BEA 2012-Apr-15 to 2012-Apr-18

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We Now Take You Live...
 Rogus, Mary.

Weblog World: The Effective Use of Blogs as a Digital Media Course Exercise
 McCoy, David.

What Is the Status Quo? A Survey of Communication Law Courses in U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication Programs
 Sanders, Amy. and Hopkins-Best, Natalie.

What are you looking at? Eye tracking in applied media research
 Cummins, Glenn.

What's Cookin'?: An augmented reality video guide to Ball State University Dining Services.
 Dailey, John.

What’s The Gendered Story? Vancouver’s Primetime Olympic Glory on NBC
 Angelini, James., MacArthur, Paul. and Billings, Andrew.

White Male Domination of Network Primetime Animated Sitcoms
 Browsh, Jared.

Who are the heavy users of Facebook among College Students?
 Fang, Ling. and Ha, Louisa.

Wind Energy in Television Network News: An Analysis of Issues, Sources, and Episodic-Thematic Frames
 Gearhart, Sherice. and Guerra, Mark.

Women with Physical Disabilities, Body Image, Media, and Self-Conception
 Krakow, Melinda., Wolf, Michelle. and Taff, Rebecca.

BEA 2012-Apr-15 to 2012-Apr-18
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