BALAS Annual Conference 2010-Mar-23 to 2010-Mar-27

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“All-invented-here” vs “All-orchestrated-here”. Emerging Paradigm for a more efficient Global Interconnection of Research and Knowledge
 Ruelas-Gossi, Alejandro. and Mendi, Pedro.


A Paradigm of Financial Truthfulness During Periods of Crisis:The Case of Mexico
 Hazera, Alejandro., Quirvan, Carmen. and Marin Hernandez, Salvador.

An Assessment of the Societal Values Dimensions of the Schwartz Values Survey
 Group, UFIRC.

Annuity Choices in Chile: A Dynamic Approach
 Ruiz Vergara, Jose. and Mitchell, Olivia.

Asymmetrical individual return herding
 Fernandez, Viviana.


CEMEX Mergers and Acquisitions: A Process Governance Model, Profiting from Standardization
 Corrales, Martha.

Case study - Dole Carbon Neutral Fruits
 Kilian, Bernard.

Children Influences and Family Decision Making
 Veloso, Andres., Hildebrand, Diogo. and Campomar, Marcos.

Comparing Data Collection Methods for Customer Equity
 de Oliveira, Marta., Silveira, Cleo., Keiserman, Bruna., Liberali, Guilherme. and Luce, Fernando.

Contagion effects of the US Subprime Crisis on Latin American and European Union Stock Markets
 Bergmann, Daniel., Savoia, José., Saito, André. and Contani, Eduardo.

Corporate Social Responsibility: a case study between Brazilian and the foreign retail market
 do Prado, Lucas., mafud, Marina. and Merlo, Edgard.

Credi Q Inversiones II
 Sanz, Luis. and Martínez, Octavio.

Cultural myths and business realities (or is it the other way round?) Antioquia and Chiloe in a regions-within-nations approach
 Hojman, David. and Navarro Bateman, Ilva.

Curricular Structure and the National Student Performance Exam in Brazil (Enade).
 Cruz, Breno., Spinola, Ana. and Freitas Jr., Antonio.


Determinants of Profitability among Central American Firms
 Ketelhöhn, Niels. and Quintanilla, Carlos.
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Determinants of Shareholders’ Returns Following Announcements of Asset Sales: Evidence from Latin America
 Fernandez, Juan., Garay, Urbi. and Pablo, Eduardo.

Dividend policy and ownership structure in Latin America
 Pablo, Eduardo. and Gonzalez, Maximiliano.

Does Past Performance Affect Risk Taking by Brazilian Hedge Funds?
 Pilotto, Rogério. and Eid Jr., William.

Does the Central American Common Market advance towards greater regional integration?
 Ramírez Roma, Xavier. and Moslares García, Carlos.

Dr. Cartucho Cases A & B: An unstained and trusted refill
 Esqueda, Sofia., Rodríguez, Aramis. and Herrera, Cindy.

Dr. Cartucho Cases A y B: Teaching Notes
 Esqueda, Sofia., Rodríguez, Aramis. and Herrera, Cindy.


Economic incentives to adopt sustainable practices in the tourism industry in Mexico
 Lloret, Antonio., Domenge, Rogerio., Saz, Isabel., Carus, Luis., Rivera, Marisol. and Muñoz, Carlos.

Energy Assessment in Iberian-American Countries: Challenges of Sustainability and Social Responsibility in the Region
 Arbelaez, Harvey., Ganitsky, Joseph. and Camargo, Andrea.

Exploring the contingency approach in supply chain management
 Wanke, Peter., Correa, Henrique. and Hijjar, Maria.

Export Channel Integration and the Performance of Brazilian and Peruvian Exporters
 Robles, Fernando., Clarke, Ruth., Akhter, Syed., Machado, Marcilio. and Jauregui, Kety.


Familiness and Transgenerational Wealth Creation: The Influence of Family Management and Dividend Reinvestment
 Montiel, Eduardo., Sanz, Luis., Cordero, Arkangel. and Severino, Iluminada.

Firm´s Tertius Iungens Orientation: Arising Cooperation from Stakeholder Networks

From Knowledge Management to Absorptive Capacity: The CEMEX Case on Best Practices
 Corrales, Martha.


High Performance Work Practices In Latin-American Subsidiaries Of Multinational Companies: Analyzing the effects on employee outcomes
 Bonache, Jaime. and Trullen, Jordi.

Human Resource Management in Latin America: A Stakeholder Perspective
 Davila, Anabella. and Elvira, Marta.


Impact of Private Equity investments on the performance of IPOs issued by Brazilian companies
 Ferrari, Leandro., Marcon, Rosilene. and Boeing da Silveira, Ricardo.

In-store price knowledge of hypermarket shoppers
 Hidalgo, Pedro., Manzur, Enrique., Olavarrieta, Sergio. and Farias, Pablo.

Individual Sovereignty, antitrust controls and the market - the challenges of private enforcement
 kirkbride, james.

Innovation and Knowledge Management Indicators: Challenges for Competitiveness in Brazil and Europe
 Vasconcelos, Maria Celeste.

Innovation: Differences between Developed and Developing Economies
 Kassicieh, Sul., De Gouvea, Raul. and Grosso, Raphael.

Intellectual Capital and Value Creation at Brazilian Companies: an analysis of manufacturing industry from 2000 to 2006
 Basso, Leonardo., Kimura, Herbert. and Aguiar, Joao.

Intellectual Capital and value creation in the Furniture Manufacturing Sector and Sundry Industries (toys)
 Kimura, Herbert., Basso, Leonardo. and Aguiar, Joao.

International activity effects on the capital structure of Brazilian companies during 2004-2008
 Hiramoto, Eduardo. and Saito, Richard.

Internet-Based Corporate Disclosure and Market Value: Evidence from Latin America
 Garay, Urbi. and Gonzalez, Maximiliano.


Local market-based social innovation in Ibero-American civil society organizations
 Vernis, Alfred.


Market Orientation: a step beyond the state-of-the-art
 Müller Neto, Hugo. and Mazzon, José.

Monetary policy announcements and interest rates volatility: evidence from the Mexican TIIE futures market
 Herrerias, Renata. and Gurrola, Pedro.

Moving from Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Sustainability: Findings from a 5 Country Survey
 Pérez, Felipe. and Cordero, Arkangel.

Multidimensional assessment of organizational performance: Integrating BSC and AHP methodologies in a Brazilian telecommunications company
 Bentes, Alexandre., Carneiro, Jorge., Kimura, Herbert. and Da Silva, Jorge.


Negotiations cultures in Germany and Latin America. A cross-cultural qualitative study
 Ogliastri, Enrique.

Non-market Strategy and the Theory of Economic Regulation
 Salorio, Eugene.


On The Economics of Whistle-Blowing Behaviour: The Role of Incentives
 Villena, Mauricio.

Open Source Software: A New Approach to Software Development
 Biavati, Michele.

Openness to trade and output volatility
 Bejan, Maria.

Ownership Structure and Firm Value in Brazil
 Rapaport, Michel. and Sheng, Hsia.


Perception of Stakeholders about the Corporate Social Responsibility of an Organization: the Case of Empresa Brasileira de Compressores S.A. (EMBRACO)
 de Oliveira Santos, Sônia. and Souza, Maria José.

Performance analysis of Research spin-offs in the Biotechnology industry
 March Chorda, Isidre. and YAGÜE - PERALES, Rosa M..

Personal values, self-concept and female consumption behavior: perspectives from the Brazilian retail experience
 Lengler, Jorge., Moyano, Carlos Alberto. and Callegaro, Carlos Alberto.

Predictors of Supplier Trust: A Study of Latin American Employees
 Robertson, Chris., Gonzalez Couture, Gustavo., Mulki, Jay., Pardo, Oscar., Orozco, Luz. and Ospina, Jose.

Predisposition to Technology: development and validation of a new scale
 Jr, Plinio. and Bussab, Wilton.

Probability of Information-Based Trading, Intraday Liquidity and Corporate Governance in the Brazilian Stock Market
 Barbedo, Claudio., Camilo-da-Silva, Eduardo. and Leal, Ricardo.

Psychological Determinants of Saving In Mexico: A Latent Class Approach
 Merino, Maria. and Vargas Chanes, Delfino.


Resiliency: An Analysis involving Managers of a Financial Institution who experienced a Bank Acquisition Process
 Rodrigues, Mirian. and Sachuk, Maria.

Resource transfers in Ecuadorian Business Groups: Tunneling vs. Internal Capital Markets
 Granda, Maria. and Wiggins, Steve.


Shareholder base management in companies in the New Market listing segment of the Bovespa stock market
 Oliveira, Bruno., Oliveira, Marcelle. and Almeida, Vinicio.

Strategic Capabilities in Export Performance: The Case of Mexico
 Rodriguez, Carlos., Martinez Martinez, Carlos. and Wise, Jorge.

Structure and Agency: A Study on River Populations Displaced by the Salto Santiago Hydroelectric Power Plant
 Ichikawa, Elisa., Rampazo, Adriana. and Sella, Flávia.


 Molina, Carlos. and Santos, Miguel.

The Evolution of Bank of Financial Reporting During Times of Financial Crisis:
 Hazera, Alejandro., Marin Hernandez, Salvador., Schwarzbach, Henry. and Stevens, Kevin.

The Growth and Size of the Brazilian Mutual Fund Industry
 Varga, Gyorgy. and Wengert, Maxim.

The Importance of Flexibility in Reaching Consensus: A Case of Real Estate Negotiation
 Esqueda, Paul., Ogden, Denise. and Kulturel-Konak, Sadan.

The Institutional Entrepreneur: A Make-it-Yourself Strategy to Better Business Environment
 Andonova, Veneta. and Zuleta, Hernando.

The Making of A Global Citizen: Foundations, Meaning, Approaches
 de la Torre, Jose. and Young, Corinne.

The Panopticon in the Context of Electronic Surveillance: An Analytical Space
 Zimmer, Marco. and Hoppen, Norberto.

The Power of CSR in Crises Management: Lessons from Three Latin American Food Companies
 Ickis, John. and Martinez, Hector.

The Relationships between Individual, Group and Organizational Learning: a study in a service company
 Araujo, Bruno., Louback, Jones., Cardoso, Marco. and Bidart-Novaes, Marcos.

The Role of CSR Codes and the International Sustainable Development Law: Oil and Gas Industry Analysis
 Costa, Ligia Maura.

The Role of Tacit Knowledge in the Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
 Gonzalez, Ana., Gonzalez Couture, Gustavo. and Diaz, Luis.

The effect of celebrity endorsement on Brazilian consumer behavior: Does it really matter?
 Schurhaus, Caroline., Boeing da Silveira, Ricardo. and Marcon, Rosilene.

The process of empowerment: A Latin American perspective
 Alsua, Carlos.


Utilitarian and hedonic shopping value: Results of a retail building supplies survey in São Paulo - Brazil
 Teixeira, João., Lopes, Evandro. and Moretti, Sérgio.
BALAS Annual Conference 2010-Mar-23 to 2010-Mar-27
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