BALAS Annual Conference 2011-Apr-12 to 2011-Apr-16

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A Joint Experimental Analysis of the Dutch Auction, Book Building and Competitive IPO Pricing Methods
 Almeida, Vinicio. and Leal, Ricardo.

A Theoretical Approach of Strategy in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Mexico
 Zapata-Cantu, Laura., Menéndez, José Antonio. and Lira, Alfonso.

An Investigation of how Trends in Market Valuation Influence Performance of Mergers and Acquisitions in Brazil
 Minardi, Andrea. and Batista, Denis.

Analysis of behavioral profile of business administration course students by selecting competencies: a case study in Junior Company of UGB
 Pinto Junior, Dario., Oliveira, José Vilmar., Souza, Antonio Carlos. and Costa, Wellington.

Analysis of the Influence of Innovation Efforts on Performance of Brazilian Firms
 Santos, David., Basso, Leonardo., Kimura, Herbert. and Kayo, Eduardo.

Are We Preparing Our MBAs For Executive Strategic Demands? An introductory study


Brazilian firms acquiring in developed countries: the importance of local enablers of Business Models
 Fleury, Afonso. and Fleury, Maria Tereza.

Bringing skill formation into global value chain analysis: The case of the Chilean salmon industry
 Rainbird, Helen. and Ramirez, Paulina.

Business strategy, HRM and company performance in European and American manufacturing companies
 Vanhala, Sinikka., Alas, Ruth. and Kraus, Ants.


CIMA: Strategic Challenges for Operating a Non-Profit in Peru
 Robertson, Christopher.

Can University Technology Commercialization Create Wealth in Latin America?
 Sargent, John. and Matthews, Linda.

Container Consultants and Systems (CC&S)
 Sanz Campos, Luis., Cordero, Arkangel. and Cabrera, Any.

Crossing the ethic – non ethic border: A cognitive dissonance theory approach
 Rivera-Cruz, Beatriz. and Lopez-Palau, Silvia.

Cultura Ciudadana: Performative Acts for Cultural Change in Bogotá, Colombia. Bridging the Gap between Formal and Informal Structures.
 Navarro Bateman, Ilva. and Dundjerovic, Aleksandar.


Design Thinking-based Innovation: how to do it, and how to teach it?
 Osorio, Carlos.

Do Strategic Marketing and Social Networks Really Matter in Clusters?
 Felzensztein, Christian., Brodt, Susan. and Gimmon, Eli.

Do US and Mexico Micro Businesses Have Similar Problems over the Organization Life Cycle?
 Chawla, Sudhir. and Renforth, William.


Exchange Rate Fluctuations and International Technology Transfer
 Costamagna, Rodrigo. and Mendi, Pedro.


Family businesses and capital structure: Empirical evidence from Colombia
 Pombo, Carlos., Gonzalez, Maximiliano., Guzman, Alvaro. and Trujillo, María.

Family firms and financial performance: Empirical evidence from Colombia
 Gonzalez, Maximiliano., Pombo, Carlos., Guzman, Alvaro. and Trujillo, María.

Fostering Innovation in Brazil through Private Equity and Venture Capital Public Policies
 Ramalho, Caio.

From farmers to entrepreneurs: The importance of associative behavior
 Díaz-Pichardo, René., Cantú-González, Cecilia. and López-Hernández, Patricia.

From intuition to innovation:The importance of taking risks
 Villalba-Moreno, Olivia., Ramos-Garza, Claudia. and Ramos-Garza, Leticia.


Generation or Culture? Work Attitude Drivers: an analysis in Latin America and Iberian Countries
 Susaeta, Lourdes., Pin, Jose Ramon., Idrovo, Sandra., Belizon, Maria Jesus., Espejo, Alvaro., Gallifa, Angela., Aguirre, Marisa. and Avila Pedrozo, Eugenio.


HRM practices, affective organizational commitment and turnover among Mexican IT professionals
 Gutiérrez-Martínez, Isis.

Hospital service quality and productivity and nursing professional management: a case study in five Brazilian hospitals
 araujo, claudia. and figueiredo, kleber.


Impact of Customer Value Management on Profitability of the Company
 valenzuela, leslier.

Incentives to Share Knowledge across Cultures
 Salter, Stephen., Esperanza, Huerta., Lewis, Philip. and Yeo, Pamela.

Initial Public Offerings in Brazil: Perceptions of Financial Executives
 STEFFEN, HELEN. and Mesquita Zanini, Francisco.

Initial Public Offerings in Brazil: the Relationship between Issuers, Shareholders and Investment Banks
 Almeida, Vinicio. and Leal, Ricardo.

Innovation and Technology: Effect of Information Infrastructure on Economic Development
 Kassicieh, Sul. and Gouvea, Raul.

Innovation and mobile phones: Opportunities for Latin America & the Caribbean
 Rullan Rosanis, Samantha.

Innovation in market research methodology through the "learning by doing"
 Fernández Robin, Cristóbal. and Cea Valencia, Jorge.

International Joint Ventures and the Birth of New Organizational Forms: IBM in Central America
 Martin de Holan, Pablo., Steier, Lloyd. and Sanz Campos, Luis.

International business competence develops the increase of the finacial performance:the case of brazilian SMEs
 Floriani, Dinora., Fleury, Maria Tereza. and Fleury, Afonso.


Las Llaves Powder Detergent: Remake or Die?
 Esqueda, Sofia.

Leadership in a group of colombian small and medium enterprises: Effect of optimism and socio-demographic variables
 Juarez, Fernando. and Contreras, Francoise.

Leblon Cachaça: the Born Global Phenomenon in a Traditional Industry
 Coelho, Bruno., Mello, Renato. and Rocha, Angela.

Location advantage: emergent and guided co-evolutions
 Martin de Holan, Pablo., Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro. and Sanz Campos, Luis.


Management and Customer Orientation: a Study Using the Model of Importance and Performance Analysis (IPA) in the Food Service Restaurants Market
 Moretti, Sérgio., Moysés Filho, José. and Pimenta, Renato.

Managing Strategic Thinking in an International Small and Medium-sized Organization located in an Emerging Economy
 Torres, Juan. and Kunc, Martin.

Marketing Strategy, Innovation and Externalities: The Case of the Chilean Wine Cluster
 Felzensztein, Christian., Deans, Kenneth. and Echecopar, German.

Methodologies for Cut-Off Point Determination in Credit Scoring Models for Not-for-Profit Governmental Institutions
 Bravo, Cristian., Maldonado, Sebastian. and Weber, Richard.

Moral philosophy and ethics across borders: How do Latin Americans compare?
 Alas, Ruth., Alsua, Carlos., Carneiro, Jorge. and Gao, Junhong.

More Room for More Innovative Images. A Study About 40 Years of Brazilian Print Advertisements.
 Andrade, Josmar. and Mazzon, José.


Non-Explicit FOREX Intervention: Central Bank Role in a Dollarized Economy: The Peruvian Case
 Fuentes, Cesar. and Rios, Ronald.


Optimal Takeover Contests with Toeholds
 Loyola, Gino.

Organizational Spirituality and Workplace Inclusion: a Study with Black Managers
 von Borell de Araujo, Bruno. and Bispo, Marcelo.


Perceptions of unfairness in prices increases: An experimental study
 Mayer, Verônica. and Avila, Marcos.

Peripheral Entrepreneurship: Exploring Framework Conditions at regional levels in Latin America
 Felzensztein, Christian., Gimmon, Eli. and Aqueveque, Claudio.


R&D by Multinational Enterprises in Latin America
 grosse, robert.

Reason and Emotion in the POS: Deciphering the Store Environment under the Consumer Viewpoint
 Geargeoura, Lucien.

Required Individual Competences and Organizational Modernity: an Study on Brazilian Professionals
 Sant\'Anna, Anderson., Oliveira, Fátima. and Lotfi, Samir.

Role perceptions and motivations to perform organizational citizenship behaviors
 Espejo, Alvaro.


Short Term Borrowing: Emerging Markets' Only Choice?
 Ordenana, Xavier. and Solorzano, Gustavo.

Sobral and its Hard Earned Success in the International Costume Jewelry Market
 Garrido, Marcos., Viana, Mila., Peixoto, Tania., Nunes, André. and Carneiro, Jorge.

Stock volatility and pension funds’ holdings in an individual capitalization-based system
 Fernandez, Viviana.

Study of the Influence of Governance Variables at the Country Level on the Profitability of Companies: Analysis through Hierarchical Linear Models
 Kimura, Herbert., Kayo, Eduardo. and Basso, Leonardo.

Subject-Specific Performance Information can worsen the Tragedy of the Commons: Experimental Evidence
 Villena, Mauricio.


The Determinant Factors of Working Capital Management in the Brazilian Market
 Palombini, Nathalie. and Nakamura, Wilson.

The Marisol Case: Challenges of International Growth for a Successful Brazilian Designer Apparel Firm
 Sanglard, Alexandra., Baiocchi, Alessandra., Freitas, Patricia., Schiavo, Mila. and Carneiro, Jorge.

The Public Bond Offering of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
 Garay, Urbi. and Molina, Carlos.

The Relationship between Strategic Behavior, Environmental Monitoring and Performance in Automobile/Motorcycle Resale in the cities of São Bento do Sul/SC and Lages/SC
 Mariano, Alex., Muniz Filho, Lineu., Pavão, Yeda Maria., Sehnem, Simone. and Rossetto, Carlos.

The Social Dynamics of Stakeholder Relationships: From Silent Stakeholders to a Salient Organization
 Davila, Anabella. and Molina, Christiane.

The Strategic Thinking Competence and the Marketing MBA Professional Preferred Mental Model: an introductory study

The effects of knowledge management practices on market orientation and innovativeness in Brazilian companies
 Ferraresi, Alex., Santos, Silvio., Frega, José. and Quandt, Carlos.

The role of national culture on best human resource management (HRM) practices in Mexico: An ethnographic approach
 Rao, Pramila.

The virtual organizing in fashion retail sector in Brazil
 Ferraz, Sofia., Rocha, Davi., Cavalcante, Leonardo., dos Santos, Sandra. and Cabral, Augusto.

Theory and Practice of Corporate Finance: Evidence and Distinctive Features in Latin America
 Maquieira, Carlos., Preve, Lorenzo. and Sarria-Allende, Virginia.


University-Industry partnerships in the Brazilian industry: the use of external sources of knowledge for innovation
 Carvalho, Flavia., Albuquerque, Eduardo. and Rocha, Gustavo.


Value creation in Mergers and acquisitions
 de Castro, Denise. and Sousa, Almir.


Who is Innovating in Latin America?
 Ketelhohn, Niels. and Condo, Arturo.

Winery Strategy and Wine Tourism: Chilean Wine Regions and Routes
 Hojman, David.
BALAS Annual Conference 2011-Apr-12 to 2011-Apr-16
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