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(How) Does Instant Replay Increase Enjoyment? Examining the Relationship between Instant Replay, Enjoyment, and Perceived Violence of Play
 Cummins, Glenn. and Hahn, Dustin.

3G MVAS market in China:Analysis of strategic alliances from resource-based perspective
 Shi, Kristy., Ha, Louisa. and Hao, Xiaoming.

“The nail polish underneath the hockey gloves”: NBC’s framing of women hockey players in the 2010 Winter Olympics
 Poniatowski, Kelly.


A Case Study of the new sitcom "Stardust & the Bandit"
 Fisher, Dick.

A Content Analysis of Domestic and International Media Coverage of the Thai Red Shirt Riots
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

A Discussion of the Writing Process for Situation Comedies
 Halke, Rich.

A Forgotten Tweet: Somalia and the Failures of Social Media
 Cooley, Skye. and Jones, Amy.

A Future for Traditional Radio?
 Dennison, Corley.

A History of the Situation Comedy: 1922-2010
 Shapiro, Mitchell.

Adoption Of The Internet In The Television Industry: Explaining Diffusion Of An Inefficient Innovation
 Taneja, Harsh. and Young, Heather.

Affective Responses of Young Adults to Public Service Announcements on Hunger Among Blacks and Whites
 Ash, Erin.

An Analysis of Viewers' Thoughts on Growing Up with Situation Comedies
 Robertson, Amber.

Are Social Media in Kuwait Really Social?
 AlFailakawi, Yousef.

Assessing Student Media Advisors for Promotion, Tenure, and Merit: Using an Electronic Portfolio
 Tolstedt, Mark.


Baby Steps and Giant Leaps: Exploring Diversity in China’s Web
 Wilkinson, Jeffrey.

Becoming Modular: The (Re-)Assembled Queer “Male” Body and Its Digitally-Enabled Sexual Economy
 Costa, Diego.

Bella’s Choice: Deconstructing Ideology and Power in The Twilight Saga
 Grinner, Leslie.

Best Practices using Biometrics for Branded Product Integrations
 Rosenblum, Bruce.

Beyond Apps: The use of mobile technology for the dissemination of student media.
 Egwu, Chetachi.

Biometrics for the Public Good: Evaluating Highway Safety Videos with Psychophysiology
 Bolls, Paul.

Bounce TV: Is there room for a broadcast network targeting African Americans in the current political economy?
 Hunter, Leah. and Proffitt, Jennifer.

Bypassing Traditional Media through Shortwave Radio: Expanding the Model of Value Equivalence
 Clark, Andrew. and Christie, Thomas.


CBS Experimentation During Television’s First Boom
 Conway, Mike.

Can Independent Records Companies Compete with the Majors? A Preliminary Descriptive Analysis of the Digital Music Market
 Polinsky, Heather.

Collaborative funding: Potential sources of additional revenue beyond the academic budget
 Gould, Kara.

Comparing Network and Post-Network Network Sitcom Pilots
 Blue, Mary.

Crank Dat Barack Obama! Social Media and the 2008 Presidential Election
 Gosa, Travis.

Credentialing of Campus Media Advisors: Is There a Doctor in the Newsroom?
 Terracina-Hartman, Carol. and Nulph, Robert.

CyberHealthcare and the Participating Patient: Physician Attitudes on Increased Interactivity
 Peirce, L. Meghan.


Does Trust Really Matter? A Quantitative Study of College Students' Trust and Use of News Media
 Lee, Soo Hui.

Dora the Explorer or Hannah Montana?: The Role of Exposure to Animated and Live-Action Entertainment Television and Children’s Implicit and Explicit Weight Bias
 Bissell, Kim. and Parrott, Scott.


Effects of Proximity on the Cognitive Processing of Environmental News
 Meadows, Charles., Zhang, Cui. and Zhou, Shuhua.

Emotion Work for Merriwell and Billy Clyde: Challenging American Football’s Two-Tiered Gender System on Friday Night Lights
 Kerr, Robert.

Ethnic Conflicts and Leadership Shifts among Indonesia’s Madurese and Dayak Communities
 Sukandar, Rudi.

Examining the YouTube Agenda: A Content Analysis of YouTube Videos on NBC Nightly News
 Deloose, Andrew. and Mapaye, Joy.

Exploring Gay/Straight Relationships on Local Television News
 Saxenmeyer, Mark.

Exploring and Applying a Use-Diffusion Model to the TV Streaming Generation
 McCreery, Stephen.


Fans, Nonfans, and the Olympics: Predictors of Audience's Multiplatform Experience with the 2008 Beijing Games
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

Feats, Foibles, & Failures: Minority Ownership policy and the FCC’s inability to enact long-term change
 Hunter, Leah.

Framing the Revolution in Egypt’s Newspapers and Social Media Sites
 Hamdy, Naila.

From the Inside: Examining Audience Influence on Local TV News
 Timmins, Lydia.

Further Investigation of Connections between Reality TV Viewing and Perceptions of the Social Reality of Cosmetic Surgery
 Kinnally, Will., Shan, Yan., Hofma, Megan., Hardage, Courtney., Tong, Xing. and Brown, Tim.


GLBT News Sites: Educating and Empowering?
 Netzley, Sara.

Gender Representation on YouTube's Most Viewed Videos: Where the Girls Aren't
 Tucker-McLaughlin, Mary.

Gender and Race as Meaning Systems: Understanding Theoretical, Historical, and Institutional Implications of Sexualized Imagery in Rap Music
 Cox, Kiana.

Getting the Joke: A Textual Analysis of Self-reflexivity in Boston Legal
 Price, Stephen.

Gleaners and Waste: The Post-Issue/Advocacy Documentary
 Corbett, Kevin.

Government-Sanctioned Anarchy: Greece's Chaotic Airwaves
 Nevradakis, Michael.


How Journalists Perceive Internal and External Influence: A Qualitative Assessment of Local Television Reporters’ Ethical Decision-Making
 Concepcion, Beth.

How TV News Makes Arabs and Muslims Feel about Themselves
 Ibrahim, Dina. and Abdel Halim, Aymen.

How to Know What You Don't Know
 Luft, Gregory.

Hugo Gernsback & “Radio News,” Between 1919 & 1924
 Adams, Michael.


I've Lived Life From Both Sides Now: What I Learned Moving from Theory-Driven Research to Applied Research... and Back
 Bailey, Rachel.

Interactive Content, Online Agenda and Pedagogy
 DePietro, Peter.

It’s All in Your Head: The Evolution of Television, Parasociability and Imagined Interactions
 Madison, Phillip. and Porter, Lance.


 Terzic, Marilyn.

Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon: Foreign Correspondents’ Use of Twitter
 Cozma, Raluca.


Local TV News and the Transmedia Experience: The Role of Parasocial Interaction in the Online Social Distribution of News
 Mapaye, Joy.


Malay Civilization: An ideological discourse analysis of Najib Tun Razak’s 61st UMNO General Assembly speech.
 Yahya, Azlan.

Mass Communicating Ideology Through 1960s Top-40 Radio
 Sumpter, Randall.

Media Literacy in Eating Disorder Treatment
 Bindig, Lori.

More than meets the ear: Emotion, attention, and auditory processing
 Wise, Wes.

Mothers in Media
 Irwin, Stacey.

Multi-platform broadcast in classroom: Technological immediacy shapes the future of broadcast education.
 Han, Choonghee.

Musical Ironies & Ideology: Productive Incongruities in the Music on A Prairie Home Companion
 Dzikowski, David.


News Contra Noticias: A Comparison of English-language and Spanish-language News
 Perrilliat, Jessica. and Otteson, Gabriel.


Online Racial Identity
 Heider, Donald.


POOR Magazine and Civic Engagement through Community Media
 Vincent, Cindy.

Participatory Culture and Media Life: Approaching Freedom
 Deuze, Mark.

Predicting the Adoption of Mobile DTV by Local Television Stations in the U.S.
 Ferguson, Douglas. and Greer, Clark.

Process Mapping to a Tipping Point: Enhancing College Radio Station Underwriting through an Action Learning Project
 Brazee, Christy. and Davidson, Randall.

Production Techniques in Children's Television Commercials: An Examination of Gender Stereotypes
 Guajardo, Gabriela. and Garcia, Jesus.


Race-based Media Socialization: A look into animated prime-time sitcoms
 Martinez, Stephanie.

Radio Facsimile Newspapers of the 1930s and 40s
 Arceneaux, Noah.

Radio Finds Its Eyes: The Advent of Still and Motion Picture Transmissions by C. Francis Jenkins
 Godfrey, Don.

Reconsidering the “Newscast of Record”
 Kontour, Kyle., Ryan, Kathleen. and Mapaye, Joy.

Recruiting, Promoting and Tenuring: Tips and Tricks
 Evans, Todd.

Reinforcing Network Hegemony in TV Frequency Allocations
 Foust, James.

Reluctant Stereotypes: The Use and Reinforcements of Stereotypes on Social Networking Sites
 Sauerbier, Rachel.

Remembering early local television: Video rituals and the exemplary recurrences of 1950s America
 Hutchison, Phillip.

Remote Production Futures
 Tigner, Benjamin.

Rereading New YorkTimes v. Sullivan: The Importance of Procedure in Libel Cases
 Herbeck, Dale.

Role and Impact of Satellite Broadcasting During the Arab Spring
 Amin, Hussein.

Roles of Social Media in “Arab Spring”: A Content Analysis of Posts During the Uprising in Syria and Libya
 Sipes, Carrie. and Biswas, Masudul.

Rural Radio & the Adoption of New Audio Media
 Brown, Michael. and Price, Cindy.


SNS as the Bellwether in Cyberspace: A Study on SNS Involvement and Online Media Use
 Hu, Xiao. and Ha, Louisa.

Statistical Narratives: Teaching Students to Become Better Online Researchers & Creators of Meaningful Infographics
 Friedman, Jane.

Structuring Interactive User Flow: Constraints or Opportunities
 Tang, Tang.

Student Crews On Faculty Film Productions: A Bridge Between Internships and Immersive Learning
 Mugge, Robert.


Tablet Computers and Traditional TV Viewing: Is the iPad Replacing Television?
 Greer, Clark. and Ferguson, Douglas.

Teacher to student: How earning a doctorate made me a better teacher
 Stohlman, Trey.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
 VanWyke, Jill.

Television Weather Graphics: What Younger Viewers Like
 Garry, Steven.

The Babies and Bathwater of Children's Programming: A qualitative Analysis of Authentic and Inauthentic Expressions of Affection in Kids' Shows
 Dunn, Joshua.

The Big Story: How (and why) I Went from Producer to Professor
 Jaroff, Peter.

The Effects of Video Formats in Online News: A Study of Recall and Stickiness
 Karlis, Jack., Guerrazzi, Diane. and Grant, August.

The Expanding Role for Media Literacy in the Age of Participatory Cultures
 Potter, Jim.

The January 25 Revolution's Impact on the Media Landscape in Egypt: Between the Present and the Future
 el-Nawawy, Mohammed.

The Local Documentary as Critical Thinking
 Hoffman, Phil.

The Local Documentary as Aesthetic Experience
 McCoy, David.

The Local Documentary as Affective Experience
 Dworznik, Gretchen. and McCarty, Tim.

The Local Documentary as Student Discovery
 Murray, Joe.

The New Kaleidoscope Playground
 Bryant, Alison.

The New Left and the computer underground: Recovering political antecedents of participatory culture
 Delwiche, Aaron.

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Under Fire: The Rise of NBC News Documentary Producer Ted Yates
 Mascaro, Thomas.

Using New Technologies to Teach Emerging Techniques
 Hanff Jr., William.


Video Technologies Coordinator Rider University/Advisor Rider
 Alboum, Scott.

Viral or Social Friends?
 Price, Melissa Lee.


We Now Take You Live...
 Rogus, Mary.

Weblog World: The Effective Use of Blogs as a Digital Media Course Exercise
 McCoy, David.

What Is the Status Quo? A Survey of Communication Law Courses in U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication Programs
 Sanders, Amy. and Hopkins-Best, Natalie.

What are you looking at? Eye tracking in applied media research
 Cummins, Glenn.

What's Cookin'?: An augmented reality video guide to Ball State University Dining Services.
 Dailey, John.

What’s The Gendered Story? Vancouver’s Primetime Olympic Glory on NBC
 Angelini, James., MacArthur, Paul. and Billings, Andrew.

White Male Domination of Network Primetime Animated Sitcoms
 Browsh, Jared.

Who are the heavy users of Facebook among College Students?
 Fang, Ling. and Ha, Louisa.

Wind Energy in Television Network News: An Analysis of Issues, Sources, and Episodic-Thematic Frames
 Gearhart, Sherice. and Guerra, Mark.

Women with Physical Disabilities, Body Image, Media, and Self-Conception
 Krakow, Melinda., Wolf, Michelle. and Taff, Rebecca.


You Want Me to Do What?
 Inman, Jeff.

Young Adults and Video Processing Over Time
 Westcott-Baker, Amber.
BEA 2012-Apr-15 to 2012-Apr-18
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