BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24

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Are Latin American Stock Markets Efficient? The Implications of the Halloween Strategy
 Almeida, Juliano., Almeida, Guilherme., Bergmann, Daniel., Savoia, José Roberto. and Silva, Fabiana.


Bank Responses to Corporate Reorganization: Evidence from Brazil
 Oreng, Mariana. and Saito, Richard.

Bibliometric Analysis of Indexed Corporate Social Responsibility Research on Latin America (2000-2017)
 Jaen, Maria., Auletta, Nunzia., Brunicelli, Josefina. and Pocaterra, Melanie.


Collaboration Mechanisms to Articulate Sustainable Innovation within Value Networks
 Reficco, Ezequiel., Gutiérrez, Roberto., Jaen, Maria. and Auletta, Nunzia.

Comparing the Impact of Business-Plan & Business-Canvas Based Training on Subsistence Entrepreneurs’ Hope
 Barrios Fajardo, Andrés., Reficco, Ezequiel. and Taborda, Rodrigo.

Competitiveness of Latin American Firms – New Theory or New Application?
 grosse, robert.

Corporate Governance and its Effect on Productivity under Different Business Environments: Evidence from Latin America
 Gaitán, Sandra., Herrera, Hernán. and Pablo, Eduardo.

Corporate Political Activities and Firm Size: Empirical Evidence from Latin America
 Costamagna, Rodrigo., Idrovo, Sandra. and Mendi, Pedro.

Crossing the boundaries of the organization: The relationship between transformational leadership and work-family conflict
 Sánchez, Iván., Andrade, Juan. and Losada, Mauricio.

Cultural communication differences in ADRs IPOs documentation
 Rodriguez, Javier. and IrizarryQuintero, Ana.


Determinants and Characteristics of Brazilian Private Equities Return
 Coelho, Carlos., Contani, Eduardo. and Madkur, Federico.

Determinants of CSR adoption: An institutional and social network approach
 Briseno, Arturo. and Husted, Bryan.

Differences in interest rates in Latin American and Asian MFIs: A Hierarchical Linear Models approach
 Ramirez Rocha, Adriana., Bernal Ponce, Luis Arturo. and Cervantes Zepeda, Mauricio.

Differentiation Strategies in Agribusiness – A Configurational Approach
 Brenes, Esteban., Ciravegna, Luciano. and Acuña, Joseph.

Diversification and property control impact on the performance of Brazilian Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Do Financial Constraints and Capital Control matter for stock returns in Emerging countries?
 Guzman, Maria., Chimirri, Mirian., Kalatzis, Aquiles. and Kabbach de Castro, Luiz Ricardo.

Do necessity-driven entrepreneurs have no-growth aspirations?
 Puente, Raquel., Gonzalez, Giovani. and Cervilla, María Antonia.

Does earnings transparency is relevant for the cost of debt such as for the cost of equity in a cross-country perspective?
 Flores, Eduardo., Sampaio, Joelson., Beiruth, Aziz. and da Silva, Aldy.

Does gender really matter in the boardroom? Evidence from closely held family firms
 González, Maximiliano., Guzmán, Alexander., Pablo, Eduardo. and Trujillo, María.


Evaluating the effect of industry specialist duration on audit quality
 Lopez, Dennis. and Vega, Jay (Jose).

Exploring the Sustainability of SMEs: The Puerto Rican Case
 Hernández-Díaz, Arleen., Calderón-Abreu, Theany., Castro, Segundo. and Portales, Luis.


Fabricato: Do not break the thread
 Ortiz, Norma., Jaramillo, Carlos. and Gonzalez, Rosa.

Family Firms’ Proclivity to Export: The Influence of Corporate Governance
 Haar, Jerry.

Family firms and financial performance literature. A meta regression analysis.
 González, Maximiliano., Taborda, Rodrigo. and Idrobo, Juan.


Investigating the Drivers of Wearable Technology Adoption in Chile
 Bianchi, Constanza., Tuzovic, Sven. and Kuppelwieser, Volker.


La Esperanza: Beyond Automation
 Jáuregui, Kety., Lasio, Virginia. and Jaen, Maria.

Latin American Cross Country Analysis on the Smartphone Brand Selection
 Barajas-Portas, Karla., Marinao, Enrique. and Martin, Silvia.

Law-abiding organizational climates in developing countries: The role of regulatory burden and socially responsible practices
 Mohammad, Shoeb. and Husted, Bryan.

Lilly Pulitzer in Peru
 Robertson, Christopher. and McCraven, Haley.

Long-Term Contracts and Repeated Interaction: Evidence from the Costa Rican Coffee Market
 Corts, Kenneth. and Martínez, Octavio.


Market Condition and the Exit Rate of Private Equity Investments in Brazil
 Minardi, Andrea., Bruscato, Adriana., Ribeiro, Priscila. and Rosatelli, Piero.

Mediation effect of interest rates on MFIs’ financial performance
 Bernal Ponce, Luis Arturo. and Ramirez Rocha, Adriana.

Must Store Brand Strategy, Company Image and Strategic Positioning Inconsistency and their effects on Price and Quality Expectations
 Olavarrieta, Sergio. and Nulñez, Daniela.

My Problem, Your Solution: A Study of Customer Causal Attributions in Product or Service Failure
 Isabella, Giuliana., Hernani-Merino, Martín., Chacón, Jorge. and Mazzon, José.


NAFTA 2.0 – What should be Next?
 grosse, robert.


Private Equity and Venture Capital Growth and Performance in Brazil
 Minardi, Andrea., Bruscato, Adriana. and Moreira, Moreira.

Profitability analysis for American energy, oil and gas sector companies
 Rodriguez Ramos, Yenny. and Rosso Murillo, John.

PsyCap, Task Behavior, OCB, and Centrality in Peer Networks
 Martinez, Hector.


Reverse Knowledge Transfer on emerging markets’ multinationals: a case study of the Brazilian bank Itaú Unibanco
 Kogut, Clarice. and Mello, Renato.


Searching the past for future wellbeing: The role of buen vivir in ancient Aztec commerce
 good, jason., Vargas, Paloma., Lopez-Morales, Blanca. and Husted, Bryan.

Self-assessment accuracy, overconfidence and student performance: evidence from Brazil
 Machado, Luciana. and Yoshinaga, Claudia.

Stakeholder structural asymmetries that govern environmental ethics in an international border region
 Robles-Avila, Sergio. and Vasquez-Parraga, Arturo.


Tax haven ownership and business groups: elusion incentives in Ecuadorian firms
 Granda, Maria. and Campuzano, Juan.

The Avocado Conundrum
 Kilian, Bernard. and Navichoc, David.

The Direct and Indirect Effect of Absorptive Capacity on Organizational Effectiveness: The Relevance of Innovative Work Behavior
 Corrales Estrada, Martha., Ramos-Garza, Claudia. and Ramos-Garza, Leticia.

The Impact of Color on Art Prices: An Examination of Latin American Art
 Garay, Urbi. and Pérez, Eduardo.

The Impact of Corporate Governance on Earnings Quality: Evidence from Peru
 Melgarejo, Mauricio.

The Improvement Effect of the Integrated Reporting Adoption on the Accuracy of Capital Market Analysts
 Flores, Eduardo., Silva, Wesley. and Fasan, Marco.

The determinants of outreach and profitability in MFI´s: a structural equation approach
 Cervantes Zepeda, Mauricio. and Ramirez Rocha, Adriana.

The effect of acquisition announcements on Stock returns of acquiring firms for developed and emerging countries focusing on domestic and cross-border acquisitions
 Sampaio, Joelson. and Otto, Florian.

The most influential countries in advertising: A bibliometric analysis between 1992 and 2016
 Muñoz-Quezada, Ignacio., Valenzuela, Leslier. and Merigo, Jose.

The strategy of companies operating in the extended Bottom of the Pyramid - BOP-e. A study on the Financial Efficiency
 Passos, Carlos., Spers, Renata. and Wright, James Terence.


Use of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising: A Content Analysis of Chilean Graphic Media
 Manzur, Enrique., Uribe, Rodrigo. and Buzeta, Cristian.


Why is so Hard to Disseminate Operational Capabilities? Cultural and Political Conditioning Factors in an Intra-Organisational Network
 Biazzin, Cristiane., Sacomano Neto, Mario., Candido, Silvio. and Paiva, Ely.
BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24
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