SRCD Special Topic Meeting: Babies, Boys and Men of Color 2016-Oct-06 to 2016-Oct-09

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"Being on Top of It:" A Tripartite Framework Describing Young Fathers’ Involvement in Pediatric Caregiving
 Waters, Damian.

“We Need People to Encourage Us”: Family Influences On Substance Use Decision Making For Low Income Urban Minority Youth
 Bermea, Autumn., Lardier, Jr., David., Garcia-Reid, Pauline. and Reid, Robert.


A Time for Reflection: Developing and Evaluating Racial Literacy Materials for Children
 Jones, Kelsey.

A demographic portrait of Latino fathers and variability in involvement with their children
 Karberg, Elizabeth., Guzman, Lina., Cook, Elizabeth., Scott, Mindy. and Cabrera, Natasha.

Adolescent Black Males' Intersections of Race and Gender at a Single Gender Charter School
 Harris, Johari., Kruger, Ann. and Irving, Miles.

Amplification mechanisms linking marijuana use to marijuana abuse and related problems among rural African American young men.
 Kogan, Steven. and Cho, Junhan.

Assessing the Links Between Fathers’ Nonstandard Work Schedules and Academic Readiness among Young African American Boys
 Smith, Nina.

Associations between Language and Behavior Problems in Hispanic Preschool Boys: Self-regulation as a Mediator
 Qi, Cathy. and Van Horn, M Lee.


Barriers to Psychosocial Treatment for African American Boys with ADHD
 Wilson, Stephanie., Jones, Heather., Eddy, Laura., Langberg, Joshua. and McKenna, Sean.

Behavior of African-American toddler boys and girls: Contributions of co-parenting, father involvement, and maternal parenting
 Panlilio, Carlo., Harden, Brenda., Brown, Shelby. and Cabrera, Natasha.

Black Boys and their Mothers Discuss their School- and Homework-Related Disagreements
 Ispa, Jean., Su-Russell, Chang., Im, Jihee. and Abarca, Andrew.

Black-White Disparity in Young Adults’ Disease Risk: Differential Vulnerability of Black Young Men to Early and Later Adversity
 Wickrama, Kandauda A. S.., Bae, Dayoung. and O\'Neal, Catherine.

Born Free? : Investigating Positive Youth Development in Post-Apartheid South African Young Men
 Adams-Bass, Valerie.


Changes in Mother and Son Agreement about Racial Socialization Messages Boys Received
 Saleem, Farzana. and Lambert, Sharon.

Chess Training For Positive Behavior and Social Skills Development
 Riley, Tennisha.

Classroom Engagement Mediates Associations between Internalizing Behavior and Academic Outcomes for Ethnic Minority Boys
 Bichay, Krystal., Shearer, Rebecca. and Bouza, Johayra.

Co-parenting quality as a resilience factor for toddlers’ positive emotional expressivity in a low-income African American sample
 Beeghly, Marjorie., Bocknek, Erika., Raveau, Hasti. and Markowicz, Katrina.

College-aged non-professionals: Unlikely supports for refugee youth
 Jaramillo, Ricardo.

Community as a social determinant of men’s health disparities
 Thorpe, Jr., Roland.

Consequences of Immigration Climate on Identity Formation in Adolescent Latino Boys
 Valdez, Carmen.

Context as a social determinant of men’s health disparities
 Bruce, Marino.

Contextual Predictors of Alcohol Use in African American Adolescents
 Oshin, Linda., Finan, Laura. and Ohannessian, Christine.

Critical Learning Spaces for Latino Male Academic Engagement
 Colón, Melissa. and Del Razo, Jaime.

Cultural Pride Socialization, Racial Centrality, and Self-Esteem in African American Adolescent Boys
 Hoffman, Adam., Ellis, James., Kurtz-Costes, Beth., Vuletich, Heidi. and Rowley, Stephanie.

Culture as a social determinant of men’s health disparities
 Airhihenbuwa, Collins.


Determining Promotive Contexts and Environments for Infant and Toddler Black Boys’ School Readiness Skills
 Iruka, Iheoma.

Does Parenting and Neighborhood Quality Matter for African American Boys' Kindergarten Mathematics Achievement?
 Baker, Claire.

Does child gender matter?: The Relationship between Family Engagement and School Readiness Skills for Latino Head Start Children
 Bouza, Johayra., Shearer, Rebecca., Bichay, Krystal., Gaona, Patricia., Sanchez, Dorothy. and Fernandez, Veronica.


Emotion-Related Beliefs and Socialization Behaviors of African American and Lumbee American Indian Fathers
 Lozada, Fantasy. and Halberstadt, Amy.

Ethnic-Racial Identity Development for Boys and Male Youth of Color
 Quintana, Stephen.

Ethnic-Racial Socialization Experiences of Young African American and Latino Boys across Early Childhood: Emergence and Transition
 Contreras, Mariah., Caughy, Margaret. and Owen, Margaret.

Examination of American Indian/Alaska Native Boys Academic Skills
 Barnes-Najor, Jessica., Lee, KyungSook., Belleau, Ann. and Fitzgerald, Hiram.

Examining paternal involvement on healthy birth outcomes using the Fragile Families Child Well-Being Study (1998-2000)
 Kelly, Kelsie.

Examining the prevalence and academic consequences of ethnic-racial discrimination among boys of color in elementary school
 Stewart, Ashley., Del Toro, Juan., Hughes, Diane. and Way, Niobe.

Examining the prevalence and academic consequences of ethnic-racial discrimination among boys of color in middle and high school
 English, Devin., Hughes, Diane. and Way, Niobe.

Examining the prevalence and academic consequences of ethnic-racial discrimination among men of color in college
 Del Toro, Juan. and Hughes, Diane.

Executive Functioning, Approaches to Learning, and Social Competence Among Young African-American Boys
 Ricks, Elizabeth.

Exploring Father-Son Agreement in Racial and Cultural Socialization Messages
 Griffin, Charity., Golden, Alex. and Cooper, Shauna.

Exploring Mathematics Identity with and among Black Men
 Jett, Christopher.


Family Demographics and Gender Differences with Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
 Terleckyj, Stefan., Raveau, Hasti., Richardson, Patty., Lopez, Michael., Savastano, Giovanna., Macaulay, Taylor. and Bocknek, Erika.

Family Life and Development at Age 2: How are Black and Latino Boys in Early Head Start Doing?
 Vogel, Cheri. and Cannon, Judy.

Family School Involvement and Early School Adjustment Affect Adolescent Academic and Behavioral Functioning
 Tolan, Patrick. and Richardson, Malachi.

Father Involvement in Informal Kinship Care: Exploring Impacts on Child Externalizing Behaviors
 Cryer-Coupet, Qiana.

Father Socialization in Sikh Immigrant Families towards Ethno-Religious Identity Formation in Their Sons
 Rana, Meenal., Johnson, Deborah., Qin, Desiree. and McNall, Miles.

Father-Child Early Verbal Interactions in Low-Income Families
 Ingrole, Smriti. and Phillips, Beth.

Father-adolescent Conflict Frequency: Development and Correlates in Two-Parent African American Families
 Skinner, Olivenne. and McHale, Susan.

Father-son relationships in ethnically diverse families: Links to boys’ cognitive and social emotional development
 Baker, Claire.

Fathering Practices and African American Adolescent Males' Health Behaviors: A Growth Curve Analysis
 Cooper, Shauna., Metzger, Isha. and Golden, Alex.

Father’s Presence in Mothering Spaces: Racial, Gender-Based and Other Socialization Messages to College Women of Color
 Lofton, Heather., Johnson, Deborah., Adekoya, Anike., Mills, Kristen. and Yoon, Junghee.

Financial Stressors, Gender Role Ideology, and Family Relationships among Married Black Fathers
 Varner, Fatima.


Gender Differences in the Developmental Trajectories of Gender Identity in North African French Adolescents
 Hoffman, Adam., Loose, Florence., Dumas, Florence., Smeding, Annique., Kurtz-Costes, Beth. and Régner, Isabelle.

Gender in African American Families: Longitudinal Links Between Parents’ Coparenting Satisfaction and Boys’ and Girls’ Achievement
 Mayfield, Keiana., Sun, Xiaoran. and McHale, Susan.

Grandfathers, Fathers, and Sons: Role of Intergenerational Relations on Parent Attitudes and Involvement of Mexican Origin Fathers
 Gonzalez, Henry.


Hispanic males’ mental health from adolescence through the transition to fatherhood
 Garfield, Craig. and Rutsohn, Joshua.

Home Literacy Activities in Latino Immigrant Families: Contributions to Toddlers’ Language Skills
 Malin, Jenessa. and Cabrera, Natasha.

How do Boys of Color Experience High-Stakes Tests and Mandatory Retention Policies in Miami, Florida?
 Tavassolie, Tanya., Hines, Caitlin. and Winsler, Adam.


Immigrant Advantage for Latino and Black Males Attending Elementary School in Miami
 Parada, Mayra. and Winsler, Adam.

Influence of gender, racial identity, & racial socialization on parental emotion socialization practices
 Are, Funlola. and Shaffer, Anne.

Is there power in forgiveness?: The impacts of racial discrimination are shaped by public regard and forgiveness
 Inniss-Thompson, Misha., Burrow, Anthony. and De Hart, Tracy.


Job Instability, Psychological Well-Being, and Parenting Among Middle Class African American Fathers
 Wood, Dana. and Taylor, Ashley.

Joint Parenting Among Low-Income African American and Latino Families and Relations to Academic Achievement During Kindergarten
 Dyer, Nazly., Owen, Margaret., Armstrong, Suzanne., Mills, Britain. and Caughy, Margaret.


Latent Profiles of African American Male College Students in a College Algebra Course: The Significance of Psychosocial Factors
 Serpell, Zewelanji., Habteselasse, Sham., Thomas, Krystal., Nasim, Aashir., Faison, Milton. and Hill, Oliver.

Latino Masculine Values and Sexuality in Mexican Adolescents
 Velazquez, Efren., McPherson, Jenna. and Espinosa-Hernandez, Graciela.

Life Satisfaction, Neighborhood Satisfaction, and Discrimination among African American Men: How Much Does Gender Matter?
 Carlos, Fiorella., Gonzales-Backen, Melinda. and Harris, Gregory.

Loss of Loved Ones and Risk of Psychological Symptoms among African American Male High School Students
 So, Suzanna., Gaylord-Harden, Noni. and Burnside, Amanda.


Making Meaning of Consistency and Discrepancy in Mother and Son Reports of Racial Socialization
 Lambert, Sharon. and Smith-Bynum, Mia.

Mediating Role of Social Skills in the Relations between Language Skills and Behavior Problems in Hispanic Preschool Boys
 Qi, Cathy.

Mentoring, Social Support, and Help-Seeking Among Male Students of Color in the Transition to College
 Kanchewa, Stella., Starks, Abigail., Schwartz, Sarah. and Rhodes, Jean.

Mexican-Origin Boys’ and Girls’ Time with Mothers and Fathers From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Trajectories and Correlates
 Padilla, Jenny., McHale, Susan., Updegraff, Kimberly. and Umana-Taylor, Adriana.

Moderating effects of family routine among African American boys
 Gebre, Azeb. and Taylor, Ronald.

Mother-Adolescent communication problems mediate demanding kin relations among African American boys
 Gebre, Azeb. and Taylor, Ronald.

Mothers’ and Teachers’ Concerns about Pre-school Boys and Girls of Color
 Hitti, Aline., Brown, Jeffrey. and Barbarin, Oscar.

Multidimensional Grief Reactions among Bereaved African American Male Youth: The Predictive Utility of Cause of Death
 Burnside, Amanda., Gaylord-Harden, Noni., Kaplow, Julie. and Layne, Christopher.

Multiracial Youth of Color: Performance of Racial Identities for Adolescent Males
 Mahgoub, Lana.


Narratives of Puerto Rican Middle School Boys Regarding Salient Dimensions of School Context: Contradictions and Possibilities
 Durand, Tina.

National portrait of Hispanic boys and young Men
 Turner, Kimberly., Guzman, Lina., Cabrera, Natasha. and Malin, Jenessa.


Oxytocin receptor genetic variation and triadic family interactions
 Richardson, Patty., Bocknek, Erika., Luca, Francesca., Mitrano, Cara. and Cascardo, Camilla.


PLAAYing with Race: Racial Empowerment & Healing in Adolescent African American Boys
 Stevenson, Howard.

Parent Involvement, Family Cohesion, and Cultural Values Predict Prosocial Behaviors Among Immigrant Latino Adolescents
 Davis, Alexandra N.., Carlo, Gustavo., Schwartz, Seth., Unger, Jennifer., Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes. and Szapocznik, Jose.

Parental Control Strategies and Toddler Compliance in a Low Income Latino Immigrant Sample
 Kuhns, Catherine. and Cabrera, Natasha.

Parental Knowledge of Child Development: What do Latino and African-American Mothers and Fathers Know?
 Ochoa, Wendy., Reich, Stephanie., Cabrera, Natasha. and Kuhns, Catherine.

Parental Locus of Control as a Resilience Factor for Parenting Quality in Low-Income African American Fathers
 Mufti, Fatima., Raveau, Hasti., Dorman, Hillary., Terleckyj, Stefan., Holemo, Natalie., Berro, Zienab., Lepora, Maxwell., Choucair, Mustapha. and Bocknek, Erika.

Parental Racial/Ethnic and Emotion Socialization Predict Young Black Boys’ Emotion Reactivity
 Dunbar, Angel. and Leerkes, Esther.

Parenting Practices and Mexican Adolescents' Psychological Adjustment: The Role of Gender
 Halgunseth, Linda., Espinosa-Hernandez, Graciela., Reid, Alexander., Harris, Christian. and Gutierrez, Estefania.

Paternal PTSD, emotion regulation, parenting, and toddler problem behaviors among urban African American families
 Raveau, Hasti., Dorman, Hillary. and Bocknek, Erika.

Pathways from Childhood Adversity to Depressive Symptoms Among Rural, Young Adult Black Men
 Kogan, Steven. and Cho, Junhan.

Perceived School Climate and Internet Gaming Disorder Among Junior Middle School Students: A Moderated Mediation Model
 BAO, feng., ZHANG, Wei., YU, fu., ZHU, jun., BAO, zhou. and JIANG, ping.

Perceived racial barrier to opportunity and academic performance across early to late adolescence
 Del Toro, Juan., Hughes, Diane. and Way, Niobe.

Positive Effects of Pre-K for Black Males Through 3rd Grade: The Role of Higher-Quality Elementary Schools
 Mumma, Kaitlyn. and Winsler, Adam.

Preparing Black Boys for Bias: Understanding Family Messages and Boys’ Coping Strategies Related to Racially Hostile Situations
 Scott, Judith., Pinderhughes, Ellen. and Johnson, Sara.

Preschool Boys of Color: Portraits of the Population Served by Head Start
 Aikens, Nikki., Tarullo, Louisa., Malone, Lizabeth., Kelly, Annalee. and Lukashanets, Serge.

Processes that Promote Positive Youth Development among African American Males: Does Social Class Matter?
 Murry, Velma.

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Racial/ethnic differences in the impact of encouragement from the baby's father on breastfeeding
 Thullen, Matthew., Edwards, Renee., Henson, Linda. and Hans, Sydney.

Relating through Racial Oppression: Black Boys’ Minority Ideology and Empathy Development in the Face of Racial Discrimination
 Bañales, Josefina., Lozada, Fantasy. and Jagers, Robert.

Relational Factors Predict Emotion Regulation in African American Boys Better Than Parenting Factors
 Washington-Nortey, Princess-Melissa., Riley, Tennisha., Foster, Aysha., Parr, Teresa., Ellefson, Michelle. and Serpell, Zewelanji.

Relationship of Maternal Physical Health, Depression, and Locus of Control to Problem Behaviors in African American Preschoolers
 Hennrick, Heather., Janisse, Heather., Ellis, Lillian., Esposito, Cassandra., Kilber, Nicole. and Riggs, Jessica.

Rhymes with Reason: Hip-Hop as an aid to Black and Latino Literacy Engagement
 Martin, Austin.


School Readiness Profiles of Oregon's Kindergarten Boys
 Tremaine, Elizabeth., Mashburn, Andrew. and Yelverton, Rita.

School-Based Racial Discrimination and Educational Attainment Outcomes Among African-American Youth: The Moderating Role of Gender
 Wood, Dana., Skinner, Olivenne., Taylor, Ashley., Thomas, Khia., Day, Kyla. and Webb, Felecia.

School-based mechanisms of differential long-term pre-K effects among black and white youth
 Anderson, Sara., Kitchens, Karin. and Phillips, Deborah.

Social Supports Among Low-Income Minority Fathers Participating in the Parents and Children Together (PACT) Evaluation
 Valdovinos D\'Angelo, Angela., Knas, Emily. and Holcomb, Pamela.

Social manifestations of racial inequality in the Deep South as perceived by marginalized minority emerging adult men
 Davies, Susan., Hannon, Lonnie. and Lee, Yookyong.

Socio-Emotional Development of Boys of Color from Pre-k to 2nd Grade: How critical are their experiences after pre-school?
 Barbarin, Oscar. and Hitti, Aline.

Stereotype Threat Harms Conceptual Understanding and Exacerbates Learning Gap between Male and Female Students of Color
 Lyons, Emily.

Stereotypes about Boys of Color: Information about Race/Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status Biases Ratings of Boys’ Behavior
 Brown, Eleanor., Garnett, Mallory., Burlew, Lauren., Ippolito, Peter., Belling, Julie., Di Stefano, Anna. and Mitsuzuka, Masataka.

Stop, Drop, Enroll: How Ability Beliefs are Associated with College-Going among Black Males
 Minor, Kelly. and Benner, Aprile.


Targeted vocabulary instruction for urban second grade boys with disabilities.
 Handyside, Lisa.

Testing Bidirectional Paths between Father Involvement and Child Socioemotional Competence in Young Boys of Color
 Frausto, Angelica., Burke LeFever, Jennifer. and Braungart-Rieker, Julie.

Testing the Efficacy of a Culturally Adapted Version the Strong Start Intervention with Urban African American Boys
 Graves, Scott.

The Aggregate Effects of Race- and Sexual orientation- based Victimization on Gay, Bisexual and Queer Boys of Color.
 Villenas, Christian., Greytak, Emily. and Kosciw, Joseph.

The Double Check Framework: Engaging Black Students in the Classroom
 Debnam, Katrina., Bottiani, Jessika., Pas, Elise. and Bradshaw, Catherine.

The Impact of African American Parents’ Racial Discrimination Experiences and Neighborhood Cohesion on their Racial Socialization
 Saleem, Farzana., English, Devin., Busby, Danielle., Harrison, Aubrey., Stock, Michelle., Lambert, Sharon. and Gibbons, Frederick.

The Moderating Role of Gender on Sibling Relationship Quality and Substance Use Intentions Among Mexican Origin Youth
 Mechammil, Molly., Cruz, Rick., Conger, Rand. and Robins, Richard.

The Role of Depressive Symptoms in Substance Use among African American Boys Exposed to Community Violence
 Tache, Rachel., Lambert, Sharon. and Ialongo, Nicholas.

The Trayvon Effect: An Intervention Addressing Mothers Concerns for Black Sons amid Heightened Discrimination
 Anderson, Riana. and Talley, Lloyd.

The early home experiences of Latino boys: A developmental perspective
 Cabrera, Natasha., Malin, Jenessa., Kuhns, Catherine. and West, Jerry.

The longitudinal effects of preschool storytelling skills for African American boys’ reading development
 Gardner-Neblett, Nicole. and Sideris, John.

Trajectories of Community Violence Exposure in Male Adolescents of Color
 Gaylord-Harden, Noni.

Trajectories of Pre-Ejection Period: The Role of Deviant Peer Relationships and Individual Coping Style for African American Males
 Saini, Ekjyot., Philbrook, Lauren., Keiley, Margaret., Erath, Stephen. and El-Sheikh, Mona.


Understanding Views of School Equity and Culturally Responsive Practices in Boys of Color: the Role of Racial/Ethnic Belonging
 Bottiani, Jessika., Debnam, Katrina., Pas, Elise. and Bradshaw, Catherine.


Validation of the Youth Africultural Coping System Inventory: Culturally-relevant coping strategies of African American males
 Bart-Plange, Emma-Lorraine., Pierre, Cynthia. and Gaylord-Harden, Noni.


You got game: Developing NBA Math Hoops to even the math score
 Fuller, Khalil.

Young Boys of Color: Developmental Patterns of Racial-Ethnic Identity, Perceived Barriers and Positive Youth Development
 Smith, Emilie., Oshri, Assaf. and Yu, Dian.
SRCD Special Topic Meeting: Babies, Boys and Men of Color 2016-Oct-06 to 2016-Oct-09
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