BALAS Annual Conference 2013-Mar-20 to 2013-Mar-23

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A Customer Satisfaction-Based Strategic Planning Method for Tourism Companies: Coping with Different Levels of Customer Loyalty
 Mello Moyano, Carlos., Lengler, Jorge., Callegaro, Carlos. and Ribeiro, Vanderlei.

Americas mid-level executives' opinions on liberties, authority, limits to market and CSR issues.
 Behrens, Alfredo.

An investigation of the partial adjustment effect of Brazilian IPOs
 Castanho, Rafael., Minardi, Andrea. and Moita, Rodrigo.

Are we really having an impact? A comprehensive approach to assess improvements on critical thinking at an MBA Program
 Alfaro Gramajo, Luis., Perez Pineda, Felipe., Quintanilla, Carlos. and Sanz Campos, Luis.


Carbon Footprint Across the Coffee Value Chain: The Case of Costa Rican Coffee
 Navichoc, David., Kilian, Bernard. and Rivera, Lloyd.

Causal Recipes for Internationalization speed – an exploratory study
 Lopez, Luis., Ciravegna, Luciano. and Kundu, Sumit.

Cultural Distance and its Effect on Cross-Border Entry Mode: Latin American Evidence
 Pablo, Eduardo., Garay, Urbi. and González, Maximiliano.


Dispositional and Situational Differences in Motives to Engage in Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
 Guzmán, Felipe. and Espejo, Alvaro.

Doing good in a macho world: critical perspectives on the gendered dimension of organizational responsibility
 Acosta, Pilar. and Perezts, Mar.


Entrepreneurial Intentions among University Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
 Izquierdo, Edgar.

Exporting from Latin America – insights from Chilean entrepreneurial firms
 Ciravegna, Luciano., Felzensztein, Christian., Robson, Paul. and Amorós Espinosa, José Ernesto.

Exporting to your neighbours - the internationalization of young Costa Rican and Finnish firms
 Lopez, Luis., Renko, Maija., Kundu, Sumit. and Ciravegna, Luciano.


Florida Ice & Farm: Sustainability Champion from an Emerging Economy
 Ickis, John., Prado, Andrea. and García-Rada, Ximena.

From Knowledge Management to Absorptive Capacity: The ECITON Case on Business Model Innovation
 Corrales, Martha.

Fund flows and performance in Brazil
 Berggrun, Luis. and Lizarzaburu, Edmundo.


Grupo Maseca Risk Assessment and Risk Management
 Rodriguez, Arnoldo., Scott, Brad. and Porras, David.


How does proximity affect marketing cooperation? A study of agribusiness clusters in a Latin-American emerging economy.
 Geldes, Cristian., Felzensztein, Christian., Turkina, Ekaterina. and Durand, Aurelia.


Impact of intimate partner violence against women in presenteeism and absenteeism in Lima-Peru: estimated cost based on wages
 Vara-Horna, Aristides.

Innovation Capability in Latin American Firms
 Brenes, Esteban., Barahona, Juan. and Gibson, Rowan.

Innovations in Organizing Networks of Family Farmers in Brazil

Innovative Approaches for Financing Public-Private Partnerships in Latin America: Best Practices
 Bravo Orellana, Sergio.


Knowledge Management in Project-Oriented Organizations


Latin America in the Wine Market:The Country of Origin Effect on Consumers` Preferences
 Felzensztein, Christian. and Rodriguez, Carlos.

Leadership in Latin America: Insights into Complexities across Societies
 Castano, Nathalie., de Luque, Mary., Wernsing, Tara., Ogliastri, Enrique., Gabel, Rachel., Robles-Flores, Jose. and FUCHS, ROSA.


Market Segmentation: Venezuelan ADRs
 Garay, Urbi. and González, Maximiliano.

Marketing and Sales organization in a “Brand-Focused Professional” multinational
 Cometto, Teresa., Labadie, Gaston. and Palacios, Miguel.

Mutual Fund Flow and Past Information: Is the Brazilian Investor Smart?
 Varga, Gyorgy.


Newspapers in the Digital Age: Antecedent Factors of Information Media Use
 Nogueira, Roberto., Chimenti, Paula., Mazzon, Jose Afonso., da Silva, Bianca., Hupsel Vaz, Luiz Felipe. and Rodrigues, Marco Aurélio.


Portfolio Selection with Bayesian Risk in Brazilian Stock Market
 Lima Júnior, Melquíades., Almeida, Vinicio. and Ferreira, Rodrigo.

Private valuation of compensation stock options
 Cueto, Diego.

Public spaces and their effect on social cohesion: Public policy experience in Mexico
 Vargas, Delfino. and Merino, Maria.


Quetsol: Energy and Development
 Perez Pineda, Felipe., Majano, Ana Maria. and Blanco, Pablo.


Study of Market Sentiment and Capital Investment of Brazilian companies
 Yoshinaga, Claudia., Araujo, Alcides., Freitas, Hugo. and Eid Junior, William.

Super Selectos: Winning the war against multinationals?
 Brenes, Esteban. and Montoya, Daniel.

Sustainable Human Resource Management in Peruvian companies


Technological Customer Relationship Management (CRM): An Enterprises Business Partnership
 Brambilla, Flávio. and Dalmarco, Gustavo.

The Expropriation of Repsol-YPF
 José, Pin., Rodriguez Fernandez-Hidalgo, Enrique., Costamagna, Rodrigo. and Susaeta, Lourdes.

The Impact of HRM Practices on Organizational Performance: A General Model and a Test for Uruguay
 Cassoni, Adriana. and Labadie, Gaston.

The International Expansion of Marcopolo (A): Adventures in China
 de Góes, Bruno. and da Rocha, Angela.

The International Expansion of Marcopolo (B): Manufacturing in ‘The Other Side of the World’
 da Rocha, Angela., Arkader, Rebecca. and de Góes, Bruno.

The Stock Market’s Reaction to Accounting Information: The Case of the Latin American Integrated Market
 Melgarejo, Mauricio., Montiel, Eduardo. and Sanz Campos, Luis.

The impact of political risk on the sovereign spread: The case of Latin America and the Euro Zone
 Ortiz, Norma. and Jaramillo, Carlos.

The importance of people management to the culture of innovation in a Brazilian service firm
 Pires, Clarissa. and Urbina, Ligia María.

The performance of technology-based start ups: A comparative study in Brazil.
 Padrão, Luis Carlos. and Andreassi, Tales.

The relationship between the level of maturity of the Strategic Purchasing Model and performance: An empirical study of Chilean organizations
 Úbeda Sales, Ricardo. and Alsua, Carlos.

Trust Formation in Online Services in Latin America: The Effect of Reputation and Familiarity, and the Moderating Role of Experience and Internet Penetration
 Torres, Eduardo., Barra, Cristobal. and Olavarrieta, Sergio.


Using a Simulation to Teach Management Accounting
 Salter, Stephen., Lopez, Juan Claudio. and Dottin, Howard.


Variables that would influence on customer oriented management and salespeople performance
 valenzuela, leslier. and leiva, pedro.


Why Should I Accept Ads on my Mobile Phone? Factors Affecting Acceptance by Brazilian Teenagers
 Lima, Marcel., Hor-Meyll, Luis. and Ferreira, Jorge.

Will I be paid after a Loss? Evaluating Conventional Versus Index Insurance Contracts in Ecuadorean Agriculture
 Castillo, María., Boucher, Stephen. and Carter, Michael.
BALAS Annual Conference 2013-Mar-20 to 2013-Mar-23
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