BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28

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A Theoretical Approach to the Internationalization in Emerging Economies: Study Case of the Banking Sector in Latin America
 Castro, Andres., Farfan, Dalsy. and Torres, Luis.

All Taste Valuation
 Benavides, Julian.

An Exploratory Study of Potential Entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico
 Santiago-Castro, Marisela. and Pisani, Michael.

An examination of factors affecting the passing rates of the CPA examination
 Castro-González, Karen., Cardona-Cardona, Rogelio. and Ríos-Figueroa, Carmen.

Analysis of Intent and Practices of Collaboration with Stakeholders in Brazil: A Study with Privately Held Companies
 Spers, Renata., Passos, Carlos. and Wright, James.

BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28
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