BALAS Annual Conference 2012-Mar-27 to 2012-Mar-30

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A Clockspeed Perspective on Supply Chain and New Products: The Case of the Brazilian Automobile Industry
 Parente, Ronaldo., Goldszmidt, Rafael. and Buchbinder, Felipe.

A Tale on How to Sell Ice to Eskimos: A Teaching Case on Market Positioning
 Geargeoura, Lucien.

Access to Finance, Management of Working Capital and Company Value
 Almeida, Juliano. and Eid Junior, William.

América Móvil: conquering the Latin American mobile telephone market
 Rullan, Samantha. and Romero, Daniel.

An Exploratory Study of Environmental Attitudes and the Willingness to Pay for Environmental Certification in Mexico
 Husted, Bryan., Russo, Michael., Basurto Meza, Carlos. and Tilleman, Suzanne.

Analysis of the Process of International Strategy Formation of Agribusiness in Northeastern Brazilian
 Moraes, Walter., Oliveira, Renata., Machado, Andre., Kovacs, Erica. and Silva, Itiel.

Analysis of the current state of CSR in Latin America: A Model for Capturing Costs Associated with CSR
 Rodriguez, Arnoldo.

Antecedents of organizational identification: An integrative perspective from the social identity theory
 Bergami, Massimo. and Morandin, Gabriele.

Are comparative ads more effective than noncomparative ads in Latin America?
 Manzur, Enrique., Hidalgo, Pedro., Olavarrieta, Sergio. and Farías, Pablo.


Beyond the stakeholder utility function: stakeholder capability in the value creation process
 Garriga, Elisabet.

Born Globals: Evolution and Revolution as Organisations Grow
 Simões, Vitor., Celorico, Jacinto. and Laranjeira, Luís.

Brand value and shareholder value in Brazilian Companies
 Oliveira, Marta. and Luce, Fernando.

Brazilian Banks’ Main Motivations and Strategies Towards International Markets
 GELEILATE, JOSE., Forte, Sergio., Oliveira, Oderlene. and González, Norton.

Brazilian franchising around the world: foreign presence and degree of internationalization
 Barakat, Livia., Cretoiu, Sherban. and Dalbem, Mayara.


COMPAÑÍA CERVECERA DE NICARAGUA: Growth Options for Low-Income Markets
 Exprua, Jose. and Lesizza, Mateo.

Capacity Shortfall in Brazilian Airports: New Evidences from DEA Estimates
 Wanke, Peter.

Carbon Neutrality at Coopedota R.L.
 Barahona, Juan.

Challenges of leadership in the tourist sector: an empirical study
 Nogueira, Elaine Cristina., Menetti, Sandra Aparecida., Kubo, Edson. and Rocha, Jane.

Coaching philosophy will improve satisfaction and performance of the employees: a case study in universities
 Chornet García, Fernando. and Lara García, Francisco.

Comparing Employment Interviews in Mexico and Other Countries and Cultures
 Posthuma, Richard., Lievens, Filip., Schollaert, Eveline., Tsai, Wei-Chi., Levashina, Julia., Wagstaff, M. Fernanda. and Campion, Michael.

Complex Analysis Using The Double Triangle Of Sustainable Development: The Case Of Organic Soy From Cotrimaio
 Zucatto, Luis., Pedrozo, Eugenio. and Da Silva, Tania.

Concepts of Training and Constraints on the Development of Professional Competencies in the Software Industry
 Castro, Andre. and Munck, Luciano.

Consumer Acceptance and Readiness for High-Technology Products
 Ferreira, Jorge., da Rocha, Angela. and Ferreira da Silva, Jorge.

Cooperation as a Path to Business Sustainability in Emerging Economies: Large Enterprise-Academia-SMEs Business Model
 López-Lira, Alfonso., Calderón-Valencia, Cecilia. and Cobas-Flores, Elisa.

Corporate Governance Mechanisms in Family Firms: Evidence from CEO Turnovers
 Gonzalez, Maximiliano., Guzman, Alexander., Trujillo, María-Andrea. and Pombo, Carlos.

Correlation between Organizational Culture and Compensation Strategies Using Charles Handy’s Typology
 Russo, Giuseppe., Tomei, Patricia., Linhares, Antonio. and Santos, Andre.

Critical factors for knowledge transference within franchising networks: an exploratory study over a Brazilian franchise chain of language schools
 Rocha-Pinto, Sandra., Dubeux, Veranise. and Castello-Branco, Felipe.


Deceptive Advertising and the Brazilian Code of Consumer Defense: Analysis of Brazilian Automobile Consumers’ Perceptions
 Kamlot, Daniel., Pessôa, Luís Alexandre. and Sá, Ranny.

Deriving competitive advantages from sustainability and stakeholder management abroad: the case of Brazilian multinationals
 Alvim, Flavia., Cretoiu, Sherban. and Neves, Isabelle.

Determinants of Capital Structure Using Quantile Regression: Comparison between Brazilian Low and High Levered Companies
 Rocha, Flávio. and Bressan, Aureliano.

Different Views on the Low Income Consumer: What Marketing and Economics have to say
 Hemais, Marcus. and Casotti, Leticia.

Do Mergers and Acquisitions have an impact on the acquiring shareholders’ wealth in Latin America?
 Zayas-Torres, Gabriela. and Ruiz-Vargas, Yolanda.

Doing Business in Colombia and Venezuela: A Study of Contrasts
 Ganitsky, Joseph.


Emergence and Evolution of the Market for Certification: The Cut-Flower Industry
 Prado, Andrea.

Entrepreneurial competences and business failure
 Minello, Italo., Scherer, Laura. and Alves, Leticia.

Entrepreneurship and ethnic markets: the Latin American experience in Spain
 Romero, Daniel. and Rullan, Samantha.

Export Oriented Clusters and Market Re-Entry: Insights from Latin America
 Little, Cedric. and Felzensztein, Christian.


Family firms are less likely to face financial constraints in Brazil
 Crisóstomo, Vicente., López Iturriaga, Félix Javier. and Vallelado, Eleuterio.

Forward Contract-based Hedging Strategy in Electricity Markets
 Pantoja, Javier., Trespalacios Carrasquilla, Alfredo. and Rendon, Juan.

Functional Literacy: Consumers’ Comprehension of Nutritional Labels on Food Packages
 Paiva, Guilherme. and Motta, Paulo Cesar.


Going Abroad Through Acquisitions:An Exploratory Analysis of Brazilian Companies’ Recent International Expansion
 Rangan, Srinivasa., Uribe, Carolina. and Duarte, Henrique.

Grupo Britt N.V.: Building the Britt Brand Business in the United States
 Brenes, Esteban., CHATTOPADHYAY, Amitava. and Montoya, Daniel.


How relationships with multinational, downstream of a supply chain, can lead to a internationalization process?: The case of a battery industry.
 Moser, Daniela., PRIMO, MARCOS. and Nascimento, Daniele.


Impacts of the Internet Access on the Information Search at the Base of the Social Pyramid in Brazil.
 Andrade, Josmar. and Bom, Daniel.

Individual Differences in Organisation-Based Self-Esteem - A case study in Venezuela
 Artiguas, Desiree., Narendran, Sunitha. and Gourlay, Stephen.

Influence of the Environment on Organizational Innovation
 Yamakawa, Peter. and Ostos, Jhony.

Institutional Environment and Business Groups Resilience in Brazil
 Xavier, Wlamir., Marcon, Rosilene. and Bandeira de Mello, Rodrigo.

Interaction Effects between Types of Political Connection: Evidence from Brazil
 Bandeira de Mello, Rodrigo. and Marcon, Rosilene.

International Marketing Strategies in Clusters: Insights from the Southern Hemisphere
 Felzensztein, Christian., Stringer, Christina., Benson-Rea, Maureen. and Freeman, Susan.

International Oriented Clusters: Lessons from Latin America
 Felzensztein, Christian., Gimmon, Eli. and Deans, Ken.

Internationalization Strategies adopted by Natura in Latin America and Europe
 Sutter, Mariana., Vasconcellos, Eduardo. and Polo, Edison.

It’s time to emerging MNCs source globally – A proposal of a theoretical framework to investigate the adoption of Global Sourcing
 Nunes, Moema. and Antunes Júnior, José Antônio.


Juan Valdez Cafe: International Expansion
 Camposeo, Christopher.


Knowledge Transfer among the Small Businesses of a Brazilian Cluster
 Hoffmann, Valmir., Lopes, Gisele. and Medeiros, Janann.


Leadership Theory Review Suggests Best Fit of a Leader at Subsidiaries.
 Behrens, Alfredo.

Luxury Clothing: A Mirror of Gay Consumers Sexual Option?
 Altaf, Joyce., Troccoli, Irene., Pachoalino, Christiane. and Luqueze, Maria Angélica.

Luxury and Trading Up: Investigating Luxury Brazilian Consumer Profiles
 Galhanone, Renata., Toledo, Geraldo. and Mazzon, Jose.


Management Orientation and Leadership Perception of Peruvian managers
 Alsua, Carlos.

Managing Change in Natural Parks: Stakeholder Relations
 Beyda, Tania. and Cohen, Marcos.

Mature women: A study on the influence of cognitive age on attitudes to fashion ads
 Godoy, Geraldo., Hor-Meyll, Luis. and Moreira da Silva, Renata.

Maximize the Alpha and Optimize the Beta, Key Objectives in the Strategy to Develop the Competitiveness of Latin American Enterprises in Global Markets
 Camacho, Arnoldo.

Meaning Transference Between Consumers, Characters and Brands and Their Influence on Each Other – Proposal for an Expanded Model
 Tavares, Mauro., Urdan, André. and da Silva, Ana Cristina.

Microeconomic Determinants of Housing Prices in Caracas, Venezuela: An Application of the Hedonic Pricing Model
 Betancourt, Cosme., Contreras, Víctor., Garay, Urbi. and Santos, Miguel.

Micromultinational or not? The effects of international entrepreneurship, networking and learning
 Amorós, José., Dimitratos, Pavlos., Etchebarne, Maria. and Felzensztein, Christian.

Miss Venezuela: More than just Beauty?
 Auletta, Nunzia. and Jaén, María.

Mobility at Work: The Experiences of Corporate Smart Phone Users
 Cavazotte, Flavia., lemos, Ana. and Brollo, Marcelo.

Modeling Opportunistic Behavior in Government Energy Concessions with Real Options Theory
 Bastian-Pinto, Carlos., Brandão, Luiz Eduardo., Gomes, Leonardo., Silva, Rafael. and Dalbem, Marta.


Obstacles for the Compliance with Good Corporate Governance and Practices for Publicly Traded and Closed Brazilian Companies
 Oliveira, Oderlene., Oliveira, Marcelle., Forte, Sergio., Ponte, Vera. and GELEILATE, JOSE.


Pereira's Equity: Teaching Introductory Accounting With a Family Approach
 Peleias, Ivam., Lames, Edilei., Lames, Liliane. and Peters, Marcos Reinaldo.

Productivity in Latin America: the behavior of institutional and educational indicators in seven Latin American countries
 Arruda, Carlos., Madsen, Fabiana. and Araújo, Marina.


Shared Value in the coffee supply chain – An economic assessment of Nespresso’s AAAprogram
 Kilian, Bernard., Pratt, Lawrence., Hoadley, Elizabeth., Rivera, Lloyd., Guevara, Andrés. and Lort-Phillips, Liza.

Spoleto: The Internationalization of a Brazilian Franchise of Italian Cuisine
 Hemais, Marcus., Pires, Fabiana., Andrade, Olivia. and Amorim, Renata.

Store Price Promotions, Price Perceptions, Search and Purchase Intentions
 Manzur, Enrique., Olavarrieta, Sergio., Hidalgo, Pedro. and Farías, Pablo.

Strategy Formation Process and Corporate Social Responsibility: the case of CHESF
 Oliveira, Renata., Costa, Cristiane., salazar, Viviane., Kovacs, Erica. and Leite, Yakara.

Subsidiaries and organizational competence development: evidences from Brazilian multinationals
 Fleury, Afonso., Fleury, Maria Tereza. and Borini, Felipe.

Sustainability: Incorporating Social and Environmental Variables in the Analysis of Credit
 Perera, Luiz Carlos., Milani, Aida., Kerr, Roberto. and Milani Filho, Marco Antonio.


Technological Capabilities of Local Suppliers in Emerging Markets: The Case of Brazilian Shipbuilding

The Dynamics of Development and the Influence of Tangible and Intangible Resources in Internationalization Processes
 Kovacs, Erica., Moraes, Walter. and Oliveira, Renata.

The Effect of Political Strategies on Rivals’ Costs: The Case of Telmex
 González, Nancy.

The Entry-Mode Decisions of Brazilian Multinationals
 Costa, Alex., Ladeira, Rodrigo., Campos Filho, Luiz. and Silva, Bruno.

The Impact of Credit Rating Changes in Latin American Stock Markets
 Freitas, Abner. and Minardi, Andrea.

The Willingness of Young People to Become Entrepreneurs: Quantitative Study with Business Administration Students
 Artuso, Simone., Sutter, Mariana., Krakauer, Patricia., Polo, Edison. and Almeida, Martinho.

The World Financial Crisis and the International Debts of Brazilian Companies
 Leal, Ricardo. and Carvalhal, Andre.

The effect of information diagnosticity and brand name on sensitivity to missing information
 Hernandez, Jose Mauro., Han, Xiaoqi. and Kardes, Frank.

The first export of high technology small and medium enterprises: a comparative analysis of Costa Rican and Italian software exporters
 Ciravegna, Luciano., Lopez, Luis. and Kundu, Sumit.

The interfunctionality of new product development and architectural marketing capabilities
 Trez, Guilherme. and Luce, Fernando.

The process of technological innovation and the Embrapa and Embrapa Agrobiology: Challenges and perspectives
 dos Santos, Joyce Aparecida., Tavares, Mauro. and Vasconcelos, Maria Celeste.

The transition from leader to individual contributor: experiences of being a university supervisor
 da Silva, Fabiula. and Cunha, Cristiano.

To Go or Not? The Effects of Satisfaction and Commitment on the Intention to Internationalize
 Ramsey, Jase., Barakat, Livia., Ganey, Thomas. and Voloshin, Olesea.


VTR: Innovating to fulfill the Promise
 Pooley, Maria José., Reyes, Sebastian., Sinn, Francisca. and Zelaya, Orieta.

Virtual Communities as Reference Groups: a Participant Perspective
 Leal, Gabriela., Hor-Meyll, Luis. and Pessôa, Luís Alexandre.


What Do Consumers Think About Dairy Products Brands? A Costa Rica Case Study
 Kilian, Bernard., Jiménez, Gustavo. and Rivera, Luis.

What Type of Cooperation with Suppliers and Customers Leads to Superior Performance?
 Brito, Luiz., Brito, Eliane. and Hashiba, Luciana.

Work and personal success and satisfaction: how do Colombian women perceive them?
 Idrovo, Sandra. and Leyva, Pamela.


Yes, we have brands: Managing Brazilian Brands to Achieve Global Competitiveness
 Khauaja, Daniela.
BALAS Annual Conference 2012-Mar-27 to 2012-Mar-30
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