BALAS 2016-Mar-16 to 2016-Mar-19

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A Comparative Analysis of the Innovation Systems of Brazil, Korea and Mexico
 Rullán Rosanis, Samantha., Coll, Josep Maria., Casanova, Lourdes. and Bacaria, Jordi.

Assessment of internal control systems to curb corporate fraud – Evidence from Brazil
 Imoniana, Joshua., Perera, Luiz Carlos. and Freitas, Eduardo.

Atton Hotel International Expansion
 Robertson, Christopher. and Wilkins, Kevin.


Binbit and Softtek two Giants in the IT industry
 cervantes zepeda, mauricio.

Business Model of Colombian entrepreneurships operating in the Base of Pyramid (BoP)
 Puente, Raquel. and Cervilla, Maria Antonia.

Business strategy choices in Low-skilled labor market: Expanding the scope of Strategic Human Resource Management
 Idrovo, Sandra., Costamagna, Rodrigo., Mendi, Pedro. and Parra, Juan Manuel.


Cementos Argos
 Brenes, Esteban., Montoya Camacho, Daniel. and Pichardo, Caleb.

Characterization of the Chilean Pension Fund Knowledge using Knowledge Discovery in Data Techniques
 Ruiz, Jose., Diaz, David. and Tapia, Pablo.


Determinants of perceived and actual knowledge of personal loan’s total cost
 Farías, Pablo.

Determinants of the spread between corporate and sovereign debt yields in emerging Latin American and Asia
 Garay, Urbi., González, Maximiliano. and Rosso, John.

Determinants of travelers’ adoption of information from online reviews
 Farías, Pablo.

Directors from Related Industries and Management Forecast Properties: An International Study
 Black, Ervin.

Dividend Policy in a Business Game Environment
 Kawamoto, Carlos., Sauaia, Antonio Carlos. and Wright, James.


ESG Disclosure in Latin America: The Role of Board Structure
 Husted, Bryan W.. and Sousa-Filho, José Milton.

Empowerment, Technology and Safety in mining companies
 Ochoa, Paola.

Examining Leadership in Ecuador from an Interdisciplinary Contingency Perspective
 McClellan, Jeffrey.

Exploring managers’ attitudes toward older workers and their consequences: An empirical study in Brazil
 Rego, Arménio., Vitória, Andreia., Reis Júnior, Dálcio., Tupinambá, António., Reis, Dálcio. and Cunha, Miguel.


Factors Affecting Preventive Control Mechanisms for Public Works Contracts. Initial Study in Regional Governments from Peru
 Duenas Lopez, Fiorela., Fernandez Osorio, Efrain., Zaghen, Roberto., Zapana Espinoza, Rocio del Carmen., Urbina, Rosa. and Salcedo, Nestor.

Factors that Impact on Institutional Integrity and Local Governance. First Empirical Study in Peru
 Matute, Genaro., Carpio, Carolina. and Salcedo, Nestor.

Fast Dental Health
 Montoya, Miguel., Valderrey, Francisco. and cervantes zepeda, mauricio.


Grupo Argos
 Brenes, Esteban., Montoya Camacho, Daniel. and Pichardo, Caleb.


Handle “Country of Origin Effect” With Care: Lessons for Researchers and Managers
 DEANS, Kenneth., Felzensztein, Christian. and Rodriguez, Carlos.

Health equity in the Ecuadorian health system
 Granda, Maria. and Jimenez, Wilson.


IFRS Mandatory Adoption and Earnings Quality in an Emerging Market: The Case of Ecuador
 Petrovic, Nikola. and Barreiro, Magdalena.

Influence of foreign direct investment over exports from alternate levels of gross national income
 Briones, Oscar. and Teran, Juan.

Internationalization Development of Emerging Market Firms: A Comparative Study of Chile and Brazil
 Bianchi, Constanza., Carneiro, Jorge. and Wickramasekera, Rumintha.

Investment portfolios in an emerging economy: diversification and risk assets
 Bono Milan, Pedro Luiz. and Eid Jr., William.


Juan Valdez. A Traditional Colombian Company Facing an International Giant
 Palacios, Lorena., Cruz, Paola. and Tapiero, Lina.


Mapping marketing journals with bibliometric indicators
 MERIGO, JOSE MARIA., Valenzuela-Fernandez, Leslier., NICOLAS, CAROLINA. and Olavarrieta, Sergio.


New Airport Project: The Deadline

Non-Native Language Barriers’ Effects on Intercultural Business Settings and Professional Career Performance when Using Idioms
 Irizarry Quintero, Anamari., Villafane, Camille., Clarke, Linda. and Johnson, Robyn.

Norte o Sul/Sur? Multilatinas’ Choice of Developed versus Developing Countries for Foreign Direct Investment
 James, Barclay.


Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Mexico: A Collectivistic Perspective
 Baeza, Miguel. and Wang, Yong.


Pacari: Premium organic chocolate from tree to bar
 Velasco, Alexandra. and Noboa, Fabrizio.

Perception variables as explanatory factors for university graduates entrepreneurial action: An exploratory analysis
 Maluk, Omar. and Maluk, Silvia.

Property Structure of Stock Exchanges and Market Quality: A Study of the Bovespa Demutualisation
 Kawamoto, Carlos. and Wright, James.

Psychometric properties of the spanish version of the civic behavior scale
 Portalanza, Cecilia. and Grueso Hinestroza, Merlin.


Real exchange rate and manufacturing industry profitability and employment in Ecuador
 Wong, Sara.

Relational leadership theory: A case study of a Colombian presidential dyad
 Cunha, Miguel., Cardona, María., Gomes, Jorge., Matallana, Manuela., Sánchez, Iván. and Rego, Arménio.

Reputation and Accreditation Effect on Alliance Formation
 Talavera Campbell, Eric. and Salcedo, Nestor.

Risk Aversion and Incorporation of Information Technology in Agribusiness
 Quispe-Tuesta, Julio. and Robles-Flores, Jose.


SME International Performance in Latin America: the Role of Entrepreneurial and Technological Capabilities
 Bianchi, Constanza., Glavas, Charmaine. and Mathews, Shane.

Sustainable Practices Incorporated in the Brazilian Industrial Operations
 Sehnem, Simone.


The Atatürk Family: The last decision?
 Vanoni, Giuseppe., Brito, Paulina. and Rodriguez, Carlos.

The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns in Brazil
 Varga, Gyorgy. and Brito, Ricardo.

The Effects of the 2010 Chilean Natural Disasters on the Stock Market
 Ruiz, Jose.

The impact of online hotel reviews on consumer responses: An examination across genders in a collectivistic country
 Farías, Pablo.


When the remedy is worse than the disease: Dutch disease, Export concentration, and Fixed exchange rates
 Santos, Miguel.
BALAS 2016-Mar-16 to 2016-Mar-19
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