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"Dislike": How the GLBT Community Responded to Chic-Fil-A and Other Controversies
 Netzley, Sara.

"This Beats Buying Textbooks: The HD camera alternative that spans semesters in the curriculum.”
 Ligo, Joseph.

“Challenges shooting short films, documentaries & music videos on HDSLR”
 McHardy, Thomas.

“Costs and concerns of DSLRs: Finding funding for equipment and accessories for a variety of skill sets and applications”
 Johnson, Erik.

“DSLR: Making students shoulder the burden of buying the video gear.”
 Shelton, Brian.

“May No Act of Ours Bring Shame:” Fan-Enacted Crisis Communication Surrounding the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal
 Brown, Natalie., Billings, Andrew. and Brown, Kenon.

“Shooting Commercials with HDSLR”
 Joy, Jonathan.

“Shooting news with HDSLR: "Test driving the gear covering spring break."
 Weaver, Bradley.


A Comparison of How Social Media and Traditional Online News Media Framed the Xinjiang Hijack Attempt in Mainland China
 Xie, Quan.

A Comparison of Spanish and English-language Broadcast Network News Content and Production Style
 Christian-Daniels, Seaira. and Rogus, Mary.

A Heroine Worth Her Salt? A semiotic analysis of the role of women in action films through the movie Salt
 Hart, Casey.

A Local Voice: Women and Terrestrial Radio
 Cantrell-Williams, Glenda. and Burns, Alan.

A case study exploration of the triangulation among journalism educators, their students, and the local media practitioners who hire them
 Kuban, Adam.

A content analysis of newspaper coverage of terrorism in Thailand and Malaysia
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

A window on change: Emerging attributes of local NPR newsrooms
 Marcotte, Michael.

Accessing Individual Differences: An Analysis of Females in Male Dominated Online Video Games
 Lynch, Teresa.

Addressing the lack of sufficient TV, cable, and premium cable programming in America today: The explosion of TV ON the web, JUST for the web
 Hemenway, Paul.

Adopting Adorno's Critical Theory For Artistic Production
 Rollins, Peter.

Adventures in Reporting: Documentary Chronicles of the 1960s
 Watson, Mary.

Al-Arabiya Journalists’ Job Satisfaction: Bridging the Journalism-Business Dichotomy
 el-Nawawy, Mohammed.

An Invitation to Libel: User Generated Comments on News Stories
 Qualls, Kevin.

An Outgrown Paradigm: Are the Core News Values of Yesterday Still Applicable in our Digital Age?
 Ezumah, Bellarmine.

An Overview of Research Related to the Spiral of Silence in the Context of New Media
 Yang, Chen.

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Back-Pocket Journalsim: What an Experiment in "Mobile-Only" Newsgathering Taught My Students - and Me
 Van Wyke, Jill.

Believing the News: The Effects of Type of Journalist and Type of Sources on Reporter Credibility, Article Credibility, and Organizational Credibility
 Radovic, Ivanka. and Imre, Iveta.

Blogging from Live Collegiate Sporting Events: Training Sports Broadcasters to Communicate to an Immediate Audience
 Hoon, William.

Broadcasting Media and the Use of “War on Terrorism,” Frame in Afghanistan
 Noorzai, Roshan.


CWEIS plus 20: Reflections on one of public broadcasting's first forays into social media
 Thompsen, Philip.

Cemetery Tales: Silent stories with help from the dead
 Champ, Joe.

Cliquetivism: Reading Ritual in Online Activist Communication
 Lyons, Benjamin.

College Radio Webcasting: Making It Matter
 Kendall, Lacey.

College Television Operations: Managing student media processes
 Tigner, Benjamin.

Colombia's Prime Time TV on Women: Stories of violence and inequality from male dominated society
 Barrios Correa, Marta., Arroyave Cabrera, Jesus., Obregon, Rafael. and Acevedo Callejas, Liliana.

Communicating about Cancer Online: Utilizing Communication for Information and Support in an Online Environment
 Faller, Angelita.

Community Radio as a Space for Transnational Cultural Practices
 De La Cruz, Sonia.

Community Radio: Social Media in context
 Hallett, Lawrie.

Composition and In-Camera Editing Storytelling
 Belafonte-Young, Denise.

Content Analysis Over Time: Benefits and Considerations
 Westcott-Baker, Amber.

Creating and Managing the Global Social Media Project
 McCoy, David.


Defining and Measuring Construal Level
 Matthews, Nicholas.

Deliberate Cultural Curriculum a Case Study in Online Discourse for Race and Gender Issues in Media
 Wales, Lorene.

Diffusion, Community & Mobilizing Business through Social Media
 Peirce, L. Meghan.

Dynamic Systems Approaches to Studying Human-Media Interactions
 Connolly, Sean.


Embodiment and Aesthetic tools in Colombia’s Community Radio
 Porras, Estella.

Entertainment Incentives: Succeeding at the State Level
 Cantrell-Williams, Glenda. and Wheatcroft, Daniel.

Espionage, Surrender, and the FCC's Role in WWII
 Brinson, Susan.

Examining How T.V. News and Late-Night Comedy Impact Attitudes, Involvement, and Knowledge Differently
 Haigh, Michel.

Experiential Education with Social Media
 DePietro, Peter.

Exploring the Online Revolution in the Voice-Over Industry
 Grant, August. and Wilkinson, Jeffrey.

Exploring the Role of Microblogging in Cancer Prevention and Control: A Comparative Study of the United States and China
 Tang, Tang. and Geng, Qingling.


Finding and Sculpting the Story for Your Spot
 Orlik, Peter.

From Bullets to Bytes
 Hadlow, Martin.

Fully Integrated Focus: Preparing the Multimedia Journalist
 Dworznik, Gretchen.


Gender Acknowledgement and Emotional Intelligence: Insights from Student-Led Production Environments
 Pike, Betsy.

Gender and Leadership: Developing Soft Skills Through Experiential Projects
 Flook, Chris.

Gender and Predictors of Multiplatform Media Uses during the 2012 Super Bowl
 Cooper, Roger. and Tang, Tang.

Getting A Better Publishing Deal: What To Look For In Your Book Contract
 MacArthur, Paul.


Historical Amnesia in First Amendment Jurisprudence on Corporate Power and Electronic Media
 Blevins, Jeffrey.

How do Social Media Comments in Television News Work?: Audience Responses to Journalistic Quality and Credibility
 Gearhart, Sherice. and Kang, Seok.

How do we teach [broadcast-electronic] students professional standards of news in this digital age?
 Owens, Debbie.

How many is too many ... Is New Zealand over-radioed?
 Pauling, Brian.

Hyperlocal News Organizations: Reforming Old News Boundaries?
 Ferrier, Michele.


Identifying Key Figures in the Civil Rights Movement Through Documentary Film
 Salsberry, Edward.

Influencing Audiences at Home and Abroad: The Use of Cartoons as a Tool of Propaganda During World War II
 Clark, Andrew. and Christie, Thomas.

Information Overload Susceptibility - The Role of News Media Use and Demographic Characteristics
 Ji, Qihao., Ha, Louisa. and Bunz, Ulla.

Innovative Practices of Health-Based Social Support: Using Social Media to Understand Users' Communication Efforts
 Ivic, Rebecca.

Inside the wall VS. Outside the wall: A content analysis of Chinese dissidents online discourses in Weibo and Twitter.
 Ji, Qihao.

Internet Presence and Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Building Community with Student Populations
 Boyer, Lori.

Inverted Classrooms
 Hanff, William.


Ken Burns Reconsidered: Mainstreaming History for Millions on PBS
 Edgerton, Gary.


Linking ‘Business’ to ‘Creative’ in Media Education: An Analysis of the Attributes for Career Success
 Tang, Tang.

Live News From a Different Perspective: Using the GoPro Hero Camera
 Evans, Todd.

Live Tweeting the presidential debates: Convergence, participation and the clever citizen
 Castillo, Jeanette. and Montez, David.


Mass Communication Theory for Making Podcasts
 Bernstein, Julia.

Media Credibility and Political Participation in Post-Revolution Egypt
 Hamdy, Naila.

Media Effects and Body Image: Clarifying the Cultivation Effect on Body Dissatisfaction
 Kinnally, Will. and Van Vonderen, Kristen.

Media Frames of Homegrown Terrorism, Frame Adoption, and Portrayal of the Image of Islamic Community in Taiwan
 Wang, Wei-Chun Victoria.

Mobile Journalism Applications for Hyper Local Networks and Online Multimedia
 Clark, Len.

Mobile We: Tell the Story of Your Community with All-Mobile Multimedia Training
 Coester, Dana.

My Life in Three Photos
 Strobel, Chris.

mFollow me: Parasocial Relationships and the Online Music Blog
 Panell, Gabriel.


New Directions in College Radio
 Jacoby, Jeff.

New Directions in Community Radio
 Dunaway, David.

New Directions in HD/Secondary-Stream Radio
 Polinsky, Heather.

News is news, no matter the method
 Wright, Elizabeth.


 Friedman, Michael.

Post Revolution Media Laws, Polices, and Regulations in the Arab World
 Amin, Hussein.

Predictors of Television Audiences’ Social Engagement with Primetime Network Programming
 Guo, Miao.

Proactive Personality: Research, Value, and Application for Media Education
 Cooper, Roger.

Public TV and social media: Negotiating institutional identity and new technologies
 Balas, Glenda.

Put Your Skills on the Scale: Assessment of Soft Skills for Convergent Media Environments
 Lou, Shanshan.


QUBE: Interactivity and the Growth of Cable Television
 Arceneaux, Noah.


Radio Live! Performing and Listening to Canadian Radio in the 1930s
 MacLennan, Anne.

Radio, Democracy and the Catholic Church
 Martínez, Gabriela.

Reporting Goes Mobile: SDHC Cameras and the Laptop Initiative
 Edsall, Samuel.

Reuven Frank and NBC's "The Tunnel"
 Conway, Mike.

Revisiting Alabama State Website Accessibility
 Youngblood, Ed.

Revisiting Content Analysis: Complications and Mixed Methods
 Springer, Noah., Ryan, Kathleen., Chavez Mapaye, Joy. and Dean, Jenny.

Revitalizing Rosenbloom: The Matter of Public Concern Standard in the Age of the Internet
 Sanders, Amy Kristin. and Miller, Holly.

Rubrics in Creative Projects
 Taylor, Michael., Elliott, Marie. and Yambor, Marjorie.


Satirical political podcasts: Do humor appeals attract young people to politics?
 Lee, Young.

Screenwriting as a Part of a General Broadcast Writing Course
 Donald, Ralph.

Searching for Visuals and Visualizations in the Stories of WWII
 Provenzano, Grace.

Setting the Record Straight: Citizens’ First Amendment Right to Video Police in Public
 D\'Arcy, Denae. and Martinez, Michael.

So Apparently ‘Gangnam Style’: How Korean Pop Music Industry Frame Idol Imageries to Engage a Global Audience
 Xie, Quan.

Social Media Synthesis: Incorporating Innovative Web 2.0 Methodologies in Converged Courses
 Tullis, Matthew. and Cohen, James.

Social Media in Kuwait: Conflict and Control
 Al-Failakawi, Yousef.

Social media as Politicians platform for agenda setting and entertainment for followers: A case of Imran Khan Political Campaign in Pakistan
 Gul, Mehnaz.

Storytelling Games - How to have fun with basic building blocks of stories
 Pike, Betsy.

Structurational Twitter: An Examination of Individual and Structural Predictors of Twitter Use
 Sweitzer, Brandon.

Stuart Schulberg and the Migration of WWII Values into Network News
 Mascaro, Thomas.


Talking about Muslims without talking to Muslims
 Kamal, Mia.

Talking back to the night and the day: mediated speech in UK Talkback shows
 Rudin, Richard.

Talking to Ourselves: A Content Analysis of NPR’s use of Journalists as Sources
 Magee, Sara. and Fisher, Howard.

Television Broadcasters' Adoption of Digital Multicasting: An Analysis of the Core, Supporting, and Environmental Drivers
 Holmes, Todd.

That's what we do: Community media on social platforms
 Huntsberger, Michael.

The "reality" of health behaviors from reality TV shows
 Park, Sungeun.

The BBC ‘listens’ to the people: The launch of BBC Local Radio in the UK
 Wilson, Deborah.

The Best of Both Worlds: Online and Classroom Hybrid Courses
 Baggerman, Thomas.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Running Two HD Radio Signals
 Polinsky, Heather.

The Digital Distribution of Public Health News Surrounding the HPV Vaccination: A Comparative Study between Twitter and Google
 Peirce, L. Meghan. and Tang, Tang.

The Essence of the College to Career Experience of Media Professionals with Disabilities
 Sgroi, Dr. Melissa.

The FCC, Positive Liberty and the Golden Age of Network Documentaries
 Vos, Tim.

The Medium is the Message
 Vernon, Desrene.

The Myth of the Tech-Savvy Student: The Role of Media Educators in a Web 2.0 World
 Switzer, Jamie. and Switzer, Ralph.

The Political Fringe: Group Dynamics and the Political Status Quo in Internet Media
 Cain, Jason.

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Un-Reality Television: Parodying Reality Television in Animated Cartoons
 Lee, Hye Jin.

Using Audience Analysis in a Laboratory and Classroom Setting
 Roberts, Chad. and Smith, Jeffrey.

Using Continuous Response Measures for Input in Time Series Analysis
 Keene, Justin.


Video Grammar: a New Literacy for the Journalism Profession
 McCarty, Timothy.


What Makes the 90s ‘All That?’ Nostalgia and Success in TeenNick’s 1990s Block
 Browsh, Jared.

What’s in an Address: An Examination of Differences in the Framing of Persons of Color Between Traditional and Non-Traditional News Websites
 Josey, Christopher. and Dixon, Travis.

When Are Blogs Really Blogs? An Exploratory Study of Four Legacy News Websites
 Spillman, Mary.

Who’s Playing? Assessing and Analyzing Specialized Audiences
 Lewis, Nicole.

Winky Dink and You: The Beginnings of Interactive TV
 Beadle, Mary.

Women’s Community Radio in Africa
 Sow, Fatuomata.
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