BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24

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Determinants and Characteristics of Brazilian Private Equities Return
 Coelho, Carlos., Contani, Eduardo. and Madkur, Federico.

Determinants of CSR adoption: An institutional and social network approach
 Briseno, Arturo. and Husted, Bryan.

Differences in interest rates in Latin American and Asian MFIs: A Hierarchical Linear Models approach
 Ramirez Rocha, Adriana., Bernal Ponce, Luis Arturo. and Cervantes Zepeda, Mauricio.

Differentiation Strategies in Agribusiness – A Configurational Approach
 Brenes, Esteban., Ciravegna, Luciano. and Acuña, Joseph.

Diversification and property control impact on the performance of Brazilian Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Do Financial Constraints and Capital Control matter for stock returns in Emerging countries?
 Guzman, Maria., Chimirri, Mirian., Kalatzis, Aquiles. and Kabbach de Castro, Luiz Ricardo.

Do necessity-driven entrepreneurs have no-growth aspirations?
 Puente, Raquel., Gonzalez, Giovani. and Cervilla, María Antonia.

Does earnings transparency is relevant for the cost of debt such as for the cost of equity in a cross-country perspective?
 Flores, Eduardo., Sampaio, Joelson., Beiruth, Aziz. and da Silva, Aldy.

Does gender really matter in the boardroom? Evidence from closely held family firms
 González, Maximiliano., Guzmán, Alexander., Pablo, Eduardo. and Trujillo, María.
BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24
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