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‘Placeros’ in Río Piedras: Micro-entrepreneurs’ Profile - 2013
 Santiago-Castro, Marisela.


A Theoretical Approach to the Internationalization in Emerging Economies: Study Case of the Banking Sector in Latin America
 Castro, Andres., Farfan, Dalsy. and Torres, Luis.

All Taste Valuation
 Benavides, Julian.

An Exploratory Study of Potential Entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico
 Santiago-Castro, Marisela. and Pisani, Michael.

An examination of factors affecting the passing rates of the CPA examination
 Castro-González, Karen., Cardona-Cardona, Rogelio. and Ríos-Figueroa, Carmen.

Analysis of Intent and Practices of Collaboration with Stakeholders in Brazil: A Study with Privately Held Companies
 Spers, Renata., Passos, Carlos. and Wright, James.


Between Two Worlds: How Seriously Engaged Consumers Support Global Businesses through Local Brand Communities
 de Almeida, Stefânia., Fleck, João Pedro. and Scaraboto, Daiane.

Brand Name Preference as a Function of Vowel Sounds and Product Attribute: Evidence from a Spanish-speaking country
 Farías, Pablo.

Brand crisis management and its impact on brand image: a case study
 Salvador, Alexandre., Ikeda, Ana. and Crescitelli, Edson.

Business Models for the Base of the Pyramid
 Montoya, Miguel. and Cervantes, Mauricio.


 Brenes, Esteban., Martinéz, Carlos. and Pichardo, Caleb.

Corporate governance mechanisms in family firms: Evidence from director turnovers
 González, Maximiliano., Guzman, Alexander. and Trujillo, María-Andrea.


Determinants of Ownership Concentration in Ecuador

Determinants of Relationship Quality in Puerto Rican Buyer-Supplier Relationships
 Sosa-Varela, Juan., Sanchez, Michael., Sobrino, Cesar. and Svensson, Goran.

Determinants of the Perceived Impact of Microcredits by Borrowers: A Quantitative Study in Venezuela
 Garay, Urbi. and Puente, Raquel.

Determinants of the aspiration to growth of entrepreneurial initiatives: a quantitative study in Venezuelan ventures from the GEM data
 Puente, Raquel., González, Carlos., Cervilla, María. and Auletta, Nunzia.

Determinants of the cost of corporate debt: The case of the oil companies
 Ortiz, Norma. and Jaramillo, Carlos.

Diversification and Market Risk Exposures of Single-Listed versus Dual-Listed ADRs
 Romero-Perez, Herminio. and Rodriguez, Javier.

Does puffery deceive in Latin America?
 Farías, Pablo.


Effect of Tangible Aspects on Purchase Decision: A Comparison between Generations
 Cortina- Mercado, Melissa.


Forecast bias of estimates of market analysts in Brazil: Impact of the IFRS Adoption
 Gatsios, Rafael. and Lima, Fabiano.

From Cloud Computing Adoption to Value Creation: A Sustainable Business Models
 Corrales, Martha.

From financial repression to external distress: An inquiry into Venezuelan bet outlook
 Santos, Miguel.

From local to “glocal” development: The empowerment of women through indigenous social enterprises
 VAZQUEZ-MAGUIRRE, MARIO., Camacho, Gloria. and García de la Torre, Consuelo.


Hacienda Flandes: Boom, Decline and Reinvention of a Colombian Coffee Farm
 Ossa Vesga, Henry. and Gonzalez, Ana.

High-Growth Entrepreneurship in Mexico
 Sargent, John. and Matthews, Linda.


Impacts from Product Type and Representation Type On Perception of Justice and Price Fairness
 Isabella, Giuliana., Mazzon, José. and Dimoka, Angelika.

Implicit entrepreneurship theory and success factors in China, the United Kingdom and Estonia
 Ellernum, Tiit., Alas, Ruth., Rozell, Elisabeth., Scroggins, Wesley., Alsua, Carlos., Guo, Aimin. and Denny, Simon.

Innovation and Efficiency Guided by Data: Business Intelligence at the Grupo Pellas SER Company
 Barahona, Juan. and Zamora, David.

Inserting Female Entrepreneurs in Business Networks: A Study in Balneário Camboriú (SC) - Brazil
 Souza, Maria José., Machado, Hilka., Ferreira, Elaine., Lyra, Franciane. and Bittencourt, Luiza.

Internal Marketing and Service Empathy Impact on Customer-Contact Employees’ Attitudinal Outcomes: The Case of a Public Higher Education Institution
 Hernandez-Diaz, Arleen., Calderon, Theany., Amador-Dumois, Maria. and Cordova, Mario.

Internationalization of clustered firms: Lessons from Entrepreneurial Wine Family Businesses in the Southern Hemisphere
 Deans, Ken. and Felzensztein, Christian.

Is Corporate Social Responsibility toward Stakeholders consistent with the Value Maximization Proposition?
 Lyra, Franciane., Souza, Maria José., Marcon, Rosilene. and Gonçalo, Cláudio.


Management Supply Chain Green: a Case Study in a Brazilian Agribusiness Industry
 Sehnem, Simone. and de Oliveira, Gean.

Mobile Applications as an Innovation Adoption: Impact of Age, Size, Previous Technology Transformations and Proximity
 talavera, eric. and Salcedo, Ulaf.


Negative Emotions in Mexican, Puerto Rican and Spanish Hospitals: A Multinational Assessment of Service Settings
 Sosa-Varela, Juan., Svensson, Goran., Magaña, Irma., Padin, Carmen., Otero, Carmen. and Santos Corrada, Maria.

New and Old Brazilian Family Business Arrangements Aiming Professionalization and Governance

No One Does It Like Frisby Does It
 Brenes, Esteban., Calderón, Daniel. and Ciravegna, Luciano.

Non-native/Native English Language Barriers’ Effects on Intercultural Business Interactions when Using Idioms: A comparative study
 Irizarry, Anamari., Villafane, Camille., Clarke, Linda. and Johnson, Robyn.


Opportunity Discovery and Creation in Social Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study in Mexico

Overcoming institutional voids: Firm configurations achieving high return on equity (ROE) in emerging markets
 Brenes, Esteban., Ciravegna, Luciano. and Pichardo, Caleb.


Political Marketing: The Effects of Physical Appearance on Decision-Making – an Analysis of Demographic Variables on Puerto Rico’s General Elections
 Flecha, Jose. and Ortiz, Maribel.

Puerto Rican Information Technology Firms' Radiography and the PCP Theory for Industry Analysis
 Sánchez-Morcilio, Rosarito. and Paul, Justin.


Risk-Diversification Portfolio of power purchase decisions
 Rodríguez, Yeny. and Sosa, Uram.


Similar threats, different strategies: “Glocalized” CSR reactions to cognitive framing of institutional pressures in Latin-America
 Mandalaki, Emmanouela.


The effectiveness of environmental information in Latin America: Evidence from Chile
 Farías, Pablo.

The efficiency and strategy of companies operating in the Popular Market: A Study on the Furniture Industry in Brazil
 Spers, Renata., Passos, Carlos. and Wright, James.

Towards a low carbon emissions agriculture sector: the case of Costa Rican Coffee NAMA
 Kilian, Bernard., Roblero, Alejandro., Guevara, Andrés. and Jimenez, Gustavo.

Turning the wheels at García Tuñón: a family business strategic dilemma
 Auletta, Nunzia. and Rodríguez, Aramís.


Which way to globalization? R&D from overseas corporations, innovations in local universities and academic spin-offs in Puerto Rico
 Lobato Vico, Manuel. and Vega Torres, José.
BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28
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