Buchanan, NiCole., Wu, Ivan. and Bluestein, Brooke.

Does Multicultural Training Address Counselors’ Sexist Attitudes?
 McLaughlin, Kristin. and Kumar, Snehal.

Double Meanings and ‘Veiled’ Spaces: How a Closer Look at the Iranian Revolution can Help us Better Counsel Iranian Women
 Venieris, Pauline.


Ebony Menace: Intersectionality, Multiple Minority Identities and the Black Lesbian
 Jordan, Andrea.

Ecologically Informed Equine-Assisted Therapy: An Ecotherapy for the People of a Suffering Planet
 Causbie, Kate.

Elderly women and victimization
 Interligi, Camille.

Emancipatory Sexuality Workshops for College Women –
 Sciarrillo, Samantha.

Evaluating the Impact of a Course on Eating Disorders and Suggestions for Study Design
 LePage, Marie., LeFrancois, Janet. and McCoy, Monica.

Experiences of racism and heterosexism within the feminist communities
 Tsong, Yuying. and Dinh, Khanh.

Exploring participants’ experiences with an 8-week course in mindful eating
 Smart, Rebekah. and Tsong, Yuying.

Exploring the Role of Multiple Mothering on Object Representations of Asian Indian Women
 Thukral, Rajat.

Exploring the gendered bodies of egg donors: A material-discursive analysis
 Leve, M.A., Michelle.

Exploring the intersections among disability, identity, and art: Implications of Disability Art for Womens' Identities
 Titus, Jennifer. and Sinacore, Ada.


Factors associated with vocational outcome among women with diabetes: Results from a national survey
 Chan, Jacob Yuichung., Rustagi, Manisha., WILLIAMS, CADY., Koch, Krystyn. and Kapoun, Judith.

Fat Talking Feminists? The Relationship between Feminist Attitudes and Negative Body Talk
 Lafleur, Rebecca. and Baudendistel, Catherine.

Feminism is for everybody! Approaches for addressing men and/in feminism
 Smith, Christine.

Feminism: friend or foe for Latinas? Sexual harassment, mental health, and feminist ideology
 Rogers, Angelina., Buchanan, NiCole. and Wu, Ivan.

Feminist Therapy with Adult Daughters of Alcoholics
 Arnett, Alyssa.

Finding Meaning in Disordered Eating: The Role of Internalization of the Thin Ideal
 Grandy, Natalie. and Waehler, Charles.

Full Frontal: The Large-Breasted Woman's Experience of Multiple Breast Identities
 Castro, Jill.


Gender Identity, Gender Roles, and Gender Presentation: Psychologists as Allies and Community Members
 Smith, Rebecca. and Mackin, Jennifer.

Gender Stereotyping and Harassment: A “Catch-22” for Women in the Workplace
 Leskinen, Emily. and Rabelo, Verónica.

Gender differences in an alcohol blog: A content analysis
 Koelsch, Lori.

Generation Z: The Impact of Sexualization and Technology on Clinical Practice
 Schmitt, Susann., Mueller, Teresa., Sackett, Andrea., Kiourtsis, Emily., Rose, Ryan., Fernander, Allison. and Schultz, Michelle.

Getting Physical: Risky Behavior, Sexual Violence, and Adolescents with Disabilities.
 Dunn, Chelsie., Vong, Shannen., Slosberg, Lindsay., Masai, Kaitlyn. and Fu, Michi.

Girls, Social Change, and Activism
 Brinkman, Britney.

Giving Voice to Women With Disabilities Through Qualitative Research Design
 Coble-Temple, PsyD, Alette.

Guiding graduate students and advisors to achieve culturally competent research: Assembly required
 Mena, Jasmine., Joseph, Emilie. and Rodriguez, Isabel.


HONORABLE MENTION: When Sexism and Feminism Collide: The Sexual Harassment of Feminist Working Women
 Holland, Kathryn.

Health practitioners’ lived experiences in providing services to survivors of sexual violence in Nairobi, Kenya.
 Munala, Leso.

Health-Related Diets and How They Affect Socialization
 Chuck, Chelsea., hyers, lauri., Lehman, Stephania. and Sallade, Samantha.

Hey Sexy Baby: The Infantilization of Female Sexuality in Western Media
 Siliman, Shadia.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Scholarship of Women Experiences of Trauma
 Smith, Stefanie.

Homelessness Stigma as a Function of Military and Trauma Status: An Experimental Study
 Kinsey, Rebecca.

Hooking up: Looking for the positive experience.
 Pearlson, Rebecca.

Human sexuality and middle adulthood: Deaf women’s satisfaction with intimate relationships
 Clark, Diane. and Joharchi, Hannah.

Human trafficking in Uganda: A community-based multi-faceted approach to prevention and victim identification.
 Burke, Mary.


Identity, Social Support, and Resiliency: How Social Support Moderates Effects of Minority Stress among LGB Individuals across Stages of Outness
 Schaaff, Ari., Sylaska, Kateryna., Edwards, Katie. and Crossman, Annie.

Incivility at academic conferences: Gender differences and the mediating role of climate
 Settles, Isis. and O\'Connor, Rachel.

Initiating Heterosexual Relationships in College: A Qualitative Study of the Female Perspective
 Ross, Katherine.

Integrating Feminist Principles and Research into DSM-5 Diagnoses for Women with Mental Health Disabilities
 Cascio, Katherine., Owen, Kathryn. and Leistner, Christine.

Integrating Social Justice and Advocacy as Interventions for Gender and Ability Identities
 Ghosh, Arpita., Dykema, Stephanie., Drakeford, Naomi. and Riutort, Arielle.

Intentionally segregated spaces versus mainstream settings: Perspectives of people with disabilities toward inclusion
 Patka, Mazna. and Wallin-Ruschman, Jen.

Intersecting Identities and Clinical Supervision
 Williams, Coleen. and McCloskey, Kathy.

Is the End Really the End?: Prevalence and Correlates of Young Women’s Intentions to Return to an Abusive Relationship
 Palmer, Kelly., Lindemann, Kristin., Edwards, Katie. and Gidycz, Christine.


Knowing Our Value
 Lenz, Mel., Theige, Kathryn. and Erdman, Raechel.


Labor activism, collective agency, and self-determination: Preventing trafficking through grassroots action.
 Hume, Deborah.

Longitudinal analysis of positive and negative social reactions in sexual assault victims
 Ullman, Sarah.


Making the Invisible Visible: Mental Health Implications of Invisible Chronic Illness
 Esposito, Jessica., Geiger, Elizabeth. and Wong, Stephanie.

Marketing gender: An examination of gender construction in popular culture
 McCarthy, Wanda.

Masculinity and Femininity in Women's Offline and Online Sociability
 Gambardella, Gianna. and Mehta, Clare.

Mentoring women in science: Lessons learned from two programs targeting recruitment, retention, and advancement of female STEM faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions
 Winterrowd, Erin. and Mihalick, Jennifer.

Military Sexual Assault: Survivor Status Predicts Training Satisfaction and Knowledge
 Rabelo, Verónica., Holland, Kathryn. and Cortina, Lilia.

Mindfulness: Dealing with the stress of chronic illness
 Sehgal, Radhika.

Models and Best Practices for Reproductive Health and Women with Disabilities
 Krikorian, Natasha. and Coble-Temple, PsyD, Alette.

My Two Dads: Research and Clinical Considerations for Gay Fathers.
 Miller, Deborah.


Naming the Invisible: The Body Politics of Unseen Disability
 Haden, Annie., Zuckerman, Paige., Barco, Jacqueline. and Alexander, Brooke.

Narcissism and Gender-Typed Personality Traits on Facebook
 Smith, Kelly. and Mehta, Clare.

Navigating Power Differentials as Early Professionals
 Henry, Melissa. and Streckfuss, Laura.

Not a “chubby girl belly” anymore: Discourse and shifting experiences of pregnancy embodiment(s)
 Joseph, M. A., Jessica.


On witnessing and anti-trafficking providers
 Contreras, Michelle.

Opting out of “finding out”: Sex, gender, and fetal constructions during pregnancy
 Breitkopf, Emily.

Overcoming Obstacles to Women of Color in Academe
 Trotman, Frances.


Participants’ Reported Positive and Negative Effects of Trauma-Related Disclosure to Researchers
 Neal, Angela., Edwards, Katie., Dardis, Christina., Kelley, Erika. and Gidycz, Christine.

Power, Out There and In Here: Can Power Research Inform Psychotherapy Practice and Training?
 Fischer, Ann.

Priorities for Research on Participation of Women with Disabilities in STEM Education
 Miles-Cohen, Shari.

Promoting body size acceptance and activism on campus: A workshop approach
 Kasardo, Ashley.

Prove It: Same-sex Performance among Sexual Minorities
 Boyer, C. Reyn. and Galupo, M. Paz.

Psycho-social factors predicting participation in community-based, discretionary activities by people who use wheelchairs
 perr, anita.

Psychosocial predictors of HPV vaccination
 Frazier, Savannah. and Vela, Jamie.


RECIPIENT: Women’s Masturbation: Experiences of Sexual Empowerment in a Primarily Sex-Positive Sample
 Bowman, Christin.

Rape Prevention at the Community Level
 Dean, Karol.

Rape Prevention at the National Level
 Hall, Diane.

Rape-splaining: Victim Blaming in News Print Media
 Capozzi, Claire.

Re-telling the Story: Exploring the Impact of Labeling in the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities and their Families
 Sklaroff-Van Hook, Susan., Hayles, Lauren., Ervin, Audrey. and Schuster, Samantha.

Relationship between Traditionality and Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression in Iraqi Refugee women
 Alsoraimi, Nesreen.

Reproductive Experiences: A Discussion of Strength, Trauma, and Discrimination
 Rojas, Elsa. and Sperry, Heather.

Resilience, Social Support, and Belonging: Links to Persistence in STEM for Women with Disabilities
 Mario-Redmond, Michelle.

Resistance As A Form Of Therapeutic Healing For Clients Of Color
 Barco, Jacqueline.

Right-Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation, and Homophobia: An Integrated Review of Individual and Societal Factors
 Bluestein, Brooke. and Buchanan, NiCole.

Round Table on Issues Facing Women in Academia and Research
 Dragon, Wendy., Durmusoglu, Gokce., Fernander, Allison., Mawasha, Joann., Meyer, Cheryl., Schultz, Michelle. and Warfield, Janeece.

Rural women’s experiences of breast surgery and reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis
 Lips, Hilary., Hastings, Sarah., Simpson, Savannah., Whittington, Abby. and Cooke, Shelley.


Scared Skinny: Women, stress and eating
 Simone, Melissa.

Scary Sexy: The Fear, Suppression and Labeling of Female Sexuality
 Demauro, Maria.

Self-care for the Size Acceptance Activist: Coping with Backlash
 Kasardo, Ashley.

Self-sexualization, empowerment, and oppression
 Smolak, Linda. and Murnen, Sarah.

Sex after sixty: Authentic and Agentic or Androcentric—
 Interligi, Camille. and McHugh, Maureen.

Sexability: Determining the Needs of a Unique Population
 Basch, Betsy., Collins, Kim. and Bartucci, Gina.

Sexual Liaisons on Campus: When are they positive for women?
 McGann, Katie. and McHugh, Maureen.

Sexual Minority Individuals’ Reflections on Sexual Orientation Scales: Conceptualization and Measurement
 Mitchell, Renae., Grynkiewicz, Ashley., Davis, Kyle. and Galupo, M. Paz.

Sexual Minority Individuals’ Reflections on Sexual Orientation Scales: Identity Formation and Recognition Across Identity
 Davis, Kyle., Grynkiewicz, Ashley., Mitchell, Renae. and Galupo, M. Paz.

Sexual Minority Youth’s Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence
 Gillum, Tameka.

Sexual Orientation Labels and Perceptions of Inclusion
 Sutton, Jacqueline., Teitelman, Adam. and Galupo, M. Paz.

Sexual Satisfaction of People with Disabilities: A Qualitative Look at Partner Negotiations
 Kattari, Shanna.

Sexual Violence and Coping Among Latina Survivors: A Review of the Literature
 Quintero, Danielle.

Short-Term Service-Learning Changes Students’ Attitudes About Disabilities: Norm Violations Lead to Deep Learning
 Wickline, Virginia. and Little, Molly.

Skin Deep: Body Image and Interpersonal Relationship Quality Among College Women
 Howard, Tawanna.

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Teaching Fluidity in the Gender Spectrum
 Christian, Stacie.

Teaching the Book Performing Sex: Pedagogical Points of Engagement, “Aha” Moments, and Using the Text to Grapple with Agency and Resistance
 Golden, Carla.

The Crossroads of Citizenship and Ability: Implications for Providing Services to International/Immigrant College Students
 Spektor, Valeriya. and Luu, Linh.

The Disabled Therapist’s Lived Experience
 Wagner, Kathryn.

The Effectiveness of Domestic Abuse Shelter Interventions in Reducing Symptoms of Trauma in Women and Children
 Kramer, Rebecca.

The Effects of Gender-Congruent Stereotype Threat on Verbal Fluency Performance
 Topping, Kimm. and Becker, Brian.

The Evolving Feminist Identities of Women Early Career Psychologists
 O\'Shaughnessy, Tiffany. and Burnes, Theodore.

The Impact of Happily Ever After Scripts and Socioeconomic Status on Relationship Satisfaction
 Jepsen, Rachel. and Howerton, Dawn.

The Influence of Feminist Identity on Outcomes for Sexual Abuse Survivors
 Holmes, Samantha. and Johnson, PhD, Dawn.

The Influence of Physical Expectations on Disordered Eating in South American Populations
 Topping, Kimm. and Goodman, David.

The Intersecting Complexities of Ethnicity and Disability
 Nabors, Nina.

The Object of Desire: How Being Objectified Creates Sexual Pressure for Women in Heterosexual Relationships
 Ramsey, Laura.

The Pros and Cons of Teaching an Eating Disorders Course: Benefits from a Pilot Study and Ethical Risks
 Myers, Taryn.

The Psychological Impact of Current Department of Education Policies for Students with Food Allergies
 Thompson, Nicole.

The Psychological and Social Processes through which Internalized Heterosexism Influences Psychological Distress in Sexual Minorities
 Puckett, Julia., Levitt, Heidi., Horne, Sharon. and Hayes-Skelton, Sarah.

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Unique challenges of teaching at the graduate and assistant professor levels
 Koury, Amanda. and Mehta, Clare.

University Eating Disorders and Body Image Courses: Uncontrolled Danger or Important Opportunity for Personal and Social Change?
 Levine, Michael.

Urban Black adolescents’ attitudes towards Intimate Partner Violence
 Stephens, Dionne.

Using Psychology of Women Quarterly to Engage Students and Enhance Learning
 Yoder, Janice.


What Allies Can Teach Us About Working Across Difference for Social Change
 Curtin, Nicola.

When Thinness and Drinking Pressures Collide: Self-Objectification, Gender Roles, and Drunkorexia
 Falk, Joanna., Fitz, Caroline., Eisenberg, Miriam. and Zucker, Alyssa.

When You're In Your'e O.U.T. Overlooked, Underserved, and Traumatized: Military Sexual Assault
 Howard, Tawanna., Keller, Melissa. and Hufferd, Bethany.

Women Who Bare it All: CT Girlcott
 Matacin, Mala.

Women in the military: Who are they and what do they need
 Dunlop, Darla.

Women with physical disability and identities of resistance: Claiming discursive identities
 Coffman-Rosen, Stacey.


Yoga: A Therapeutic Intervention for Clinician's Who Work With Trauma
 Galie Healey, Lisa., Hamilton, Deanna., Fici, Julia., Goff, Walter., Mareicheva, Natalia., Molloy, Sonia., Shull, Elizabeth., Templeton, Katherine., Zalenchak, Jonathan. and Zembower, Bailey.

You Are Her Mother? How Can That Be?
 Coble-Temple, PsyD, Alette.

Young Adult Women’s Friendships: Barriers and Facilitators
 Kuehl, Grant., Mehta, Clare., Aftab, Sarah., Gambardella, Gianna. and Smith, Kelly.
National Association for Women in Psychology Conference 2014-Mar-06 to 2014-Mar-10
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