National Association for Women in Psychology Conference 2014-Mar-06 to 2014-Mar-10

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Teaching Fluidity in the Gender Spectrum
 Christian, Stacie.

Teaching the Book Performing Sex: Pedagogical Points of Engagement, “Aha” Moments, and Using the Text to Grapple with Agency and Resistance
 Golden, Carla.

The Crossroads of Citizenship and Ability: Implications for Providing Services to International/Immigrant College Students
 Spektor, Valeriya. and Luu, Linh.

The Disabled Therapist’s Lived Experience
 Wagner, Kathryn.

The Effectiveness of Domestic Abuse Shelter Interventions in Reducing Symptoms of Trauma in Women and Children
 Kramer, Rebecca.

The Effects of Gender-Congruent Stereotype Threat on Verbal Fluency Performance
 Topping, Kimm. and Becker, Brian.

The Evolving Feminist Identities of Women Early Career Psychologists
 O\'Shaughnessy, Tiffany. and Burnes, Theodore.

The Impact of Happily Ever After Scripts and Socioeconomic Status on Relationship Satisfaction
 Jepsen, Rachel. and Howerton, Dawn.

The Influence of Feminist Identity on Outcomes for Sexual Abuse Survivors
 Holmes, Samantha. and Johnson, PhD, Dawn.

The Influence of Physical Expectations on Disordered Eating in South American Populations
 Topping, Kimm. and Goodman, David.

The Intersecting Complexities of Ethnicity and Disability
 Nabors, Nina.

The Object of Desire: How Being Objectified Creates Sexual Pressure for Women in Heterosexual Relationships
 Ramsey, Laura.

The Pros and Cons of Teaching an Eating Disorders Course: Benefits from a Pilot Study and Ethical Risks
 Myers, Taryn.

The Psychological Impact of Current Department of Education Policies for Students with Food Allergies
 Thompson, Nicole.

The Psychological and Social Processes through which Internalized Heterosexism Influences Psychological Distress in Sexual Minorities
 Puckett, Julia., Levitt, Heidi., Horne, Sharon. and Hayes-Skelton, Sarah.

The Psychology of Women's Philanthropy
 Dean, Karol. and Boyd-Stewart, Ann.

The Relationship among Mental Illness, Homelessness, and Trauma History
 Kinsey, Rebecca.

The Role of Creative Problem-Solving for Women with Disabilities in STEM
 Konig, Andrea.

The Role of Internalized Heterosexism in relation to the Health of Sexual Minorities
 Rodriguez, Isabel.

The Role of Perceived In-Group Stigma and Self-stigma in Battered Women’s Attitudes towards Counseling
 Baker, Brittany.

The butch-femme dilemma: Gender roles in LGBT relationships
 Bessenoff, Gayle. and Marino, Jess.

The dreaded body: Fatness, blackness, disability, old age and the terror of excess
 Fahs, Breanne.

The frenemy project: Context and process for change
 Williams, Wendi. and Packer-Williams, Catherine.

The limits and possibilities of a discursive framework for imagining reproductive justice for low-income women seeking abortion
 Chavez, M.A., Jessica.

The struggles and stigma of obesity: Emotional, social and psychological challenges.
 Almonte, Julien. and Worhach, Matthew.

The “Low 10:” The Meaning of Education at the Intersection of Culture and Social Class
 Rios, Desdamona.

Themes of Identity and Disability in Women with Adult Diagnoses
 Basch, Betsy., Collins, Kim. and Bartucci, Gina.

Therapy with women of color with disabilities
 Sehgal, Radhika.

Tomboys or Princesses? Gender Stereotyping in “Feminist” Children’s Books
 Castle, Jessica., Jooste, Allanri., Ringelstetter, Paige. and Leskinen, Emily.

Training as Social Justice: A Collaborative Model for Training Programs, College Counseling, and Disability Services
 Varkula, Lindsay.

Transgender Microaggressions in the Context of Friendship
 Henise, Shane., Davis, Kyle. and Galupo, M. Paz.

Trauma Hurts: The psychological and physical consequences of interpersonal trauma in women
 Johnson, Nicole. and Kadeba, Myriam.

Trauma experiences, gender roles and career development for women: Global considerations
 Pitre, Sneha. and Davis, Brittan.
National Association for Women in Psychology Conference 2014-Mar-06 to 2014-Mar-10
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