BEA 2012-Apr-15 to 2012-Apr-18

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A Case Study of the new sitcom "Stardust & the Bandit"
 Fisher, Dick.

A Content Analysis of Domestic and International Media Coverage of the Thai Red Shirt Riots
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

A Discussion of the Writing Process for Situation Comedies
 Halke, Rich.

A Forgotten Tweet: Somalia and the Failures of Social Media
 Cooley, Skye. and Jones, Amy.

A Future for Traditional Radio?
 Dennison, Corley.

A History of the Situation Comedy: 1922-2010
 Shapiro, Mitchell.

Adoption Of The Internet In The Television Industry: Explaining Diffusion Of An Inefficient Innovation
 Taneja, Harsh. and Young, Heather.

Affective Responses of Young Adults to Public Service Announcements on Hunger Among Blacks and Whites
 Ash, Erin.

An Analysis of Viewers' Thoughts on Growing Up with Situation Comedies
 Robertson, Amber.

Are Social Media in Kuwait Really Social?
 AlFailakawi, Yousef.

Assessing Student Media Advisors for Promotion, Tenure, and Merit: Using an Electronic Portfolio
 Tolstedt, Mark.
BEA 2012-Apr-15 to 2012-Apr-18
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