BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24

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Market Condition and the Exit Rate of Private Equity Investments in Brazil
 Minardi, Andrea., Bruscato, Adriana., Ribeiro, Priscila. and Rosatelli, Piero.

Mediation effect of interest rates on MFIs’ financial performance
 Bernal Ponce, Luis Arturo. and Ramirez Rocha, Adriana.

Must Store Brand Strategy, Company Image and Strategic Positioning Inconsistency and their effects on Price and Quality Expectations
 Olavarrieta, Sergio. and Nulñez, Daniela.

My Problem, Your Solution: A Study of Customer Causal Attributions in Product or Service Failure
 Isabella, Giuliana., Hernani-Merino, Martín., Chacón, Jorge. and Mazzon, José.
BALAS 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-Mar-24
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