BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28

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Impacts from Product Type and Representation Type On Perception of Justice and Price Fairness
 Isabella, Giuliana., Mazzon, José. and Dimoka, Angelika.

Implicit entrepreneurship theory and success factors in China, the United Kingdom and Estonia
 Ellernum, Tiit., Alas, Ruth., Rozell, Elisabeth., Scroggins, Wesley., Alsua, Carlos., Guo, Aimin. and Denny, Simon.

Innovation and Efficiency Guided by Data: Business Intelligence at the Grupo Pellas SER Company
 Barahona, Juan. and Zamora, David.

Inserting Female Entrepreneurs in Business Networks: A Study in Balneário Camboriú (SC) - Brazil
 Souza, Maria José., Machado, Hilka., Ferreira, Elaine., Lyra, Franciane. and Bittencourt, Luiza.

Internal Marketing and Service Empathy Impact on Customer-Contact Employees’ Attitudinal Outcomes: The Case of a Public Higher Education Institution
 Hernandez-Diaz, Arleen., Calderon, Theany., Amador-Dumois, Maria. and Cordova, Mario.

Internationalization of clustered firms: Lessons from Entrepreneurial Wine Family Businesses in the Southern Hemisphere
 Deans, Ken. and Felzensztein, Christian.

Is Corporate Social Responsibility toward Stakeholders consistent with the Value Maximization Proposition?
 Lyra, Franciane., Souza, Maria José., Marcon, Rosilene. and Gonçalo, Cláudio.
BALAS 2015-Mar-25 to 2015-Mar-28
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