BALAS Annual Conference 2014 2014-Apr-09 to 2014-Apr-13

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Agora Magazine speaks Spanish
 Auletta, Nunzia.

Agropecuaria Montelibano
 Brenes, Esteban., Molina, German. and Segura, Melina.

An Exploratory Examination of Decision Factors for Self-financed Medical Tourism
 Yu, Alvin. and Davis, Elaine.

An Exploratory Study of the Ethnocentric Tendencies of Mexican-American Consumers
 Valencia, Humberto. and Vasquez-Parraga, Arturo.

Analysis of the relationship between the students’ initial and final perception on the initial disciplines in Accounting Course
 Costa, Patrícia., GOMES, GILVANIA., Rosa, Neilson. and Batalhone, Pammella.


Brand Equity Estimation Model
 Oliveira, Marta., Silveira, Cleo. and Luce, Fernando.


Can work engagement employee’s be predicted by organizational climate, culture and coping strategies?
 Contreras Torres, Francoise. and Grueso Hinestroza, Merlin Patricia.

Colombia and the FARC: Digging in for Peace
 COSTAMAGNA, RODRIGO., Pin Arboledas, José Ramón. and SUSAETA, LOURDES.

Comparability of Accounting Choices in Evaluation of Intangible Assets of Listed Brazilian Companies
 Souza, Flaida Êmine., Costa, Patrícia. and Silva, Marcia.

Comparing the work-family interface in Chile and Colombia
 Idrovo, Sandra. and Bosch, María José.

Consumer Confusion Choosing Me-too Snack Packages: an Experimental Study
 Arboleda, Ana. and Alonso, Julio.

Content Analysis of Women in Print Advertising
 Hidalgo, Pedro., Uribe, Rodrigo. and Martinez, Carolina.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Private Family Firms: Evidence of Stakeholder Perspective on Financial Performance
 González, Ana., Puente, Raquel. and Rodríguez Ramos, Yeny.


Determining Factors For Purchasing Life Insurance: The Chilean Case
 Ruiz, Jose. and Tapia, Pablo.

Dividend Payout Policy: Evidence from Latin America
 Benavides, Julián. and Berggrun, Luis.

Does the day-of-the-week effect improve the performance of the Value at Risk estimation? The case of 5 Latin American Countries
 Alonso, Julio. and Chaves, Juan.


Electronic Procurement of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices in Chile
 Raventos, Pedro. and Zolezzi, Sandro.

Entrepreneurial orientation, networks and Latin American exporters
 Ciravegna, Luciano., Felzensztein, Christian., Robson, Paul. and Amoros Espinosa, Jose Ernesto.

Evolution and Trends in the Study of Marketing Planning
 Campomar, Marcos., FALCÃO, ROBERTO. and IKEDA, ANA.


Formalizing Marketing in a Developing Economy
 Campomar, Marcos., FALCÃO, ROBERTO. and IKEDA, ANA.


GEM Corporation
 Brenes, Esteban. and Segura, Melina.

Global moral philosophies: A sample of Estonia, Iran, Thailand, Chile, Perú and the USA
 Alsua, Carlos., Úbeda-Sales, Ricardo., Alas, Ruth. and Zegers, Jorge.


Integrating values in the MBA curricula: Latin American Business Schools' practices in shaping 'well-rounded’ leaders
 Jaen, Maria. and Reficco, Ezequiel.

International Entrepreneurship in Small Economies: Analysis of Internationalization Dynamics
 Felzensztein, Christian. and Parra, Gabriel.

Internationalization of clustered firms: Lessons from Small Countries of the South
 Deans, Kenneth. and Felzensztein, Christian.


Keeping up appearances: Microcredits and the Consumption vs. the Investment decision
 Montalvo, Raul.

Knowing the Family Stories of Others: Past Orientation as a Cultural Dimension in Business Negotiations
 Ogliastri, Enrique. and Fosse, Sébastien.


Latin American Marketing Managers’ Perspectives on Social Media
 Bianchi, Constanza. and Andrews, Lynda.


Negotiating in Latin America. A qualitative study in Costa Rica.
 Ogliastri, Enrique. and Quintanilla, Carlos.

Nonlinear Behavior of Emerging Market Bonds Spreads: The Asian Case
 Meza, Rafael., Bonilla, Claudio. and Blanco-Vidal, Claudia.


Organizational Structures for the Execution of Marketing Activities: A Case Study in Brazil
 Shiraishi, Guilherme., Barbosa, Saulo. and Campomar, Marcos.


Perceptions of Country Brands in Trade and Tourism: Antecedents and Consequences from Latin America and the Middle East
 Robertson, Christopher., Al-Khatib, Jamal., Bogari, Naima. and Al-Khateeb, Yasser.

Perceptions of Entrepreneurial Success Factors: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of 27 Countries
 Alas, Ruth., Elenurm, Tiit., Vanhala, Sinikka., Rozell, Elizabeth. and Scroggins, Wesley.

Pollo Campero in the USA
 Brenes, Esteban., Chattopadhyay, Amitava., Ciravegna, Luciano. and Montoya, Daniel.


Raising business intercultural awareness among Puerto Rican business students: preparing future business people to adapt to international business settings- exploratory phase
 Irizarry, Anamari.

Relationship Between Collaboration and Innovativeness: A Case Study In an Innovative Organization
 Quandt, Carlos. and Castilho, Marcelo.


SABMiller: The battle for Latin America
 Som, Ashok.

Securing the long-term sustainable future of coffee supply in Colombia
 Pratt, Lawrence., Rivera, Lloyd., Kilian, Bernard. and Lort-Phillips, Liza.

Social Sanctions or Social Relations? Microfinance Repayment Rates and Capital Formation in Mexico
 Griffin, Denis. and Husted, Bryan.

Social preferences and goal orientation: How proselfs and prosocials relate to goal orientation and the impact on team performance
 Ramírez Venegas, Joaquín., Alsua, Carlos. and Palacios-Fenech, Javier.

Solutek Informática: ¿To sell or not to sell the company?
 Escobar, Mauricio., Matiz, Nini. and Pineda, Juan.

Subnational Government and Policy Challenges
 Haar, Jerry. and Ferreira, Fernando.


Testing for intensity, persistence and financial contagion in Latin America: A new use of the Hinich Bicorrelation test
 Meza, Rafael., Benedetti, Hugo. and Bonilla, Claudio.

The Competitive Positioning of the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Cluster: A Strategic Assessment
 Pacheco, Barney., Brenes, Randolph., Monge, Karol. and Barahona, Juan.

The Conceptual Domain of Export Planning: Case Studies of Brazilian Firms
 Carneiro, Jorge. and Lima, Marcos.

The Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets: The Case of Latin America
 Garay, Urbi., González, Maximiliano. and Rosso, John.

The Earnings/ Price Risk Factor In Capital Asset Pricing Models
 Noda, Rafael., Martelanc, Roy. and Kayo, Eduardo.

The New Gringos: A Study of Emotional Intelligence in US, Chilean and Indian MBA Students
 Salter, Stephen. and Gupta, Gaurav.

The competitive structure and strategic rank of Brazilian banks
 Galilea, Gisele. and Eid Junior, William.

The effects diffuse and direct of political strategy on the diversification of business groups
 Gama, Marina., Bandeira-de-Mello, Rodrigo. and Spuldaro, Juliano.

The influence of the Strategic Performance Measurement Systems (SPMS) on Business Decisions

The relationship between knowledge management, innovation and revenues: a survey of incubated firms in Brazil
 Bezerra, Cicero. and Quandt, Carlos.


Understanding the effects of non-technological innovations. The case of an emerging economy.
 Geldes, Cristian., Felzensztein, Christian. and Palacios-Fenech, Javier.


Value creation in mid-range emerging economies: Exploring SMEs strategies
 Lopez-Vega, Henry., Markowska, Magdalena., Izquierdo, Edgar., Caicedo, Guido. and Lasio, Virginia.

Virtual Work Model and Global Virtual Teams: Innovation Network Roadmap
 Corrales, Martha.
BALAS Annual Conference 2014 2014-Apr-09 to 2014-Apr-13
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