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“Romanticizing Penniless Entrepreneurs?” The Relationship between Start-Ups and Human Wellbeing across Countries
 Mandakovic, Vesna. and Amorós, Jose Ernesto.


A bibliometric overview of marketing research: A university analysis.
 VALENZUELA-FERNÁNDEZ, LESLIER., Merigó, José María. and Nicolás, Carolina.

Analysis of Economic and Financial Sustainability of Brazilian Distributors of The Electricity Sector
 de Carvalho, Pedro Filipe., Macedo, Marcelo Alvaro. and Rodrigues, Adriano.

Anchoring and Reference Prices in Mutual Funds Investors’ Decision-Making: An Experimental Approach
 Lavin, Jaime., Valle, Mauricio. and Magner, Nicolas.

Are Necessity Entrepreneurs Really Unhappy? Revisiting the Relationship Between Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurship and Well-Being
 Amorós, Jose Ernesto., Cristi, Oscar., Muñoz, Pablo. and Naudé, Wim.

Are the brazilian investors losing return by choosing liquidity?
 Bono Milan, Pedro Luiz., Junior, William. and Yoshinaga, Claudia.


Board Attributes and Earnings Management: Evidence During the Global Financial Crisis in Mexico
 Palomares-Aguirre, Itzel.

Book-tax differences (BTD) of brazilian banks between 2004 and 2014: a study focusing the taxes aggressiveness and the earning management.
 Guimarães, Guilherme., Rodrigues, Adriano. and Macedo, Marcelo Alvaro.

Bureau de Eventos: Internationalization of an Emerging Country Service Company
 Steinhauser, Vivian. and da Rocha, Angela.


CI&T International Expansion
 Moraes, Sylvia. and da Rocha, Angela.

Can Pension Funds as Institutional Investors Affect the Cost of Bank Debt of Public Firms? Evidence from an Emerging Economy.
 Jara, Mauricio., San Martin, Pablo., Saona, Paolo. and Tenderini, Giannina.

Cash, liquidity and uncertain scenarios: the perception of financial managers in Brazil
 Machado, Luciana. and Eid Jr., William.

Clashing against Titans: Brazilian Nugali Challenges the International Premium Chocolate Industry
 Portela, Gustavo., Esteves, Felipe. and Carneiro, Jorge.

College Student Ethics in Chile: Public versus Private Universities
 Guiñez, Nataly., Mellado, Cristhian. and Vasquez-Parraga, Arturo.

Competitive Pressure and Technology Licensing: Empirical Evidence from Latin America
 Mendi, Pedro., Costamagna, Rodrigo. and Idrovo Carlier, Sandra.

Conditioning factors of learning performance involving the use of a business simulation software
 Fernandez, Cristobal., Yáñez, Diego. and Santander, Paulina.

Creativity and Innovation at Work: Co-Working Spaces in Mexico
 Corrales Estrada, Martha.


Designing Training Needs Analysis Procedures and Instruments for Banco Santander Chile
 Cotes Calderón, Jorge. and Ugarte, Sebastian.

Determinants Of Sports TV Audience: The Case Of The Fifa World Cups In Chile
 Uribe, Rodrigo., Buzeta, Cristian., Manzur, Enrique. and Alvarez, Maria.

Determinants of how intensely financial accounts are used in Latin America
 Rodriguez-Raga, Santiago. and Dominguez, Daniel.

Determinants of performance outcomes in export markets
 Wong, Sara. and Bustamante, Juan.

Development of institutional knowledge during the internationalization process of SMEs from an emerging economy
 Pino, Cesar., Felzensztein, Christian. and Chetty, Sylvie.

Discretionary reporting, incentives and auditing
 Loyola, Gino. and Portilla, Yolanda.

Do legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks matter for banking performance?
 Moya, Jose., Villanueva, Carlos. and Jara, Mauricio.

Dynamics between competitive strategies, resources and capabilities and performance of exporting companies in Latin America
 heredia, jorge., Geldes, Cristian. and Flores, Alejandro.


Efficiency and Strategy of Companies Operating in the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP)
 Passos, Carlos., Spers, Renata. and Wright, James.

Endowment effect in Latin America: An Experiment
 Manzur, Enrique., Olavarrieta, Sergio., Hidalgo, Pedro. and Farías, Pablo.

Estimation of the efficiency of the higher education in Colombia
 Gomez, Andres., Ceballos Velez, Cristian. and Trespalacios, Alfredo.

Experimental Analysis of Diversification Effect on Stock Portfolios
 Santos Junior, Luiz. and Almeida, Vinicio.

Export development process in SMEs export services: An intangible that promotes economic development
 Etchebarne, Soledad. and Torres Zapata, Isabel.


FSA and CSA in Multinationals of Emerging Countries: Grupo Nutresa Case
 Palacios-Chacon, Lorena A. and Paez, Zulma.

Family firms and the enhanced corporate control: The bright side of business groups
 Torres Cepeda, Juan Pablo., Jara, Mauricio. and López-Iturriaga, Félix.

Farmacias Cruz Azul

Fear versus hope appeals in health advertisements: the moderating role of individual characteristics on subsequent health decisions in Chile
 Farías, Pablo.

First steps overseas of Brazilian Ticketing Services Provider Bilheteria Digital
 Kury, Beatriz., Feldman, Guilherme. and Carneiro, Jorge.

First things first: The Role of Brand Functionality in Brand Equity
 Mohan, Mayoor., Jimenez, Fernando., Brown, Brian. and Cantrell, Caley.


Gloomy days for Latin America: Success and Failures in past decisions and Future Capital Structure Choices
 Braun, Matías., Magner, Nicolas. and Lavin, Jaime.

Governance and Financial Performance in Family Business Groups: The Case of Mexico
 grosse, robert. and Bustani, Diana.


How Multilatinas Develop Leadership Competencies
 Davila, Anabella.


Identification of Price Exuberance in Latin American Equity Markets
 Garcia, Sergio., Mellado, Cristhian. and Escobari, Diego.

Impact of Investments in R&D in Business results: A laboratory study with Business Games
 Sauaia, Antonio., Sbragia, Roberto. and Silva, Manuella.

Institutional Investors and board diversity composition in Latin America
 DE LA HOZ, MARIA., Jara, Mauricio. and Pombo, Carlos.

Intangible assets to foster export development. The case of successful exporters supported by ProChile
 Geldres-Weiss, Valeska. and Monreal-Perez, Joaquin.

International Licensing: Rethinking Theoretical and Empirical Research
 Pinho, Maria Luiza. and da Rocha, Angela.

International New Venture Performance of Latin American Firms: The Role of Marketing Capabilities
 Martin, Silvia., Javalgi, Rajshekar (Raj). and Ciravegna, Luciano.

It’s not only what you say, but also how you say it: information disclosure in Latin America.
 Gonzalez, Maximiliano., Guzmán, Alexander., Tellez, Diego. and Trujillo, María.


Job Flexibility and job satisfaction among Mexican professionals: Do gender, dependents, and age matter?
 Baeza, Miguel., Wang, Jian. and Gonzalez, Jorge.


Leader Identity Self-concordance: Facilitating Positive Leader Development Trajectory
 Adriasola, Elisa., Reyes Ahumada, Valentina G.. and Bravo, Diego.


Managing institutional voids: strategic configurations achieving high returns on equity
 Breness, Esteban R.., Ciravegna, Luciano. and Pichardo, Caleb A..


Networks, International Scope and SMEs Exports: A Case of high-tech Firms in Costa Rica
 Rivera, Luis. and Zárate-Montero, Luis.


On double career concern and financial trading
 Portilla, Yolanda.

Online brand content sharing on social networks – an experiment comparing advertisement and news
 feitosa, wilian. and BOTELHO, DELANE.

Operations Strategies’ Dynamic Rationale of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Puerto Rico from 1962 until 2011
 Ayala Cruz, Jorge.

Ownership Structure and Leverage: Evidence from Family Firms in Chile
 Pinto-Gutierrez, Cristian., Jara, Mauricio. and Nuñez, Paula.


Performance Indicators for Hospital Emergency Departments Management
 Neriz, Liliana., Nuñez, Alicia., Mateo, Ricardo. and Ramis, Francisco.

Performance of fixed income funds in Brazil: market timing and style analysis
 Oreng, Mariana. and Junior, William.

Performance of valuable brands in Latin America
 Armanini Stefanan, Aline., Rovedder de Oliveira, Marta. and Löbler, Mauri.

Policy Risk, Distance and Private Participation Projects In Latin America
 Jimenez, Alfredo. and Salvaj, Erica.

Predicting Customer Value by Product: From RFM to RFM/P
 Heldt, Rodrigo., Silveira, Cleo. and Luce, Fernando.

Primary and Secondary Educational Performance and Access to University Education. The Use of Ranking in the Chilean Case.
 Gallegos, Juan. and Campos, Nélyda.


Relational Multi-Channel Approach: A Study of the Impact on Customer Lifetime Value
 Barros, Celso., Ramos, Carla., Bruscato, Adriana. and Claro, Danny.

Runa: Clean and healthy energy from the Amazon to the World
 Jaén, María. and Auletta, Nunzia.


Spreads Determinants of Corporate Bonds in State-Owned Companies.  The CODELCO Case
 Castañeda, Francisco., Barria, Diego., Contreras, Franco. and Caro, Victor.

Stock Market Response to Currency Devaluations: The Case of Multinationals in Venezuela
 Santos, Miguel., Molina, Carlos. and Bahar, Dany.

Strategic Management in Global Value Chains – A Latin American Perspective
 grosse, robert.

Sustainability Strategies and Actions in Firms from the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Participating in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in view of the Triple Bottom Line Elkington
 Ferreira, Ademir., Chiareto, Joice. and de Mascena, Keysa.


THE HIGHVILLE: To become an entrepreneur or not
 Álamo Hernández, Pablo. and Aguirre, Saioa.

Technological risks prevention at Aceros Argentinos. Management of change options for an improvement in safety management
 Walter, Jorge. and Darmohraj, Adrián.

The 4 As of materialism and their influence over credit: evidence from the Base of the Pyramid
 Montalvo, Raul.

The British connection: a ransom negotiation.
 Ogliastri, Enrique. and Cepeda, Ivan.

The Development of Venture Capital in Latin America: A comparative perspective.
 wagner, rodrigo. and Stein, Ernesto.

The Effects of the Psychological Contract Breach and Emotional Exhaustion on Turnover Intentions among Millennials: The Moderating Role of Perceived Job Meaningfulness
 Cordova Chea, Carlos., Borda Reyes, Armando., Morales Tristan, Oswaldo. and Merino Pasco, Alfredo.

The Impact of Quote-Stuffing in High-frequency Trading
 Diaz, David., Theodoulidis, Babis. and ortiz, abnery.

The Influence of the Role and Competencies of the Human Resource Manager in the Design of Human Resources Architecture
 Medina Lorza, Aida., Acosta, Alejandro. and Revuelto, Lorenzo.

The Internationalization of SMART FIT: Challenges to the Sustainability of an Innovative Model in the Fitness Industry
 Pontes, Angela., Sauerbronn, Raffaela., Paoliello, Danielle., Andrade, Vagner. and Carneiro, Jorge.

The Returns to Art Investing: Long-Run Evidence from a Latin American Market
 Garay, Urbi.

The business dynamics of wine tourism adoption
 Barrera, Jose., Torres Cepeda, Juan Pablo., Kunc, Martin. and Charters, Steve.

The corporate governance of Latin American firms: Contest to the control and firm performance
 Jara, Mauricio., López, Félix., San Martin, Pablo. and Saona, Paolo.

The effect of Corporate Governance and Ownership on the degree of Market Orientation: Empirical evidence case Chile
 Oliva, Ismael. and Alarcón, Karen.

The impact of assumptions in CLV estimation: An initial discussion and verification
 de Lima, Mauricio., Martins, Henrique. and Luce, Fernando.

The impact of value dimensions and the moderating effects of social influence factors on word-of-mouth in person and on social networking sites
 Farías, Pablo.

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Use of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising: A Content Analysis of Chilean Graphic Media
 Manzur, Enrique., Uribe, Rodrigo. and Buzeta, Cristian.


Volatility Asymmetry and Correlation of the MILA Stock Indexes
 Rantul, Francisco. and Ruiz, Jose.


Web Traffic Performance for an Academic Program at a Latin American Graduate Business School
 Cuervo, Sergio. and Salcedo, Nestor.

Working Capital Management and Firm Value: Evidences from Brazilian Market
 Almeida, Juliano., Kayo, Eduardo. and de Sousa, Almir.

World Class Supplier Development Program: The case of the mining cluster policy in Chile
 Valdes, Mary. and Atienza, Miguel.
BALAS 2017-Apr-04 to 2017-Apr-08
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