BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24

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Collaboration Mechanisms to Articulate Sustainable Innovation within Value Networks
 Reficco, Ezequiel., Gutiérrez, Roberto., Jaen, Maria. and Auletta, Nunzia.

Comparing the Impact of Business-Plan & Business-Canvas Based Training on Subsistence Entrepreneurs’ Hope
 Barrios Fajardo, Andrés., Reficco, Ezequiel. and Taborda, Rodrigo.

Competitiveness of Latin American Firms – New Theory or New Application?
 grosse, robert.

Corporate Governance and its Effect on Productivity under Different Business Environments: Evidence from Latin America
 Gaitán, Sandra., Herrera, Hernán. and Pablo, Eduardo.

Corporate Political Activities and Firm Size: Empirical Evidence from Latin America
 Costamagna, Rodrigo., Idrovo, Sandra. and Mendi, Pedro.

Crossing the boundaries of the organization: The relationship between transformational leadership and work-family conflict
 Sánchez, Iván., Andrade, Juan. and Losada, Mauricio.

Cultural communication differences in ADRs IPOs documentation
 Rodriguez, Javier. and IrizarryQuintero, Ana.
BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24
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