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"Learning to Organize: Post-Production Supervision in Feature-length Projects."
 Wang, George Chun Han.


A Battleground of Discourses: Pashto News Sites and Their Presentation of Post-September 11 Violence in Afghanistan
 Noorzai, Roshan.

A Brief History of Congressional and FCC Efforts to Regulate Television Violence
 Cooper, Cynthia.

A Clash of Cultures: Reaching Hostile Audiences Through International Broadcasting
 Clark, Andrew. and Christie, Tom.

A Comparative Analysis of Online Fan Feedback: Exploring Reactions to Episodes and Webisodes of The Office
 Peirce, L. Meghan.

A Comparison of Network News Coverage of Obesity in Two Time Frames: An Analysis of Issues, Sources, and Episodic-Thematic Frames
 Gearhart, Sherice., Craig, Clay. and Steed, Chaille.

A Denotative Analysis of Para-social Interaction –– Explicating Para-social Interaction Involving Four Other Media Consumptive Phenomena
 Shen, Bin. and Zhou, Shuhua.

A Fundamentalist Approach to Fairness
 Martin, Carey.

A History of Broadcasting in the United States
 Gomery, Douglas.

A Pedagogical Approach to Developing Journalistic Best Practices Through Wikis
 Bowe, Brian J.. and Hoewe, Jennifer.

A Public Sphere in Decline: The State of Localism in Talk Radio
 Crider, David.

A Rose By Any Other Name
 Smith, G. Stuart.

A Safe Harbor for TV Violence?
 Blevins, Jeffrey.

Active within Structures: An Examination of Webisodes’ Structural Characteristics
 Tang, Tang.

Alternative Sexualities: Digital Divide or Digital Inclusion?
 Hoy, Chuck.

Applying the Stages of Change Model to test audience engagement with a celebrity weight loss reality TV program: From contemplation to taking action with “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life”
 Wang, Yi.

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Beyond the Beat: Hip Hop Music and Media Literacy
 Cabral, Nuala.

Blogs in Thailand and Malaysia: Contrasting Contexts, Contrasting Contents
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

Broadcast Property Rights: A Historical Examination of Spectrum Allocation
 Sindik, Amy.

Building Bridges During Times of Need: A Look at the Use of Social Support on Facebook
 Weiner, Judith. and Rollie, Stephanie.


Cable TV Deregulation Reconsidered: An Exploration of Three Theses
 Zarkin, Michael.

Can Green TV make us Greener: the appeal and effectiveness of environmental TV programs at promoting pro-environmental behaviors among individuals with different attitudes
 Hamidi, Jason., Kirnan, Katie., Honsinger, Griffith. and Deng, Yao.

Celebrity Signifiers: The Tonight Show Monologues As Cultural Forum 1984-2009
 White, Christopher.

Characteristics of Social Media Users: Opinion Leaders and Opinion Seekers
 Wang, Paul Xiaopeng.

Chics, Tech, and Respect: Juggling Gender Dynamics in College Media
 Yambor, Marjorie.

Collaboration and Composition Online: Strategies and e-tools for teaching media writing
 Hall, Trevor.

Community Radio in the UK: Collaboration and Regulation
 Wilson, Deborah. and Hallett, Lawrie.

Compressing HD: When Large Files and Small Displays Collide
 Tigner, Ben.

Creating Multi-Media, Helping your Community and Making it Fun
 Anderson, Timothy.

Creating Student Social Activists Through Community Participatory Documentaries
 Winslow, Y. Jane.


Damsels No More: The Role of the 'Warrior Woman' in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Supernatural
 Allman, Roger.

Developing Nation Under Fire: CNN’s Portrayal of China’s National Image
 Zhang, Cui., Meadows, Charles. and Zhou, Shuhua.

Development of Scales to Measure Perceived Attributes of Consumer Communication Technologies
 Dupagne, Michel. and Driscoll, Paul.

Digital Diversity? The Online World for Kids
 Bryant, J. Alison.

Digital Storytelling and Cellphone Videography
 Balas, Glenda.

Disruptive Audio: An Exploration of Online Voice-Over Marketplaces
 Grant, Augie.

Diversity Matters: Recruitment and Retention of Students and Faculty
 Meadows, Jennifer.

Does Mad Men Perpetuate or Deviate from the Feminine Mystique?
 Ngondo, Prisca.

Domestic to Dominate: The Evolution of Witches on Television
 Stohlman, Trey.

Dorky Dads, Geeks and Villains: The Portrayal of Male Characters in Popular Children's Television
 Powers, Jack.


Effects of Candidates’ Social Media Presence on Political Attitudes: Activating Young Voters Online
 Painter, David., Dunton-Miles, Maridith. and Kim, Ji-Young.

Effects of Political Talk on Youths' Civic Participation: Comparing Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore
 Wan-ying, Lin. and Xinzhi, Zhang.

Entirely My Brainchild Colonial Radio Broadcasting in the South-West Pacific: A Solomon Islands Historical Case Study 1945-52
 Hadlow, Martin.

Ethics in Media Education: How Attention to Ethical Issues Can Increase Students’ Ethical Sensitivity
 Lind, Rebecca., Swenson-Lepper, Tammy. and Rarick, David.

Examining the Roles of Anticipation and Outcome Expectations in Enjoyment of Televised Sports Contests: A Longitudinal Perspective of Affective Disposition Theories
 Kinnally, William.

Exploring the Functions of Online Ethnic Media: A Case Study on Indian-American Blogs
 Biwas, Masudul.

Exploring the Impact of Audience Motivations for Entertainment Consumption and Nature of Media Content on Moral Disengagement
 Tsay, Mina. and Krakowiak, K. Maja.

ePorfolios and the Video Production Industry


Fair and Balanced: Implications of Hostile Media Perception in Light of a Fairness Doctrine Resurgence
 Hall, Trevor.

Following Local Television News Personalities on Twitter: A Uses and Gratifications Approach to Social Networking
 Greer, Clark. and Ferguson, Douglas.

From Assimiliation to Kalomoira: Satellite TV and the Rejuvenation of New York City's Greek Community
 Nevradakis, Michael.

From Wonder Woman to Sookie: A Content Analysis of Supernatural Female Characters from the 1970s Through the 2000s
 Powers, Jack.


Gender in Film Production: Creating the Balance
 Deleon, Cara.

Gender, Sports, and New Media: Predictors of Viewing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

Going HD: Lessons Learned and Lessons Taught Taking Orange Television to HD
 Robinson, Andrew.


HDSLR Documentary Filmmaking & Cinematic Journalism
 Ogden, Michael.

Harley Davidson: The Softening of an Icon?
 Stone, Cam.

High-End, Twin-Camera 3-D Program Production
 Smolin, Jill.

Hoaxical Documentum: Practice and Theory of Propaganda, Reality and Truth in Documentary Filmmaking
 Labbato, Daniel.

How different emergencies may affect journalist/source message negotiation
 Swindell, Christopher.


Image Repair Through TV: The Strategies of McGwire, Rodriguez and Bonds
 Epp, Susie. and Utsler, Max.

Impacts of Portable Communication Technologies on College Radio Content
 McKenzie, Robert.

Impacts of Social Networking on College Radio Content
 Diamond-Ward, Robin.

In a Digital Daze: Better Technology Creates Poor Storytellers
 Hackley, Dana.

Introducing...The 168 Film Project!
 Luebbers, Paul.

Intuitive Morality and Reactions to News Events: Responding to News of the Lockerbie Bomber’s Release
 Lewis, Robert., Grizzard, Matthew., Bowman, Nicholas., Eden, Allison. and Tamborini, Ron.

Is Al Jazeera English All that Different from CNN? International Coverage on the Broadcasters’ Websites
 Kodrich, Kris.


LPFM in a HD World: How the 100-Watt "Blowtorches" Spread the Word Beyond The Four-Mile Coverage Pattern
 Greer, Clark., Stark, Craig., Curran, Andy. and Calabrese, Barbara.

Lesbians, Facebook and the Real L Word
 Lewis, Ash.


Maintaining a "State of Aloha" -- Working with Students on Feature Documentary Production
 Misawa, Anne.

Making News: A Grounded Theory Analysis of TV News Broadcasts of Hillary Clinton from 1993-2008
 Tucker-McLaughlin, Mary. and Campbell, Kenneth.

Making or Breaking The House: Surviving Feature-length Production in an Academic Setting
 Menendez, Francisco. and Cobb, Warren.

Men, Facebook, and The Howard Stern Show
 Smith, Josh.

Men, Twitter, and Fox News
 Canter, Justin.

Men, Twitter, and Tosh.0
 Short, Rory.

Messages From Confinement: The Role of Incarceration Radio
 Keith, Michael.

Multiple Voices, Multiple Languages: Challenges to English-centric Web
 Wilkinson, Jeffrey.


NBC, the USDA, and Radio's National Farm and Home Hour: 1930s Commercialization and the Challenge to Public Service Programming
 Craig, Rogers.

News Coverage or Inadvertent Advertising: How Do Local TV News Reporters Perceive Coverage Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Actions?
 Strauss, Jessalynn.

News Is People: The Rise of Local TV News
 Allen, Craig.

Now That's Entertainment: Young Adults' Use of Television, Online Television, and YouTube Content.
 Bondad-Brown, Beverly.


Online Video and Interactivity: An Examination of Consumers’ Use of Interactive Feature on Internet Video Websites
 Yang, Yan.

Onlylady, But Only Who Are the Ladies? An Analysis of the Online Social Identity of Young Middle-Class Urban Chinese Women
 Chen, Li.

Origins of Television News In America: The Visualizers of CBS In the 1940s
 Conway, Mike.


Pause the Prezi: Here Come the Tweets
 Dailey, John.

Persuasion, Promotion, and Conversation: How Las Vegas Casinos are Using Twitter
 Strauss, Jessalynn. and Seits, Angela.

Pocket Journalism: Using Flip Video Cameras for Radio, Television and Web Coverage
 Weaver, Brad.

Prime-Time Online: Exploring the Appeal of Evolving Narrative Trends
 Weaver, Andrew. and Levell, Caleb.

Prior Exposure to Media Coursework as a Factor in Determining A Preference to Backpack Journalism
 Gee, Charlie.

Project Management in the Capstone Sandbox: Photos, Audio, Video and 3D in Google Earth
 Anderson, Steve.

Public Interest Standards and HD Multicasting of Noncommercial Educational Radio
 Gothard, Michele.


Race on Trial: The Relevance of Race in the Lionel Tate TV Wrestling Murder Trial
 Cooper, Cynthia.

Radio and Audio Media: New Directions in Radio Education
 Brown, Michael.

Ramping up Multi-Media Reporting, Doing it Quickly and Making it Fun
 McCoy, Bernard.

Recommendations in Favor of the Passage of the Local Community Radio Act of 2009
 Nevradakis, Michael.

Regulating Violence as Indecency: A Constitutional Perspective
 Vogel, Richard.

Reporter and Source Race and Gender during the 2008 Presidential Campaign across Broadcast, Cable and Public News Networks
 Zeldes, Geri., Fico, Frederick. and Diddi, Arvind.

Rethinking News Delivery: Effects of Exposure to News through Twitter and Facebook
 Ancu, Monica.

Revisiting Red Lion By Way of O’Brien
 Vogel, Richard.

Role Models in the Media as Ethical Motivators
 Dunn, Anne.

Rooting for the Serial Killer: Disposition Theory, Justice, and Morality in Showtime’s Dexter
 Finklea, Bruce.


SONY Workflow at Universidad Ibero Americana
 Soto, Jose.

Saying It with Conviction… and Acquittal: The Effects of TV Crime Drama Exposure on Jurors’ Self-Efficacy and Verdict Confidence
 Sarapin, Susan. and Sparks, Glenn.

Sex, Violence, and Video Games: A Content Analysis of Video Game Covers
 Tirumala, Lakshmi. and Miles, Stephanie.

Shaping Public Policy with Children and Media Research: Reflections on the Road of Scholarly Activism
 Kunkel, Dale.

Shooting and Editing on iPhones: the making of "Apple of My Eye"
 Koerbel, Michael.

Sports Journalism on Twitter
 Sheffer, Mary Lou.

Storyboarding Dynamic Interface for iPad
 Coester, Dana.

Success and Failure: Why Radio Propaganda Produced a Regime Change in Guatemala but Failed in Cuba
 Walsh, Daniel.


Tag! The Augmented Reality of Social Networking in News Storytelling
 Ryan, Kathleen.

Teaching Convergence in a High Def World with Stones and Chisels
 Brogdon, Gloria.

Teaching Radio in the Age of HD
 Jacoby, Jeff.

Teaching Teamwork in a One Man Band World of Journalism
 Smith, Suzy.

Teaching with Tech: How a Community of Web-Savvy Educators are Changing the K-12 Education System
 Stansberry, Katie.

Technologic Androgyny: Gendered Representations on Social Networking Sites
 Sauerbier, Rachel.

Technology and Women
 Schaffer, Mary.

Television In America: Local Station History
 Godfrey, Donald.

Television Portrayals of Public Relations and Mass Communication Education
 McCutchen, Yolanda.

Television Violence and Parental Control: An Industry Perspective
 Polinsky, Heather.

Testing HD’s Impact on Viewers: Can Highly Diverse Newscasts Discourage Prejudice?
 Loggins, Ginger.

The African American Female Documentary Tradition: Navigating Beyond the Normative Constraints
 White, Theresa.

The Analog-Digital Gap: Radio and its Shadows
 Dunaway, David.

The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act--An Undue Burden Upon Broadcasters
 Vogel, Richard.

The Capstone Experience: The Online Journal as an Interdisciplinary Integrative Tool
 Byland, David.

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Uphold Morality, or Finish the Game? The Influence of Moral Intuitions on Decisions to Violate or Uphold Morality in Virtual Environments
 Bowman, Nicholas., Joeckel, Sven. and Dogruel, Leyla.

Using "Wall Street" to Teach About Gender Hegemony
 Gorham, Brad.

Using Advertising Research Techniques to Create Journalistic Content: Why it's Important for Both Advertising and Journalism Students to Work Together
 Willet, Phil.

Using Emerging Consumer Digital Devices and Applications as Resources in the Field of Video Production
 Hoffman, Eric.

Using Social Media in New Ways and the Keys to Interaction Between Advertising and Journalism
 Struthers, Amy.


Victimization and Drama in News Coverage of Kidnapped Victims
 Zhou, Shuhua., Cooley, Skye., Ezell, Jon. and Naidoo, Jefrey.


WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get..) or Not?: The Challenge of Teaching Students with New Technology
 Powell, Phillip.

Web Video, Surveillance, Mobile Media, and the Shifting Focus of the Production Student
 Morrow, Dustin.

What Makes Characters’ Bad Behaviors Acceptable? The Effects of Character Motivation and Outcome on Perceptions, Character Liking, and Moral Disengagement
 Krakowiak, K. Maja. and Tsay, Mina.

What Would Don Draper Do? Masculine Trouble in Mad Men
 Lowry, Kent.

What’s in a Tweet? Foreign Correspondents’ Use of Social Media
 Cozma, Raluca.

White Out -- Erasing the Wisdom of Crowds
 Bennett, Sybril.

Why Did I Just Watch That? Essentials of Entertainment Theory
 Bryant, Jennings.

Why the Cell Phone Changes Everything: An Overview
 Friedmann, Anthony.

Will Advertising on the SuperBowl Take You From Zero to Hero?
 Cassat, Jon. and Utsler, Max.

Women Outnumber Men in the Academy and Out-Earn Men in the Field! Film @ 11!
 Hemenway, Paul.

Women in Communication: The Association, Today

Women, Facebook and the Oprah Winfrey Show
 Blair, Shari.

Worfklow for Digital SLRs
 Gonzales, Michael.

Workflow for P2 and Other Panasonic Solutions
 Strobel, Chris.

Workflow for the Red
 Wang, George Chun Han.

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