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25TV: News Innovation in Post-Revolution Egypt
 Ibrahim, Dina.

'Two nations divided by one language'
 David, Andrew.


A History of the Aerial Perspective: Implications for Drone Journalism
 Mullen, Lawrence.

Asian characters in sitcoms: Did their images improve as they took major roles?
 Han, Choonghee.


Behind the Curtain: Watching Radio as Performance
 Johnson, Jenny.

Black Women,  Faith and Spirituality in Reality TV.
 Egwu, Chetachi.

Brand Britain: how popular British TV shows capitalize on and commodify signifiers of Britishness for global audiences.
 Bell, Jennifer.

Bringing Hidden Gems to Light in the Vietnam Archive
 Montgomery, Sheon.

But I Don't Want to be a Diva: The Failure of the PG Era in the WWE to Address Female Stereotyping
 Woodall, Lowery.


Crossing the Pond
 Wilson David, Deborah.


Deskilling and Drones: Lessons from Recent Imaging Innovations
 Kilker, Julian.

Developing a Personal Connection With Impersonal Technology: Applying Classroom Research to Improve Your Online Course Communication
 Hemenway, Paul.

Development of Radio News Bulletins and the Changing Expectation of Canadian Audiences in the 1930’s
 MacLennan, Anne.

Digitizing the Classroom for the Online Environment
 Hebbeler, John.

Discovering Hidden Gems in the Archives: How to Find and Access Underutilized AV Collections
 Whitfield, B. Lynn.

Drones, Ender's Game, and the Reluctant Hegemon
 Larson, Gary.


Egyptian State Media: Could It Pay Its 'Public' Dues?
 Abdulla, Rasha.

Enacted Space
 O\'Connor, Sharon.


Fear, Sex, Motherhood, and Maturity: Gender Relations in The Big Bang Theory
 Spicer, Robert.

Finding the balance on Twitter: Between breaking news and family photos
 Boehmer, Jan.

Foreign News and Twitter: How CNN Used the Social Networking Site During the Syrian Crisis
 Cozma, Raluca. and Pardue Lackey, Tara.


How to Polish your Archival Gems and Make them Shine
 Mondt, Amy.


ISIS and Recruitment Using Social Media
 Cooley, Skye. and Gines, Audra.

Is the Medium the Message?: The Representation of Latinas in News Versus Entertainment Programming
 Williams-Hawkins, Maria.


Media Multi-Modality: The PBS Documentary as New Media Object
 Peterson, Leighton.

Media Transition in North Africa After the Arab Spring
 Amin, Hussein.


Network Analysis of Broadcast Networks: An Analysis of Gatekeepers in Social Data
 Groshek, Jacob.

New Broadcast Policy in Bangladesh: Will it curtail the freedom?
 Biswas, Masudul.


Peer Review of Academic Films: Challenging, Exploiting, and Acquiescing to Institutionalized Forms of Knowledge-Making
 Scott, Greg.

Pinning a Personal Web
 McCollough, Katie.

Podcasts, personalisation and impartiality.
 Rudin, Richard.

Propaganda, Commercialization, and Presentation of “Chinese Dream”: The Usage of Micro-blogging among Chinese Television Networks
 Xie, Quan.


Radio Nostalgia: Imagery in Games and Videos
 Pluskota, Jonathan. and Johnson, Phylis.

Radio Sculpture: Visualizing Radio as Social Art and Experience
 Maxwell, Michael.

Radio as Numbers: Counting Listeners in a Big Data World
 Ziegler, Dhyana.

Representation of Egypt: A framing analysis of the coverage of the June 30 mass protests and beyond in US & UK elite newspapers.
 Hamdy, Naila.

Representations from the Heartland to TV’s Homeland: Analyzing Gender (In)Equality in Showtime’s Homeland
 Lohrey, James.


Securing Attention: How to Teach the Selfie Culture
 Carpenter, Serena.

Social Media Platform Promotion & the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Games
 Boyle, Michael., Mahoney, L. Meghan. and Santa Maria, Ellen.


Teaching in the Distracted Age: What Communication Students Expect from Online Courses?
 Phoborisut, Penchan.

Technological Displacement and News Consumption: Generational Patterns From Radio to Twitter
 Parsons, Patrick.

The Asian transition to digital broadcasting: Thailand enters a new television era
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

The Blog Evolution: Why the “Weblog” Changed the News Business
 Spillman, Mary.

The Image of Africans in the Western Media
 Antwi-Boasiako, Kingsley.

The Omnisolvent Effect: Revived Spectral Propagation as Substantiation and Practical Theory
 Needham, Jay.

The Right to Be Let Alone in the Age of Drones
 Bates, Stephen.

Transnational Media Flow in the Malay world: Media Policy of Cross-border Broadcasting Content in Indonesia and Malaysia
 Setianto, Yearry. and Jalli, Nuurianti.


Urban Nature: Experiments in Smartphone Cinematography
 Ryan, Kathleen.


Who Threw the Ice on Your Head: Understanding Social Media Use and Community Participation via an Ecological View
 Tang, Tang.
BEA 2015-Apr-11 to 2015-Apr-16
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