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“But I can’t draw!” Making comics in the college classroom.
 Delwiche, Aaron.

“Searching” for balance with an “ebook”
 Irwin, Stacey.


A Study of the Determinants of Heavy Facebook Usage
 Faller, Angelita., Xie, Quan., Mukhiar, Nadiah. and McDaniel, Drew.

A brief history of the cloud: From napkins to Netflix
 Fisher, Gerald.

Across the Cos-Mos: Cosplay, Fan Fiction and User Generated Content
 Grams, Nikki.

Afghan and Iranian Diasporic Communities and Their Use of Facebook for Political Engagement
 Noorzai, Roshan.

Assessing Journalism Ethics Education: A Content Analysis of Assessment Plans
 Broholm, John.

Assessing cloud based video production technology: A detailed look.
 LakshmiNarayana, Tirumala.

Assessing the Impact of a Film Festival Event
 Hokanson, Shelly.

Avatar Creation: The Social Construction of “Beauty” in Second Life
 Mills, Hailey.


Being connected with others through backchannel communication: social TV engagement motives and sports channel commitment during the televised Olympic Games
 Hwang, YoungChan., Lim, Joon Soo., Kim, YongMan. and Jung, Soyoung.

Branding Korean Pop: Cultural Hybridity and the Construction of Asian Identity
 Kim, Juoak.

Branding pop culture on Facebook: A content analysis of K-pop entertainment company pages
 Xie, Quan.

Broadcast and New Media Use in China: Findings from a National Survey
 shen, fei., zhang, zhian. and yao, mike.

Building Community Partnerships Through Documentary Film
 Anderson, Steven.


Can We Talk? Surveying Administrators about the ACEJMC Professional Values and Competencies and What it Means for Assessment
 Henderson, Jennifer. and Christ, William.

Can You Hear Me Now? Teaching Audio Production When You're Thousands of Miles (and Many Time Zones) Away
 Heifetz, Terry.

Civil Liability Up in the Air? Privacy Implications of Drones in the Private Sector
 Lee, Laurie Thomas.

Cloud and the evolution of post production
 Keeler, Steven.

Collaborative writing in the cloud
 Youngblood, Ed.

Concept mapping in the media classroom.
 Medina, Cynara.

Conceptualizing “Group” in Multi-Platform Structures: Findings from Big-Event Sports
 Cooper, Roger.

Connecting Social Cognitive Theory and Affordances in Mobile-Mediated Navigation: A Qualitative Study on Mobile Device Exploration
 Britt, Rebecca.

Curricular Pipelines for the Entertainment Industry
 Larson, Ashley. and Patterson, Scott.

Custom Workbook, Take 1: Publish A Course Workbook Yourself, and Save (Time, Money, Effort)!
 Hemenway, Paul.


Dealing with Media Piracy and the Emerge of Creative Commons: The Case of Media Regulation in Indonesia
 Setianto, Yearry.

Development of Satirical News Programs and their Impact on Arab Audiences
 Amin, Hussein.

Diversity from Duopolies?: An Exploratory Analysis of Broadcast News Content in Small Television Markets with Virtual Duopolies
 Magee, Sara., Rogus, Mary. and Collins, Janice.

Documentary Film Festival Planning and Execution
 Wright, Shaun.

Double Vision: An Eye Tracking Analysis of Visual Attention between Television and Second Screens
 Guo, Miao. and Holmes, Michael.


Education On The Move: Mobile Technologies, Online Platforms, and Pedagogy
 DePietro, Peter.

Emergent Media and Communication: A Comprehensive Mass Media Degree
 Barnas, Frank.

Engaging Students through Meme Production
 Weglarz, Kristine.

Expanding Your Connections: Going Mobile
 Geller, Valerie.


Facebook Culture among Thai and US Youth: A Comparative Study of Well-being and Expression of Personal Views and Emotions
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

Feminist Frequencies: Traditional and New Models
 Veerkamp, Honna.

Food Advertising and the Obesity Epidemic
 Bailey, Rachel.


Gender and the Attributes for Career Success Among News Professionals
 Cooper, Roger. and Tang, Tang.

Goals and Obstacles for Independent Arab YouTube Broadcasters: In-Depth Interviews
 Mesbah, hesham.

Guiding a Participatory Audience: Understanding the Role of Social Media Structures
 Tang, Tang.


Heisenberg, Tony Soprano and Me: Characteristics of Parasocial Relationships
 Madison, T.. and Porter, Lance.

Hina Ali, Pakistan
 Ali, Hina.


Instagram Usage among Young Kuwaitis
 Al-Failakawi, Yousef.


Javaria Tareen, Pakistan
 Tareen, Javaria.


Leveling the Playing Field for Broadband: Government Intervention and Competition on the Internet
 Torre, Paul.

Likeminded Media Use and Stereotypic Perceptions: Exploring the Connection between Exposure to Likeminded Media and Stereotypical Perceptions
 Kim, Yonghwan.

Lubna Thomas Benjamin, Pakistan
 Thomas Benjamin, Lubna.


Make Your Connections So You Know The Person Who Can Make Your Hiring Decision
 Bryson, Pat.

Missing the Target? A Breakdown of Gender in Music Radio Formats
 Crider, David.

Mobile Technologies as Course Research Tools
 McCoy, David.

Multimedia as Storytelling Tools: The Kent International Experience
 Hanson, Gary. and McKenney, Mitch.


Now That You've Started: Let's Talk About Making It A Career
 Taylor, Michael.


Off the Campaign Trail and Into the Courthouse: Can a Political Campaign’s Use of a Song Infringe on a Musical Artist’s Trademark?
 Podlas, Kimberlianne.

Opportunities and Challenges of Emergency Medical Records: An Investigation of Usability, Infrastructure and Impact
 Mahoney, L. Meghan.


Parallel Lines of Commentary? The NBC Broadcast Network’s Primetime Depiction of Male Gymnasts at the 2012 Olympic Games
 MacArthur, Paul., Angelini, James., Billings, Andrew. and March, Alexis.

Perfecting The Station Mix: Adaptation of Radio Stations to the Rapid Change of Media Technologies and Society
 Chen, Zhuojun.

Perfection Re-Imagined: Radio Korea's Next Generation; A Case Study of Cross-ethnic Radio Programming
 Kim, Taehyun.

Political Activism 2.0: Social Media’s Role in Egypt's ‘Facebook Revolution’ and Iran's ‘Twitter Uprising’
 el-Nawawy, Mohammed.

Producing a Documentary Film for Purposes of Community Outreach
 Weiss, Steven.

Promoting a Documentary Film Festival Through Traditional and New Media
 Deal, Sabrena.


Rethinking Failure: A New Perspective of The Ten O’Clock News Reported by Carol Marin
 Casella, Peter.


Sad Songs Sink Ships: Marlene Dietrich, the MUZAK Project, and the Geopolitics of Combat in the Air(waves)
 Billinson, Jennifer.

Seeking Balance between “Old” and “New”: Empowering New Media Persuasion through Traditional Message Structures
 Cooper, Kathryn.

Sensational Pictures: An Analysis of Visual Structure on Five Transnational Arab News Channels
 Bruce, Michael.

Social Media Content Flow to Television in Egypt
 Hamdy, Naila.

Social Media as Storytelling Tools: The Ashland Experience
 Dworznik, Gretchen. and Tullis, Matthew.

Social Media, Mobile Applications and Modern Journalism
 Clark, Chandra.

Social Media: Expanding Pedagogic Opportunities in Film and Television Production
 Burke, Kevin.


Teaching Production Courses Online: Successful Exercises to Ensure Academic Integrity
 Elliott, Marie.

Telepresence and Immersion with High-Definition Digital Displays: Background and Future Directions for Research
 Seel, Peter.

Television News and Repertoire Maintenance: The Dynamics of Generational Change
 Cooke, Tanner., Parsons, Patrick. and Antunovic, Dunja.

Telling The Perfect Story: What We Can Learn From The Motown Years
 Ziegler, Dhyana.

Texting-and-Driving: Creating Messages that Ensure Safe Practices
 Almond, Anthony.

The Challenge of Advanced Courses: Teaching a Graduate Communication Course Online
 Grant, August.

The Class Website, Take 1: Everything Goes Online
 Richie, Melissa.

The Class Website, Take 2: Easy access to learning materials
 Akers, Wes.

The Context of Multimedia Storytelling
 McCoy, David.

The Influence of Media Violence
 Read, Glenna.

The Perfect Technology: Radio Thrives On Mobility
 Pluskota, Jonathan.

The Use of Facebook as a Marketing Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
 Mukhiar, Nadiah.

The Viability of Terrestrial College Radio When Your College Doesn't Want Radio
 Read, Aaron.

The Viability of Terrestrial College Radio in a Mobile Media Environment
 McKenzie, Robert.

The Viability of Terrestrial College Radio in a Resource-Reallocation Environment
 Robedee, Will.

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Unauthorized Immigrant Population of Texas: Technology Adoption and News Media Consumption
 Rodriguez, Julian.


Weaving the Dreams of Gender Empowerment in Egypt
 Saleh, Ibrahim.
BEA 2014-Apr-05 to 2014-Apr-10
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