BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28

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Determinants of Ownership Concentration in Ecuador

Determinants of Relationship Quality in Puerto Rican Buyer-Supplier Relationships
 Sosa-Varela, Juan., Sanchez, Michael., Sobrino, Cesar. and Svensson, Goran.

Determinants of the Perceived Impact of Microcredits by Borrowers: A Quantitative Study in Venezuela
 Garay, Urbi. and Puente, Raquel.

Determinants of the aspiration to growth of entrepreneurial initiatives: a quantitative study in Venezuelan ventures from the GEM data
 Puente, Raquel., González, Carlos., Cervilla, María. and Auletta, Nunzia.

Determinants of the cost of corporate debt: The case of the oil companies
 Ortiz, Norma. and Jaramillo, Carlos.

Diversification and Market Risk Exposures of Single-Listed versus Dual-Listed ADRs
 Romero-Perez, Herminio. and Rodriguez, Javier.

Does puffery deceive in Latin America?
 Farías, Pablo.
BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28
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